Fire Emblem Three Houses - Non Canonical - Dusk Brings the Dawn


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The Year is 1180 of the Imperial Calendar. The King of Faerghus Dane Blaiddyd suffers from a seemingly incurable disease and with his age catching up to him he is not expected to survive much long. As this unfolds his son prepares to attend the academy at Garreg Mach. The Emperor of Adrestia Sandor Hresvelg deals with dissent among his own people suffering from the issues regarding his succession after the death of his brother, and son (Sandor's nephew) ten years ago. His own son Ismail undertakes the task of learning to become the next emperor while simultaneously preparing to deal with bandits appearing in alarming numbers around the Empire. Both the Kingdom, and the Empire are suffering from a bizarre amount of crime, and other banditry. Chancellor Princeton Aegir attempts to assist the king while collaborating with his own generals in an attempt to stop this. However border disputes cause damage to these efforts as soldiers from the kingdom carefully monitor the Empire causing border friction. While all of this happens in the Empire the Alliance suffers from political fallout as the heads of the houses continue petty squabbles over land, and mercantile needs. They are less effected by bandit crisis arising they are plagued by their own inability to act, and gather forces lessening their effectiveness to govern their own lands, and casting doubt on the alliance's future.

The people expect that the following years following the inevitable death of Dane to be met with many issues. With all of this on the horizon Garreg Mach prepares to welcome in the next class of Black Eagles, Golden Deer, and Blue Lions. Though all three of the heads of the three major factions are there The Head of the Academy Bolton Richards, a head of the Knights of Serios, expects there to be many issues this following year...and despite his natural experience he has no idea how correct he is.


Hello everyone this will be a non-canonical roleplay following a similar layout to the three houses video game that just release. This will not follow the plot of the game though spoilers will be present in OOC talk. Not overt spoilers I would hope but I may not be able to answer questions regarding the rp without referencing happenings in the game. This role play will primarily focus on the Golden Deer House. I will allow people to come from the other nations join this class but for sake of ease we will all be in golden deer. Slyvain transfers to any other house than blue lions if a female professor is picked at the very start of the game so while unorthodox there is precedent. I will likely be playing as the future head of House Riegan to allow control over the flow of the rp better.

You may choose any class present in the Three Houses game that aren't unique. Aka Barbarossa, and or Great Lord and the like. I will also be adding in a addition to the three houses were the heads of the houses will have a retainer accompany them where as in the game they, the three lords, just have a really loyal friend. They won't participate in class to class mock battles but will help in practical missions. We will all be starting out as a basic class though, I.E Mage, Noble, Mercenary, Cavalier, etc.

Any house that has a major crest will only be acceptable if they are branch houses. I don't want the main houses to be wasted on flake out roleplayers who will inevitably come into this roleplay. In other words you can be a member of house Gautier but you must be branched off the main controller of the house. However I'm willing to allow others like Indech to do as they will. Meaning you can have the crest of a house but you either must be the heir to a minor house, or relegated to a secondary branch of a bigger one. If you need reference for a house you may ask me. Main houses will probably be needed to align the plot of this roleplay and since people have a bad habit of dropping out without notice I don't have much choice but to make things this way.

To explain the above better if it confuses players a side branch is a section of the family set aside in case the main branch dies off but is still a part of a family just not in control. Its to prevent conflicts with the plot. a minor house would be like the previously mentioned House Indech which is berndetta/Bernie's house. It doesn't have much in the way of political control so it is fine for a player to take that house. HOWEVER it is perfectly fine to play a house without a crest.

A lengthy timeskip may, or may not happen. It depends on the needs of the roleplay, and how the roleplayers feel about it.

The plot is linear characters of importance may be kept alive despite damning circumstances. The plot will change according to how the roleplay is played. Not unlike how you can't definitively kill death knight in story.

There will be no levels, and statistics however I will include a boon/bane where a character has a notable attribute and a poor one. Such as they're really fast but have shit constitution for the sake of note/flavor.

NPC's will make up the majority of the other classes who won't be majorly relevant until major battles start, or mock battles draw near.

Crests that are long dead, or are exclusive to guys like Byleth/the professor aren't allowed. Makes it easier on me to not deal with the hassle of long defunct crests. They may show up as plot devices later.

Post length is typically a good paragraph to two or so consistently. It doesn't have to be every post but one liners aren't to my liking as a roleplayer. Likewise you need sufficient grammar skills. 'I is goings to the depot.' is not something I enjoy seeing I do not view people with bad English, or writer skills to be lesser at all I just don't have the patience to deal with such issues myself. I'm not asking for perfect English just understandable within reason.

Any further questions may be asked below