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  1. Fire Emblem: The Last Dragons /High Fantasy/Romance/Medieval/Undead

    Ello Iwaku~ It's been a while since I've posted here due to my unexpected hiatus but I'm back and reviving my RP which I had no choice to abandon, FE:TLD. (Speaking of which, sorry to those who had joined and subsequently got left hanging.. :/) Fire Emblem: The Last Dragons is a fanbased RP on my all time favorite StratRPG game, with the most recent installment being Awakening. You may or may have not heard about it, but it's there and amazing.

    There's a bit of reading to be done but don't be intimidated the most of it is simple things. And if you've read this thread before like almost two months ago, I've updated some things so you could skim through if you'd want and still interested in joining.

    Also regarding the Race photos, A lot are varying in quality and substance. This is because some are official artworks, portraits, and ingame screenshots from like three different Fire Emblem games.

    Aand while your reading if there are any terms or names that weren't previously mentioned before, please tell me! I changed a lot of things around and I might have left something out!


    Humans - These are exactly what you think they are, simply creatures who are more social and more curious then the other races. They are capable of many things, magic being what's unique to them. They are very resourceful and they outpopulate the other races. They are often considered to have some of the strongest armies on Sylvtal due to the amount of numbers.
    • Rarity: Common
    • Class Restrictions: Any of the shapeshifting classes
    Taguel Tribe - These are a special animalistic race of shapeshifters. They look like somewhat like humans, characterized by dark brown skin, natural black tribal marks, red eyes and bunny ears that are often incorporated into their chocolate brown hair. They have incredible senses of hearing and are prideful warriors to the end. They hold beast-stones which turn them into large rabbits more vicious then cute. They ironically love carrots however. They balance speed and power the most out of the Shapeshifter tribes.
    • Rarity: Semi-Rare
    • Class Restrictions: Any Magic orientated classes.
    Male Taguel (open)

    Female Taguel (open)

    Taguel Beastform (open)

    Laguz (Cat) - These are distance relatives of the Taguel and the other Laguz. They are a tad bit on the short side and are usually fair-skinned with medium light hair color. The panthers are white and have noticeable traits, such as their cat ears and tails, and even whiskers. They are the more social of the shapeshifters, actually living in human kingdoms inside alienages. They are quick thinking and good thieves. When they fight however they can transform into a large speedy panther with their beaststones. The Lions are more dark-skinned and strictly male only, they live remotely like the taguel. More lions are produced when a lion mates with a panther.
    • Rarity: Common
    • Class Restrictions: Anything magic orientated.
    • Are divided into two sub-clans, Lions and Panthers. Lions being more strong and sturdy and panthers being much quicker.
    Male Panther (open)

    Female Panther (open)

    Panther Transformed (open)
    Note: They should be as big as a transformed lion, (Below)

    Lion (open)

    Lion Transformed (open)

    Laguz (Bird) - These are the other distant relatives of the Taguel. One of the tribes, the Herons are extremely passive and hate war. Enough for them to migrate to the mountains using their large feathery wings. They are almost all blond and fair-skinned giving the impression of angels. They do not really socialize well with other races. When encountered they use their beast stones to transform into eagles capable of tearing through flesh with their talons. The other tribe are the Ravens, more often mercenaries they are more aggressive and menacing. They usually have white skin and darker hair and black wings.
    • Rarity: Rare
    • Class Restrictions: Anything magic orientated.
    • The Herons and the Ravens do not get along well, at all.
    Male Heron (open)

    Female Heron (open)

    Heron Transformed (open)

    Male Raven (open)

    Female Raven (open)

    Raven Transformed (open)

    Laguz (Wolf) - The strongest warriors of the Laguz. They hit hard and usually fast surpassing most of the other tribes. Normally this would've been considered a good thing considering the situations but the Wolf Tribe in particular despise the humans and other Laguz with coping with them. Years ago they were exiled from the beastlands and now live in the wastelands as bandits of the fiercest caliber.
    • Rarity: Rare
    • Class Restrictions: Anything Magic orientated.
    • They despise all kinds aside from the Wolves.
    Male Wolf (open)

    Female Wolf (open)

    Wolf Transformed (open)

    Manakete - An almost instinct race of special shapeshifters. Descending from the goddess Naga herself, they are almost all women, with pale skin and light green hair. They have elven ears and also carry their own kind of beast stones. Instead of the purple hue that Taguel and Laguz have, they have a light blue stone that allows them to transform into dragons. Recent events have caused them to be hunted down by the humans despite that conflicting with their religion.
    • Rarity: Extremely Rare
    • Class Restrictions: None.
    • The Manaketes are symbols of Naga and hence considered to be sacred.
    Female Manaketes (open)

    The continent of Sylvtal is characterized by steep hills and rough plains and moutains. The life of early settlers in Sylvtal was anything but easy. Being forced out of their previous continent they migrated to what was considered to be wastelands seeing as Sylvtal's was the only unoccupied space.

    They lived off of meager amounts of supplies and somehow managed to survive the lack of animals to hunt that after ten long years of hardships and pain they established nine large villages for humans. (The shapeshifters at that time hadn't settled yet) Another thirty years later a king was an appointed and the castle was built in order to keep peace between the tense villages.

    The King managed to mend the tested ties between the large settlements but ruling over them was another task all together. With only treacherous mountain paths crawling with a common enemy of Sylvatlians known as flesh eaters, to connect them, the King eventually sent off eight of his best soldiers to take dominion over the villages. The villages themselves were eventually named after these brave youth's surnames Silesia, Issach, , Agustria, Thracia, Miletos, Silesia, Verdane and Mansterm the eight (along with the king) allowed for the era of peace to happen. New paths safer paths were mended, food at the time was bountiful, and everything was happy.

    But then thirty years later the serenity were interrupted when the Flesh Eaters were organized by an unknown force, they attacked the kingdoms, using weapons like any soldier but always finishing with a bite so that the dead would join them in their assault. Their relentless assault led them to nearly obliterate Silesia, Issach and Manster. It was a dire time and most thought it wouldn't be long until they broke the front line and came for them. It was then a mysterious tactician appeared. A young man with the intelligence of ten men, and the ability to plan out things flawlessly. He and the king managed to repel the undead back into the cavernous mountains they seemed to emanate from, using serious avalanches to stem the tide of evil.

    The plan worked but the tactician warned him, the rocks would only hold for them long enough to prepare for the true might of the "Risen" but the King had became cocky. He was convinced the avalanche destroyed them. So the tactician left, and the King actually did try to prepare but after the first five years he eventually let go of the project and it wasn't long until the undead were forgotten completely. The fact that the powerful shapeshifters settled down only reinforced their false hope.


    It was around 200 years since the tactician disappeared into the shadows. And about ten years since the Risen returned stronger then ever. They were not foolish enough to attack with their whole mass anymore, instead they slowly stabbed at the humans relentlessly. So after ten long grueling years of defending their onslaught only four of the eight human territories remain.

    The shapeshifter who once filled their lands dwindled down to dangerous numbers and the Taguel have been forced to merge into human society, crowding up the alienage already full with Laguz survivors. The bird laguz however have not sent any message of their safety though its almost assumed they are fine. Their wings can outfly any undead fiend.

    The race that was perhaps hit the most were the manaketes. Already elusive in general, human foolishness has almost drove them to complete extinction. A tome discovered recently was revealed to be left behind by the tactician of legend. And within it it entailed that a blade made by the severed scales of the dragon people could repel the evil risen. So the humans sent parties, that stripped the men manaketes and the majority of the women manaketes of both their lives but also their golden scales. Years of this horrible hunting has almost completed the blade but alas they need one last manakete.

    And the king only knows of one's location. So he decides to send his son and his royal guards off to slay the "beast".


    [1.] The GM's words are law. Though if you have any suggestions don't be afraid to PM me.
    [2.] Your characters have to all be romantically involved with one another by the mid point of this RP. And so that means its up to you to balance the genders. Or at least help me out.
    [3.] There won't be any manaketes aside from my char and eventually her kid. Message me if you want an exception to be contemplated on.
    [4.] All of your characters should have one kid. (Meaning pairings will have two kid each) You can try and think of their personality now or when you find a lover for your parent character.
    [5.] Limit of chars. is two per rper.
    [6.] When the kids come in play, (twist incoming) you cannot play your own child. You have to ask another member if they can RP them and others will ask to RP yours. (This can be changed)
    [7.] Though love and children are in play there will be absolutely no mature scenes. This is the fantasy thread. If you really want there's always PMs.
    [8.] Most posts need to be a nice size. Minimum of one paragraph.
    [9.] You have to be active to join! I cannot stress this out enough.
    [10.] Have fun! Its a RP it why we do it after all~ Hehe. owo


    This actually isn't as complicated at it might sound. In Fire Emblem, your allowed to pair up your units so they can be married and later on their kids will become the playable characters. So you will essentially find a char you like, ask them if they can be a pair and their cool with ending the first generation together with your. And both players can decide on their two kids personalities or they stick with the kid they made ahead of time.

    You can romance all you want but when we reach the midway point (I'll notify) the last person your char is romantically involved in will be the father of their children. So you could make a love child if you honestly wanted to. But remember how romance works, they don't just see each other recognize that he/she is hot then confess. Let things develop yo. Makes it better to read and more fun~


    For now, ignore the promoted ones. These are just here to help some players roleplay fighting scenes better. It'd be weird if someone were to use an armored character and yet somehow managed to reach the front lines ahead of the cavaliers. Tacticians and any enemy or DLC exclusive classes cannot be picked.

    Also: Your children will inherit the class of your lover/marriage partner! Say you marry a pegasus knight and you are a mercenary, well your kid should start off on a majestic winged horse. Or say you marry a shapeshifter and your child will automatically become a shapeshifter.

    Also again: If shapeshifters marry the priority is: Manakete>Cat Laguz>Taguel>Bird Laguz>

    ~Character Sheet~
    Parent Character Sheet (open)

    Race: Include subdivision if nesscary.

    Appearance: Either photo or description, or both if you'd want.



    Child Character Sheet (open)

    Age: All kids ought to be around seventeens-twenties by the timeskip.
    Race: If mixed then put so.
    Class: Your lover's class.




    Parents: Fill this out later~
  2. Reserving the King's son, again!
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  3. I would very much like to be in on this! I adore 'hereditary' games!

    I'll probably go for a Human spellcaster of some sort: Dark Mage, Mage, or Priest! Perhaps one of the prince's friends?
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  4. Haha! Go for it! There aren't really any restrictions aside from the number of shapeshifters.

    What gender might you go for, friend? :3
  5. I could go either way! I've been playing a lot of men lately, though. I think I shall be female for this venture.
  6. Awesome-sauce. I guess I should be getting around to creating my characters as well~

    Have you played Fire Emblem before is this your first experience with anything even remotely related to the video games?
  7. I've been a fan of a lot of the characters and stories, but I'm "financially challenged" in reality. I've only ever played the first few encounters in Path of Radiance. On a friend's Gamecube, no less.
    However, the games' style and combat turns are very similar to what I'm familiar with in Dungeons and Dragons. I get the concept, and I probably won't have to have a whole lot explained.
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  8. Ah is that so? It's totally fine. (I had to save for a whole year just so I could get Awakening and a 3DS. Haha.) I was in the same spot as you once. Only played a little bit of Fire Emblem because I lacked money and all that. But then I got an emulator and well, there isn't an emulator for Awakening but all the other games and stuff are available if you ever get bored. ;3

    Anyways I'm glad to have you aboard friend!

    EDIT: Also looking a little bit at your profile and signatures, you have good taste in quotes. xD

    Name: Jeremiah - The Black Wolf
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: Wolf
    Class: Laguz (Wolf)

    Appearance: Jeremiah, a strong trained young shapeshifter. His body has been conditioned by the hard training regiments he underwent as the chieftain son. His scruffy black-grey hair also matches that of his fur-coat whilst transformed. He usually holds his expression in a permanent glare, it's not so much as he is angry but more like concentrated. Though Jeremiah could be considered handsome, he does not know this as he never really contemplated his look hence the whole scruffy feel to his hair and tail. His tattoos were burned onto him when he was younger, a fitting design for that of a noble wolf.

    Personality: Jeremiah is a rather antisocial almost-broody man, though no one would know why. Living in the wolf tribe, a lively group in itself, Jeremiah always seemed like an outcast, preferring to run with the natural wolves while his tribe celebrated their victory or watch the moon on an isolated cliff while the others hunted. When forced to socialize Jeremiah can come off as mean, but in truth it's his lack of experience in socializing that leads him to be a bit, bluntly put, a moody douche. For those who have played Awakening, think Lon'qu. They have their similarities. Jeremiah also hardly smiles, though if he did it sure would be a sight to see.

    History: Jeremiah, The Black Wolf. This was to be his title. It had already been predetermined by his father who in turn was the strong and ruthless leader of the wolfpack. The title had been created when Jeremiah's mother had died during labor, the chilling words spoken to the infant from his father forever branding him. "Just as your first moment in life, you killed. As your life progresses you will kill. And when your life ends you will kill. You are to be the Black Wolf, the death-dealer of the Laguz, my son." Though young Jeremiah could not understand at the time, those words defined him now to everyone in his tribe. There had been 12 black wolves before him, each one entering the world as he had. Some Laguz had even considered it to be an honor to become one in fact.

    The moment he could harness the power of the beast-stones Jeremiah was trained. Relentlessly. He trained day and night, fighting in his wolf form until his fangs broke and fighting in his human form until his knuckles bled. He was taught only simple language, as most of his teachings were solely on the arts of combat. Whether it'd be tactics or guerrilla moves, Jeremiah was taught. And as he grew older his fur darkened from the usual brown into the ashy gray it is now, signifying his father's words correct.

    They tasked Jeremiah with many tasks, often involving incognito assassinations of different calibers and races. Humans, Herons, Hawkes, Lions..all have felt his fangs, neither of them living to tell the tale. It was only recently when the Wolves chose to involve themselves in the Risen conflict, sending a single messenger to the castle when the news of the Prince's expedition reached their camp, to notify them that they will send a watcher, said watcher being Jeremiah.
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  9. Would definitely like to bring Galric back in if that's ok.
  10. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalconwing. Yay, yeah of course you can, I won't abandon the rp again. I promise. Hehe. :3
  11. Ah Ha! I found my original char sheet so I didn't have to retype anything :)
    I might bring in a female character later - after I've seen if one will be needed - but I'm debating going for a Pegasus knight this time round . . . We'll see.

    Name: Galric V’nyle (Gahl-rick Ve-nile)
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Class: Thief

    Appearance: As shown platinum blond hair, grey eyes. Wears black gloves, legwarmers and undershirt. Dark brown boots, vest and cloak. Light tan pants. Carries a pair of long knives and a lock-pick set.

    Though the world in general may see him as overly friendly, rather talkative, and something of a trickster, Galric is in fact a man of many layers, and of many masks.

    Both observant and intelligent (and rather proud of the fact) he notices details others may miss, and is extremely good at getting information from people who have no idea they've even told him anything of value. Galric almost never looses his temper because doing so could disrupt the results of the end game. On the very rare occasions when he does grow angry, it’s a very cold sort of anger.

    What one believes Galric said is very rarely what he actually meant, and he’s perfectly capable of wrapping a grain of truth in a story so full of believable lies that listener wouldn't be able to discern the one from the other. Even his accent is a lie as he can shift easily from one dialect to another no one is really sure which is the original.

    Galric enjoys riddles and brain teasers and is something of a gambler. He also loves a good story and enjoys answering questions with tales so ludicrous that the listener can’t help but accuse him of an obvious lie to which his usual reply is, “Yes, but wasn't that tale more entertaining then a simple ‘I can’t tell you that’?” Those who know him well have gotten use to this, they expect him to lie, and would never ask him a serious question and expect an honest answer unless Galric’s own safety was on the line, and even then it’s not a guarantee.

    Galric can be quite arrogant at times, but in light of his genial attitude, fun loving stories, and witty remarks most people are willing to forgive him for it.

    Born the eldest child and only son Galric lost his mother when he was still a child. His father was the leader of a . . . rather shady organization, and instructed Galric and both his sisters in the “necessary skills” throughout their lives. Galric was especially gifted learning early on to never let his conscience get in the way of what needed to be done. He rose easily through the organization’s ranks until at eighteen he was his father’s right hand. Here’s where things get tricky.

    As the story goes shortly before his twentieth birthday Galric and his father had a disagreement. Well, as the story goes disagreement is putting it mildly. They had a falling out. Faced with irreconcilable differences of opinion Galric was cast out and disowned by his father and left to make his way on his own. Unable to stay in his own home for various reasons Galric eventually managed to make his way to the King’s palace.

    Finding work in the palace was easy for someone who knew exactly which plots to foil and whose lives to save. As far as the king’s concerned Galric’s actions speak louder then his words, fortunately for him. For the past six years Galric has been working for the royal family doing an assortment of tasks of which it is better not to get into any details.
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  12. For the people who did sign up can we use the same character?
  13. Yeah of course.

    Thanks for coming back guys. :x
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  15. Name: Yanna Trest

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Class: Cavalier

    Appearance (close)


    Anton (Yanna's Second Horse.)

    Janna is a very strong willed woman. She is very stolid in everything she does. To her this time is important to keep her friends and family safe. Often she is very tranquil before and after battle. When she says something it's either dire to the situation or moving enough to boost your moral. She seems like a great candidate for leader but she doesn't step up to the challenge. If she is given a task then she will complete it to the fullest. Janna is often described as heartless because she doesn't express her feeling outward toward others. If she does do something out of impulse it is for the better of team. In solitude she thinks and plans for what the mission will need and in yelling she breaks the will of the enemies down.

    Yanna was born to a mother and a father who lived on a farm. Her father Gregor was a breeder who bred horses for war. He was a stern man who kept to himself and presented a nicely kept farm. Her mother was Alice Potford, a young woman who's father was a merchant, she had acquired all of his abilities and was soon married off to Gregor. They both were somewhat happy in their small home and rather large farm. Most days were work while others were spent in the city with Alice's parents. Gregor had a mother and a father but they had moved far away once Gregor was married off. Yanna got to have the farm life of a kid and also the luxuries of a city dweller. Most of her time out was spent being quiet and alone. The farm had other farms around it but she preferred to sit inside and do nothing in particular. She was usually bored by all the girly things she would be tasked with when she was inside, but when she got the opportunity to work outside she took it. It was usually a rare occasion when she was able to go out and work with her father, her dad had a crew of people who worked and often it was hard to trained horses meant for war. These horses would be beaten, rode hard, and trained for battle. Gregor thought that it wasn't meant for Yanna to see these things preformed. It was harsh but it was a good business. When she went out there she worked hard, harder than she usually worked on anything. Over the course of many years she kept working with her father till he taught her how to fight on horses and ride them. Her first horse that she originally used was named Katia, but it was given to another person for war. Soon she got another horse named Anton and she used him well. Once the invasion happened Yanna and her family fled the city but were split off from each other during the fray. Yanna used her father's connections to be able to work for the king. She knows that her parents are safe but they won't be for long if she does not help the king in his troubles.
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  16. Name: Andrea Sinclair
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female.
    Race: Human.
    Class: Cleric.

    A lovely young lady in her mid-twenties. Her wavy red hair has grown long, braided into a full 'tail' that heads all the way down to her waist. She has an easygoing demeanor and a conservative way of dress, her wide hips and ample bust body hidden behind the dress of a priestess. The gait and posture of an aristocratic upbringing is clear on her entire form, though she wears no jewelry - not even a crest to signify whatever family she's from. Her flesh has tanned from exposure to the sun, giving her a surprisingly exotic look. Her brown eyes actually make her look somewhat fierce, her attractive face brimming with conviction. She's got a visible amount of muscle to her, though what reason a priestess would develop such muscle is unknown at first glance. This, along with her calloused hands, make it very clear that she didn't stay a noble for very long.

    Andrea is a mix of two levels of society: while her upbringing and demeanor implies nobility, she seems to far prefer the company of the 'lower classes'. Generous and kind-hearted, the young woman goes out of her way to help where she sees it's needed. She continues to have a fresh outlook where the world is involved: she is optimistic, and takes the time to admire natural beauty. Her true desire has always been for freedom, which her role as a mendicant priest allows for quite nicely. This love for freedom has made her quite adaptable, and she's not afraid to get her hands dirty: she refuses charity, insisting she works for food and lodging. This has led to her toned and muscular body, something she's rather thankful for.

    The second daughter of the noble Sinclair family, most of Andrea's childhood spawned from the stifling sets of rules and regulations 'expected of a young lady'. A rebel and a tomboy from the start, Andrea caused a bit of a hit to her family's reputation by associating most often with the servant's children and their friends. A brawler in her youth, the fiery redhead took it upon herself to champion the less fortunate from her peers, earning constant scolding. This cooled slightly as she grew older. As her actions were successfully restricted, her family gained more respect, at the cost of Andrea's happiness. Loving and well-meaning, the Sinclairs hoped that their actions would cause Andrea to grow more into her role as a member of the nobility. Slowly but surely, it began to work. Andrea's will began to break as she gave in to her parent's wishes. The inner flame in her soul never quite died. Her sense of justice flared up when she saw someone being mistreated, though expressed her distaste in 'a dignified way expected of an aristocrat'.
    This all came crashing down at the topic of marriage. As customary, she was expected to give in to an arranged marriage - mostly to the young men that she once attacked in defense of her ignoble friends as a child! Incited, she tried her hardest to sabotage the will of every potential suitor until only one remained. The son of a family of knights, the handsome young man considered Andrea's 'true self' rather attractive. He found her strength appealing, and quite honestly fell in love with her. Unfortunately for him, Andrea did not feel the same.
    She fled her family, joining the church as an escape from her family, which considered the action noble enough. She took to it rather well, finding a surprising amount of freedom in the tenets. Her last suitor, however, visiting the church every day, trying to convince her to marry him. He didn't care about the arrangement, having honestly and truly fallen for her. Stubbornly, Andrea continued to refuse - she had left her family and was terrified of the idea of becoming a 'wife'.
    She left, becoming a mendicant priestess. She healed and helped as she went, her suitor never far behind. They have become the subject of ridicule and rumor in noble circles, and the knightly young man is becoming somewhat desperate, unsure of how to really prove himself to her. For Andrea's part, traveling like this has been the freedom she's been looking for, and has started to enjoy the chase.

    (( I'm hoping to take Andrea into War Cleric! For her suitor, it'd be interesting to have him as a character - and just as interesting to have him appear as an NPC 'cavalry to the rescue' and 'misguided mini-boss on the wrong side' from time to time. A reoccurring rival to Andrea's eventual love interest, perhaps? It's probably best to have him as a complication or comic relief than an actual villain, but allow him a chance to stand by our characters' side when it's clear who the villains are. ))
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  17. Name: Xu Hylan​
    Age: 25​
    Gender: Male​
    Race: Human​
    Class: Myrmidon​
    Appearance: Xu is a man with a strong build and a scar above his right eye. The wear that adorns his body is a tattered black gi, which had been clawed at by many of the Risen that attacked him while he was on his way to the center of the continent. The scar above his right eye was also from a survived encounter with a Risen. A two foot long katana inside of a red sheath adorns his waist.​
    Personality: Cool and calm, although he has seen many horrible things during his life time. Believes in honor and that every action will have a repercussion, whether it be good or bad. Holds others over himself and would do anything to protect his friends. Has the attributes of a loyal warrior but his OK with taking the role of leader if needed.​
    History: Xu came from the region of Thracia, the one next to Manster which was ravaged by hordes of Risen. While he was there as a young boy the land was peaceful and everyone was happy. Although he did not have the greatest of living conditions, his home was good enough to house himself and his parents. Everyday in the afternoon Xu's father would show him the way of the sword, telling him that it was not a weapon of war, but an item of beauty that should only be used in the most dire situations. He kept these teachings close to his heart.
    Then the fateful day came when messengers were sent about the continent, sending word of people disappearing in the dead of night and that everyone had to be more wary. The same day that these messages were sent out was the same day that Xu had finally finished his apprenticeship under his father in the skill of blacksmithing. He had finally become a man. His father was famous in the land that occupied the palace, famed for his metal work. Xu's father sent him out towards that land, saying that he would find blacksmithing work easily and there would be more business for him. Xu headed towards the palace with a sword a sheath, a way of protecting himself.
    On one of the days during his journey while taking a break out by a tree he noticed a shadowy figure out of the corner of his eye. The figure then jumped at him, and Xu quickly unsheathed his katana. It slashed at him, grazing the area above his eye. Xu slightly twinged at the scratch and slashed at the beast, slicing it at the torso. The monster took one more scratch at his body but missed by a hair and instead tattered his gi. The injured creature than ran off into the darkness and Xu touched the scratch at his forehead. It was not going to heal up easily. He sheathed his blade before heading down the road, not knowing that a villager nearby had been taking mental notes on what he saw. Word spread throughout the local area of a man who was able to take down a Risen by himself with minor injuries. This word later got to the palace. When Xu arrived he had perfectly fit the description of the "shrouded warrior" and was instantly put on the palace's team of finding the final manakete.​
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  18. So it is looking like we need another female so I'll bring in the Pegasus knight I was thinking about. If we end up having too many girls I'm also fine with playing her as a non-romantic
    Also thinking she might "fly" in a bit late. Maybe after they've left the city if that's all right?

    Name: Raymond (Rae) Lawrence
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Class: Pegasus Knight

    Appearance: As Shown - Silver hair, blue eyes. Wears a dark navy tunic under silver armor, Dark navy gloves, Brown belts and boots.

    Personality: A bit stubborn Rae both smiles and laughs easily and is a classic tomboy. At first she won't talk much around others until she feels comfortable with them or unless she has important information to relay. But once she knows a person she carries a conversation easily. She is very dependable if given a task but doesn't like to be in a leadership role herself. She's also quick to act when needed. Rae would classify herself as a realist, that is the glass is neither half full not half empty it simply contains 50% of its volume in water, however, she is rather quick to look for a silver lining.

    History: Born in Isaac, the only child to a man who desperately wanted a son, Rae was even named after her father's desire. Her father a military commander and her Mother the daughter of a knight, Rae was left mostly to a "male soldering arts" style upbringing. Her father expected her to best any boy at need as well as handle herself with a weapon and ride horses, build a fire, survive in the wilderness etc. His men were only too willing to help in the task. Her Mother only joked that had taken an army to raise her child and never tried to curb the lessons. She only insisted that Rae be taught intellectual subjects (such as reading and math) as well as the others and that she learn how to behave like a lady should the need arise.

    Her father, unwilling to leave his family behind while he led the troops, kept them close to him and as Rae grew it quickly became apparent that she had a knack for riding and taming horses. Knowing this, and knowing Pegasus to prefer their riders to be female, Rae's father was quick to recommend her for training. At the age of 15 Rae was accepted as a Pegasus trainee and she quickly proved her worth. By the time she was 18 Rae had earned her wings and her own Pegasus (a handful with a fiery spirit, named Marko)

    Now, due to a Pegasus knight's speed and ability to traverse difficult terrain, Rae's work has been primarily as a courier between various branches of the armies facing the risen. Her most recent mission has been to carry information all the way to the royal city in hopes it might prove of use to the Prince on his quest.
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  19. Name: Annto Elsphyre
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Class: Myrmidon

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Humble, and ever conscious of the world around him. Annto is often the one to play devil's advocate when no others voice the alternatives that could become due to the actions of an individual. Though he isn't overly serious, there definitely is a maturity about him that should be possessed by someone far, far older than him. This lends well to the nurturing nature he has towards those younger than himself, and he tends to take towards the makings of a big brother.

    He despises those that fall back on their words when it's given, and is also irritated by those that won't act on their desires, and give into stagnation, as well as those that complain about their lot in life, while taking no steps to better their current situation. He will however, give all his can to help those that actively pursue their ideas, and would sacrifice his life should others gain from the action.

    History: Born to a small village known as Alta at the northern edge of Silesia, Annto was explained the need for physical strength well, though during his early years, it was apparent that he would never become the large, and brooding warrior of his homelands. He was an odd child, who possessed an unnatural grace, and ability to weave a blade using his remarkable dexterity rather than strength, and earned both the ire of the other children who grew to be warriors, and the those who pursued more supportive interests.

    One of whom would later become his wife. A young woman by the name of Elriza. She was a daughter to a local merchant, and blacksmith, and when the two of them met in the spring of their fifteenth year, it was simply love at first sight. This however came with some troubles, as Elriza was viewed as the most beautiful woman in all the village. Pursuing the young lady in earnest, he asked her father's hand in marriage when they would come of age. Her father however... wasn't exactly minded of the idea, and said that only if the young man could defeat their warriors on the day of his proposal, could he grant such a desire.

    This posed little trouble, as Annto took to the challenge, and traveled the countryside a year after the challenge to find himself a master that could teach him the skill, and strength he would need to ensure his wish, and nearly four years later, Annto returned to his village, with a remarkably crafted blade named "Gyaku" that seemed to be a gift from the gods themselves. It's craftsmanship was so perfect, that it hummed with each swing, and as he presented himself to Elriza's father, he single handedly defeated each warrior sent before him.

    It seemed that his fluidedness gave way to victory despite his opponents overwhelming strength, and in the following summer, the two were wed. All things however, are but fleeting, and their marriage was no different.

    The were blessed with a daughter, though it was momentary. His home was razed, his wife raped, and murdered as bandits stole away his child in a cold winter night while away helping the building of another village's granary. He returned to a blackness on the snow, that would soon mirror the stain on his soul.

    Leaving without a word, Annto then wandered, ever hopeful to learn of the men with "Hair of Grey Feathers" so that he could exact his revenge, and though it wouldn't heal his pain... it would drown out the embers of rage that kept his soul aflame.
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