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  1. Fire Emblem: The Last Dragons /High Fantasy/Romance/Medieval/Undead

    Hey guys. I'm obviously Rufiya and this RP is actually based on a video game, called Fire Emblem. You may or may not have heard of it, but it's out there and its my favorite. Like ever. Out of all genres, I've played all thirteen installments. So, I decided to make an RP with some of it's features in mind. One of them being children. Yes. you heard me. There'll be more info about that later down however. Hehe. There's actually a lot of reading to be done, but don't be intimidated! It's very simple things trust me. ^w^

    I still need to add some things, but with my comp crashing and me losing all my progress I just had to post it. I actually just need to finish up the C.Sheet, add some things to Mechanics and add a religion. Also pondering classes. Hmm. Oh yeah and I need to add some pretty photos when I get home. Can't do it from a school comp after all. -w-


    Humans - These are exactly what you think they are, simply creatures who are more social and more curious then the other races. They are capable of many things, magic being what's unique to them. They are very resourceful and they outpopulate the other races. /Rarity: Common/

    Taguel - These are a special animalistic race of shapshifters. They look like somewhat like humans, characterized by dark brown skin, natural black tribal marks, red eyes and bunny ears that are often incorporated into their chocolate brown hair. They have incredible senses of hearing and are prideful warriors to the end. They hold beastones which turn them into large rabbits more vicious then cute. They ironically love carrots. /Rarity: Semi-Rare/

    Laguz (Cat) - These are distance relatives of the Taguel and the other Laguz. They are a tad bit on the short side and are usually fair-skinned with medium light hair color. They are white and have noticeable traits, such as their cat ears and tails, and even whiskers. They are the more social of the shapeshifters, actually living in human kingdoms inside alienages. They are quick thinking and good thieves. When they fight however they can transform into a large speedy panther with their beaststones. /Rarity: Common/

    Laguz (Bird) - These are the other distant relatives of the Taguel. They are extremely passive and hate war. Enough for them to migrate to the mountains using their large feathery wings. They are almost all blond and fair-skinned giving the impression of angels. They do not really socialize well with other races. When encountered they use their beaststones to transform into eagles capable of tearing through flesh with their talons. /Rarity: Rare/

    Manakete - An almost instinct race of special shapeshifters. Descending from the goddess Naga herself, they are almost all women, with pale skin and light green hair. They have elven ears and also carry their own kind of beast stones. Instead of the purple hue that Taguel and Laguz have, they have a light blue stone that allows them to transform into dragons. Recent events have caused them to be hunted down by the humans despite that conflicting with their religion. /Rarity: Extremely Rare/


    The continent of Sylvtal is characterized by steep hills and rough plains and moutains. The life of early settlers in Sylvtal was anything but easy. Being forced out of their previous continent they migrated to what was considered to be wastelands seeing as Sylvtal's was the only unoccupied space.

    They lived off of meager amounts of supplies and somehow managed to survive the lack of animals to hunt that after ten long years of hardships and pain they established ten large villages for humans. (The shapeshifters at that time hadn't settled yet) Another thirty years later a king was an appointed and the castle was built in order to keep peace between the tense villages.

    The King managed to mend the tested ties between the large settlements but ruling over them was another task all together. With only treacherous mountain paths crawling with a common enemy of Sylvatlians known as flesh eaters, to connect them the King eventually sent off nine of his best soldiers to take dominion over the villages. The villages themselves were eventually named after these brave youths, Pherae, Eda, Issach, Agustria, Ostia, Homeros, Silesia, Grado and Altena seeing these nine (along with the king) allowed for the era of peace to happen. New paths safer paths were mended, food at the time was bountiful, and everything was happy.

    But then thirty years later the serenity were interrupted when the Flesh Eaters were organized by an unknown force, they attacked the kingdoms, using weapons like any soldier but always finishing with a bite so that the dead would join them in their assault. Their relentlessness assault led them to nearly obliterate Eda, Issach and Agustria. It was a dire time and most thought it wouldn't be long until they broke the front line and came for them. It was then a mysterious tactician appeared. A young man with the intelligence of ten men, and the ability to plan out things flawlessly he and the king managed to repel the undead back into the cavernous mountains they seemed to emanate from, using serious avalanches to stem the tide of evil.

    The plan worked but the tactician warned him, the rocks would only hold for them long enough to prepare for the true might of the "Risen" but the King had became cocky. He was convinced the avalanche destroyed them. So the tactician left, and the King actually did try to prepare but after the first five years he eventually let go of the project and it wasn't long until the undead were forgotten completely. The fact that the powerful shapeshifters settled down only reinforced their false hope.


    It was around 200 years since the tactician disappeared into the shadows. And about ten years since the Risen returned stronger then ever. They were not foolish enough to attack with their whole mass anymore instead they slowly stabbed at the humans and after ten long grueling years of defending their onslaught only five of the ten human territories remain.

    The shapeshifter who once filled their lands dwindled down to dangerous numbers and the Taguel have been forced to merge into human society, crowding up the alienage already full with Laguz survivorsl The bird laguz however have not sent any message of their safety though its almost assumed they are fine. Their wings can outfly any undead fiend.

    The race that was perhaps hit the most were the manaketes. Already elusive in general, human foolishness has almost drove them to complete extinction. A tome discovered recently was revealed to be left behind by the tactician of legend. And within it it entailed that a blade made by the severed scales of the dragon people could repel the evil risen. S
    o the humans sent parties, that stripped the men manaketes and the majority of the women manaketes of both their lives but also their golden scales. Years of this horrible hunting has almost completed the blade but alas they need one last manakete.

    And the king only knows of one's location. So he decides to send his son and his royal guards off to slay the "beast".


    [1.] The GM's words are law. Though if you have any suggestions don't be afraid to PM me.
    [2.] Your characters have to all be romantically involved with one another by the mid point of this RP. And so that means its up to you to balance the genders. Or at least help me out.
    [3.] There won't be any manaketes aside from my char and eventually her kid. Message me if you want an exception to be contemplated on.
    [4.] All of your characters should have one kid. (Meaning pairings will have two kid each) You can try and think of their personality now or when you find a lover for your parent character.
    [5.] Limit of chars. is two per rper.
    [6.] When the kids come in play, (twist incoming) you cannot play your own child. You have to ask another member if they can RP them and others will ask to RP yours. (This can be changed)
    [7.] Though love and children are in play there will be absolutely no mature scenes. This is the fantasy thread. If you really want there's always PMs.
    [8.] Most posts need to be a nice size. Minimum of one paragraph.
    [9.] You have to be active to join! I cannot stress this out enough.
    [10.] Have fun! Its a RP it why we do it after all~ Hehe. owo


    This actually isn't as complicated at it might sound. In Fire Emblem, your allowed to pair up your unit so they can be married and later on their kids will become the playable characters. So you will essentially find a char you like, ask them if they can be a pair and if they are they can. And both players can decide on their two kids personalities or they stick with the kid they made ahead of time.

    You can romance all you want but when we reach the midway point (I'll notify) the last person your char is romantically involved in will be the father of their children. So you could make a love child if you honestly wanted to. But remember how romance works, they don't just see each other recognize that he/she is hot then confess. Let things develop yo. Makes it better to read and more fun~


    For now, ignore the promoted ones. These are just here to help some players roleplay fighting scenes better. It'd be weird if someone were to use an armored character and yet somehow managed to reach the front lines ahead of the cavaliers. Tacticians and any enemy or DLC exclusive classes cannot be picked.

    Also: Your children will inherit the class of your lover/marriage partner! Say you marry a pegasus knight and you are a mercenary, well your kid should start off on a majestic winged horse. Or say you marry a shapeshifter and your child will automatically become a shapeshifter.

    Also again: If shapeshifters marry the priority is: Cat Laguz>Taguel>Bird Laguz>Manakete with Manakete taking the top priority.

    Also one more time: Lord is strictly unique to Tylon~

    ~Character Sheet~
    Parent Character Sheet (open)

    Class: Leave blank until I add a new section under mechanics

    Appearance: Either photo or description, or both if you'd want.



    Child Character Sheet (open)

    Age: All kids ought to be around seventeens-twenties by the timeskip.
    Race: If mixed then put so.
    Class: Your lover's class.




    Parents: Fill this out later~

    ~Accepted Characters~

    -Gwenaviere Lidel, Manakete, Female, Rufyia

    -Tylon Irving, Lord, Male, LuluRS

    -Luciore Alben, Dark Mage , Male, Kitti

    -Galric V'nyle, Theif, Male, Falcon Wing

    -Mea Harbon, Troubador, Female, Falcon Wing

    -Annto Elsphyre, Myrmidon, Male, Jumi

    -La' Viel Tulvien, Archer, Female, Lady Viress

    -Carina Brynn, Wyvern Rider, Female, Kitti

    -Xen Foros, Priest, Male, Knives

    -Bia Turellis, Mercenary, Female, Auntie Phaz
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  2. C.sheet is up.

    I'll edit this later so it shows my manakete. -w-

    Name: Gwenaviere Lidel (Guin-na-vere, shortened to Gwen most of the time)
    Age: 23,000 (Forgot to mention Manaketes live a really long time. And age slowly. -w-)
    Gender: Female
    Race: Manakete
    Class: Manakete

    Appearance: Either photo or description, or both if you'd want.

    Personality: Gwen being the one of the last of her kind left on Sylvtal, she is a very recluse woman who is often rather passive. She doesn't particularly hate the humans despite of their horrible misguided actions rather pittying them for their naievty. Ironically Gwen once had a strong sense of justice in her words and actions but lately she almost seems okay with the hunting of her race. This is the side-effect of her long life and all the past events she's seen.

    When angered, Gwenaviere still doesn't seem that agressive, often using sarcasm and spiteful words to retort back in a tone which makes her sound more annoyed then mad. When in a pleasant mood she is still rather humble but more outgoing.


    Char. Photo (open)
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  3. Name: La' Viel Tulvien ( Lala )

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Race: Taguel

    Class: Archer ( Questionable )

    Appearance: La' Viel has a very distinct, caramel colored complexion. Smooth, and silky beneath the black armor that she wears as a Taguel archer. Though the armor itself is little, it serves its purpose when it comes to swift movements. Her long, knee length hair is a tad light in color than what is the normality of her race. Not quite a milk chocolate, but a honey brown which contrasts nicely with the coloring of her skin. The only oddity about this rabbit is that her ears do not match the color of her skin. They are white with black tips that stand up, and erect constantly. Even her cotton tail matches the coloring of her ears. She has ruby red eyes. ( Refer to attached picture please :3 )

    Personality: Being that she is Taguel, she is very proud, but not too proud to talk to other races that are among her. She is somewhat of an introvert, preferring to stay to herself. This doesnt mean that she dislikes, just that you havent earned her trust, or she feels you are not worthy of her time as of now. One must prove themselves to her in order to gain the privilege of her words which are oddly accented with a primal, more wild tone to them than one would usually be used to.

    Once you have gained her trust, you have gained her loyalty. That loyalty shall never falter, and she will be there always. When you need her, and when you dont. It is all her pride. When one shows that they have become worthy of her time, she lets them know by giving them the protection that she can offer in combat skills, and swift speeds. A loyal friend to the end. However, she is also quick to anger, and when one succeeds in anger her she is fierce. Venomous words spew from her exotic lips, and she wont hesitate to retaliate in a very physical way. A delicate, and beautiful rose to those who show their worth, but do not forget that every rose has thorns, and this rose wont hesitate to prick you.

    History: ( Writing of her history is pending right now. )

    Attached Files:

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  4. Definitely signing up for this. I'll make my CS soon.
  5. Love Fire Emblem though I've only played sword of flame and shadow dragon, any connection to either of them? or is this entirely your plot in which case I don't need to worry about background knowledge?
    And out of curiosity which game let you play the kids? or was that a reference to characters like Roy who are the kids of characters in a different game?

    I will edit my character in here (willing to play two depending on the gender balance if you need )
  6. Awakening is the game with children. Hoping that doesn't spoil it for anyone playing the game >.>

    And from what I've seen, this pulls from Awakening and Rekka no Ken (which I think was the first North American released FE.)
  7. w00t! I'll be joining!
  8. Name: Tylon Irving
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Class: Lord

    Personality: Tylon is a sheltered young man, having been raised in luxury and decadence as the crown prince. There are very few people who Tylon cares about, and even those he doesn't treat very well. His selfishness knows no bounds. He is also terribly lazy. While he has been trained in swordplay, he approaches it as a distracting hobby rather than the honourable proffession that it is, much to the vexation of his instructor.

    The arrogence that surrounds this young noble is fueled by ignorance. Tylon is generally clueless about the lives of the people outside of his castle, hearing only whispers and rumours about the 'outside world', or anything beyond his castle walls. The 'outside world' has begun to catch his interest in recent years as more and more rumours of Risen have made their way to the castle.

    History: Tylon was a rambunctious child when he was younger, spending much of his time out with his nanny in the town surrounding the castle, as she believed the future king needed exposure to the life his people led in order to lead well. However, when he was still very young, an unsuccessful kidnapping was attempted, placing an innate fear into his parents' hearts, and he was forbidden from leaving the castle grounds. The years that followed were filled with coddling, smothering, and seclusion. Tylon grew very bored of this life quickly, and so a swordsmaster was brought in to instruct him in an attempt to interest him enough to keep him from attempting to leave. However, when the hunt for Manaketes went out, Tylon began to pressure his father into allowing him some exposure. Reluctantly, the king finally agreed.
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  9. Whoa. A lot more people like Fire Emblem then I had originally thought. owo

    Falcon it's a brand new plot so it's completely new for everybody. (Though I did pull some names from like all the FEs so yeah. Pherae and Altena being the ones you probably know.)

    And you should totally play Awakening, I bought a 3DS for that game man. And it was not disappointing. Plus Tiki and Mar-Mar kinda make comebacks in the game. :3

    Also thanks for everybody joining and everything~

    And Lulu you know your accepted -w-
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  10. [​IMG]
    Name: Luciore "Luck" Alben
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Class: Dark Mage
    Personality: Secretive and shy, Luciore is reluctant to open up to others. He is an endless font of calm and none can say they've ever seen him grow angry. He's a tad pessimistic, though he calls it realism, and he seems indifferent to whether he lives or dies most days. Still, he's gentle enough and a pliant, helpful companion to have around, just don't expect him to cheer you up much.

    The youngest child of three, born to a common village man and the dancer who fell in love with him, Luck has always been the quiet and introspective one. His older brothers were rough and tumble, quick to help their father out with the chores. Luck, though, was his mother's little baby as a child. More than the other two, he resembled her delicate dancer's features and was oft mistaken for a daughter as he walked along tugging at her skirts.

    Not as hardy or strong as his two brothers, he was not needed as an extra hand with both them and his father taking care of the heavy work and they likely would not have let him help, anyway. His two elder brothers protected him as though he were more frail even than he was and everyone in the town took to calling him Luck, as things came naturally to the child. He was graceful like his mother and naturally gifted at reading and math.

    While his unimposing physique did not trouble him as a youngster, when Luck began to come of an age where he had an interest in girls, he found, to his dismay, that they had little interest in the "dancer's daughter" as the other boys called him. When his eldest brother married one of the village girls that Luck had once fancied, he elected to leave home and make his own way, finding people that had not known him his entire life and had less ammo with which to tease him.
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  11. Kinda sounds like Gwen. :o

  12. Hah, he was meant to seem a little like Libra. Oooops. XD
  13. Oh yeah? Hahah. xD
  14. All right, So I seriously can not choose which character I should use,
    So I thought I'd put them both up and let you pick.
    Unless, of course, it's ok for me to play two?

    Galric V'nyle (open)

    Name: Galric V’nyle (Gahl-rick Ve-nile)
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Class: Thief

    Appearance: As shown (may color sketch later) platinum blond hair, fair skin, grey eyes. 5’8”

    Though the world in general may see him as overly friendly, rather talkative, and something of a trickster, Galric is in fact a man of many layers, and of many masks.

    Both observant and intelligent (and rather proud of the fact) he notices details others may miss, and is extremely good at getting information from people who have no idea they've even told him anything of value. Galric almost never looses his temper because doing so could disrupt the results of the end game. On the very rare occasions when he does grow angry, it’s a very cold sort of anger.

    What one believes Galric said is very rarely what he actually meant, and he’s perfectly capable of wrapping a grain of truth in a story so full of believable lies that listener wouldn’t be able to discern the one from the other. Even his accent is a lie as he can shift easily from one dialect to another no one is really sure which is the original.

    Galric enjoys riddles and brainteasers and is something of a gambler. He also loves a good story and enjoys answering questions with tales so ludicrous that the listener can’t help but accuse him of an obvious lie to which his usual reply is, “Yes, but wasn’t that tale more entertaining then a simple ‘I can’t tell you that’?” Those who know him well have gotten use to this, they expect him to lie, and would never ask him a serious question and expect an honest answer unless Galric’s own safety was on the line, and even then it’s not a guarantee.

    Galric can be quite arrogant at times, but in light of his genial attitude, fun loving stories, and witty remarks most people are willing to forgive him for it.

    Born the eldest child and only son Galric lost his mother when he was still a child. His father was the leader of a . . . rather shady organization, and instructed Galric and both his sisters in the “necessary skills” throughout their lives. Galric was especially gifted learning early on to never let his conscience get in the way of what needed to be done. He rose easily through the organization’s ranks until at eighteen he was his father’s right hand. Here’s where things get tricky.

    As the story goes shortly before his twentieth birthday Galric and his father had a disagreement. Well, as the story goes disagreement is putting it mildly. They had a falling out. Faced with irreconcilable differences of opinion Galric was cast out and disowned by his father and left to make his way on his own. Unable to stay in his own home for various reasons Galric eventually managed to make his way to the King’s palace.

    Finding work in the palace was easy for someone who knew exactly which plots to foil and whose lives to save. As far as the king’s concerned Galric’s actions speak louder then his words, fortunately for him. For the past six years Galric has been working for the royal family doing an assortment of tasks of which it is better not to get into any details.

    Mea Habron (open)

    Name: Lady Mea Habron
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Class: Troubadour

    Appearance: (as shown, may color later) Auburn hair, Brown eyes, olive skin, 5’3”

    Personality: Mea is not exactly shy, but she does take time to think before she speaks and has a soft voice. However, she enjoys company and smiles easily.

    Mea has a soft heart and is willing to accept anyone as they are until they prove themselves untrustworthy. She very rarely takes sides when her friends argue choosing to believe there is some way both could be right, and thus often finds herself in the place of a mediator. When facing an opponent outside the friends circle, she would walk through fire to help those she cares for.

    She does however have a strong sense of right and wrong and can be quite mule headed whenever any once challenges it. Occasionally to the point of taking whatever was said personally. She has a bit of a quick temper at these times, and believing herself right may need to be coaxed into an apology.

    Mea is the only daughter and youngest child of Lord and Lady Habron. She grew up in a loving home and her mother, who was gifted with a healing touch, taught Mea everything she knew. Her family was always strong in faith and their religion and moral principals were instilled in her almost as soon as she was old enough to understand them. Everything her father did was weighed on the scales of right and wrong and he taught his children to do the same.

    As the youngest child and only daughter Mea did have to learn to defend and stand up for herself against her brothers, though she quickly learned that if she sought refuge in her father’s library she would be left alone. When the masculine energy of the house became too much for her Mea would retreat there and immerse herself in various novels, though usually those that had some sort of romantic element mixed in with the rest of the content.

    As the Risen onslaught gained ground, the front lines slowly moved back closer and closer to the Habron estates. Mea’s father joined the fight early on and as each of her brothers came of age they too joined the battle. Mea and her mother continued to stay at home each day worried that they would hear news of one of their deaths. And then, the news came.

    Kale, second youngest next to Mea, had been taken by the enemy. Along with the report was a message from her father. Retreat. Take the servants and the house guard and whoever else remained, and retreat as far as they could away from the battle zone. Back to the capitol itself if they had too. The enemy was advancing again, and there was no longer any guarantee their home would remain safe. Mea and her mother gathered everyone they could and did as her father said.
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  15. I like them and yeah, one of the rules said two is the maximum chat limit so your once again completely fine. owo

    Also you draw very well. ^w^
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  16. Awesome, Thanks!

    And thanks for the complement, I don't usually draw anime, but in the spirit of Fire Emblem I thought I'd give it a try.
    I'll probably switch those out for inked versions a little later. All I see when I look at them is finger print smudges.
  17. What art style do you usually draw in? Is there a specific name or was it just a style developed over time? I've always been interested in stuff like drawings, though I can't draw myself. Hehe. -w-
  18. Name: Annto Elsphyre
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Class: Myrmidon

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Humble, and ever conscious of the world around him. Annto is often the one to play devil's advocate when no others voice the alternatives that could become due to the actions of an individual. Though he isn't overly serious, there definitely is a maturity about him that should be possessed by someone far, far older than him. This lends well to the nurturing nature he has towards those younger than himself, and he tends to take towards the makings of a big brother.

    He despises those that fall back on their words when it's given, and is also irritated by those that won't act on their desires, and give into stagnation, as well as those that complain about their lot in life, while taking no steps to better their current situation. He will however, give all his can to help those that actively pursue their ideas, and would sacrifice his life should others gain from the action.

    History: Born to a small village known as Alta at the northern edge of Feroxi, Annto was explained the need for physical strength well, though during his early years, it was apparent that he would never become the large, and brooding warrior of his homelands. He was an odd child, who possessed an unnatural grace, and ability to weave a blade using his remarkable dexterity rather than strength, and earned both the ire of the other children who grew to be warriors, and the those who pursued more supportive interests.

    One of whom would later become his wife. A young woman by the name of Elriza. She was a daughter to a local merchant, and blacksmith, and when the two of them met in the spring of their fifteenth year, it was simply love at first sight. This however came with some troubles, as Elriza was viewed as the most beautiful woman in all the village. Pursuing the young lady in earnest, he asked her father's hand in marriage when they would come of age. Her father however... wasn't exactly minded of the idea, and said that only if the young man could defeat their warriors on the day of his proposal, could he grant such a desire.

    This posed little trouble, as Annto took to the challenge, and traveled the countryside a year after the challenge to find himself a master that could teach him the skill, and strength he would need to ensure his wish, and nearly four years later, Annto returned to his village, with a remarkably crafted blade named "Gyaku" that seemed to be a gift from the gods themselves. It's craftsmanship was so perfect, that it hummed with each swing, and as he presented himself to Elriza's father, he single handedly defeated each warrior sent before him.

    It seemed that his fluidedness gave way to victory despite his opponents overwhelming strength, and in the following summer, the two were wed. All things however, are but fleeting, and their marriage was no different.

    The were blessed with a daughter, though it was momentary. His home was razed, his wife raped, and murdered as bandits stole away his child in a cold winter night while away helping the building of another village's granary. He returned to a blackness on the snow, that would soon mirror the stain on his soul.

    Leaving without a word, Annto then wandered, ever hopeful to learn of the men with "Hair of Grey Feathers" so that he could exact his revenge, and though it wouldn't heal his pain... it would drown out the embers of rage that kept his soul aflame.

    Screw that, it's totally someone elses job to fill this in. : D

    Race: If mixed then put so.
    Class: Your lover's class.




    Parents: Fill this out later~
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  19. about art (open)
    Oh, ummm, well that's kind of a loaded question. I'll try my best to be brief and not hijack the thread.
    Most of my stuff is Photoshop (like my avatar) but I've been drawing since I was a kid, and I've mostly just learned to imitate other people's styles, it wasn't until I went to college that I developed my own (I've got a BFA with an emphasis in graphic design) and to be perfectly honest I don't draw nearly as much as I used to. I've been drawing more since I joined Iwaku because for some reason I like to draw my characters :). Best example I can give you is here:
    character (open)

    Which was done for Ryex's tapestries RP
    That's what My usual sketches tend to look like, though I don't always color them that way.
    I do fancier stuff on occasion, and I set up a showcase insert shameless plug where I'd be happy to talk about art all you like especially since I think drawing is something anyone can learn.

    RP question, would it be possible for me to hold Mea out for a while so the others would meet her after the journey's started (the way you pick up characters in the game) or are you planning on having everyone start together?
  20. I'll reply to you in a sec Falcon, and thanks for the precaution about hijacking and stuff. Even though I was the one who basically started it. -w-

    But everybody: Classes are up.
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