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  1. It has been a year and a half since the holy war brought forth by the father of Emmeyn, The Exalt King Norman of the Kingdom of Ylisse, came to an end and the countries of Ylisse and Plegia begin the slow process of rehabilitation. King Norman was killed by a enemy sniper named Kyle whom was a renown hero among the Plegian faithful. What happened to the man is unknown but his actions were what would cause the war to come to an end. Emmeryn, at the beckoning of her advisers and her great uncle General Neal of Ylisse, decided to open up peace talks with the exhausted Plegians and managed to dictate a state of peace between the two nations. While Ylisse pulled back it's armies from the withered husk called Plegia, Emmeryn would work to restore peace in the nation and most of her people blame her unjustly for Norman's religious zeal that spurred him to war. The people have been drastically reduced in number as many did not come home from the campaign unleashed by the late Exalt. However thanks to contacts in Regna Ferox they are starting to rebuild and life is starting to return to some shambled state of order despite the brigands whom travel from place to place to pillage the commoners. Plegia would be divided into four different nations all claiming to be the true Plegia however they are no currently in the midst of fighting one another more so they are trying to rebuild properly after losing so many people too the war. Plegia's people suffer from food shortages and lack of clean water but due to the merchant princes of Valm they are able to negotiate contracts to keep their dying economy stable. Regna Ferox itself has been under the control of Khan Nicholas whom rules it with a firm but progressive fist from his castle in the middle of Ferox. He keep the lords in check and bandits are a rare sight in the land as Ferox has made a large profit from staying neutral or selling themselves off as soldiers in the war. They are in no hurry to annex the broken lands of Plegia and Ylisse and are content to quarrel among themselves as they tend to.


    It is now where our story takes place. In the country of Ylisse a harvest festival is happening just south of the capital of the kingdom. Many peasants are gathering here to forget the hardships of the years gone by and look forward to an new tomorrow. It was by the grace of Emmeryn that this festival was made and she insists that all those who can make it should do so but she will not be able to come herself stating that the land is too unstable to leave the capital. The city in which we make our start possible is a rather fairly sized city one cannot call it huge not small but it's population is a friendly group and much to the surprise of the locals the festival has attracted many people and different groups including a group of traveling monks and circus performers. However despite all of this there is still the underlying notion that the world is still not completely at peace...

    1. All general rules apply to this roleplay. God modding, meta playing, and other things of the sort are greatly frowned upon.
    2. I am the GM and what I say goes. I talk softly and carry a big stick and I will use it if needed.
    3. Custom characters are allowed within reason. However no uber tacticians (Use of dark magic along with normal magic/putting lances alongside swords in the weapons side for example) or anything of the sort. On that same note there can only be two of any class to prevent too many singular classes from piling up.
    4. You can't be canon character or an offspring of one without my go ahead.
    5. You can be almost any class, including ones not from awakening with the acception of laguz and other such creatures, you desire that aren't exclusive to specific characters with the acception of the lord class. Note being a lord doesn't make you a main character.
    6. I will hold it against you if you leave this roleplay without informing me. Please inform the roleplayers in the OOC that you are no longer interested if you choose to leave this roleplay. Nothing is worse than a guy or girl who ups and leaves without saying so.
    7. You are allowed up to three characters

    In Character Link:
    Character Roster:
    VanceXentan: Jiro, Zaku, Isabelle
    AutumnWyvern: Uwu
    LegendLegitus: Augustus Livia Solvet
    Penultimate Pie - Hallen Griswald
    Character Sheet:
    Home country: (Ylisse, Valm, Plegia etc)
    Appearance: (Written or picture)
    Other: (anything you need to add that isn't above goes here)
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  2. The Garnet Armband Comapny

    Jiro - The Mercenary (open)

    Name: Jiro
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Class: Mercenary
    Home country: Valm

    Jiro is a medium sized man of thin muscular build. He has hair that reaches down to the end of his neck which is greyish black in color. He has a somewhat handsome face but he isn't considered especially attractive in terms of facial features. He has thin eyebrows that match his hair color. He wears a black leather coat, and a simple white shirt underneath it with a chain mail over his shirt. He wears a pair of standard brown combat boots while traveling or a simple pair of shoes while in a casual environment. He wears two steel shoulder pads and two leg guards with fingerless gloves as well when traveling. He stands at 5'10 and is a rather imposing figure. He has a rather broad nose and his eyes are dark green which gives him a spooky look at times. His company's signature armband is on the left shoulder.


    Jiro is a simple man whom has no problem adjusting to most things in life. He is normally very calm and jovial when he is around people he knows about. However he is also known to be very serious and very blunt when the need arises though he dislikes being completely serious all of the time. He is very protective of his companions Zaku and Isabelle; willing to risk his life to save them both if need be and refuses to let anyone harm them.

    Though he will make them fight their own battles when he thinks it is better for them to do so. He has disgust for cold weather and prefers warmer climates. He naturally is distrustful of people he doesn't know but he gives most people a chance to prove themselves and it is very unlikely for him to be caught off guard. He is not one to break under any sort of pressure and takes challenges in stride. Despite his age loves to screw around with people but does his best not to do it often and mostly only when he's bored.

    When in combat he is a deadly individual having no qualms about playing dirty to win though he finds it unsatisfying if he has to play dirty and does indeed enjoy fighting people despite feeling bad about taking another's life. At the end of the day however Jiro is hardly a man of faith like the rest of his party. He practices the basic rights of Naga's worship to not get bothered by priests and he also knows the basic rights to the Plegia worshipers as well but he finds that much more distasteful. He has no interest in holy matters otherwise outside of mild curiosity. In regards to his job he only takes jobs from people whom pay him in advance by at least half and has prided himself in never backing down from a job.

    Jiro was born in the Valm City of Nero's Cross, a small city near the coast but still prospers due to it being a prime trading location between the coast and Chon'sin. His father was a locksmith and a thief by trade earning money by anyone whom would hire him and his mother was a simple merchant whom met his father by chance on a festival and had fallen in love with the rogue. His father despite his profession was very protective and supportive of his son in childhood often bringing him presents while he learned to read from his mother whom loved to teach her son new things. As a young child he wasn't very energetic or curious but he was able to climb really well and put things together easily. His mother encouraged his exploration in the house and even took him for walks with family friends around.

    His father would really start to take interest in him when he grew old enough to hold a sword and found out that the boy was very talented in that regard. But his mother disliked him practicing with sharp weapons so he was forced to use wooden weapons and even that was pushing it because his mother was very protective of Jiro. He received bumps and bruises but Jiro took it in stride and instantly took a liking to the nature of sword fighting even though it hurt and he was taught many valued lessons by sparring with his dad in his off time. He still continued to help his mother around her stall and later her business when it started to increase in size.
    Later when his father was caught by the local mayor's aide for stealing from the local bank Jiro was left without a father for a time. However before Jiro's dad was sent to jail he had already picked up most if not all of the basics of sword play and became a natural at it quickly. Though he disliked his father's imprisonment he never really begrudged the local police as it was his dad's fault for being a thief. His mother on the other hand was miserable for a time and clung to her son for a time.

    Jiro's life after that is one he prefers not to talk about but he states that he found another man whom he trained with for sometime before he became a mercenary much to his mother's disapproval. His father got out around this time and congratulated his son for his hard earned talents and stated he was proud of Jiro. As a mercenary he started out serving with a local sellsword group where he earned his keep at the age of ninteen. He would work with the sellswords for a couple years before going solo and earning a name for himself in the local area before branching out and going through Valm taking work where he could get it. He has seen many legends and learned many tricks while doing so. He often worked as a foot soldier as he disliked horses as combat tools seeing them as just another limb to worry about.

    However his life took a strange turn as around the age of twenty five. On his way to another town he came across a slaughter where a group of men were fighting a caravan and curious he went to check it out. Most of them men were dead by the time he arrived. However he saw one brave young man fighting a great knight and he was clearly tired as the larger man eventually forced him down. But before the final blow was given Jiro saved the boy, for what reason he still doesn't know, and killed the great knight after blocking the blow. Then Jiro heard out the boy whom called himself Zaku and said he was the son of a bard traveling with the group and that his dad died in the battle. Jiro felt bad for the kid and offered him the chance to join him. Zaku didn't even hesitate and joined Jiro.

    Zaku and Jiro would get along extremely well as the boy spoke little, ate little, and was very polite and well mannered. Jiro hadn't intended to work with a official partner but he found one in the seventeen year old boy. In fact Jiro found that the boy had the works of a skilled myrmidon and took him as an unofficial protege. The two worked for many a lord in both Valm and the nearby land of Akaneia under anyone whom would pay well for both of these men. On the way back to a local Ferox Lord whom has been looking to settle a 'debt to a Plegian Wyvern Rider' they ran into a group of sellswords under attack by a group of shadowy men. They had come across this by taking a short cut across an abandoned castle. Most of the sellswords ran away and Jiro felt disgust in the matter and was about to turn away when Zaku pointed out a strange sight, a young girl in a fancy dress holding a healing stave whom was hiding from the group of men. Jiro decided to get the young girl out of there despite Zaku's protests to leave them and that this was none of their business.

    However Jiro pointed out that Zaku would be dead if not for that line of thought being tossed aside from Jiro years ago. Jiro saved the young girl and killed the assassins with Zaku in tow cutting a bloody swathe and saving the girl. The girl was shaken but she held her composure surprisingly well. Zaku immediately dismissed the assassins from a lack of skill having been killed by two swords for hire. The girl thanked them and tried to explain herself before Jiro dismissed her saying this was a 'freebie' and that she should be more careful from now on. Zaku was glad to be finally moving on but the girl followed them. Despite Zaku and Jiro flat out ignoring her for two hours she finally wore them down and she explained that she was a runaway from a local lord's hideaway saying that she had taken company in the service of the sellswords before being attacked.

    She figured that she was now a free agent and asked to join them seeing as they had no cleric on their side and stating that she herself was a cleric with a skill and aptitude for healing people. She also knew a variety of other skills. Zaku objected immediately but Jiro felt a strange sympathy for the young girl whom was no more than sixteen or fifteen at the time and agreed to take her in. Together they would work together and since they were now considered a larger group Jiro declared that they were the Garnet Armband Company after the armbands that Jiro had purchased for them with money given to them by their latest job. Jiro had become a leader much to his own disbelief but was oddly happy that he now had a family of sorts and two years had past since then.

    Weapons: Steel Sword (Bastard Sword)
    Items: Elixir

    Zaku - The Myrmidon (open)

    Name: Zaku
    Age: Twenty Three
    Gender: Male
    Class: Myrmidon
    Home country: Valm
    He wears a light brown hard leather vest when fighting as a way of protecting his body with minimal hindrance to his own movement. He wears his armband around his right arm just tight enough for it not to slide around his arm.


    Zaku is a very calm and very collected individual whom is described by those around him as frighteningly polite. Zaku is not one to show his emotions and is normally seen with a very simple smile on his face and or is otherwise seen as dull. He rarely ever takes the prerogative to talk to someone unless he has to and is very much silent as a whole. However he has no qualms with talking with people and can be shockingly charismatic when he wants to be. He is the first one to suggest the more practical option in a matter and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty if no one else chooses it. However he says he is no leader and almost always refuses leadership possessions unless he is directly hired for the role. Despite this he is competent in regards to being in the position where he needs to choose for the group. He also walks along a fine line between telling the truth and lying often blurring the lines when he wants to. He laughs at trying to get along with others and often stays in the shadows reading books and preferring the company of animals to men and women.
    Zaku - The Myrmidon (open)

    He refers to Jiro has his direct superior and views Isabelle as a burden and at worst he outright refuses her aid. Though he will still rush to her aid normally. He has no interest in romance though enjoys reading novels about it. He outright loathes any attempts at people to try and get him to attend a religious event or practice the rites. He is not afraid to take the unpopular stance on a matter though he will at times be disgusted with certain choices and outright refuse to let them happen.

    He has no compassion for those who beg or feel sorry for themselves viewing them as weak willed fools whom should take care of their own problems but doesn't voice this vocally. He will outright mock people however if they try to mock him back. If he is in the fault or he is wrong he has no problem with admitting to this.​

    In combat Zaku is known to be a ferocious machine of death killing people with calculated and deadly slashes of his swords. He is at his 'most human' when he is fighting and views combat as a means to an end and an experience unlike any other. He is outright terrifying with how calm he gets and the simple smile he wears never goes away when he is winning and when he is challenged by another. Though he also outright loathes all kinds of magic he doesn't deny it's usefulness.

    Zaku has outright refused to describe or detail his past merely stating that he is the son of a bard and that is all. He also states that he is from Valm but gives no details from where exactly he was born and if he was raised in a certain city. He also refuses any questions on how he was trained to fight other than that he was trained by a very deadly man. He was saved by Jiro after he personality held off and killed a group of men whom proved to much for all those around him only being overcome from fatigue and when a larger enemy forced him back. He is a close friend of Jiro having been with him for over six years now.

    When he first joined Jiro he was still young but he was not much different than he was before hand. His skill in sword combat and his ability to overcome even lance wielding enemies solidified him in the mind of his employers as one of the deadliest young men they had even seen. Jiro taught him points that he was lacking making him even more of a threat then he was before. He has taken down enemies much more experienced then him in singles combat. Though he has not made a name for himself Zaku is by no means an ordinary swordsman. Surrounded by an air of mystery he has found himself in the arms of many women all of whom he had rejected almost immediately preferring the singles life to any sort of romance. Jiro and Zaku were hired by many Valm lords including a Dynast at one point on the western coast of Valm. After finding little interesting work in Valm it was Zaku's idea to go find jobs in another land.

    Zaku distinguished himself by easily defeating a barbarian war chief and a Feroxi knight during his time there. However his life changed when he happened across a young lady named Isabelle when he and his friend Jiro saved her from a group of assassins much to his own protest. Worse yet Jiro agreed to take her in after some time. The group became a company shortly after taking on a name as the Garnet Armbands which Zaku felt was amusing as Jiro had told him that they weren't going to take on a name before meeting Isabelle. The next two years would have Isabelle and Zaku clashing over almost everything as the cheery young girl annoyed the myrmidon to no end.

    Weapons: Custom made Silver Sword with ornate hand and grip and a silver pommel (Named Sangue Bevitore or Blood Drinker)
    Items: None

    Isabelle - The Cleric (open)

    Name: Isabelle
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Class: Cleric
    Home country: Ylisse
    Appearance: Isabelle is a young thin girl whom wears a fancy yet elegant robe of green color. She wears her armband around her left leg. She has curly platinum blonde hair that is shortly cut. Her dress is hexed to prevent dirt from clinging to it when in direct sunlight. She has gorgeous, crystal clear blue eyes. She wears a pair of simple shoes and stockings. She has been known to dress in simpler garb at times but prefers to wear her dress at all times.

    Personality: Isabelle is a cheerful and sarcastic young girl whom has a fondness for romance. Though she has been known to flirt with people it's only with people she knows personally and it is usually in a joking manner. She loves messing with people with off handed jokes and has been known to make light of people while keeping a completely serious tone. She is hardly ever shy and speaks her mind openly only keeping her mouth shut when Jiro tells her too to do or whenever she feels it's not right to. She is also known to be undying loyal to Jiro and Zaku despite the disagreements with the latter.

    She loves nature and she especially loves nearly all animals no matter how they look except vermin and bugs. She doesn't like blood but she has no problem with it and happily offers her services as a cleric to anyone who asks for it. When upset she hides it away behind jokes. When angered she shuts herself away from others, except Zaku for some odd reason, and when in combat she tends to be straight forward and composed except when she's alone in which case she tends to hide away due to her lack of actual combat prowess more so than any sense of actual cowardice though she has been known to be a coward at times.

    Isabelle like her companion Zaku refuses to answer any questions relating to her life before meeting Jiro but is more open in saying that she was the cleric in training under a lord whom was known to be angry often. He was going to send her to war to fight for Ylisse which caused her to run away from the castle. It was only a week before she met Zaku and Jiro that she ran away from her home. In truth she decided to go with the duo on a whim and to protect herself from harm. She became the heart of the group often chastising them and cleaning their clothes for them despite protests that she wasn't their mother and that she should make them do it. She also makes them food even when Zaku offers to do it saying she doesn't trust them with cooking an egg let alone a whole meal. She has been with them for two years and has grown very close to the older gentlemen despite finding them to be brutish at times.
    Weapons: Mend Staff
    Items: Vulnerary
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  3. I'm not exactly sure how Knight Enchanter would work exactly in this roleplay but since it doesn't really do much per say I'd think I'll allow it.
  4. Sorry I was busy all yesterday, ah, I can't remember what side of that debate you fell on but would I be able to rp my unknowingly half-taguel character or no? If no then should I go with my manakete or make a new character?
    I didn't intend for all my ocs to be like this >w>;
  5. If you want to play a taguel character then just make them full taugel class and all. The lack of culture can be dismissed as the massacre left very few other taguels but panne alive. Unlike Valentine I'm not all on in keeping completely to canon. Otherwise the manakete or a new character are both fair options.
  6. Eh if that's the case then I'll just use my manakete. The fact that Silvia is half taguel is a pretty big part of her character/backstory, even if she doesn't actually realize it or actively use her taguel powers (outside of like uncanny sense of smell/hearing but those are passive traits anyway).
    On the other hand taguel armor is a lot easier to draw if only because there is barely anything to it ahahaha i just wanted to make a joke about how they dont wear pants im sorry.
  7. You draw your own character artworks? Impressive. I can do eyes and weapons and that's about it...
  8. Alright well do as you will Autumn I'll look at your character when it's posted. I'm here if anyone has any questions.
  9. @Ruko Yepperoonies. The groups I got my start rping on were very super mega anti using other people's art as faceclaims without permission. If you couldn't draw or didn't have a friend who could you were stuck to using bases and dollmakers, heh. In any case they are a bit old but my art for Silvia are here and here, if you were curious.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Name: Uwu
    Age: 1127
    Gender: Female
    Class: Manakete
    Home country: Plegia (though she doesn't have any allegiances with anyone)
    [​IMG] Traditional Sketches
    She has very young and childlike appearance as her race ages slowly. Her hair is short and messy and is a pink/red gradient, with two "fronds" sticking out like antennae. Her eyes are a bright green and she has fair pinkish skin. She dresses in pale purples and pinks and usually has her hood up when traveling alone. She has a small pair of wings hidden under her cloak.
    Personality: Uwu is an upbeat and cheerful sort, the kind of person that loves to make others laugh and smile. She spends her time helping others when she can and enjoys being out in nature and wishes to protect it from careless humans. Despite her loving heart she has a bit of brooding jealousy over Naga and believes that she, and other manakete as well, should be regarded as royalty at the very least. Because of this those who are close to her notice that she has a bit of a bratty princess side.
    Backstory: A relatively young woman, by manakete standards anyway, whose lineage has lived on the same lands as far back as when her homeland was the country of Doluna, which had been a home for their dwindling race for centuries. But unlike many others she does not harbor a hatred for mankind as a whole. She was practically a toddler when the first Exalt vanquished Grima (if I'm getting my timeline correct) but the horrors of war still effected her even before she was old enough to truly know what was going on in the world around her. Her father was slain during the war and she and her mother fled to the vast deserts where they would continue to live in relative peace for quite some time. As Uwu grew older she would venture further and further out and learn more about humans and their wars. She couldn't understand how some dragons were revered with such ferocity while others were hated and scorned or simply cast aside. Soon another war would tear through her homeland leaving it in shambles. In the year following the end of the war she has taken to traveling around and spreading cheer and trying to help out where she can, although not everyone takes too kindly to her presence.
    Weapons: Dragonstone
    Items: years of draconic wisdom Kris's Confect (or just sweets)
    Other: Slow to rise and hates being woken up

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  10. Zero:

    Dread Fighter (link) is too higher up there please pick a different class preferably base class. Also please pick an actual lance weapon that's in the game itself. For example see Zaku's Silver Sword which seems custom but it is merely a Silver Sword that's been 'forged' in game terms of awakening. It's heavily ornate and what not but it's just appearance.

    Also it's worth noting that we will be playing generally on 'the good side' of things. Not saying that you're person can't be darker, there are plenty of characters in the games that play to an evil palette, but general blood shed without reason would end up not working in such a group. For example Zaku, my myrmidon, is a sociopathic man whom has no qualms about murdering or killing in general and tends to lean towards more darker ways to get things done if they're practical.

    Likewise this opening of this roleplay will be in Ylisse....after a holy the start of a social festival. How do you intend on working your character into that narrative?

    Edit: If you want my recommendation make your character a deserter or a betrayer of some sort from Plegia. Make him a 'chaos soldier' a group of plegian trained soldiers whom learned how to use black magic to fight in battle against the ylessian knights. Keep in mind picking a duel option is going to decrease the effectiveness of both weapon types as you will have more options than say Jiro whom is a straight up tank or Zaku's speedy blitzing. Classes whom solely focus on one ability until they 'advance' in class will mean that they will be at a disadvantage. Awakening screws things up a bit in terms of class but let's say a Bishop vs. a Sage. A sage would have the advantage due to his anima (elemental) spells over the bishops light magic. Or for a more simple examination a shaman would be sturdier than a dark mage from plegia due to their slower but more bulky skill set.
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  11. Autumn could you please go into more detail into your character's personality? Something around Isaebelle's size or just about preferably? I prefer fleshed out character sheets even if they're fluff.
  12. Can do! I was a lazy bum and copy-pasted from the old rp hehe :V
    Is that better or do you need even mooore
  13. I'd say that's acceptable and I will allow the character into the roleplay welcome aboard autumn.
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  14. Character Sheet:
    Theme song:

    Name: Augustus Lucentgate (simply August, for short)
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Class: Soldier
    Home country: Valm
    Personality: Augustus is a man searching for glory and honor in whatever form it may take. He is a poet in his spare time, writing tales of vast empires and grand adventures. Had war not consumed his life, August would have been very content spending his days with nothing more than a quill pen and paper. Despite his brutish appearance, Augustus tries to be humble, almost soft-spoken, when speaking with friends. On the battlefield, however, he becomes a force to be reckoned with. A warrior's blood lust washes over Augustus when the chants of war reach his ears. Sadly, he also wears a heavy ego, which gives him the impression of superiority over others.
    Biography/history: Raised from birth to be a disposable unit in the defensive forces of Valm, Augustus Lucentgate became a heavy nationalist and loyalist for his country. Almost all of his childhood consisted of intense training and discipline. Days were long and brutal, yet always satisfying. It was an obvious truth to him that all other nations before him were inferior, and that it was his duty as a soldier to expand Valm. Chon'sin and Rosanne were lesser countries in August's perspective. This kind of loyalty earned respect from both superiors and comrades alike. The man known as Walhart served as his personal idol. Eventually Augustus found himself with the unique nickname, "Death's Spear" within his regiment. Life took a happier turn during, oddly enough, a bandit raid. Augustus was assigned to protect a village from a group of rogues, which he did with great delight. Though afterwards he found himself in love with a village peasant girl, whom he married a few short years later, at only the age of 19. The two developed a deep and passionate relationship from their shared admiration of poetry and literature. Augustus dedicated himself as much to his marriage as to his country. He even settled down in that same village, taking joy in the simplicity of village life. Later on Captain Cervantes permanently assigned Augustus to his village, along with the title of Lieutenant. The gods had other plans for Augustus, however. During another common bandit raid, Augustus' house was burned, resulting in the death of his wife. Holding the charred body of his only true love, Augustus promised to keep her memory in his heart. He left the village with remorse and regret. Adding to his woe, Augustus resigned from the Valmese army. When asked why by a superior officer, he replied: "I am on the journey towards my final battle. It is one of curiosity." The glory of Valm invaded his heart as it did in his youth once more. Now, Augustus seeks to uphold that glory, outside from the unity of vast armies.
    Weapons: 2 Iron Lances, Javelin, Bronze Lance
    Items: Elixir, Arms Scroll
    Other: Travels often in search of Valmese-sympathizers in other countries. He also carries his Arms Scroll with the hope of giving it to some noble warrior he may find on the next journey.
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  15. I'd think a description would be better because the picture you choose really doesn't seem to fit the theme of this roleplay being anime and what not Legend.

    Likewise there is no Valmese empire (Valm Link) at the moment. There may be a government larger than the others but I intend for this roleplay that the Valm continent be split into dynasts (such as cho'sin), merchant republics (Lord Mayors, princes, and doges), and small feudal lords. I apologize but you'll need to rework your character a bit.

    Walhart could be used as a background maybe/possibly with mustache man as one of his generals but they'd be just one section of the valm continent and I'd don't think he'd really press his war this early Chrom and Lissa are still just young children after all.

    Honesty I'd say go and rework it so you're fighting under Ylisse, Regna Ferox, or Plegia. I can give you any other background info you may need in terms of famous generals during the holy war and who or who is not in charge but hey it's your character you do as you will with it but you'll still need to rework the history a bit if you don't decide to change it completely.

    Also as a Cavalier how do you intend to play with the horse part up? I'd say it'd be better to go as a knight or a soldier but if you still prefer you can still definitely play as a Cavalier.
  16. I'll change it tomorrow.
  17. Alright and again I apologize for being demanding but it just doesn't fit storyline wise.
  18. Alright I've updated my character a bit. All I have left is to think up a backstory that isn't the cop out "lost her memory". Also about the weapon trio... When I was playing Awakening I barely noticed it actually having an effect. My sword users had no problems taking down lance users, and my lance users could quite capably defeat axe users. I never used any axe users in my party though because they were too low level by the time I started playing the game properly and not just levelling up the Manakete and using her to destroy everything. So, what effect is it going to have in this? I mean by logic standards, a lance would have the advantage over both swords and axes which is why footsoldiers in medieval times used polearms primarily and only had a sword in case the polearm broke.
  19. May I at least keep the image? It's difficult for me to find anime-looking cavaliers with Roman armor.
  20. "anime-looking".