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  1. In the year, nearly two now, after the Holy War the country of Ylisse is slowly starting the progress of reconstructing buildings and villages destroyed during the war and mourning the loss of life. It had been a hard life for the children especially since then but the new Exalt Emmeryn, a girl of only about twelve years of age, has been throwing all of her efforts behind rebuilding the land despite this however she is still unpopular due in no small part to the Exalted King's failures and of course the aforementioned Holy War. Despite this Emmeryn stands stalwart alongside her advisers in her efforts to rebuild not only Ylisse but bordering Plegian countries as well. However most efforts still are being pooled from debts owed by the Khan of Regna Ferox and the process will take more than just a couple of years to completely fix. Emmeryn however hoping to restore hope to her people has decided to spend a small amount of money to fund a festival to uplift the local peasantry and nobles alike despite protests from her great uncle. The festival will be placed in a small town just south of the capital and all people are welcomed to the festival even Plegians though it was not announced that this was specifically a drawing point.

    A small group of Pegasus Knights were also dispatched to help keep order alongside some of the soldiers but it seems that they are uninterested in their duty as they have barely gotten involved since the Festival officially started. It is in the afternoon now about 2:50 and the sun is shining down upon the world as if it were blessed by Naga. Monks, mercenaries, merchants, and others have also joined along unexpectedly to add to the peasantry crowding the small town. The mood is somber but still somewhat jovial as people drink and eat food brought from farmers by Emmeryn's own coffers and some of it was donated by a wealthy noble seeking to get in good graces with the Exalt. The Circus was set up at the eastern part of the city in the middle of a small park and were opened almost immediately after they arrived and got set up properly about two hours earlier. Among them is a group of dancers, a wyvern rider whom performs tricks with his steed, and an acrobatic trickster. The western and central parts of the city holds many people as that is where the main setting of the festival is located at with stalls, and artisans selling goods alongside people running various events such as drinking contests. The southern and northern sections of the city are populated by the more rowdy festival goers as the taverns and melees are located there where men of war spar and the young excited children watch mercenaries, and even a few of the Pegasus knights, fight in duels for the enjoyment of the crowd.

    It is in the central part of the city where Jiro and Zaku of the Garnet Armbands are strolling around looking at the various stalls much to Zaku's distaste. They had let the third member of their company run around another part of the city at her leisure knowing that she'd come running to find them the moment she inevitably ran into trouble. Jiro had a mug of wine in his hand and was walking next to Zaku as the two men strolled alongside each other walking down the street, "You know drinking is just going to prove problematic Jiro sir why do you always insist on doing this whenever we hit somewhere where there is some sort of event going on?" Zaku commented dourly as he sighed. He was hardly the one for events such as these. Back in Valm he had always chosen to stick to quieter areas where he could hear himself think. Jiro simply continued to smile and took a large gulp of the wine just to spite his friend. "Because it's a freaking party kid you got to live a little! You know at least Isabelle is having fun all your doing is clinging to me like a lost little school boy. What are you afraid you'll be lost in the crowd Zaku?" Jiro said razzing his friend as Zaku chuckled to himself and stuck a sideways glance to his companion, "No I'm more worried that you'll fall in the creek nearby or get yourself into a fight. I'm not going to go back to Valm dragging the fool with me. She'd be the end of me I swear. So yes I am clinging to you because I know you Jiro and I know you like a good fight and being drunk we'll inevitably find that along the way." Zaku said in a casual tone as Jiro belched and laughed, "It's been a couple years now kid I'd have thought you'd have gotten use to Isabelle by now. She's pulled us both out of the fire with that mending skill of hers. If it wasn't for her we'd be covered in more scars than a brigand." Jiro said loudly and patted his friend on the back as onlookers gave them side ways glances. Not one person really spoke up about the duo though...more than likely because one was carrying a two handed iron blade, and the other had a fine looking sword strapped to his hip.
  2. It was only a matter of time before Uwu would find herself among the festivities. The towns by the Plegian-Ylisse border naturally knew of the event sooner than those further inwards, and it was when Uwu was traveling through those towns that she heard of the festival and instantly thought it would be a very cool thing to go to. She was all about boosting morale and fostering friendships! Heck yeah! Not to mention if there was one thing that being a Manakete was good for it would be fast travel (at the expense of startling some poor farmers). But if there was anything it was bad for, well, being mistaken for part of the entertainment. Which, wouldn't be that big of a deal but she wanted to at least look around and have fun first! She decided to wear her hood up hoping it would make some bit of difference but she knew that she would still stick out like a sore thumb. She stood out wherever she went but she never thought it to be a problem until now. Granted, she also had never been to some place so densely populated until now either.

    All that aside it was time for Uwu to browse the stalls in the center and have some fun. She figured that maybe after she gorges on fanciful (to her anyway) treats and maybe try her hand at some games! There was plenty of fun to be had. Then maybe, just maybe, after she has her fill of merriment then she may do some "tricks" for people. Which usually just meant turn into a dragon and do some loop-de-loops. Human kids love that stuff. But that was for later so she would try to make herself seem inconspicuous, as impossible as it is you look like a kid in brightly colored cloak and dress, and hope no one bothers her as she makes here way from stall to stall enjoying herself with little care for the coin she had accrued.
  3. Isabelle had decided to go around town looking for babbles and what not maybe some drinks...maybe some food....maybe something to poke Zaku with...or something to wash Jiro off since he smelt like a barn yard animal. Choices so many many choices! All of which were almost as good as the last! "You know when I started out today I started out with a goal and that goal was to have as much fun as possible before I go back to baby sitting those two!" Isabelle shouted aloud gleefully spinning around her dress as various people started to give her dirty looks but she ignored them they were just jealous of how much fun she was having! She ran by a nearby stall and grabbed a piece of chocolate and paid with some of her personal money before wandering over to another stall. One after one she gleefully checked over all the stuff one by one. However as she went by one stall she accidentally bumped into a girl, or at least Isabelle felt like she bumped into a girl, while not looking due to someone who was doing an act with a monkey nearby. She didn't hit her too hard but Isabelle felt bad about it, "Opps I'm sorry I was looking over at that performer over there and wasn't lookin' at where I was going! Oh that's a pretty cloak you got there!" Isabelle stated with a silly apologetic smile as she rubbed her head.
  4. Augustus sat alone in the booth of a common pub, enjoying a fine mug of ale. He had spent the past week travelling from Valm to Ylisse and, with little surprise, was exhausted. The ship ride from Valm to Ferox was also unpleasant. There was no particular reason for this journey, other than the promise of finding some new entertainment. Lately the only excitement offered was from the occasional thief or assassin, who rarely managed to keep themselves alive. Staring into the large mug, August took a large gulp. It was refreshing to say the least. His armor made him stick out in the crowd of alcoholics and peasants. Letting his mind take a break, August started to wonder what things he would find in the Halidom of Ylisse. Of course the people there were more pretentious than anyone else, or so he had heard. August tried to sober himself as quickly as possible, paying the bartender with great haste. He continued along an empty path, accompanied by a cool breeze. The village he had arrived to was sparsely populated. The way to his destination was still many miles further. August would have started the trip immediately, had it not been for one interruption. A petite farm girl came running towards him, holding a poster of some sort. She looked frantic.

    "Wait, hold on a second! I need to speak *pant* with *pant* you!" she was clearly out of breath. August narrowed his gaze, taking in her appearance. The girl wore light blue cotton, her feet were covered in mud, and to top it off her long, blonde hair was a mess. It actually made August laugh lightly.

    "Speak now. I don't wish to waste much time here."

    "Are you going to the festival over near Ylisstol? Wait, I've forgotten my manners. My name is Livia." She bowed politely, giving a contrast from her obvious poverty. "So... um... you looked like you were going on the roads to the border, which is close to where those festivals are." Livia handed over the poster. August grabbed it and prolonged his serious stare. She looked adorably startled. "I was wondering if there were any willing escorts."

    "Please child, Ylisstol is deep in the heart of Ylisse. Besides, I would rather not risk your safety for travelling with a stranger, whose intentions you don't know." he made a mock evil grin. Livia huffed and puffed with indignation. Again, she looked more adorable than threatening. To make the point come across further, August pulled out one of his iron spears, just to give Livia the idea of danger. She didn't seem to get the idea, however.

    Reading the poster, August learned of the festivities that were transpiring elsewhere. He tried to think back to the last cultural event he'd attended, only to draw a blank. "You and every other merchant said the same thing to me! There has to be something that would change your mind, it's imperative that I attend that festival!"

    August was finding humor in the conversation. This girl was both jumpy and stubborn, and he respected the latter trait. However, his armor should have been a clear indication that he was no escort. "I can already tell you've no decent gold for such travel. I have no horse, no Pegasus, and no wyvern." August paused, fearing that she would offer something of sentimental value or completely perverse. "May I at least inquire why you need to go so badly?"

    Livia pouted her lips and sank her eyebrows. It was becoming increasingly difficult to reject her pleas. "I need to visit... um... my father! That's right, I have family over in Ylisse." August knew well that she was lying. "But maybe I should ask you about all these details, hmm?! So, what's your name and the reason you're going down into Ylisse?" Livia exposed her petulance.

    "My name is Augustus Lucentgate, former lieutenant in the Valmese army. It seems as though I'm on a very strenuous vacation." he was agitated by this girl's arrogance. Of course he could walk away, though there was a high chance that Livia would simply follow him to Ylisse and back for the sake of driving him mad. "And I can tell you're not going to be leaving soon. Tell you what, I'll escort you to those accursed festivals, and you'll drag yourself back to Ferox. Deal?" August sighed as she jumped in joy.

    Livia nodded to the conditions of the deal. She forcefully extracted August's hand and shook it more than the gods would dare. A devious and satisfied smile was etched into her face, and only now did he notice that Livia's eyes were like sapphires. Much to the joy of August, the girl ran away (though clarifying that she was bringing supplies). Only a solid minute later did Livia return, holding multiple food baskets and a massive travel bag. This girl must have the strength of three Valmese knights, or so August theorized. And so the two began their journey into the vast unknown. August's only comfort now was the idea that agitating company wasn't as bad as no company at all, especially if they bring food.
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  5. Uwu flitted from stall to stall stuffing bother her bag and her mouth with sweet treats and useless knick-knacks alike. It wouldn't take long for the little spendthrift to run out of money. Oh how fast it goes! She gained most of her coin from helping out at towns she visited on her travels, and here she goes spending it all on empty-but-oh-so-yummy treats and bits and bobs. She even found stall selling fancifully colored plush wyverns, and while she was no wyvern she couldn't help but think the pink one fit her likeness and she simply had to buy it on the spot! But now she had all this stuff that didn't really have any use. Well, she could wear the shiny jewelry and eat all the sweets and find some use for the doll but, still she is a wanderer who never stays in one place long, and carrying all this junk will eventually get tiresome! This was not a well thought out plan at all...

    Since Uwu was too busy wondering what to do with all of her newly acquired bric-a-brac her self-proclaimed keen dragon senses didn't notice the young cleric until it was too late. Thankfully Uwu didn't drop anything (if asked she would say it was because of her "draconic grace") and regarded Isabelle with a cheerful smile. "Oh no worries, it will take more than that to knock me down, haha! Besides I'm normally more aware of my surroundings but I was totally lost in thought so it's partly my bad too, kinda." She said. "Oh, and thanks, my mother gave it to me before I left home, but I haven't the slightest clue where she got it from." Uwu's mother insisted that she wear her cloak at all times, preferably with the hood up, and with the exception of the hood part Uwu has stuck to her mother's advice. Though, now she can certainly understand the benefits of wearing the hood.
  6. Isabelle grumbled and kicked at the group as she heard the girl's explanation of how she got her cloak. Her experience with parental figures wasn't exactly ideal considering how she spent her time growing up. If her dad could see her now he'd crucify her for hanging out with with her current partners. "Oh really? I wish my parents gave me things." Isabelle grumbled as she kicked at the ground some more but decided to look at the girl as she was talking instead of looking down at her feet. Isabelle smiled and grinned though, "All well that's just how things are. I'm surprised you aren't angry a lot of people are normally angry when I say something stupid or bump into them by mistake. I just get really excited at places like this. I mean look around us only two years ago did some really bad stuff happen and here we are eating and talking forgetting it all! That sweetheart Exalt Emmeryn is so young yet so good at her job! Many people still don't like her but I think she's doing alright considering the follow up act she's doing don't you think?" Isabelle said happily as she spun her mend staff in her hands.
  7. They hadn't even walked for five miles, and already Livia was bone-tired. The military marches August was thrown into were far more difficult than this. She made the demand to take a quick rest in the middle of a deep forest, alongside the main path. August sat on a fallen tree trunk, drinking from his trusty flask. Livia was giving him a cold stare. "I can believe I forgot to bring water!" she held her head down in defeat. "Mind if I borrow that flask, Mr. Escort?" Livia giggled softly, sitting across from the Valmese veteran. "You could at least learn my name first. We could have arrived to Ylisstol by now if you chose to get a little exercise from walking. And I thought that the great Livia was a citizen of Ferox, instead of a weakling!" August shut his mouth, now anticipating the firestorm he just activated. "Weakling, eh?! THAT'S IT!" Livia swiped the water flask out from his hands with impressive agility. "It's bad enough that we have to walk through a country-and-a-half, and now you have the audacity to insult me! Aren't Valmese soldiers supposed to be chivalrous? Maybe that's why you're not a soldier anymore!" Wisely, August chose to say nothing. Slowly Livia vented her anger. She crossed her arms and turned around, simply to avoid looking at him. The wind was a welcome change in resonance.
  8. "Excuse me there gentlemen but do you need help?" said a small woman on a pegasus as she came floating by. "I'm a member of Ylisse's Pegasus Knight unit dispatched nearby and I was out on patrol. I could guide you to the nearest town if it helps." the young woman said as her pegasus gave a proud cry as it landed on the ground beside the juggernaut of a man before her. "Are you a Ylissian Paladin? I've not seen too many like you before." she said with a curious glance at the man's armor.
  9. Livia dropped the flask in surprise, being dumbfounded as August was now. He would have started asking questions had Livia not gone along with this woman's offer blindly. August pulled out his map, rather disappointed that his travel plans were far more expansive than he prepared for. As the pegasus landed beside him, August quickly hid the map within his armor. "Thank goodness you arrived! Now I won't have to put up with this brute now!" Livia spouted. August closed his eyes and breathed deeply, trying to think of what to say. He had no idea how the Ylissians would react to a Valmese soldier. "Don't mind my irritable passenger. Indeed, I am a Ylissian Paladin," August lied. "Both of us were travelling to a celebration down in Ylisstol. Could you help us?" The veteran noticed that this patrol girl was very young, and perhaps naive. If done correctly, August could speed up this journey so long as he remains clever.
  10. "Sure if you would follow me I will be more than happy to show you the way. Just remember sir knight our Exalt is just a young lady please help in anyway you can to make this festival successful. I don't want to judge you but we need to make sure this goes right if our young miss's festival goes down the drain then her credibility to even throw a party goes with it. We can't simply let her fall into that pit." the young lady said as she lifted up into the air and started soaring down south. "It isn't too far away please follow me and you should see it soon enough." she commented as she flew. The horse neighed however at her, "What's wrong with you today? It's not like those two by themselves could do anything wrong if they're lying about something. Let's just get them to the festival and Knight Commander will do the rest." commented the girl to her horse as they flew towards the city.
    Zaku and Jiro had been having a great time in their own part of the city, at the very least Zaku was enjoying Jiro make drunken passes at various women including a pegasus knight whom tried to slap him only for Jiro to move out of the way quicker than she expected and find herself slapping one of her fellow soldiers much to Zaku's amusement and it only seemed to increase Jiro's already happy attitude. "Was it really necessary to hit on that poor girl Jiro? She's probably frantically apologizing to that man back there." Zaku said nonchalantly as Jiro and he ducked down underneath a bridge and Jiro pushed himself against a wall. "Well no but hey it was funny wasn't it!? Did you see the look on that guy's face that was hilarious! I bet that slap hurt like a son of a gun. Good thing I train with you so often otherwise I may have missed the swerve there!" Jiro said patting himself on the back over his success. Zaku merely sighed as he grumbled and looked down at the floor, "The one place you picked to hide and you choose the small creek didn't you?" grumbled Zaku as he felt the water seeping into his shoes. "Oh quit being such a cry baby we'll find a fire mage to dry our boots and clothes and we'll get a move on. But first....let's just make sure we can find a way back up there." Jiro said noting that they could jump up but it'd look suspicious if they did so. Plus he didn't jump that high. He'd need something like a ledge or a couple of hand bars to get back up.
  11. Uwu really felt as though she put her foot right into her mouth on that one. Isabelle's change in demeanor at the mention of parents was as plain as day. Granted, Uwu would have had no way of knowing her words would have such an affect and it was just a simple fact. But still, she felt like dealing with so many war-torn families she should know better to watch what she says. But, it was best not to dwell on such things. What's done is done. There was a brief and likely awkward silence before Isabelle brought about a change in subject, which Uwu was eternally grateful for. "Ah, really? That seems like such a trivial thing to make a fuss over." Uwu rocked on the balls of her feet as she spoke. "Yeah this place is pretty neat! I've actually been traveling around Plegia helping with rebuilding and stuff there so I've been hearing some pretty, well, mixed feelings but I'm having fun." Given the outcome of the war it was only natural that most Plegians felt nothing but contempt for Ylisse regardless of who was in charge, not that it mattered to Uwu. She'll likely outlive many generations of rulers on both sides of the border.
  12. Isabelle shifted side to side awkwardly, "You know I got some bad experiences with Plegians too. Clerics from Ylisse aren't welcome among them. But hey you seem nice would you like to get something to drink or something? On me of course! Assuming you don't drink too much...I'm not made of money you know!" Isabelle said waving a finger and returning her smile to it's proper place. "Of course you if you don't wanna come you don't have too. We just met after all and you don't know my name, Isabelle that's the name by the way, and maybe you got better things to do. But I think good company is a nessessity in places like this and since you're all alone I wouldn't mind saying hi." Isabelle said raising a hand with a finger up lifted and moved it back and forth.
  13. Acting with haste, and ignoring her compatriot, Livia jumped onto the pegasus with great joy. August was more than happy to walk on foot to Ylisstol. It was interesting to think of what things he'd be forced to do there, now that he'd taken the alias of an Ylissian Paladin. Was it the right thing to do? Of course not. The girl he'd entrusted Livia with was probably harmless, though August wanted to live up to his deal. The pegasus flew at a steady pace, somehow. He always carried the notion that those beasts flew faster than any other sort of creature. "Having fun down there?" Livia roared down to him, barely able to be heard. "Try not to fall, mistress Livia." August started to use his spear as a cane. The forest he trod through was very soothing. Long hikes were a newer sort of hobby he found. As for Livia, she was having the time of her life, and it felt like she could see the world from the sky. Turning his head, August gave recognition to the small ensemble of dear in the bushes. They peacefully grazed as a humbled veteran strolled. He had never seen much of Ylisse before. Whatever place it was, it must be bizarre like all other nations. August listened closely to stories taken from fellow soldiers, sometimes merchants, of all kinds of alien customs and rituals. Now he had the chance to see those events. August felt unaware to current events, as apparently he knew little of this new Exalt. Whatever the case, he still knew that only Ylisse would let children run a country. August hoped that something would surprise him.
  14. The festival was already in full swing by the time the knight managed to clomp in on foot. He had refused the aid of a horse or pegasus out of respect of his own bulk: most horses in Ylisse were not the huge, muscled type made to ford a knight like him in full armor. The obvious solution was to take the armor off, but as one of Ylisse's knight, he was determined to make the pilgrimage as is, out of respect for his country and to atone for the atrocities he had committed under the Exalt King's rule.

    A more sensible man would say he was being far too devout for his own good. Hallen Griswald decided that was the point.

    As he would pass though, carefully shouldering his armored form through the mild crowds of the new Exalt's festival, many people would take note. Hallen certainly was a sort of eye-catcher, with his knight's gear making him a large steel tower among the rest of the common folk. Of course, the eyes would inevitably be drawn to the crests of Ylisse upon his pauldrons, signifying Hallen's true rank.

    The rumoring word spread like wildfire among the commotion of the festival: one of Ylisse's own sentinels, visiting the new Exalt's festival. While it shouldn't have been such a surprise in concept, it was likely the sight of the man himself that was something astounding. Of course, as was to be expected, many of the people spoke of Hallen in very different tones from one another. The very same differences between the man who was nothing more than a living threat to Ylisse's peaceful nature, and the man who stood as a brave guardian to his people. Only now, the former air of the Holy War was behind these words, multiplying their strength.

    There had to be no question that this knight would stand loyal to his Exalt. But the real query was, which Exalt exactly - the King who had instigated the Holy War, or the young lady who desperately wished for their old ways of tranquility? Most were too afraid to ask, for one reason or another, despite whatever vehement insistence of the contrary existed.
  15. The Pegasus knight who had taken the two kids along for the ride felt uncomfortable as she and her mount took the noisy new comer along with her on the ride, "Hey calm down a little your going to scare my mount! He's not fond of noisy people you know!" the young girl complained as she rode towards the city. It didn't take long for the group to reach the city. At the arrived at the city they were met with a small gathering of knights. "Madam! I have brought more visitors to the festival! Sorry for abandoning my post but they asked for directions and wanted me to show them personally!" the young woman said to a Falcon Knight who has suddenly approached them. The woman has flowing pink hair and fierce eyes. She had the look of someone who knew how to get things done and on first glance her mature pegasus was clearly more experienced than the girl who had led them there. "Of course Vanessa. But this man seems heavily armored why is that?" the woman said as the girl called Vanessa said he was a travelling Ylisse Paladin apparently. The falcon knight glared at the two of them and groaned, "Yes Ylisse paladin is certainly how I'd describe this man...regards Lady Emmeryn has said all are welcome including soldiers off duty. One moment if you would..." said the woman as she glared at Augustus with disdain clearly seeing through the plain white lie he had said but had decided to hold her tongue. She called over a group of soldiers and told them that they were to show this man the way to the stalls and let them do as they will then return to their duties. The soldiers did so and took the two strangers with them. The city brimmed with life and merchants shouted their wares nearby the military outpost and the first thing they saw when they entered the city were a group of mages showing off magic tricks near a fountain.
  16. So much for fooling the Ylissians. At least the city was vibrant and festive, compared to the more disciplined Valm. Livia was close to running off, and such wouldn't be very detrimental whatsoever, yet she stayed either to prolong August's woe or for curiosity. She would have been quicker to reveal his identity had it not been for the wildly distracting Ylisstol. It was hilarious watching Livia stumble on the pegasus alongside a few children, though it was rather difficult from the ground. August shuffled his legs a bit, stretching from the long walk. He could barely hear what Vanessa was talking about. Granted, he didn't exactly know her name. "Alright, Livia, it seems as though you don't require my assistance anymore." August said triumphantly, and with great relief. No longer would he be spending this trip babysitting. Livia turned around, previously staring at a group of magicians, and pouted. She performed a cartwheel and 'accidentally' tripped August. Speaking like a guilty child, Livia responded. "Aww... come on! I don't know anyone here!" she resorted to puppy-eyes. They were oddly effective. "And I thought you had relatives here." August grumbled. Livia, not understanding of anything military-related, did not think to stay with the pegasus knights. Before she could continue tormenting him, a group of soldiers escorted them away. "HEY! What are you guys doing, I'm not in the army!" Livia forgot about the iron sword held to her waist. August remained silent, amused that these gentlemen could share his bane. Merchants lined the street with all kinds of exotic goods. Crowds swarmed around them, and surely the atmosphere was thrilling. The Valmese veteran assumed that he was being taken to some form of barracks. "So, gentlemen, it appears that I've been deployed for far too long. Can either of you inform me of this Exalt I keep hearing about?" perhaps he could try to gather information from others like him.
  17. Uwu nodded as the cleric spoke. Tensions are still decently high, it's understandable that she has had some unfortunate encounters. In any case a drink sounded fine and she replied as such. "Sounds good to me, don't worry I'm not a heavy drinker. I'm not fond of stumbling about like a goon." Uwu paused to giggle softly. "In any case I ended up spending all my coin on useless junk. I was planning on doing some silly little tricks to maybe gain some of it back, but that could always wait until later I suppose."
  18. Within the festival, time passed rather idly for Hallen. Perhaps it was the abundance of activity and crowds in the area, or maybe it was the deeper nerve of anxiousness at what this gathering thought of him. While he had seen a few Pegasus Knights of Ylisse lofting about on the outskirts, none had taken official note of the armored knight; the man had to assume they were an honorary guard, employed just as escorts to ensure nothing major got out of control. Fair enough, considering Ylisse.

    Hallen had padded by some of the merchant stalls, listened to a couple of wild adventurous tales, and witnessed a performance by a plucky wyvern rider. Now the armored figure was continuing along, deliberately oblivious to the muted mumblings of the 'armor knight' within the nearby air. All for better or worse, one supposed.

    However, he was also unaware of a certain raring young girl inching through the crowd. Not so unaware, however, that Hallen didn't notice the woman's distraction about to carry her right into his armored carapace. It was a split second too late, however, as while the knight tried to stop himself, the lady kept going. She visibly rebounded from the sudden impact on Hallen's thick plate armor, while he, too, recoiled for balance. Both were fortunate to have the accident ensue a ripple of space in the crowd for which neither could be overrun while the issue was solved.

    "Ah- are you alright?" The armor knight began in apology, "Hopefully nothing is broken, is it?"
  19. "ALRIGHT THEN IT'S DECIDED!" boomed Isabelle with gusto as she grinned and grabbed Uwu's hand firmly and started to pull her with her, not too forcefully but at the same time it was clear she was excited to get moving. As they moved through the city groups of people would be shouting and screaming gleefully as various stall vendors or gamblers did their thing. It was an interesting day to say the least. Things got more interesting as suddenly Isabelle was stopped along the way by a stranger she didn't know. A soldier with a blue helmet approached them with a stiff stance, "Madam could you please slow down you're disrupting the peace by pushing through so many people." commented the soldier. Isabelle looked behind her to see that she had cut through a large portion of the crowd by sheer force alone and she chuckled awkwardly, "Sorry officer it won-Huh Zaku!?" grunted Isabelle as she quickly apologized to the officer and pushed past her to confront the tall lanky man somewhere behind him. "Of course of all the people in the world I run into you by chance....hello Isabelle." Zaku grunted as Isabelle pointed to Uwu and smiled saying that she found someone nice and she'd offered her to come drink with her. "As usual...hmph this girl...she isn't dangerous like that last two were is she?"
  20. August was happily chatting with the Ylissian soldiers, finding them easy to relate with. He managed to pick up bits of information, and that these festivals were made to boost the spirits of the people. Noble goals indeed. Such optimism was a lacking resource in Valm. Never before had August seen such colorful attractions dotting the walkways and courtyards. Half the entertainment was derived from watching the stalls, and it was certainly worth the walk to attend. August continued his talk with the soldiers. If only his wife could have been here. A few odd stares came from passerby's, who must have notices August's exotic armor. As long as he didn't make a scene, perhaps no one would mind.

    As for Livia, however, she was wandering off with glee. She managed to go unnoticed. Shifting into the elephantine hordes was an easy task. Livia was searching for the dance troupe she knew had to be in Ylisstol. She could finally reach her dream of becoming a professional dancer, all the while getting away from August. That alone was a bonus. Stingy people were never her type of crowd. Livia switched her focus onto everything around her, losing track of where she was walking. With a loud thud, she crashed into something that felt like a wall.

    The impact sent Livia to land on the ground onto her backside. Looking up, she beheld a hulking knight with a commanding beard. He looked around August's age, though she didn't know how old any of them were. Livia was anticipating repercussion. Much to her surprise, the man looked apologetic. "My fault completely, sir! I should have watched where I was going!" Livia was still intimidated by this fellow. Even further to her surprise, and discomfort, she hoped August was still in the vicinity. "Are you alright?" the best Livia could do was get on this man's good side.