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  1. Title pretty much says it all! Would anyone be interested in doing a roleplay based around Fire Emblem? I'm open to really any settings of any of the games, though the only one I myself have played is Awakening. I've read a lot about the others though, from characters to classes.

    So yea, just make a post if you have a question or are liking the idea of this sort of adventure/war roleplay!
  2. I'd totally love a fire emblem rp... count me in!
  3. Oh man, I haven't been in a Fire Emblem RP since an RP that called itself Fire Emblem but wasn't really.
    That RP was still cool, though, if short lived.

    I would prefer Archanea or Magvel as far as settings go because I don't like the extra elements such as Laguz Tellius has, and I'm not very familiar with Elibe's geography.

    I think we should be flexible about stuff like classes, make pretty much any of the logical ones fair game (i.e exclude stuff like Dark Druid and Fire Dragon that the PCs obviously couldn't be).

    Actually, how formal are we going to make classes and weapon types etcetera? My first thought was specifying them (since you mentioned classes in your post), but I'm fine either way. Leaning towards being specific about them to make it feel more Fire Emblem-y, for lack of a better term.
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  4. Glad
    to see interest here! I do think specific on classes, and certainly not ones PCs never could be. I'd probably be a tad more relaxed on the class tree though, since I have a few lines in my own mind that make sense. Any issues with that?
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  5. I once designed an entire class system for a custom Fire Emblem project that edited the trees quite a bit, so I'd be totally fine with that. I think some of the vanilla ones don't make a terrible amount of sense, anyway.

    Also tagging @Kreska because another Fire Emblem fan~
  6. depending on what the setting is and what the plot is I may be interested.
  7. Any specifics that match up with @Vansalon 's requests? This is a rough idea after all, so I am indeed taking into account what anyone interested would want :)
  8. I more or less agree with he says but we need a narrative that ties all of the characters into each other near the start.
  9. Hi! I'd love to join this. :3
  10. Definitely interested!
  11. I need to know one fact though. What level of roleplay is this. I almost always refuse to roleplays below intermediate level.
  12. That is what I am planning on actually, Intermediate. 2+ paragraphs too~

    Alright, I'll give this some more time to let others see it and see about getting maybe two more people, but tomorrow I'll probably start a PM so we as a group can settle on the country or contries, the overreaching arc that can allow canon characters, classes to include, etc. I won't push too much work on you guys, but I do want to make sure we all are fairly on the same page and that no one dislikes something big about the story or whatever. And of course, you all may have some knowledge of certain games I may have not played~

    Sound okay? :) @VanceXentan @TwilightDragon @Vayne @Vansalon @Utsuho
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  13. Canon characters really shouldn't be a part of the main story but if they're background characters like say Marth's adventures, Chrom's escapades, Ephraim's fights, etc then so be it but the plot should be something that doesn't revolve around the main story.
  14. I'd also like to note that if we decide on Archanea, we either have to put it before Awakening or a long time after Awakening, or we have to go through the nasty business of deciding a canon.
  15. Or we could take the third path of having Robin not appear, have Gangrel be dethroned by a more level headed king, have Walhart be assassinated, etc. In other words just take key players out of the picture.
  16. ...Which is even worse than deciding canon from the in-game options, because then we're outright editing canon, when we could just set it in a time period where it doesn't matter.
  17. That is entirely subjective and opinion based. Alternate Universes are accepted by many people in the roleplaying community. If we place it after Marth's/Awakening's period of time then we're going to need to decide who's doing what with full custom characters anyways.

    Unless you want it to take place in Emmeryn's time line before Robin appeared and Gangrel was just becoming king. Or we could live through the war between Chrom's dad and Plegia. I'd figure the first one is a possible choice in my own opinion because there's not much known about that time period. The period with the Ylisse Royal Family's dad doesn't seem as appealing in my own opinion.

    Or we could just place it in Magvel and throw all of that away and put it in an pre-grado attack scenario.
  18. What's the point of creating an alternate universe when it's not necessary? The only reason I can think of we would want for specifically putting it in Chrom's time is for canon characters, which we would either need to set the focus around (In which case I likely wouldn't participate, by the way, because I vastly prefer using the world as a backdrop, not as an excuse for fanfiction about pre-made characters), or give them shoehorned in cameos. The latter wouldn't serve any good purpose.

    Therefore, there is no need to create an alternate universe when setting it before or after Chrom's time period would let us lose nothing and gain quite a bit (such as the freedom of deciding current rulers, political affairs, etcetera depending on the exact time).

    I'm personally fond of setting it during the "Holy War" between Ylisse and Plegia before the events of Awakening.
  19. To avoid arguments and in fighting I feel it is best to drop the canon character conversation all together unless it is a fact brought up by others. I heavily dislike getting into arguments and go out of my way to avoid them whenever possible.

    I personally wouldn't like the holy war setting. Why? Because Holy Wars have three sides: People who are in it for religion alone leading to sheer distrust by a good amount of people towards other religions, people who are in it for profit/land, and people who are using it to gain popular support.

    To set it in the middle of a continent in the middle of a philosophical standpoint means we will need to adjust the story to fit in with it. We will need to deal with the effects of the war while we're doing our own things even if we're not a part of the war itself. The only situations I can think of are the following:

    Participating in the holy war (people are forced onto one side or allowed to join both sides leading to either forced alliances and down right distrust for a good portion of the rp. Or we just fight each other in which case like your distaste for the one scenario is something I can't be a part of).

    Fighting as law enforcers to put down bandits and rogue lords. This essentially makes us mercenaries, conscripts, or soldiers. Local militia will be few and far between and may need to abandon friends and family to go with the party. Most people may be off fighting the holy war.

    Be placed in Valm dealing with the effects of the holy war in another country leading to believers on our continent fighting each other leading to scheming and eventually Valm turning into the game of thrones five kings scenario. Perhaps there is more merit to Valm I'm overlooking.

    Besides that I am drawing up blanks. It could be that I'm looking through a tunnel vision but those three scenarios seem to be the only ones open in the case of the Plegia v. Ylisse Holy War scenario.
  20. You missed a pretty key factor regarding people participating in the Holy War--most of the soldiers don't have to be particularly religious, nor particularly willing. It's explicitly stated that the war virtually depopulated Ylisse because every able bodied man was sent to war, leading to famine, underpopulation, and other problems.
    The characters, ideally, would be people caught in the middle. Without any sort of inclining toward either side, we'd work toward a specific goal and have to deal with the consequences of the war as we did so, ending up in conflict with either or both sides, avoiding major battles while we sought whatever we were seeking, aiding what few civilians are left, and so on. There can be a war in the background without us being directly involved in it. We don't need to "adjust" the story to fit in to the Holy War, we just need to see how the Holy War would affect any given story. I think it would be an excellent backdrop and provide a lot of good RPing opportunities.

    Alternatively, I also prefer a post-Holy War setting dealing with the aftermath that crippled both Ylisse and Plegia, whether or not we're actively helping restore either country. This wouldn't necessarily be so conflict-heavy (although there would logically be a lot of bandits during this time), and could focus more on the ravaged countries.
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