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    Hello everyone awhile back there was a fire emblem roleplay that got started up with a basic plot line and story set up by a roleplayer by the name of belle. It had a rather decently sized group of people but due to the GM's own personal life interfering it went nowhere...very quickly. Now I'd like to restart the roleplay with myself playing the gm, and anyone else I see fit to put in the CO-Gm spot as well, and see if I can give my group of characters their run. The basic idea of the roleplay was for it to be set during the holy war period of Ylisse history however I'll be insisting that we change that to post war say just about a year or two after. The general idea about the villain's motivations was to be either something from the outrealm or the sacred stones that powered the fire emblem in the awakening game. There will be no canon characters playing a big role in this for the most part, Chrom and Lissa for example won't even be a factor as Emm would just be starting her reign, and Plegia will be in ruins for the most part. Regna Ferox will be ruled by a custom Khan and the continent of Valm will be playing a role in this as well.

    Now here is where I want some input. I want to know if there should be custom classes, should this be character driven or fight driven, how we should start out, where we should start out, and maybe we can put together some sort of big bad chain where we figure out some of the villains for this roleplay. Before anyone asks yes you can play custom characters and no you can't be a canon character or related to one without my permission as I don't need some bastard son from Ylisse's line running around or whatever be it and I'd prefer not to mess with the standard canon to much. However if pressed we can simply ignore some canon for the sake for the story and move on with out lives. I will also be open to changing the plot entirely if heavily requested upon.

    I'm looking for confident and dedicated roleplays to help me make this roleplay a reality. I'd appreciate people's input and if there can't be a consenus on something I already have a basic plot thrown together in my head we can use by default.
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  2. I was hoping someone would try and bring this back whoo!
    Alright so I wouldn't be opposed to custom classes as a whole as long as they actually seem like something that would exist and wouldn't be over-powered. I greatly prefer character/story driven RPs so that has my vote (also I always thought Fire Emblem lends itself very well to the ragtag band of misfits becoming a family as they travel the land type of rp), as for how and where we start I don't really have any good ideas at the moment. Once we get some more details about the villain and maybe the characters that people are planning on using we can figure that out. Like, find a place that is close to where all the characters are and start there. And it's postwar so I'm not sure if it'd be that great of a idea but maybe the draw to that place could be some kind of festival or tournament or something of the sort?
  3. A festival held in Ylisse/Valm should suffice for a place to meet up in my opinion perhaps the capital of Ylisse. It would be some sort of celebration for the harvest and or a welcome home thing.

    I've been thinking about a villain whom is obsessed with the power of the gems or other objects and seeks to use them to enhance his own power. Some sort of mage or monk. I'd prefer leave some up to the imagination because what's the point in doing an rp if you know ALL about the villain.
  4. I don't really know much of the lore of FE, since I've only played Awakening (though I have played it a hell of a lot). I'd be interested in this. I think custom classes are a good idea, but how would they work? Would they state the class name, weapon types, stat values and abilities or just a general description of the class? I think it would work best being character driven. From experience, ones that advance story through continuous battles tend to fail quite quickly. I'll read up on the whole lore when I get the chance, though since I've only played Awakening I'm biased towards wanting to start in Ylisse...
  5. Stats won't be really accounted for though I'll leave an optional strength and weakness stat sort of thing in the Cs. The weapon triangle will still apply somewhat though to stay true to the game though the triangle wasn't always extremely relevant in game.

    As long as it's not out there like say your using black magic with swords too be an uber tactician I'm fine with that. I am allowing things for like a cleric whom uses lances at the expense of his ability to do one or the other better than a person who focuses on one. Likewise a description will be needed for the custom classes but it doesn't need to be too in depth. Likewise I will be reintroducing the anima beats light beats dark beats anima circle for the mages. Monks and Bishops were light mages in the previous game whom used holy magic. Likewise I will allow pirates and brigands as well.
  6. Hello! Glad to see this getting a second run. I seem to be a bit confused as to who the villain shall be, however.
  7. There is no set villain yet and this is one of the discussion points that I'd like to get out there. Unless you'd all prefer I make the villain on my own which I'm more than capable of doing I'd like to get out some basic origins and or motivations. Is he or she a power hungry freak, a religious extremist, a chess player for control of the continent, or something else entirely. Do you want them to be from some nation in specific or from the outrealms? Anything really goes.
  8. Anima? I dont remember that being in Awakening. As for the villain, I'm casting my vote for evil chess player. On a serious note, I think a religious extremist cult could work well, however with a slight twist from the norm. How about a religious cult that worships the Light God (I forget her name, the opposite of Grima) and believe that all but (certain continent) need to be "cleansed" sort of like the Christian Crusades, with how the christians were considered the good guys at the time. The majority of the population believe that the cult are the good guys, except for the party of players who are trying to stop the cult since they don't think they're capable of handling the war?
  9. Anima is the key word for basic spells such as thunder and fire and wind. Also I can work that in considering there may be still some extremists wanting to wash out plegian grim worshipers and what not since the war ended a year or two ago and the light god is named Naga. Though I'd think a god from the outrealms would work just as well. It's really up to you guys and remember there can be more than one big bad.

    Just a side note the magic triangle before awakening worked like this:

    Anima beats Light which beats dark which beats anima. In other worlds Light > Dark - Dark > Anima - Anima > Light
  10. Right OK. Sounds like there's a lot of lore so I might take the easy option and play a character who lost their memory... :D
  11. Well the lore of the other series don't really matter for the most part except in tales. As Chrom apparently knew of all the other lords and villains from the previous sagas. The only real lore to speak of is the holy war waged a year or two ago, and Marth's saga. Emmeryn is exalt and she is not well favored at the moment. Plegia is broken up and few have escaped hard ship. Valm is broken up in to dynasts and merchant princes. People like Gregor. and the two khans from awakening may be running around but they won't effect us for the most part since there will be a custom khan on the throne.
  12. @Ruko you could always read up on the basic stuff on the wiki. That's what I do seeing as there are 13 going on 14 games, only 7-13 have been released in English, and of those games I've only played two.
  13. well we have the basic amount of people to start in my usual roleplays I could make an OOC if we agree on what we're going to be doing or we could keep talking about it.

    Edit: I'm still accepting people it's just that four people is usually the minimum I look for.
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  14. @AutumnWyvern thanks, that's really helpful :D I am most looking forward to the new FE though. That looks very promising.

    So yeah, my vote is cast on Evil Chess Player who is part time religious fanatic..
  15. I'm just waiting on comments from the peanut gallery.
  16. Since no one has said anything I've gone ahead and made the OOC

    ooc link
  17. Just letting anyone know we're still accepting people it's just that I made an Out of Character for those whom are already interested I'd be happy if I could get one or two more people or more discussion.
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