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Interest Check

About My Idea

Hey All,
I was wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a fire emblem RP. Something that combines a lot of the favorite elements from existing games. I'm thinking divine weapons, a rouge faction trying to wake an angry dragon, political intrigue, matakete, shapeshifters, a blue haired lord, and lots of adventure.

I have a premise and some details (country names and locations) worked out, which I will share later, but I would welcome some player input and ideas as well. I feel like this type of game is best when everyone can be creative together. That means working together to flesh out countries, politics, backstories, character relationships, and maybe even some new classes ;)

So post here if you're interested and I will add more information as I get more organised ^_^
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The Story Premis

Millenia ago the great dragon Naga and her tribe bestowed upon humanity numerous gifts that allowed them to advance into a productive society. Yet before Thabes had flourished into a city, empty before the city was even a dream a small party from the dragon community was sent to explore new lands and start their own small colony in case the worst should happen. It was Naga’s compromise to Duma’s fears of the humans amassing power. And though she hoped it would be unneeded not even Naga could foresee the coming battle.

When the war came Naga took comfort in the fact that her sister, Ahni, had been sent away with the colony unknowing that they were about to repeat the mistakes of the dragon tribe. The colony made friends with the races of their new land, sharing gifts and developing their own society. They didn’t learn of the war in their homeland until it was too late. And when they heard they decided to stay where they were, building a new home in hope of a new future.

However, the ice dragon Isolde grew restless with having to share the new land with others of non-drake lineage. She and her followers started their own war, a war of conquest, forcing the colony to follow in it’s homeland’s footsteps. Divine weapons were forged and a pact of holy blood drawn with six allied generals. When the war was over Isolde had been sealed away and the survivors were left to pick up the pieces, and start over.

The dragons retreated into their own little sanctuary, the home of the original colony, as the human race spread. In time the truth of the war was forgotten and a twisted version of history stated the war had been humanity against all drake kind. Those few who still bear the mark of the pact are shamed and treated as outcast for their ancestor’s sin of allying with the dragons. Only a handful of scholars and one royal house still remember the truth.

Now, 1000 years later, the seal on Isolde’s prison has weakened and she has begun to stretch her influence on those once pledged to guard her in the attempt to break free. They call themselves the brotherhood and their influence has been slowly spreading across the continent. The goddess of healing has felt Isolde's influence and though her powers have waned she has managed to reach out to her chosen, instructing humans to once more pick up the divine weapons and reset the Seal of Ages.

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Countries and Maps

  • Please Note: The following is just basic information. I want to leave things open for player input and ideas :)

    Political Type: Aristocracy
    Terrain: Desert, dry and arid, some canyons. Residents tend to be nomadic or build around oasis. Has one major river to the west where the capitol is located. (think the nile)
    Colors and Symbols: A copper/orange pyramid with the all seeing eye on top on a tan background
    Influences: Middle East
    Other: water is a very valuable commodity in non-oasis area

    Islas de Abaroa
    Political Type:
    civilian (Pirate) Council
    Terrain: an island nation. Terrain may very, experiences storms and high winds seasonally
    Colors and Symbols: Yellow sun on a blue sky rising over a navy ocean
    Influences: Island nations, seafaring melting pot, some Latin influence
    Other: encourages trade. Boasts some of the largest markets on the continent

    Political Type:
    Absolute monarchy
    Terrain:lush greenery, very wet, has full seasons. Mountains lie to the south providing a natural barrier
    Colors and Symbols: Two circling black and white coy fish on pale blue with a green border and a pink lotus in one corner, home to the Kinshi
    Influences: Asian influences
    Other: has a firework guild that is very protective of their trade secrets. The only place wild Kinshi live. They are trained and honored along with their riders

    Political Type: Theocratic Republic (the royal family is a very important part of the church but the people’s council takes care of most of the ruling necessities)
    Terrain: coastal, mild full seasonal range, coastal storms
    Colors and Symbols: Two crossed green olive branches on a white field
    Influences: Roman and Greek
    Other: home of the largest herds of Pegasus. Pegasi choose their own riders but it is not uncommon for a rider to join the Sky Knights of Thalia. They are the smallest of the nations.

    Political Type: Multiple tribe and/or city governments of various types
    Terrain: Plains, hills, lots of grassland with rivers and some tree stands. Some small mountain areas near the foot of the Atrea range. Hot summers, wet spring, mild winter
    Colors and Symbols: Each tribe has their own emblem, many use gold or yellow
    Influences: native tribal influences
    Other: There are various lifestyles depending on which tribe a person is looking like. Some have built settlements and others prefer to remain nomadic.

    Political Type:
    Constitutional monarchy
    Terrain: mixed terrain as the west runs into the desert and the east the sea. The foot of the Mountains protecting Midori lie to the north and drop toward Eishil through the country's center. The plains lay to the south. Plenty of hills and wooded areas. Full seasons but not harsh except storms in coastal areas
    Colors and Symbols: A red lion on white bordered in red
    Influences: European influences
    Other: has a written constitution of people's rights on display in the public area of the main palace

    Political Type:
    Stratocracy - military government where the militia upholds the laws created by high ranking officials. Those who have served with a military branch may serve in government roles
    Terrain: Mountain with lots of pine. Full seasons. Harsh winters. Summer may be dry or overly wet depending on weather patterns
    Colors and Symbols: A purple and silver gauntlet on a black field
    Influences: slavic
    Other: perfect environment for the Wyverns to thrive away from humanity. Some military officials befriend them as mounts. A Wyvern will not carry one it does not trust. Up until about 20 years ago they were content to stay as they were. However some of Isolde’s followers found their way to power and Stanislav slowly began expanding its borders.

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I do love the Fire Emblem series, and I'm willing to input some ideas, as well as offer a plethora of questions. However, I need to know which timeline the world is set in, or if it's a new timeline with different characters. Basically, an alternate universe? I don't have much knowledge on the lore.

Also, do you plan for this to be a nation RP, where roleplayers control nations, or more focused on a regiment of a military group, or army for all the characters?
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All the lore you need to know is in the premise. Other than that, it's an entirely new continent (Jedica) with entirely new countries, although it is on the same planet. Timeline wise it is roughly the same time as Marth's adventures on Archanea (give or take 100 years) but you won't need to know anything about that for this RP.

As for style, this is in the form of the classic Fire emblem games, in which characters from all over come together to form a group which works toward a common goal. I imagine all sorts of background stories etc, and some side plots could happen, but by the end all the characters should be trying to reset the Seal of Ages.

If a group of characters wants to make an enemy faction I won't object to that either.>:)
This seems very promising, count me interested. Already got an idea for a character, a nomadic horseman from the Eshil Plains.
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Class List

Where possible links have been provided to class information on the fire emblem Wiki. Also, I have tried to color code multiple promotion paths to make promoted classes for a unit easier to find. Those that are not color coded only have one promotion path listed directly across in the chart. Additional notes may be included with appropriate class sets.

  • Promotion Mechanics

    Promotions will occur after enough time and character development has occurred and after some sort of significant event central to that character has happened. I will let you know when your character has been approved for promotion and you may then choose to promote them at any time after that point. Please select an available student or base class option from the promotion chart when the time comes.

  • Lord Class Options

    Please note: Only one character can claim one of these at a time. If a holding character dies I may consider letting another character inherit the class/title* if there is sufficient story reason to do so. Lord Characters must be in some way related to the governing body of their respective homeland. In the case of the plains or shapeshifter colonies there may multiple possibilities.

    Lord Class & Weapon Name Rank & Country Promotes To
    Sword lord (sword) Blade Lord (sword, Bow)
    Knife lord (knives) Sentry Lord (knives, TBA**)
    Lance lord (lance) Knight Lord (Lance, Sword)
    Axe lord (axe) Great Lord (Axe, sword)
    Bow lord (bow) Arrow Lord (bow, TBA)
    Healing lord (staff) Reina Portocalis Princess of Thalia Holy Lord (staff and light magic)
    Magic lord (tome - one magic type) Sage Lord (Tome, all three magic)
    Shapeshifter lord (beaststone) Lycan Lord (beaststone, TBA)
    Manakete lord (dragonstone) Dragon Lord (Dragonstone, TBA)
    *Names are subject to change. Let me know if you have a better title for a lord position you’re interested in.
    **extra weapon listed with promoted class may also be chosen/changed upon request

  • Standard Class Options

    Please note: this chart is a combination of various games class lists. Some may have different names and others may be missing. Also note that some classes have variations or changes to weapons usage where game classes were inconsistent.
    Student Class / weapon Base Class / weapon Promotes To Promoted class / Weapon
    Tactician (Sword, Tome) Grandmaster Grandmaster (sword, tome)
    Songstress/Songster (lance)
    *Allows Ally to Move Again
    Bard (tome)
    *Allows Ally to Move Again
    Dancer (sword)
    *Allows Ally to Move Again
    Merchant Tent (sword)
    *Can’t move, stores items
    Merchant Wagon Merchant Wagon (sword)
    *stores items
    Myrmidon (sword) Swordmaster
    Swordmaster (sword)
    +15 critical rate
    Thief (knives)
    *pick locks and steal
    Assassin (knives, sword, bow)
    *pick locks
    Rogue (knives, staff)
    *pick locks and steal
    Journeyman (axe)
    Journeyman 2 (axe) Journeyman 3
    Journeyman 3 (axe)
    +15 critical rate
    ^^Pirate (axe)
    *can cross water
    Berserker (axe)
    *can Cross Mt.s and water
    +15 critical rate
    Fighter (axe) Warrior
    Warrior (axe, Bow)
    Mercenary (sword) Hero
    Hero (sword, Axe)
    Nomad (bow)
    Ranger Ranger (sword, Bow)
    Archer (bow)
    *can Use ballista
    Sniper (bow)
    *can Use ballista
    Soldier (lance) Halberdier Halberdier (lance)
    Recruit (lance)
    Recruit 2​
    Recruit 2 (lance) Paladin
    Recruit 3
    Recruit 3 (lance)
    +15 critical rate
    Knight (lance)
    Great Knight
    General (lance, Axe, sword)
    Great Knight
    Great Knight (sword, lance, axe)
    *horseback, Armored
    Paladin (sword, lance)
    Pegasus Knight (lance)
    *Pegasus flying, beast
    Falcon Knight
    Dark Flyer
    Falcon Knight (lance, sword)
    *Pegasus flying, beast
    Dark Flier (lance, tome-anima)
    *Pegasus flying, beast
    Wyvern Rider (lance)
    *Dragon flying
    Wyvern Lord
    Wyvern Knight
    Wyvern Lord (lance, sword)
    *Dragon flying
    Wyvern Knight (lance)
    *Dragon flying, armor piercing
    Shaman (tome-dark) Summoner
    Summoner (tome-dark, staff)
    *ability to Summon decoy monsters
    Druid (Tome-dark and anima, staff)
    Pupil (tome-anima)
    Pupil 2​
    Pupil 2 (tome-anima) Sage
    Pupil 3
    Pupil 3 (tome- anima, light, dark)
    Troubadour (staff)
    Mage Knight
    Valkyrie (tome-anima, staff)
    Mage (tome-anima) Mage Knight
    Mage Knight (tome-anima, staff)
    Nun/Monk (tome-light) Sage
    Sage (tome-light and anima, staff)
    Cleric/Priest (staff) Sage
    Bishop (tome-light, staff)

  • These classes can be held only by those from Midori
    Bass Class / weapon Promotes To Promoted class / Weapon
    Ninja (shuriken)
    *can open locks
    Master Ninja
    Master Ninja (shuriken, sword)
    *can open locks
    Apothecary (bow) Mechanist
    Wandering Merchant
    Mechanist (shuriken, bow)
    *puppet mount
    Villager (lance) Wandering Merchant
    Master of Arms
    Wandering Merchant (bow, lance)
    Master of Arms (lance, sword, axe)
    Samurai (sword) Master of Arms
    Swordmaster (sword)
    Oni Savage (axe) Oni Chieftain
    Oni Chieftain (axe, scroll)
    Blacksmith (axe, sword)
    Spear Fighter (lance) Spear Master
    Spear Master (Lance)
    Diviner (scroll) Basara
    Basara (lance, scroll)
    Shrine Monk (staff) Onmyoji
    Great Master
    Great Master (staff, lance)
    Onmyoji (scroll, staff)
    Shrine Maiden (staff) Onmyoji
    Priestess (staff, bow)
    Kyūdō Archer (bow) Kyūdō master
    Kinshi Knight
    Kyūdō master (bow)
    Kinshi Knight (lance, bow)
    Kinshi Flyer (lance) Kinshi Knight
    Kinshi Master
    Kinshi Master (Lance, Staff)

  • Manakete and Shapeshifters have the option of being beaststone/drakestone exclusive or picking up another class as well

    Stone Exclusive Classes - these are masters of their stone types. Only those seen in game are currently listed. Talk to me if you have another animal type you want to make.

    Base Class / weapon Promotes to Notes
    Manakete (Dragonstone) Manakete in Jedlica hail from the hidden colony
    Wolfskin (beaststone) Wolfssegner (beaststone) For shapeshifters from the wolf clan
    Kitsune (beaststone) Nine-Tails (beaststone) For shapeshifters from the fox clan
    Taguel (beaststone) Lapahn (beaststone) For shapeshifters from the rabbit clan
    Stone + Skill classes - these are the classes a shapeshifter may choose if they wish to use their stone and a weapon. If they wish to give up their stone completely a shapeshifter may choose from one of the other class sheets. Let you know if you have a better name idea for one of these :)

    Base Class / weapon Promotes to Promoted Class / weapon
    Stone user (beaststone) Stone Hero
    Stone Warrior
    Stone Knight
    Stone Sage
    Stone Hero (Beaststone, Sword)
    Stone Warrior (Beaststone, Axe)
    Stone Knight (Beaststone, Lance)
    Wild mage (Tome-1 type) Stone Sage Stone Sage (Beaststone, tome-2 types)
    Squire (Sword, Lance)
    Armor Master
    Wild General
    Stone Hero
    Armor Master (Sword, lance, beaststone)
    Wild Recruit (Lance) Armor Master
    Wild General
    Stone Knight
    Wild General (Lance, axe, Beaststone)
    Sword wielder (Sword) Stone Hero
    Armor Master
    Brigand (Axe) Wild General
    Stone Warrior
    Howler (Axe, Beastone)
    *Can cross Mt.s and water
    +15 critical rate
    Woodsman (Bow) Hunter
    Hunter (Bow, beaststone)
    Sneak thief (Knife)
    *pick locks and steal
    Nightwalker (Bow, Knife, Beastone)
    *picks locks
    Trickster (Knife, beastone, staff)
    *pick locks and steal
    Healer (Staff) Trickster
    Great Priestess/Priest
    Great Priestess/Priest (staff, beaststone, light magic)

*If there is a class you would like that is not here, let me know ^_^
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Thank you for answering my questions, but I'll have to decline my interest due to the plot and mechanics.
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Okay the class list is complete and organised! sorry about doing it in bits and pieces ^_^

Also chunks of it (like the entire Shapeshifter/Manakete section) are made up, so feel free to suggest alternate names or new classes
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Hey all, I'm gonna tag everyone who said there were interested on this one:
@S h i s h a @QuakeUPSB @Nomad-22 @Fyrra
@Takumi - I think you said you were interested but I can't remember so I'm tagging you anyway :)

@ThatGuyOverThere has given us the use of his fire emblem discord server for planning this RP, chatting about fire emblem, and just hanging out. Here's a 24 hour link Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers. I'll post a more permanent one when I make the OOC (hopefully tonight)

In the meantime here's some more info and a character sheet to get you started. After i get the OOC up I'll start approving characters.

Also! if anyone has ideas please share! I encourage people to plot together and make character relationships etc, and this is really about I'll I've got planned at the moment which means the country dynamics and things need some help XD


Humans - humans make up the majority of the the population. In rare cases those descended from the six heroes may bare a brand if certain conditions are met. However, due to the twisting of history, the brand is seen as a mark of shame. PM me if you would like to know more.

Manakete - Manakete are the dragons who started a colony 1000 years ago and the few descendants of those dragons. They are not native to Jedlica. Due to life-span and fertility issues they are extremely rare. Very few go outside the colony borders due to safety issues. After the war the dragons faces issues of insanity and deterioration and created the dragon-stones in order to contain their power and combat these issues. this is while they are always seen in their human form unless fighting or for special ceremonies.

Shapeshifters - tribes of shapeshifters are native to Jedica, however after the human/dragon wars most retreated to the safety of their hidden communities. Shapeshifters have a humanoid form and a beast form that varies by clan. The most common are Kitsune, Wolfskin, and Taguel. The majority of shapeshifters must use a beastone to change between forms. While some elders have mastered the change without, it is seen as risky to attempt and something that takes many years and a lot of training to learn.


  • Other than the three main systems listed here there are many religious/spiritual beliefs floating around Jedica, some traditional from before the war, others created by individuals for themselves.
    Feel free to use what's provided or make up whatever works best for your character.
  • The Church of Ages was founded after the marriage of Terese the healer to the crown prince of Thalia. While the country eventually turned into a republic with the king serving as forum mediator, their heroine and the church remained close to their hearts and thus a woman is chosen from every generation of the original royal family’s descendants to become high priestess.

    It is said that the great creator appointed six heralds. Each to represent an element and look after a specific aspects of humanity. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light, and Dark. Work and home, spirit and imagination, intellect and competition, flexibility and patience, heart and healing, grief and rest. These things work together and flow through all life, and by peace and understanding we can come to know our true selves. It is said that the goddess of Healing, she that is worshiped in the Thalia temple, is the appointed mediator for the heralds, that in time of crisis she will be the first to warn humanity.

    The church preaches of loving thy neighbor above all and the pacifist viewpoint is often treated as a mockery by those of a more aggressive nature. Still, the peaceful influence has slowly spread throughout all the lands in the form of orphanages, food houses, and various charitable missions. Some believe the church has led to making people soft, relying too much on charity and not enough on hard work.
  • Many Jedica believe in the communion with nature. That the world is made up of unseen spirits and forces that move through everything and work together to bring about life. Some have names others are unknown, but those who take the time to listen can learn. They believe that the church has its origins in this theology and they they simply dressed up the original to make it easier to learn for children. By this belief while everyone can be taught, the truth must be understood for one's self.
  • Followers of Isolde. They believe she is the true goddess, cast aside in rebellion and replaced by Thalia’s healing goddess. They hold that to accomplish a goal one must strive for it. There is no such thing as a gift, only what is earned, and each man’s place is determined by his deeds. The inner circle seek a way to revive the great dragon and restore true glory to the land. The existence of the dragon has been kept from “young” (new) followers, who are taught only of working hard for what they have and striving to make dreams come true.

Character Sheet

Please put only what I have requested in your character sheet.
I intentionally have not included a place for backstory as in the games it is usually revealed in conversations with other characters. Consider this an excuse to plot together!




Country of Origin:


Main Weapon:
(e.g. sword beastone etc.)

Mount: (if applicable )

Mount name: (if applicable)

3 Special skills (in as few words as possible e.g. lock-picking, horseback riding, diplomacy etc.)
3 strengths: (in as few words as possible)
3 weaknesses (in as few words as possible)
5 words to describe personality: (e.g. genuine, whiny, gold-digger etc.)

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Name: Jebei of the Batu Tribe



Country of Origin:


Main Weapon:
Bow and arrows

Mount: Horse

Mount name: Temüjin

3 Special skills
  1. Horseback Riding
  2. Archery
  3. Scouting
3 strengths:
  1. Valiant
  2. Cunning
  3. Perceptive
3 weaknesses
  1. Can’t read or write
  2. Fears dark magic
  3. Can’t swim in sea water
5 words to describe personality: Honorable, adventurous, spiritual, mischievous, and compassionate.
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I'm glad you tagged me, cause yeah I'm interested @Falcon :')

I'll just try and read through some of this dtuff first *cracks knuckles*
All the same stuff is in the OOC thread too if it helps ^_^
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So I've been reading through this and I'm curious. However, I wonder as to the purpose of the classes and promotion system. Certainly, specific classes and level ups are a staple of the Fire Emblem series. But do we start at the same levels? Different levels? What is your vision for the RPers? Are we a band of people wandering through the world? Or something else?
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It's not really levels for this exactly. More like a starting class and then when your character does something significant after a certain point in the game I'll give you the option for promotion and we'll work out how that will look in game.

For example a knight character may spend a lot of time getting to know his companions and training and at some point after the the 1/4 mark saves a bunch of other characters from some disaster. After which the group might have a big meal in celebration that they all survived and the lord would declare the knight was a general, to be formally recognized when they got home

I'm hoping that makes sense.

As for vision,
I'm hoping at least some of that we can work out together. There's a discord link in the OOC thread where I'm hoping we'll do some group planning.

In general, the lord flees Thalia on a quest and maybe a character or two help her on the way. A things progress all the characters end up together, or there could multiple groups that eventually meet up together before the end. I'm also not opposed to people making villain characters.
It does indeed help. And makes sense. I'm interested. I'll get to work on a character, if you'll have me.
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