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    [BCOLOR=transparent]The Grey Waves[/BCOLOR]
    The fates of two families are intertwined when two twins are separated from each other. One chooses to stay in the darkness with the family they’ve always known, while the other chooses the light and sides with the family they were stolen from so many years ago. Will these two find a way to unite their two families, or will they destroy each other in the heat of war?​

    In this re-telling, alternate universe, or whatever you wanna call it of Fire Emblem Fates, male and female Kamui/Corrin are actually fraternal twins, and when they’re forced to choose between Hoshido and Nohr, they part ways. One sides with Nohr, and the other with Hoshido. It doesn’t necessarily have to Female Kamui to Nohr and Male Kamui to Hoshido. This RP won’t follow the canon storyline exactly, but some of the beats will be hit and after a lot of conflict between the two opposing sides, it will ideally end up being much like Revelations, where both armies eventually set aside their differences and come together. Before we go any further, I’ll tell you about myself as an RPer, since I’m new, and I’ll talk about some stuff I’d like out of a partner for this RP~!

    • If you can’t tell, I’m kind of long winded. My posts tend to be kind of long too, especially since I enjoy playing multiple characters. We’ll get to that in a minute though. I typically write at least a paragraph, but generally more.
    • I’ve yet to actually finish all of Fire Emblem Fates (I’ve finished Birthright, I’m working on Conquest and Revelations) so I would appreciate no spoilers please. I’ve done enough of the support conversations to feel like I can tackle most of the characters though.
    • I love playing multiple characters, and I find that I’m particularly good at playing assholes.
    • You are guaranteed at least one post a week from me. I GM four (well currently three) RPs over on RPN and I’m very strict about activity. I ask my players to let everyone know if they won’t be posting for the week, and I hold myself to the same standard. However, I usually have time to post at least once within a week, I mean c’mon, it’s seven days man.
    • So little bothers me, I think the only thing that would would be if one of the characters was extremely out of character. So as long as that doesn't happen, I'm down for anything.
    • I like creative partners who aren’t afraid to give their ideas OOC.
    • I don’t mind shorter posts at all, in fact, I find them to be very convenient. However, I really really really don’t like one liners either. On the same token, please don’t write me a novel. Please.
    • Obviously the basics, like no god modding or controlling my characters and stuff.
    • An activity rate similar to mine, a post at least once a week, would be much appreciated. I’ve got other RPs though, so I don’t mind if you take a little bit longer ^-^
    • Use of multiple characters is pretty much a given with Fire Emblem RPs. It’d be great if you were comfortable with using a lot, however, not all at once. Obviously posting for ten characters at once every time can be exhausting. So the ability to weave in and out of characters would be delightful.
    • I myself am not a big bbcode user, but I do like to float images. And since there's a ton of renders of the character portraits from the game, we may as well use them :3 It makes the post look purdy.

    If all that sounds bueno then allow me to talk more about where I see the RP going. Basically...SHIPS SHIPS SHIPS SHIPS SHIPS XD. But I also need my action and hilarity man. I need ships out the ass man. All the ships. I also wanna explore these characters under our own little light, I don’t want to follow the Fates canon directly and I would appreciate some darker themes, and also goofier ones! Anyway, here’s some information about the RP itself.

    RP Info
    • Basically, the Corrin Twins will be like our OCs. We’ll give them our own names, and their own personalities. They’ll probably be the only two characters to have character sheets, just so we can get a feel for them. We should either use their default appearances OR sync up different face claims that at least look like they could be twins.
    • There are two Yatos, and the legend isn’t about one hero, but two. The confusion would stem from these heroes finding themselves at odds with each other.
    • In order to maximize on ships and shipception and love triangles, I’m gonna say no child characters for quite a while because that would require marriage. Not until we’re absolutely positively sure we want a couple married.
    • We’ll decide who plays who based off of the ships we want and… well… whoever we want to play. I’ve got no problem giving up a character and playing their ship partner though, as long as it’s a character I’ve listed as one that I’d be comfortable with playing.
    • Lilith is doing a weird time and space thing where she’s helping both twins in their Astral Castles at the same time without either knowing it.
    • Azura… we’ll have to decide where Azura will go, that’s quite the toughie.
    • We can start as early as The Branch of Fate or we could start anywhere in the middle. As long as the two countries are still at war.
    • We’re gonna be using capture on units that it normally wouldn’t work on. I.E. the units that you actually want to capture from the opposite pathways.

    Characters I’m Comfortable With Playing
    (In No particular order)



    Ships I’d Like To See
    A lot of these are gonna be yuri. In fact. All of them are gonna be yuri. I’m open to yaoi and also straight ships too though.

    Camilla x Hinoka
    Camilla x Hinoka
    Camilla x Hinoka
    Kagero x Orochi
    Hana x Sakura

    Alrighty! Hopefully I managed to grab someone’s interest ^-^ Hit me up man and we’ll talk more in depth.

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  2. Sounds interesting. I'm Fire Emblem fandom trash, as I remind my friends constantly, so I'm curious about this. And the shipping...yaaass~
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  3. Lmao I'm also guilty of being proud FE trash. I think Fates might be my new favorite of the series. (I feel like I'm betraying FE7 saying that though XD)

    Wanna talk about it more in PMs?
  4. Yup. Personally, I've only played Awakening and Fates (Birthright and Conquest) though I haven't finished Fates myself due to laziness.
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  5. I also haven't finished, but that's mostly because I'm recording my Conquest playthrough and I don't wanna finish Revelations until I've finished Conquest. I'm like 66% done with it though, if you don't count the child chapters.

    If you ever feel like playing any of the GBA games there's a handy blog post where you can get a GBA emulator and all three games.

    Fire Emblem - Quick & Easy Emulation!

    Personally I love FE7 because that's the first one I played, so I'm definitely looking at it through nostalgia glasses. Sacred Stones is definitely the easiest and Binding Blade is definitely the hardest. But all three are absolute masterpieces if you ask me.

    Anyway, I'll hit you up in the PMs and stuff.
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