Fire Emblem Fates - The Ocean's Silent Waves - What If Scenario

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  1. The Branch of Fate and the world itself hinged on a young man with white hair and a good heart. Corrin was the center piece of everything. Raised in Nohr too a family who loved him despite the darkness surrounding the world he loved. But he was not of Nohr's heritage but of a kingdom far away a rival known as Hoshido. What Hoshido was is a direct opposite of it's rival. Bountiful, beautiful, and graceful the kingdom stood a beacon of light in the ever looming darkness content in their own ways. Corrin grew to love his birth family in the short time he knew them and in doing so would become something more.

    The choice between Birthrights and love or Conquest and was a odd road for one so young as he was. Torn between loyalty to all he ever knew a stalwart hand and big brother guided by a dark path Xander reached out to his beloved prince asking for his help. In contrast Hoshido's Ryoma a noble Prince of Hoshido and future king grabbed his young brother's hand and demanded he come with him to protect the people for a country so bent on it's light.

    But what if the Branch of Fate broke off? What if Corrin didn't survive that fateful day at the crossroads between Nohr and Hoshido? What would've became of both nations? What if Corrin in his heart couldn't bare to see his siblings fight and jumped into the fight between Xander and Ryoma...and was felled in the process?

    This roleplay will explore a path where men and women from both sides fight to unify the lands torn from war. Refusing to help either side instead vowing the unite both lands by force and love? This path will be led by a young noble from Cyrkensia of Nestra. He is no chosen by fate but he seeks to remove the hatred by both sides peacefully or not. He witnessed the death of Corrin first hand that fateful day and he was inspired to follow the ideals set along by the naive prince. Not marked for fate, or destiny, or even blood this young man seeks a path too true peace. Will he be able to achieve it or will he fall too weak to grasp at the power that Corrin would've been able to? Will Nohr and Hoshido fight too a blood conclusion with one side a broken victor? Or will the young noble be able to convince them too unite together?


    1. This is a roleplay with a standard of adept roleplaying. I'm not expecting an overwhelming amount of detail but I do expect effort to be put into characterization. Three sentences do not make a personality, or a bio in my eyes.

    2. There will be no stats unless you personally want to make up a set for a character. I don't know how to work them into a text based roleplay.

    3. You may be from Hoshido or Nohr but not Valla or any of the deep realms. Other nations inside of the Fates Universe are acceptable such as Ice/Wind/Fire Tribe Members.

    4. This story will be a mix between Conquest and Birthright with canon characters appearing but none of them will stick with the main group. Xander and Ryoma will be the boss characters for Nohr and Hoshido as reoccurring enemies. There will be spoilers for Birthright and Conquest through the story. I will do my best to avoid Revelation spoilers however.

    5. Dragons are off the board as there are no other dragons present in the game as units but Corrin and his children throughout the game. Wolfskin and Kitsune are allowed.

    6. You may not start out as a promoted class. I will allow one 'jeigan' archetype if a player wishes to fulfill that role.

    7. The removed magical archetype of 'Light' will be present through this story. Monks and bishops will show up and they will contrast the dark mages. This is a personal choice of mine as I view the removal of Light from the recent games to be really unfair in some regards. You may also play the pirate class

    8. You may be from a noble family that is not the royal family. In other words you can be someone from a well off or respected lineage or even a courtier of one of the families but you can't be related to Xander, Ryoma, Takumi, etc.

    9. Custom Classes aren't allowed for simplicity's sake.

    10. The roleplay will start off on the Branch of Fate and will progress on from there. At the base minimum there will be three characters that will be with us from the start: My character the unnamed noble who will be the pseudo main character of the story, a samurai from Hoshido, and a villager from Nohr. You may pick a samurai or a villager still these two are simply going to be story important NPC's who will grant insight into their respective realms when there is no one else who can.'
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  2. I blame Takumi for not letting me see this thread sooner.
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  3. You can blame Takumi for nearly everything. I take it your interested?
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  4. I'm as interested in this RP as I am in Camilla's bosom.
    Which means a lot.
  5. I'm very glad to hear that. I hope I can get some more interest before I start this. If you want to know or ask questions feel free to do so.
  6. I didn't play it, i only played.... errrrrr uhhh, awakening. But i'll join.
  7. You really should at least look at the wiki to familiarize yourself with the setting. If you don't mind the spoilers and you can do what I ask I'll be happy to have you along. Beware of spoilers if you care about those.
  8. So i have to know the whole game? I already know the base plot.
  9. No not really just knowing the key differences between Nohr and Hoshido as well as the major characters (Ryoma, Xander, Garon, Mikoto, etc).
  10. Also assuming both of you guys stay for the roleplay I would like one more person for my usual minimum of four people including myself. I will probably not be able to set up the OOC right away since I'm feeling like utter crap so there's that as well.
  11. Fair enough. While I'm here, I just wanted to provide some special words that summarize my deepest emotions and thoughts.

    That is all.
  12. The villager who will be from Nohr called Milow will probably make a ton of sarcastic comments behind your back if your character actually acts that way lol. Saito the Samurai of Hoshido will probably just think you have issues.
  13. I can already sense the overload of sarcastic comments behind my character's back! *claps with glee*
  14. My own character who I still haven't named will probably be a soft spoken and kind spirited lord who has one HELL of a mood shift if things go bad and once he crosses that dark line he really becomes a prick. More or less he'll be willing to forgive you and offer you a hand but if you spit in his face he will bring down his axe.

    Also yes he will be an Axe wielding Lord ala Hector.
  15. "Hey autumn how many fire emblem rps will you join?""all"

    You've summoned me and now I'm here. I'd have to make a new character but I have some ideas.... (Probably a wolfskin because Husband Bias)
  16. Well I'm glad you're interested Autumn glad I asked you. As I said I'm going to need to get a couple more days of recovery from my sickness before I make the OOC at the latest I should be able to get something out on Wednesday. Hopefully I am feeling well enough on tuesday but I won't make promises.
  17. A note: There is still room left in this roleplay and for those who are in the roleplay or intend to be at the least you may want to think about why you're going to join my lord's party. his rallying call at the start is going to be something along the lines of 'Stop fighting we can work things out together!'
  18. Just feel like giving this one quick bump because we are still in need of more members.
  19. I would like to join maybe?? If you'll have me.

    I haven't gotten too far in the game myself but I don't mind spoilers....I've already seen one (granted idk which side it was for but it doesn't really matter)
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