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    IC: OPEN SIGNUPS - Fire Emblem Fates - The Ocean's Silent Waves - In Character

    The Branch of Fate and the world itself hinged on a young man with white hair and a good heart. Corrin was the center piece of everything. Raised in Nohr too a family who loved him despite the darkness surrounding the world he loved. But he was not of Nohr's heritage but of a kingdom far away a rival known as Hoshido. What Hoshido was is a direct opposite of it's rival. Bountiful, beautiful, and graceful the kingdom stood a beacon of light in the ever looming darkness content in their own ways. Corrin grew to love his birth family in the short time he knew them and in doing so would become something more.

    The choice between Birthrights and love or Conquest and was a odd road for one so young as he was. Torn between loyalty to all he ever knew a stalwart hand and big brother guided by a dark path Xander reached out to his beloved prince asking for his help. In contrast Hoshido's Ryoma a noble Prince of Hoshido and future king grabbed his young brother's hand and demanded he come with him to protect the people for a country so bent on it's light.

    But what if the Branch of Fate broke off? What if Corrin didn't survive that fateful day at the crossroads between Nohr and Hoshido? What would've became of both nations? What if Corrin in his heart couldn't bare to see his siblings fight and jumped into the fight between Xander and Ryoma...and was felled in the process?

    This path will be led by a young noble from Cyrkensia of Nestra. He was not chosen by fate but he seeks to remove the hatred by both sides peacefully or not. He witnessed the death of Corrin first hand that fateful day and he was inspired to follow the ideals set along by the naive prince. Not marked for fate, or destiny, or even blood this young man seeks a way to bring true peace to both lands for the good of their peoples. Will he be able to achieve it or will he fall too weak to grasp at the power that Corrin would've been able to? Will Nohr and Hoshido fight too a blood conclusion with one side a broken victor? Or will the young noble be able to convince them too unite together?


    "-You are the hope that brings so much contrast in which people grasp at with love in their eyes...

    Peace is the concept of which you can hope become one's love and stay with forever more...

    Truth becomes one with lies and death in which you twist your heart's desires around and makes them change between night and day...

    Here is the the Hope that would be your sword that pierces the will of the dark and the light...

    -Pain will come naturally to one such as you but you must not give in for your way is set in white ivory stone...

    1. This will be a roleplay with a standard of adept roleplaying. I'm not expecting an overwhelming amount of detail but I do expect effort to be put into characterization. Three sentences do not make a personality, or a bio in my eyes.

    2. There will be no stats unless you personally want to make up a set for a character. I don't know how to work them into a text based roleplay.

    3. You may be from Hoshido or Nohr but not Valla or any of the deep realms.

    4. This story will be a mix between Conquest and Birthright with canon characters appearing but none of them will stick with the main group. Xander and Ryoma will be the boss characters for Nohr and Hoshido as reoccurring enemies. There will be spoilers for Birthright and Conquest through the story.

    5. Dragons are off the board as there are no other dragons present in the game as units but Corrin and his children throughout the game. Wolfskin and Kitsune are allowed.

    6. You may not start out as a promoted class. I will allow one 'jeigan' archetype if a player wishes to fulfill that role.

    7. The removed magical archetype of 'Light' will be present through this story. Monks and bishops will show up and they will contrast the dark mages. This is a personal choice of mine as I view the removal of Light from the recent games to be really unfair in some regards. You may also play the pirate class

    8. You may be from a noble family that is not the royal family. In other words you can be someone from a well off or respected lineage or even a courtier of one of the families but you can't be related to Xander, Ryoma, Takumi, etc.

    9. Custom Classes aren't allowed for simplicity's sake.

    10. The roleplay will start off on the Branch of Fate and will progress on from there. At the base minimum there will be three characters that will be with us from the start: My character the unnamed noble who will be the pseudo main character of the story, a samurai from Hoshido, and a villager from Nohr. You may pick a samurai or a villager still these two are simply going to be story important NPC's who will grant insight into their respective realms when there is no one else who can.


    Character Roster:
    Audric - Heir of Light - VanceXentan
    Popin - Nohr's Fang of The Mountains - AutumnWyvern
    Klaus - Troubadour of Nohr - Uncle legens
    Sapphira (page 3) - The Maid from the Ice Tribe - Uncle Legens
    Jasmine - The Hoshidan Sharp Shooter - Takumi (Page 8)
    Forsetia Martel - The Cheve Mercenary - Kitti - Page 11

    NPC Roster:
    Milow of Nohr - Villager
    Saito of Hoshido - Samurai


    Character Sheet:

    Home country: (Hoshido, Nohr, Ice Tribe, Nestra, Cheve, etc)
    Appearance: (Written or picture)

    Weapons: (Nothing above steel for starting CS's)

    Items: (Vulnaries, elixirs, etc.)

    Other: (for anything that I may have missed)
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  2. "Life is to precious to waste...but if it's for the greater good then my axe shall smite yours!"

    Name: Audric
    Nicknames: None
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Class: Lord
    Home country: Nestra, Cyrkensia
    Appearance: Audric is a grey haired young male with something between a slender and muscular build. He isn't bulky but he is fit and well kept. He has pale white skin and dark green eyes that match his late father's. His hair is short cut and silky to the touch. He is not particularly tall or short around the average size for a male of his age. In battle he tends to wear light Silver plate mail armor that protects his chest, legs, and forearms. In casual attire he tends to wear predominately white or blue clothes. Nothing abnormally fancy or show preferring simpler clothes to his more fancy attire he wears while at home.
    Personality: Prideful, loving, kind, forgiving, and honest Audric has always been a boy of good character and well intentions. His initial reaction to anything is to settle it peacefully but is just as well willing to use violence if it comes down to it. A doting brother, friend, and humanitarian Audric always wanted to grow up to be a person that could take care of others around him and be the stuff of the heroes he heard about so often inspired by the stories of past kings and especially was fond of King Sumeragi of Hoshido whom he had met on occasion as a child. He seeks to improve himself as a combatant and fighter and he is willing to listen to those above and below his level of combative ability to fix weak spots in his technique. He is more than willing to offer a hand to those in need of assistance and finds it personally awarding to do so without expecting a reward or compensation but does not begrudge someone for offering him something in return. He has always found the night and dusk to be the most beautiful time of day and is fond of sky gazing and picking out constellations in the stars above. He loves to mess around and joke with friends about all sorts of affairs when allowed to.

    As a noble he is kind to his servants and treats them with respect above all always noting their accomplishments over their failures and wishes for them to improve just as he strives to do so himself. He treats them as equally as possible while maintaining his position as the current heir to his household. He is noted for playing with the servants' children in his spare time and sparring with his guards on his off time. He feels it is a liege's personal obligation to respect those who serve them and know as many as possible.

    His family to him is everything and Audric is willing to go to extreme lengths to help out his elder brother in anything. Ever since his father passed away when he was a teen he had only wished to please his brother and while some see him a content fool he is ignorant of those claims simply stating he is fine with his life of adventure, heroics, and diplomacy. He does not seek his family's fame as one of the richest and powerful in the country of Nestra but he does take pride in his blood line not allowing his actions to besmirch his family name unless driven by his innate sense of justice and freedom.

    Though he is kind he is also very vindictive when crossed and a betrayal of his trust is something he views as inexcusable. He is more than willing to let someone walk but if need be he can be as cold as ice in winter killing people without regret. His pride in his family leads him to thoroughly despise anyone who attempts to hurt his loved ones, or his family never truly forgiving them in his heart even if he tolerates their presence around him. His anger has often led him into bad situations involving bandits which has nearly cost him his life on a few occasions during his teenage years. Though he has somewhat quelled the black flames that engulf his heart when enraged it is still terrifying to see him when pushed to his limit.

    Though he hates backing down from a fight he intends to win he can see the point in strategic retreats though he himself adopts the mindset of absolutely destroying his enemies. He is protective of his allies and tends to do his best to defend them in the midst of an all out battle. He tries to quake an inner blood lust by depending on his inner sensibilities to calm himself which sometimes causes issues in battle making him unsure if he himself wants to kill someone or simply injuring them.

    The Story of the Heir of Light (open)

    Born in Cyrkensia without any problems young Audric was from the start destined to play second fiddle to his elder brother Nolan who was to succeed his father as head of the family. His parents always insisted they had great plans for the boy and had loved him since before he had even come into the world. His mother was the last known member of her own merchant house and had married into Audric's father's house out of love not political convenience. Audric's mother's name was Moriko of Hoshidan ancestry and was beloved by her people and his father's name was Nathaniel who came from mixed Nohrian and Wind Tribe ancestry.

    As a young toddler Audric was often accompanied by his older brother Nolan who doted on his younger sibling with all the love Audric could have ever wanted the two basically being inseparable. His grandfather also read to him the short time he remained before he passed away leaving a few fond memories of pure happiness and joy shared with two of the most important people too him. He enjoyed reading and watching the dancers in the city more often than seeing his brother spar with his trainers but he found it equally as interesting and cheered on his brother. He spent time with his mother walking in gardens and visiting other houses where he would ironically meet Princess Camila of Nohr for the first time becoming a quick friend of hers. His brother Nolan often sparred and played with Prince Xander of Nohr as well when the King came to visit to listen to the beautiful music of the city. Audric would come to respect and think of Xander as an older brother to some regard but eventually the time would come to an end.

    His father often spent time with him and Nolan engaging them in debates about life and what it means to be a noble lord of their house. In fact Audric would eventually ask himself many personal questions based on the conundrums presented by their father and he loved how easily the answers came when his brother pointed them out personally. In fact a young Xander would be the one to teach Audric some of his own philosophies on justice. Though the biggest impact on his life came form his first meeting with King Sumeragi when he was on crusp of becoming a young adolescent two years prior to the man's death and the eventual fall in relations between Hoshido and Nohr. Sumeragi had been a close friend of Audric's father and had offered to come too meet him in the city of dancers many years prior but only had been able to see him recently. Audric actually spent the majority of a day with the king learning and asking questions about Hoshidan culture and the king's duties. Sumeragi fond the young budding noble to be a good lad and when the end of the day came spent the time gazing at the sunset together on top of the mansion. He only had met a young Hinoka the day prior to Sumeragi leaving from the visit to Cyrkensia and though the two didn't become friends they left as respected acquaintances Hinoka more interested in his brother Nolan than her after witness the young man defeat one of Sumeragi's guards by himself in singles combat.

    After the death of Sumeragi by the assumed hands of King Garon and a sudden death of his father by way of illness Audric entered his teen years with little in the way of parental guidance outside of his butler Hanzo and his mother. Nolan ascended to take control of the family immediately and despite his duties he often came to his brother's room to find comfort in their shared grieving for the death of both the Hoshidan King and their late father. His mother was on the way with another child by the time Nolan become lord of the house and Audric was both saddened the boy or girl coming would never see his or her father but intended to make up for it. He took little notice between the deepening distrust between Nohr and their house but Audric often tried to write to Camila or Xander with little success eventually giving up on the matter all together.

    It was when he was a teenager that his brother first insisted he learn how to fight professionally and with talent. Though Audric had taken up the practice of using a toy and wooden spear as a child Audric never really fancied combat at all. Nolan knew the young man had talent and insisted his younger brother learn how to defend himself and others at all costs. Audric quickly took to using a lance in combat though on happenstance he tried an axe and found the power of the weapon more to his liking than the lance. His brother then had his retainers help train Audric on the side when Nolan was too busy with his own work as lord.

    Audric's teen years were quick and fantastical not only did he quickly find his niche as a warrior in his own right as he traveled Nestra fighting bandits and promoting peace between houses but he also become a proud older brother to a young boy who was called Keith who had been born with a strange monochrome pair of eyes one blue and the other green. Audric was a fantastic older brother to the young boy and the pair quickly become the best of friends though Audric would always be closer to his brother Nolan who tried to spend time with Keith but with his growing age found it harder and harder to properly keep track of things. It was around this time Samanthia had appeared out of nowhere and became his retainer after Audric showed her and her Pegasus a kindness.

    It would be his proudest and saddest moment of his life when he first stormed into battle and took down a bandit chief all by his lonesome mastering his own brutal fighting style with an axe with the help of his soldiers and friends in Nestra. It became sad when he found out back home mother had passed away from prolonged illness after she had given birth to Keith. Audric cried for days but promised he'd become the man his mother always wanted him to be and he'd make his father proud to call him his son. Audric had continued to live his life this way until recently....

    Word had reached Cyrkensia of troubles in the lands between Hoshido and Nohr. Fearing the worst Audric personally left his retainers and allies behind to find out what was happening. It was only days prior too reaching Hoshido's capital to meet Lord Ryoma when he found out that Queen Mikoto had been reunited with a lost son...and had been promptly killed by an unknown assailant days prior. It would be on a fateful day when he finally caught up to them all....

    Daywalker (Forged Steel Axe) - An ornate (steel) axe with a diamond pommel and a fine silver coating. Deceptively dangerous and well made capable of crushing enemies.
    Hand Axe

    Items: Vulnerary



    Samanthia - Sky/Pegasus Knight of Unknown Origins
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  3. "I do the things I do because no one else will. A doctor is nothing without the sick, the dead, and the dying. Sometimes I do my job too well, and then I am without those three essentials. What is a man to do then? He makes them himself."

    Name: Klaus Rathenau
    Nicknames: The Devil's Doctor, The Physician from Hell
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Class: Troubadour
    Home country: Nohr
    Unmasked (open)
    Personality: It is difficult to comprehend the mind of Nohr's most mysterious, and feared, healer. Years of practice, discipline, and experience have desensitized Klaus to the idea of mortal suffering. Few are so bold as to claim that they have seen his face. He talks only to better understand the condition of his patients, though his voice is raspy and extremely difficult to hear. The herbs and spices which lace the insides of Klaus' birdlike mask, block out sound almost completely. He is distant, calculating, and highly stubborn. Despite his reputation as an intellectual, Klaus harbors a disgust for Hoshido and its inhabitants. In his own words, he hates their 'optimism' for lack of a better term. Klaus is unrivaled in his knowledge of disease and medicine, given his tenure at many prestigious academies across Nohr.

    Unable to tell a lie, he comes across to many as rude or heartless. Both claims are equally true.

    Biography/history: Klaus Rathenau was born into the wealthiest merchant family in all of Nohr. The first things he knew from birth were wealth and pleasure, vice and sin. He had countless siblings, and nearly just as many stepmothers. Still, he was content with his surroundings. Klaus was far removed from the poor and downtrodden that infested the countryside. His father, Lars, taught a single lesson that would follow Klaus for the rest of his life. Never look into the eyes of those beneath the Rathenaus. Everyone in his family took this lesson to heart, and swift discipline came unto those who broke it. In fact, there are still scars lying under that wretched mask to prove it.

    Klaus was only five years old when an army of tutors and counselors arrived to educate him and his brothers. He absorbed information like a sponge, for soon enough he was able to surpass his mentors by sheer talent alone. Lars knew that his son was destined for something greater than mere business. The adulterous merchant loved his children deeply, and for that reason he sent the young Klaus into the most prestigious school of medicine, in Windmire. The academy was a harsh place. Unruly students were beaten and maimed savagely by the professors, for afterwards the students were required to heal them properly. This 12-year cycle of brutality taught more than any textbook ever could.

    Being a naive young man, Klaus was overjoyed when he received an invitation from King Garon to visit Castle Krakenburg itself, believing that the royal family appreciated his brilliance. Blindly he accepted the offer, and immediately he made his way to the subterranean fortress. There was something amiss during the meeting, however. The Rathenaus had gained too much prominence, too much influence to be left alive. Right before Klaus' eyes, his whole family was slaughtered in one of Nohr's bloodiest mass-executions. King Garon had left the boy alive for the very reason he was invited into the castle. The last surviving Rathenau was forced to serve the Nohrian military as a troubadour.

    Klaus suffered more humiliation than any other man could imagine. No longer were his abilities used to heal the innocent or the poor; they were used to save murderers and thieves from damnation. He vowed to never let the world see his true self again. With that fateful vow, Klaus took the mask of the ancient plague doctors... and forever sealed his legacy. Tales lurk all over the world of his atrocities against Hoshido, such as launching diseased corpses over city walls and experimenting on wounded soldiers. Other stories connect the dark physician with creating the Faceless. Granted, those stories tend to forget that Klaus is more of an alchemist than a dark magician. The common theme among these wives' tales is certainly true, however; death follows the doctor.
    Weapons: Mend, Rescue

    Items: Elixir (1), Goddess Icon

    Other: Klaus rarely opens up to other people, being the fervent misanthrope that he is, but he is truly happy to teach others on his medicinal knowledge, should they request it. He also has a love of board games, and collects them as a hobby from across the globe.
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  4. I would cut it down to one Elixir but do as you will. Nothing much to say otherwise so far.
  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Shiro hikari
    Nicknames: The White Wolf of Hoshido
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Class: Dread Fighter | ← Link
    Home country: Hoshido
    Personality: Hold a deep hatred for all of Nohr, especially Xander who fights prisoners of his country. Not only has Xander executed some of his friends but he continues to capture them. His hatred is very expressed through the eyes when in battle and you can clearly see a mile away what he really is fighting for. Even from a young age he had great Hoshido spirit and faith for everything that it stands for, his scarf given to him by his father he keeps around his neck at all times to remember his values and faith. He will do anything for Hoshido and anyone that resides in it, his passion isn't to kill but he doesn't mind it when it is someone from Nohr. His eager to fight, yet naive and still young he continues to talk about war against Nohr everyday to achieve his goal of killing Xander.

    Biography/history: Shiro was born in Hoshido by his parents and mother and one brother who had been captured by the armies of Nohr and later executed when Shiro was 15. At the time of loss he found a new grown hatred and goal to eliminate Nohr in its entirety, blinded by hatred he took up the sword of his father, a large greatsword wielded by dread fighters. Till the age of 20 he studied the art of being a dread fighter from the scroll of dread that his father carried around with him. In the castle Shirasagi he holds as one of the roaming guards, a position given to him by Ryoma for his loyalty and constant effort against Noir. The age of 23 he first spoken to a girl whom was connected to the kingdom that carried the name of ''Kagero'' who Shiro still continues to attempt to flirt with and like.
    Weapons: ''Baindohikari'' a larger than normal steel sword that is originally entitled as a ''greatsword.''

    Items: dread scroll, speed ring, lockpick, vulnerary, 2 elixir.

    Other: The Hikari family is known to be once a famous clan of strong royal dread fighters that once served many kingdoms in war, similar to a mercenary group they were soon forgotten before the age of awakening for most of the family retreated after most of them were murdered.
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  6. Name: Poplin
    Nicknames: N/A (don't call her Poppy)
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Class: Wolfskin
    Home country: Mt Gaoru, Nohr
    She has a round girlish face but her overall build is thin, lithe, and androgynous. Stronger than she looks. Her fur is mostly a ruddy chestnut shade with her bangs and tail underside being gray. All of her clothes were made by her parents. She tends to stuff random animal bones into her fanny pack to either be added to her collection or made into jewelry. The larger middle bone on her necklace is chipped and covered in teeth marks.
    Personality: Around those she trusts she is rather jovial and wise-cracking, though her jokes often fall flat or are simply nonsensical. It doesn't help her cause that she speaks almost entirely in monotone, and emotes primarily through ear and tail movement. She is fiercely loyal and will defend her friends with tooth and nail. But, she generally does not trust any human outright regardless of how nice they may smell. Because of this many people are much more likely to describe her as blunt and standoffish, not wanting to deal with humans more than is needed. She also tends to get annoyed when humans can't properly read her body language. She is very prideful of her people, and is not afraid to speak about it. Overall she has a rather bold personality. She has a fascination with bones and a soft spot for jewelry (and raw meat).

    Biography/history: Like other Wolfskin she grew up in a village deep in the Gaoru mountains. Her village was very close-knit where everyone treated each other like family, so the death of one would not go unnoticed. Years of loosing family and friend to poachers led her to resent most humans, and she has spoken out about how others should not be so quick to trust. Unfortunately for her she'd feel the need to swallow her pride.
    Strong in body and mind and swift on her feet she was chosen to be a hunter and scout for the village. While few brave it up the mountains aside from those sick with greed the impact of the near-endless conflict between Nohr and Hoshido could still be seen and felt. This became apparent to her as she and others would often end up returning home with meager results from the hunt. What game hasn't been scared away from the noise and occasional large flying beast was snatched up to feed armies. Angered further by the humans' disregard for nature she set off to see what could be done about it. Proclaiming herself as the best fighter from her tribe she ended up striking a lofty deal: for her aid in the Nohrian army she was promised that the over-hunting would stop and more hunting grounds be surrendered to her people after the war. Untrusting of the humans as she is she couldn't help but have concern that they wouldn't hold up their end of the bargain, but agreed anyway feeling that the sooner the fighting ended the better for both the environment and her people.
    Back at home her mother is the village tailor and her father a tanner, and from them she learned much about sewing and tanning hides but is much to impatient to actually do well in either craft and often would get bored with a task before she could see it through. Regardless, she has a knack for sewing and can put this skill to use to quickly stitch up bad wounds or do small clothing repairs (for a price).
    Weapons: Beaststone

    Items: she has a fanny pack that carries her weapon, small animal bones, pieces of deer jerky, emergency spool of thread and needle, and pleasant-smelling grasses.

    Other: When she is nervous or deep in thought she has a habit of absentmindedly chewing on the longer bone on her necklace.
  7. I'll accept both Poplin and Shiro though I do have my own reserves about allowing a dread fighter off the bat as I'd prefer a ninja but I'll consider it the Jeigan role.
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  8. Though I do feel that I put too much interactions with some of the story characters in there I think Audric's bio and personality came out pretty solid. I put it in spoilers too avoid anyone who wants to find out more about Audric in the story.
  9. I am so envious of Poplin that I am redoing my entire character.
    And I mean that as a compliment.
  10. alright looking forward to seeing it.
  11. It's a shame we don't have more members.

    @AutumnWyvern @Edward - Do you two want me to wait for Uncle to finish his CS or do you want me to get started on the IC soon? I'm not trying to rush Uncle i just don't let to keep people waiting.

    Also to everyone in general. Do you want to start immediately in the battle itself or do you want to have a brief moment before Xander And Ryoma make the biggest fuck up of their collective lives?
  12. Well golly that's a first. and here I was worried she'd end up too haphazard with all the different ideas I had~

    In any case it may do us good to wait, since we don't have that many people as you said. Though I am impatient...
    And as for the starting point, well, my heart can barely take the game as it is.... I'm nearing the end of Birthright and chanting "i dont want to do this" like a mantra. But soon I will be able to start revelations ;w;
  13. I just personally got done the pairings (OH MY GOD SO MANY MARRIAGES) so now i'm just working on supports and making some people stronger so they have better kids.
  14. I don't even know what to say.

    Earlier I tried to edit my character, but I took so long that Iwaku logged me out and I had to restart.

    The struggle was real.
  15. I know that feeling if it helps i had to re-do a twenty thousand word post for one roleplay over four times before. Just try doing it on a word document next time or keep doing it now or what have you.
  16. Twenty thousand words? Yeesh...
    What RP would need that kind of commitment? (don't mind me asking)
  17. Characters I mean like individual letters. Or at least I hope it was letters it was telling me in the word document when i copied and pasted it.

    It's a gundam roleplay that's still running for over about four years died about five times this one's been going for about two and we're just edging out of the god damn first act. That really annoys me. One guy I knew before he was married. Stayed with the rp for literal years still comes online from time to time.
  18. That deserves mad-levels of respect.
  19. I appreciate the sentiment in all fairness I wish I had a bigger cast then I do but I can't argue with the guys I DO have. They're all very dedicated to getting through it. All the same I would like for this roleplay to do as well but I need to make sure you guys stay along with me for the ride and hopefully this roleplay will finish.
  20. Anyway as soon as Uncle finishes and it's passable then i'll work on the IC.
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