Fire Emblem: Blood of the Dragonslayer

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  1. It was a time of hope across Akaneia when Marth Lowell, ruler of Altea, had retrieved Falchion from Gharnef, but hope can be shattered. They would have been victorious had Gharnef not activated a hidden power of Imhullu: the possession of another body. And so, one of Marth’s followers was possessed by the evil spirit of the treacherous sorcerer. As a result, when Marth sent that unit to scout Medeus’ fortress betrayal was soon imminent. Medeus recognized the presence of his servant in the fragile vessel, feeding false information to be delivered to Marth as he called forth more of his manakete and human servants. Soon enough, Marth and many of his comrades fell as Gharnef died as well as his host, the former going into the darkest hell.

    However, there were those who escaped. The manaketes Bantu and Tiki fled to the south, the Naga princess needed for future combat. However, there was also hope as Shiida, Merrick, Gotoh, and Romulus Aquilius (Gotoh’s latest apprentice who had managed Marth’s convoy) escaped to the east, heading to Altea’s allied nation of Lycia on the continent of Elibe. With them they had taken Falchion and the Fire Emblem, as their next wielder rested in Shiida’s womb. Marth had slept with her after retrieving Falchion so that should anything happen to him the blood of Anri would live on. The journey to Lycia was tripled to what it usually was as the world became paranoid at the return of Medeus, with armed patrols and enemy territory everywhere. It took roughly nine months, and in the ninth month after they had crossed the Lycian border, Shiida went into labor. It was then she gave birth to her only child, Sedge Anri Lowell, son of Marth, King of Altea. However, she would not live long afterwards as she entrusted her child to Romulus, placing an amulet around the child’s neck after naming him before Gotoh entrusted him with the sheathed Falchion, telling him not reveal the Holy Sword or his lineage to him until he reached sixteen years of age.

    And it was then that the tale of King Sedge Anri Lowell of Altea began.

    It was such that, under the care of “Uncle Romulus,” Sedge grew in the continent Elibe as a wanderer, training himself in the sword as the lineage of the White Sage’s training passed to him as he became an adept in magic, and his mind becoming as strong as any other monarch’s. It was this that secured in him the mindset of the leader, of the king. His morals were strong and infallible, and he strove to be like them in body and spirit. But a king is never without follower. At one time he found two friends, Lachaster Alderwein and Mideus Altheos, who lived in a village, that Sedge and Romulus would eventually settle in the outskirts of for a few years called Lioth. Soon enough, when he was twelve, Merric came to Lioth to speak with Romulus. He revealed the newest developments to the battle against Medeus. He imparted that Gotoh was dead, making Romulus the new White Sage. Tiki and Bantu, ancient as they are, were recruiting allies in the southern half of the world. However, Merric would be the figurehead of the revolution, called the Fire Emblem Alliance. It spread the word of a new Altean King who would slay Medeus when the time. Merric himself safeguarded the Fire Emblem, the plan being to give it to Sedge once he sought them out. It was then he gifted Romulus with what had been Marth’s circlet and a map that lead to the hidden stronghold where the Alliance was based, beseeching him to escort Sedge there when the time came. However, Merric soon died after his return to the base, which is called Castle Lightsworn and is located in Altea’s southern tip, his spirit guarding the Fire Emblem until the time came for it to be held by Falchion’s master once more.

    Soon enough, on his sixteenth birthday, his crown and Falchion were presented to the rightful ruler of Altea. As the young man drew the Holy Sword from its sheath he knew his fate. It was also then that his Lachaster and Mideus swore loyalty to Sedge, choosing to travel with him as a horse-riding cavalier and a sword-swinging myrmidon as well as his childhood friends. It was then that Sedge donned the blue armor of Altean royalty and put on his circlet, taking up his role as King of Altea. Now hope began to take a full form as they went to the east, travelling through the continent of Tellius as many kingdoms who had not made alliances with the Fire Emblem Alliance made alliances with the newfound king, raising forth a collective army that did not ride with Sedge, but prepared to attack Medeus and his forces when the time came. It was when making these alliances that Sedge meet one else who would come and join him and his party, a young female wyvern rider named Natasha Solotov Voichek, and her Earth Wyvern Juggernut, a massive beast with an unusual craving for cacti.

    However, Medeus would come aware of the return of an Altean King roughly two years after his journey began, dispatching his many servants to attempt to capture and kill the wielder of Falchion, but to no avail. The party, small as it was, constantly evaded capture and after three years of fighting found themselves in mountainous country of Macedonia on the continent of Akaneia, soon to sail to Altea and begin their quest by reclaiming their patron country. Macedonia, though in appearance allegiant to Medeus, kept the whereabouts of the Alteans secret as they sought their own freedom. It was arranged to sail the small band of fighter to the southern shores of Altea, near Castle Lightsworn and the Fire Emblem Alliance. And it is now our story continues shortly after they begin to set sail, departing from the mountains as Sedge stood at the prow, looking north towards what he felt longing for. His true home and his nation of, the island soon to serve as his base of operations. The young man, now nineteen years of age, turned as he heard one of his friends speak. He looked to them, giving a small smile. “Yes? What is it?”
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  5. Romulus sat in his chambers across from a sailor. He had set up the chessboard. The sailor stared at him.

    "Do you want white? Or do you want Black?" Romulus asked. "Doesn't matter to me. I'll still beat you!"

    The sailor shrugged. "I'll take Black." He said. Romulus smiled, and slid to the other side of the table.

    "Sit down." He said. Romulus began his first move. King Pawn to e4. The sailor looked at the board, said something about Romulus being an amateur, and moved his pawn to f5, to tempt Romulus's pawn. Romulus captured the sailor's pawn. He then moved one of his pawns next to Romulus's at g5. Romulus looked, and moved his queen to h5, and called out "Checkmate." The sailor looked really confused.

    "B-but, I'm the best Chess player on this ship! I should have known you were setting a trap!" He stammered. "You tricked me!" The sailor started pelting Romulus with chess pieces, who proceeded to pick up a book.

    "Yes, you're angry because someone who's job it is to run tactics, beat you. have fun getting angry." Romulus said calmly. He opened the book, and began to read it, still being hit with various chess pieces, and finally the board. He put his book down, and watched the sailor storm out of the room, muttering something about cheaters.
  6. (Ok i posted but im working on somthing at the current time,this will be my only post of the day)

    "Come on Budy! I know you can do it!"Nat the Wyvern Knight was Flying on Juggernuts back,as they Flew High above the ship,Juggernut Puff and Grunted a Little,he could not hold it weight and Flying for so long made him tired,But Nat whanted him to hold,she whanted him to get his wings strong! Jugger cant stay on the ground forever!,Juggernut Gave a Puff and a small whine as Nat sigh and would say.

    "i will Give you a Half sack of Delecius and Jucie Cactuses!"she said as she sat on his neck and Pated the side,Juggers eyes went amidiatly wide....His favorite treat!,he gave a Puff of smoke and a SLight Roar,as he whanted that Reward!,he Flap his wings and Glided wen he was at good speed and maintain his flight,Nat only smield and Pated the side of his neck.

    As they flew Nat would Look down towards the ship,seeing a few People down there,she smield loving how the wind hit her face,and Hot because of her Dragons "Chimney" Like exits on his back,that look like spikes with little holes as they releas heat from his heat-Consetrated Body,But was not that bad actually once you are on a Saddle,looking down she wave at those bellow as They Flew Over the ship.

    (Its not that Visible in the Pics i posted on there Heat exists but there they are a bttere view of them)
    Chimney (open)

    Those spikes with Orange tips are heat exits,heat comes from them like a chimney,This dragon has LOTS of presure inside and must releas it in some way.[​IMG]
  7. Gartrez came up to Sedge with a notebook in hand. Everything is accounted for sir. The rations are divided and the supplies are acouted for. Said the Sage proudly. He had recently been hired by Sedge and his crew to help maintain peace in the country. He didn't want any pay but finally gave up as they insisted. The man looked out onto the horizon. Lovely day, isn't it.
  8. Romulus stepped out of the Cabin, and took in a deep breath of the Salty, good smelling Sea air. He heard the Seagulls cawing above him. The boards below him rocked and creaked. He turned to Gartrez and Sedge. " I just spent the last few minutes being pelted with Handcrafted Dragon Claw chess pieces and a Finely carved, hand painted Teak Board." he said in a joking manner. "I won via three move checkmate. Who wants to go for Fool's Mate? That way I can have the Trifecta of quick checkmates." Romulus was still joking. Romulus looked up. He saw Juggernut and Nat flying above him. "Alright, if you guys are gonna not talk, I'll just..." He slammed the door.

    Romulus sat down on the ground, opened the chess board, and began putting the pieces away.
    "Black, black, white, wire, black, white, white white, black." He kept noting each piece's color. Finally, he picked up the White King, which had fallen under his bed. He also grabbed a book. The book was Leather Bound, and worn after what looked like a century. He brushed the dust off of the cover. The title had long been worn away, but the bindings were still good. He opened it. It was written in some unknown language. Romulus shrugged, and put it on his shelf.
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