Fire Emblem: Blood of the Dragonslayer

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  2. Name: Sedge Anri Lowell, King of Altea

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Eye Color: Blue

    Hair Color: Blue

    Allegiance: Kingdom of Altea, the Fire Emblem Alliance

    Class: Exiled Lord

    Height: 5' 10 "

    Weight (Optional): 145 pounds

    Appearance: [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (top casual clothing, bottom: armor)

    -Elixir (x5) An Elixir is the strongest commercially available healing potion that totally heals any physical injuries. There are three servings in every bottle of Elixir.
    Bullion (XL) A large gold bar worth 30,000 Gold. Sedge acquired this after falling into a hole that led to a thieves' den.
    -Master Key (x1) A enchanted skeleton key that breaks after its fifth use. It can open doors, chests, drawbridges, etc.
    Altean Locket A locket left for Sedge by his mother. Inside is a picture of his parents, while the locket itself is proof he is the heir to the Altean throne other than wielding Falchion. There are various mechanisms and doors the amulet acts as the key for.

    Weapon(s): The Legendary Sword Falchion, a Rapier, an Excalibur tome, and a Thoron tome
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (Left: The Sword of Light, Falchion. Right: the Altean Locket)

    History: Sedge Anri Lowell is the son of Prince Marth Lowell of Altea and Princess Shiida of Talys. His middle name comes from his ancestor who originally slew Medeus, and his first name is of his mother's choosing. Marth died while attempting to slay Medeus in his fortress as he was severely outmatched while most of his party escaped. His childhood friend Merric, White Sage Gotoh, and Romulus Aquilus, Gotoh's apprentice and an aspiring tactician, escaped the fight with the impregnated Shiida, leading her out of the continent of Akaneia and onto another continent. The stopped in Lycia on the continent of Elibe, which was allied to Altea before it fell. It was there that Shiida gave birth to Sedge but died shorty after, entrusting her son to Romulus as Merric and Gotoh returned to Akaneia to spark a revolution using the Fire Emblem as a sign of hope against Medeus' forces. They succeeded, forming the Fire Emblem Alliance as a result. Gotoh became the figurehead of the Alliance, with Merric taking Elice, Marth's sister, and building up a stronghold hidden from Medeus. They succeeded, though all three have deceased and left no offspring. Merric's spirit still protects the Fire Emblem, awaiting the time for Sedge to take it as his own. Sedge was raised with Romulus as a more of an uncle and a master, as he was initially taught to be a tactician. Sedge quickly displayed his skill with sword and sorcery, everntually being presented Falcion and learning of his destiny. It is now that Sedge gathers a company of warrior to meet up with the Fire Emblem Alliance and rebuild Altea (and possibly even the continent of Akaneia) as its king, given there are no more living monarchs from the continent.

    Personality: Sedge is by no means narrow-minded, given his tactician training. He is noble in nature as well as a natural leader, seeking to right the wrongs and punish those guilty of doing Akaneia wrong. He keeps his calm around women though he's never been in a relationship himself, instead letting his gentlemanly actions do the work.

    Other: His copy of the Excalibur tome doubles as a journal, ensuring it will stay in one piece regardless of its usage.
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  3. I'll make my guy tommorow. Too tired tonight.
  4. I will make my wyvern rider tomorrow late here XD
  5. should we start with 1 class or we can go straight to promotion class?
  6. Can ya help me in this? i have not playd much fire emblem but playd atleats 2 games...but dont know much XD
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  7. Base class, please. I will help everyone as needed.
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  8. There will be promotion chances as the story progresses, however.
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  9. WIP
    Lachaster Alderwein



    Eye Color:Brown

    Hair Color:Brown

    Allegiance: Kingdom of Altea, the Fire Emblem Alliance

    Class: Cavalries

    Height : 6'2"

    Weight: 153 Ibs

    -Elixir (x3) An Elixir is strongest commercially available healing potion that totally heals an physical injuries. There are three servings in every bottle of Elixir.


    -Iron Lance

    -Rune Sword




    Mideus Altheos



    Eye Color:Yellow

    Hair Color:Dark Green

    Allegiance: Kingdom of Altea, the Fire Emblem Alliance

    Class: Myrmdon

    Height : 5'6"

    Weight: 126 Ibs

    -Elixir (x3) An Elixir is strongest commercially available healing potion that totally heals an physical injuries. There are three servings in every bottle of Elixir.


    -Killer Edge



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  10. You certainly may!
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  11. Ok im making mine now and will post the WIP for History and some other things will be left for tomorrow
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  12. Ok last question,can i make my dragon unique? like detail description of traits and all that?
  13. As long as it is still a wyvern, I see no issue.
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  14. Thanks! well get ready because natasha is gona have Juggernut on her side XD​
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  15. Let's wait and see. If something raises some questions I will talk to you about it
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  16. [​IMG]
    Natasha Solotov Voichek
    {Eye Color}
    {Hair Color}
    Light Brown
    Kingdom of Altea, the Fire Emblem Alliance
    Wyvern Knight
    5.8 FT tall
    117 Lbs
    Natasha is a slightly slender built woman,standing close to 5.9 Ft,she ussually wears Red or orange clothing but most of the time she always has her armore on and proud to wear it without removing it,she has a few scars and burn marks on her left arms that her wyvern did some time ago...or recent.
    (Vulnerary (x3))
    Medicine that restores health and heals physical injuries. There are three doses per bottle.

    (Torch (x2))
    Extends vision in fog and in the darkness.

    (Small bag oc Cactuses)
    A small bag with cactuses inside...nothing usefull
    A throwing spear used to attack enemies indirectly.
    (Steel Lance)
    A weighty but more powerful lance.
    (Iron Axe)
    An affordable axe that is easy to wield.

    Natasha solotov Voichek was born with 2 siblings being the Youghest of them,as wen she was Borne her father left for the reson that "They needed him" she at that age only of a few Hours of being born dint know why or were he went and lived with her 2 siblings and Mother,soon after sotime he discoverd her father Markov solotov died in action because of a arrow pierce his chest,he was a Wyvern rider and was part with some one named "Marth",after the she knew this only at the age of 11 her father did left somthing behinde for her to take care,it was Avinus Praeda her fathers stone wyvern,she at a Yough age took care of the large stone behemoth,well for her was large,she loved the stoe creature,it was docile and she enjoyd every minute of taking care of it,But she had things in minde and she whanted to follow her fathers Foots steps,at the age she was she Somtimes took small rides on the stone beast with her siblings,he was just a pet and named hi Juggernut because of his stone...till Nat got older.

    Wen nat Got older near the age of 17 she started traning to be what her father once was,a wyvern Knight,Her mother decline she joining or even thinking to do that as she dint whant her daughter to end up in the same faith as her father,Nat just shook her head as she was,she took Juggernut and joinde the "Fire Emblem" the Party were her father once was in,she Joinde and traind to be a Wyvern knight and now at the age of 20 she is part of the Fire emblem and serves sedge the King.she Followd her fathers footsteps,she will continue her fathers resons to fight and Porpuse to live.
    Nat is a a kinde and loyal Knight,aswell serius wen it comes to task or work but most of the time she is reading a book or just helping her dragon and cleaning his rock scales that are DAM HARD TO CLEAN...sorry.wen it comes to task she aims on geting them compleat and any finish everything she needs to do,somtimes she (and always) knows Juggernut is gona get her armore wen she is not wearing it...she knows every time.
    She always Brings a small chunk of Cactuse in a small bag for Juggernut....Hugry fat wyvern
    [BCOLOR=#800000]"The Moving mountain"[/BCOLOR]
    Natasha's Most Loyal companion is Juggernut,her Armored wyvern,This large,stone plated wyvern has natural stone like scales,plates and Carapace protecting its body,Making it naturally armored,aswell it has a Thick mace like tail large in size abble to slam and break walls if enought forze is place but being natural moving Rock has some bad things,Juggernut is really heavy making its ability to fly limited and aswell for its size its not easy to hide and being heavy makes lots of noise,but aside from all that Juggernut is a Moving battering ram,as heavy as he seems he is abble to charge/run at quick speeds,the air might not be his best choice but on the ground Juggernut is a deadly moving rock.He aswell hace a large horn coming from his head that he uses it to ram in to object,aswell his tail as a secondary wepon,somtimes he is abble to lift himself from the ground and let himself fall squishing anybody under him.

    Aswell other Unique traits of This wyvern is his ability of compres presure and heat,inside his body because of the hard stone scales and plates covering it,he has great heat inside himself and can Insolate it making him abble to breath out streams of compress fire,do nothing special,it adds extra range to his fire breath.

    Juggernut is Very loyal to Natasha and Aswell a good friend towards her and her allies,do...he would be anybodies friend if they Offer a good stack of Cactuses for him to eat.Aswell he is naturally Curius Especially towards mages,he just whant to see all and see new things,he somtimes wen out of battle and just laying around he is kinda playfull....soo if ya shield is missing or long know who took it.
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  17. so what ya think is she good? mostly finish only thing left is equipment and wepon and History
  18. She checks out nice. The only thing I see that would change would be lowering the age a bit for romance if you want to do so. But overall, no complaints.
  19. I'm the only one with a Promotion class, right? Since I'm a Grandmaster?
  20. Yes, that is correct.
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