Fire Emblem Awakening x TOV RP

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  1. In this Fire Emblem Awakening and Tales of Vesperia crossover Rp, you can be any playable character or an OC, or one of both if you want. This will be based a couple of years after the end of FEA, and near the begining of TOV.

    Walhart's son witnessed him be killed by Chrom during a battle in their own castle a couple years back during the last war. Now the ruler of the neighboring country of Ylisse, Valm, he plans to wage war against Ylisse to avenge his father. After having strengthened his army he plans to make an alliance with Vesperia at the same time Ylisse sends a couple shepherds to do the same. Chrom leaves to help his people, leaving his brother-in-law, Aden, his sister, Lisa, their children, and Lon'qu in Vesperia to have a vacation. The thing is, adventure and trouble just loves to follow Aden everywhere. Will you join the adventure through Vesperia, while Ylisse tries to settle things across the sea without dragging Vesperia's entire continent into the war?

    Chrom was wandering aimlessly in the lower quarter looking for the inn. "come on Aden! Get a move on!" He said looking over his shoulder at his best friend and trusty tactician.

    "Chrom, aren't we supposed to talk to the commandant about an alliance with Ylisse?" Aden sighed, looking at Chrom from under the hood of his cloak. But then Chrom suddenly pointed out a guy with the same dark purplish hair, a bit taller, and seems to have an unusual breed of dog with him. "Are you from the future?" Chrom pointed diligently at the strange man. The guy stopped and stared at him confused-like.

    Aden sighed and resisted the urge to slap Chrom in the back of his head for accusing someone of being from the future that they didn't know. The guy that they assume that was from the future just walked away with his thoughts swirling around thinking if they were nuts, or a lunatic. Or even both.
    "Don't assume that people are just from the future Chrom, remember that we are in Zaphias!" Aden scolded him lightly only because he was the prince of Ylisse, and his very own brother-in-law.

    "Sorry, guess I got carried away there huh?" Chrom said with a small chuckle. The two Ylisseans eventually found the inn and decided to share a room, for Aden the night was long and tiresome, who knew Chrom snored so loud?
    The next day was a bright morning. So bright that it woke Chrom up from his slumber. "ugh.." He sat up and got up from out of his bed and woke Aden up. "Let's go. Time to get a move on. After we talk to this commandant guy we can start our vacation." Chrom said as he helped Aden up to his feet. Aden slid out of bed and fell to the floor with a displeased groan. From then on, their journey begins.
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  2. A woman slight in her early 20's, dressed in tunic-like tulip cut shaped outfit was browsing a boutique shop. "Arnt these swell?"
    "Best in town!" the shopkeeper said. Caressing the beautiful flowers. As he do so, he decides to make eye contact to something he really regrets. "Your chest is showing cleavage. Ma'am." as this said with a smile. Not to come off as a Pedo, he moves a pot of flowers in front of him slowly and carefully.
    "Oh? Is that so. Well, what makes you think that pot is covering it up?" said the woman with purple humid hair and black emerald eyes. It's like the inner personality inside her unleashed it's true self. She showed a smile graciously as the sun could embrace its warmth. But even the store keeper know that wasn't enough to tell a woman enough to see if their mad, irritated, or bat crazy or not. Because once they'll strike; it's over.
    "I'm s-sorry miss m-miss..." the shop keeper stumbled upon his words of choice begging, pleading inside for this woman not to kill him. "Judith." by the tone of her voice Judith sounded calm, and mellow. Although still agitated.
    "Please! Take these flowers! As a token of my apologies!" he bowed with grace one to many creating many headaches for him later on. "I'm sorry miss Judith."
    "Thank you." she took the flowers and went on with her way of life. Judith took a small wiff of the flowers thinking that they would smell like honey dew. But instead they'd smell like grass and bark. Natures picking.
  3. Chrom and Aden left the inn, Aden yawning every now and then with a stretch. The two were making their way to the upper quarter at a leisurely pace, Chrom humming happily as they walked. Most whispered as they past, saying things such as "Are they nobles?" And "Those two are obviously foreigners!", one elderly man even said in a hushed tone, "The blue haired one has to be Ylissean royalty! He has the legendary hero king -Marth's - sword, and Ylisse's brand! Wonder what the Exalt o' all people is doing here?". A group of three girls giggled and Aden rolled his eyes before grabbing Chrom'sarm and pulling him forward at a faster pace. "Are we that obvious?!" He hissed over at his fellow shepherd, who didn't seem to mind being noticed too much and simply ignored those around them. They made it to the castle and stopped at the gates and gave one of the guards a price of paper. The guard looked it over and nodded before returning the paper to Aden and letting them past.
    "Think the Valmese beat us?" The tactician asked his blue haired companion, who merely shrugged and replied with "We'll see." As they made their way to commandant Alexae's office, being led by a blond haired knight who offered to assist them.
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    Along the side of the border were children eating bagels watching Commandant Alexei recruiting his soldiers for the next war. On the other hand, Judith was sitting on a park bench feeling the wind brisking in her hair, ear to ear as the sounds of the public heavenly glisten through her. Swearing, rumors, authorities everywhere, yeah. Sweet. She sat her flowers to the side of her while slowly analyzing the public around her. "Hmm.." She smiled warmly while seeing to men walking by. one with black set of hair, and one with blue. She was contemplating on weather to go up to them, or just plain ol' seat. Of course, being Judith, she went up to ask them for directions. "Do you know where is the nearest bathroom?" With polite and kindness. she was hoping for the utmost honest answer.
    Sorry its SHORT I was distracted. Badly.
  5. "I'm sorry, but we don't know. This is actually our first time here." Chrom answered the beautiful young woman who had approached truthfully. "I'm sure you're probably not interested in this at the moment, but I'm Chrom and this my brother-in-law, Aden." The prince said with a chuckle as he gestured towards the younger man who gave a smile and a polite nod.
    The knight who were leading them had let them talk with the woman as he made his way over to the commandant, informing him on who had came to visit. Flynn stood straight and tall as he spoke in a clear and unwavering voice as he stood near Alexei. Chrom looked over in Alexei's direction as if his name were screamed across the space of land. "Miss,might I ask what your name is?" Aden asked, polite once more. He, much like Chrom, didn't like to be overly polite- but also knew when to be polite and when to be casual with someone.
    Chrom then sensed a presence, causing him to look over his shoulder at a tall, burly man with flawless copper skin and dark, intelligent eyes. He wore dark black attire that didn't seem to bother him as he was in the summer heat, his cape was as red as blood and when the man caught sight of both Chrom and Aden he frowned deeply, eyes narrowing as his brows furrowed. They stood in silence before the man turned to adress Alexei, walking closer yet keeping distance as the brute of a man's own escorts and guards- only two to be exact- stood by him protectively.
    "Hello commandant Alexei, I'm sorry for having to drop in on you, but I was wondering if you had a chance to read the letter sent to you from Valm. Unless, you've already chosen Ylisse?" He asked, voice a deep and low baratone of velvet as he spoke. He stared down at Alexei expectantly. By far, this man was rather tall, if his father was alive still it would be obvious who'd surpass in height, even on horse back.
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  6. "I'm Judith." Seeing as they though are busy, she gave a quick smile to charm these two boys swimmingly. "Its very nice to meet you both." With great gesture, she motioned towards her weaponry ironically to show that she is a woman; and she is bat-shit crazy too. "Why would you like me to meet your brother?" Tapping on her spear; rubbing on it slightly waiting for the right answer. Looking at the authorizes with blonde shortage hair, she awed in respect by the way it shined respectfully in the sun and how it beams down then relects off onto his eyes creating a sea of blue.
    "Yours eyes cadet..." She moaned. "Are exquisite."

  7. "Eh? Miss Judith, I was only being polite by introducing him to you. We mean no harm and didn't mean to offend you in any way." Chrom said with a raised eyebrow. Aden stared blankly at Judith. He turned his head at Alexei and the newcomer. Flynn gave a nod of thanks to Judith before turning to Alexei who addressed the behemoth of a man before him with a sigh before saying, "Unfortunately, I have sided with Ylisse, who had sent a letter in advance."
    The brute scowled before turning to glare at the Ylissean prince, he hissed out an "Ylisse will fall to Valm, and Walhart will be avenged." To the blue haired Ylissean before leaving without another word.
    Aden's fists clenched as he glared at the man's retreating form. Alexei looked over to the Ylisseans and said, "If you need, I can send a ship of soldiers to Ylisse. But, it will take time." Chrom nodded and thanked him. "Chrom, we have some more suprise visitors." Aden said as a yellow blur ran into him with an excited girly squeal. "Lisa?" Both men asked in confusion. "Before you ask, I sent Alexei a letter saying I was coming to see how smooth things are going. Oh, hello, I'm Lisa, Chrom's sister and Aden's wife." Lisa said with a smile as she looked at Judith from Aden's chest. Both men were slightly surprised by the woman's sudden appearance. Alexei looked amused as he watched them. Lisa was a good eight months pregnant with her and Aden's third child, the fact that she was so happy during their time of desperate help didn't really bother her husband much, it was his family's well being that did.
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  8. "Oh. Its okay then. And hello lisa." Judith decided to take her seat back to where her pot of flowers was. "So what are you guys doing here in the capital of Zaphias? Are you two visiting?" With out a second, a slightly jagged blue dog ran across the area un the upper quarter in Zaphias. Same, another purple-ish haired boy came chasing the dog wearing gold seeming and black-purple trouser like shirt. He seemed to be ragged and dirty. As if he weren't from the upper quarter. Judith looked at him suspiciously. arn't him suppose to STAY in the lower quarter? Or did the authorities let him in? All Judith knew was that he was not suppose to be up here. Although Judith is not royal, or not being seen, she is foreign. And does not know how Zaphias-The capital- would think or react to her.

  9. Lisa eased herself onto the bench and nodded, replying with, "Me and my husband are having a vacation here. We're from across the sea, and thought it'd be good for our children to see different places. You seem like a foreigner yourself. Do you mind if I ask where you're from?" Lisa said to Judith, feeling as if her and the other woman could be close friends, while the two were talking Aden went to follow the man with the dog, from both curiosity and the urge to apologize for the day before. Chrom told Lisa he was going to head back home later that say and if she needed him he'd be at the inn in the lower quarter. Lisa told her brother to check on Lon'qu and the kids while there, the eldest siblings nodding before saying his goodbyes to Judith before leaving the upper quarter.