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  1. Yes, to those who may wish to tease, I know it was announced a while ago. Yes, trailers are everywhere just as fan theories, fan art, fanfics, breakdowns, and all that great jazz. However, after a short while of silence and no threads on this potentially exciting or interesting bit of game news, I decided 'hey, why not be the one to make said thread on Iwaku?'.

    So yea.

    I'm real excited about this.

    Come celebrate with me. Or bash the game, I don't care :D
  2. I'm glad it's for the 3DS. Means I already had a console for it.

    Now hopefully it will just be better than Awakening.
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  3. It is Fire Emblem and therefore I must have it. Simple as that. I love the series and it's yet to dis- Well no, but let's all pretend Radiant Dawn didn't happen.

    Though admittedly I'm a bit anxious about the new classes rumours. I hope those do well, because the series doesn't really lack an archetype. Not in Awakening they didn't at least.
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  4. Radiant Dawn is amazing. It certainly differs from the standard and has some "eh" mechanics (like Laguz) but it's still my favorite, tied with Awakening. I wouldn't want all FE games to use its mechanics, but we could all use a little more Shove in our strategies.
    Now, you want to talk Shadow Dragon, THAT'S where they screwed up.
    This is more mechanics than classes, but trinity of magic. Shadow Dragon butchered the magic system, and Awakening only put a band-aid on it with half-assed dark magic (seriously, a promotion of the class that can use dark magic can't use it? and DARK FLIERS can't either?). Re-introducing the Trinity of Magic is my number one wish for FEIF. And if they do, the classes would have to be changed. Like adding Bishops again (I really hate Sages replacing Bishops). And Monks for that matter (or Light Mages for something more gender neutral).
    I thought the same thing ;-;

    Like I said in that thread, I like the new battle models and am really excited about having choices that impact the story.
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  5. All I have to say on this matter is:

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  6. I'm actually cautious of that phrase "choices that can impact the story" because of all the games that claim this. Are we going to get radically different endings, or are we just going to see A doing something to X instead of B doing it? The only one in awakening that really did anything as far as I remember was that one child recruitment mission where you can choose to fight everyone. Granted, I don't think they were advertising important choices but I dislike getting "choices" that amount to nothing but a few different lines of text.

    Oh I totally forgot, do you think they are going to bring back a custom player unit? I don't remember seeing anything about that.

    Also, where's my goddamn SMTxFE crossover?
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  7. Shove was great, but that's hardly a saving grace when it's copied over from Path of Radiance. Radiant Dawn totally messed up the most fun part of Fire Emblem; team building. It went like, hey here's three teams you'll later have to condense into one. Oh have some overpowered shits for you to use. Oh and in these chapters you have to split up your well-crafted team and use them with sucky units you never trained. The sheer amount of characters it throws at you and making most choices useless by the endgame... It had no idea what to do with scale.

    Also Laguz were terrible on higher difficulties. You kill a bunch of guys and then you untransform and die. That or use the perm transformation item and become an average unit with no weapon triangle advantages but a horribly low growth rate.

    While I'll certainly not disagree that needing X amount of characters to die to access gaiden chapters, without telling you about it, is bad design, Shadow Dragon is a remake. It's an earlier instalment which just hasn't aged all that well in the face of it's predecessors. It's hard to call it messed up.

    Trinity of magic we've discussed before ;p

    It's totally gonna be original ME3 ending. But FE does has forced some cool choices in the past, influencing which paths to take, recruiting different characters and fighting on different maps. I honestly think this is the extent of FE:IF, but it does add re-playability.

    Oh man I hope so. I love that option.
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  8. Hopefully highest diff won't force you to do the exact same turns the first few maps unless you grind some DLC.
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  9. I've seen a ton of theories about the MU though, and by the sound of it and the analysis I've seen, they do suspect customizable MU at the very least in selecting the gender they have, as well as hairstyles. That's just fans picking the video though, so it isn't confirmed from a legitimate force enough to say it's true.
  10. I'm hyped.

    Probably some deep as heck meaning to the giant mask wearing thing.
    (But I guess that means monsters are being brought back.)
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  11. Rey and Belinda talk about the golem a bit here. Apparently its face is from a statue in Rome called the Mouth of Truth. If you care to watch the whole thing, they also discuss such wondrous topics as Lobster Lord and Octopus Lucina.

    Also, on rumors of the return of the avatar, I direct you here. This topic discusses a lot of the evidence around Kamui being the avatar.
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