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  1. Get hype.

    I really like the look of the new battle models so far (although I think they definitely look like WIPs). I'm excited for having choices that actually affect the story--Fire Emblem: Mass Effect edition, anyone?

    Also, the blue haired dancer-girl is pretty hot. That's a plus. Also also, obvious Lord because shown majorly in trailer and blue hair.
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  2. This time around I just hope we don't have character models with feet smaller than their noses tbh.
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  3. This time around I just hope we can have same-sex relationships tbh.

    But y'know it's not game breaking.

    There was a lot of game mechanics I missed. I feel like the anima system of magic from past games would have been nice and if you're smart enough with the pairing system, the game seemed so easy to fly through. Not saying the hard modes were not hard already but I kinda really like a suuuuuper hard challenge.
  4. Kjelle and Severa have these conversations in Harvest Scramble:
    Show Spoiler

    • Kjelle: ......
    • Severa: My, Kjelle. That's a stern face, even by your standards. Something up?
    • Kjelle: This festival has everyone going soft. A bandit slipped in while no one else was watching. I just sent him running.
    • Severa: What? Really? Wow, nothing ever slips past you, huh? It's amazing.
    • Kjelle: I'm hardly special. I'd say the fact that no one else took notice is a problem. ...Alas. In any case, I found this bottle on him.
    • Severa: Ugh! What's IN that?! The purple makes it look unnatural enough, but frothy too? That canNOT be good.
    • Kjelle: I overheard him muttering something about it being a rare brew. That it possessed miraculous effects. Maybe it awakens new powers in you?
    • Severa: Look, I really hope I'm wrong here, but you're not actually planning to—
    • Kjelle: Let's drink it together.
    • Severa: WHAT?! Not on your life, sister! Don't drag me into this!
    • Kjelle: You sure? It could be some amazing potion that doubles your strength...
    • Severa: Yes, and that'd be great, except it's clearly some kind of awful poison!
    • Kjelle: Suit yourself. More super-strength tonic for me then.
    • Severa: What?! Stop! That stuff could kill you!
    • Kjelle: Oh, please. You're exaggerating. Now, I just pull out the stopper, and...
    • Severa: Don't blame me if you wind up melting or something... I tried to warn you!
    • Kjelle: Down the hatch!
    • Severa: Ew, yuck! Stop! Really, stop!
    • Kjelle: Gah! Hey, let go! What, did you decide you want in on it after all?
    • Severa: No, you lunatic!
    • Kjelle: Well, too late! You had your chance. *glug, glug, glug*
    • Severa: AAAH, I can't believe you really drank it! I tried to stop you, but noooo!
    • Kjelle: Whew! I feel... The same? Wait, what gives? I don't feel stronger at all. Was it just water with some dye in it?
    • Severa: Gawds, Kjelle... Maybe it wasn't poison, but your little stunt there just shaved years off my life!
    • Kjelle: H-hey, Shevera... Y'know what? You're cute. Real...really *hic* cute.
    • Severa: Huh? Kjelle?! Why are you slurring? Are you sick? What the heck's gotten into you?
    • Kjelle: Mmmebbe I got a toofache. 'Cause yer shooo *hic* shweet. Heh heh. I been thinkin'... I...I'm tired of all these *hic* weak boys... I wanna shpend more time with...with you inshtead... 'Cause yer sho shtrong *hic* and pretty... Reeeal pretty...
    • Severa: H-hands, Kjelle! Hands to yourself! Honestly, what is wrong with you?! Look at you! Your cheeks are all flush!
    • Kjelle: I dunno... But I feel reeeally good! Hee hee... *hic*
    • Severa: Ack! Let go, you brute! You're squeezing the life out of me! Oh, don't tell me... I think I figured out the secret to that "miracle brew" of yours.
    • Kjelle: Didja? Gosh, and yer shmart too... Thish just proofs it! Hee hee... "proof." Shounds funny, doesn't it? That thief shaid it too. He shaid this shtuff was "hundred proof."
    • Severa: He said WHAT?!
    • Kjelle: Sheveraaa... C'meeeere...
    • Severa: And quit tugging at my clothes! You'll stretch them out, you lummox! Rrrgh! You've left me with no choice. Sorry, Kjelle, but... HI-YAAAH!
    • Kjelle: Ngwauh?!
    • (Kjelle faints)
    • Severa: *Huff, huff*... *Ahem* ...Um, Kjelle? Are you, like, still alive?
    • Kjelle: Owww... Ngh? Where... Severa, what happened?
    • Severa: Ah, good. Sounds like that did the trick. ...It better have. I think I chipped a nail.
    • Kjelle: I can't seem to remember what— Severa, why are your clothes on all crooked?
    • Severa: Where do I even begin, except to say THAT THIS WAS ALL YOUR FAULT!
    • Kjelle: How the beginning? And maybe...a little softer? ...Argh, why is my head pounding? Sorry, but I think I need to go lie down for a little while.
    • Severa: Yes, maybe you'd better. You'll be doing us all a favor.
    • (Kjelle leaves)
    • Severa: Mm? It's that stupid bottle... She must have dropped it when I slugged her. Wait... This thing doesn't say anything about "proof"! It says "truth"! Gods, this print is so tiny, how can... Oh, gods... "Truth Serum"?! "This patented blend of fast-acting herbs relieves the body and mind of tension, allowing users to speak their minds more frankly than they ever thought possible!" Wait, then that was... Then she really... WHAAAAAAT?!
  5. I must have it.

    Play Lunatic. Proceed to endlessly reset in rage.

    No seriously that shit was hard. I'm not even going to touch Lunatic+.
  6. Lunatic was hard for the first four chapters.

    Then you get the Outrealm gate.
  7. Yeah I didn't use that... >.>
  8. Ah, I see.

    Yeah, if you don't use skirmishes or outrealm lunatic is pretty hard.
  9. Skirmishes actually scale to become harder than chapter battles. Bitches carry around forged silver and capped stats.
  10. It's been a while since I ran through Lunatic, but as I recall they're manageable enough early on. But yeah, definitely harder than the story late-game.

    On the topic of FE14.

    I want the Trinity of Magic to return. While I love Awakening, its lack of Light and the terrible way it handles Dark is probably my biggest complaint about it. That, and the generic battle model colors. But those were kind of unavoidable with the class changing.
    Can we just have Clerics promote to Bishops, like they're supposed to? Cleric to Sage is so wrong.
  11. Well, I did like the trinity of magic, but let's be honest. You were a lot higher on anima users than anything else. If they bring it back, I'd expect to have more balanced team options.

    I do like branching classes and mixing different sets a lot. Except for Cherche. Fuck her options. Cleric to Sage has been a thing since FE8 though ;p
  12. Technically speaking, that was Priest to Sage.

    I disliked it in FE8 too, because Sages with Light Magic was really weird. It kind of made Bishops less unique (although Bishops are pretty broken in that game).

    But yeah, I agree that there should be a better balance of Magic users. Although Rekka no Ken was pretty balanced, with only a slight leaning toward Anima.
  13. Lute was so OP I hardly ended up having to use light on her, though :P

    FE7 had... Canas, or whatever the dude's name was. If you didn't want to use mister average (read: RNG-screwage) you didn't have dark users until the final chapter. FE6 had Ray has only realistic option, as the old lady's only use is her ranged tome and the older-but-younger-looking-lady has a death wish. FE8's Knoll is okay-ish, but comes late and will hold your team back. If you want a good dark user you have to end up feeding kills to Ewan which means either headaches or tower-abuse. Light is generally more available, fortunately, because of clerics.

    And sages :D
  14. Actually, Canas is regarded as one of the best units in the series. I suppose that's partly because of Luna, though.
    But he had pretty good growths for FE7.
    HP: 70%
    Mag: 45%
    Skl: 40%
    Spd: 35%
    Luc: 25%
    Def: 25%
    Res: 45%
  15. He's a solid unit with access to an OP weapon type. My issue is mostly that he's your only option for dark magic, which is more the game than the character.
  16. Honestly you can only get three things from the trailer.

    1. It has a more Asian Medieval theme, rather than European Medieval
    2. The transition from grid to fight is nicer (No black screen interrupt) and you actually fight exactly where you are on the map. No more teleporting to the middle of a field.
    3. There's "Choice" in this game, but I use the term loosely because that seems to be a selling point for the majority of games now where the 'choice' is almost non-existent.

    And from that, I'm interested but I'm not slamming down money demanding it yet.
    Especially since I'm still playing through Awakening (and slowly at that, because it relies way too much on min/maxing and grinding rather than tactics and strategy).

    +Normal is ROFL stomp easy, but playing on Hard or up makes reeking boxes too expensive to be usable. Meaning you end up being fairly limited on who you can train, which wouldn't be an issue if training/building up a ton of S supports (even on units you do not plan on using) is needed to unlock the child characters.

    ++It is too dependent on pairing. Pairing gives too much of a buff, and the game is balanced against it to the point (At least on Hard) that you need to be doing it. Which means a great number of formations and tactics you could use in early games are moot in awakening, because half your force is busy playing at buffs (more if you use healers). Plus the support character earns too little exp, meaning you constantly need to constantly switch/swap for leveling sakes, or your lead to will be 1KOing targets, giving the support no chance to join in meaning an even bigger level/exp gap.

    If they fix those two things as well, I'd be more than willing to buy the next installment.
    Oh, that and not make several skills DLC exclusive... That's just dumb.
    Especially since they're basically game breaking/power level skills like +10 Max Stats & x2 Experience.
  17. ...Besides the plethora of other things, such as the new battle models, the overworld models, the new avatar (Kamui), the ice tome and mace, probably all the lords, at least one or two villains, and so on.

    I suppose I get what you're trying to say but we can extract a lot more from the trailer than just that.
  18. I'll admit I missed the mace and ice magic.
    But the models and overworld looks pretty much the same. Nothing note worthy, at least if you're comparing it to Awakening which is the most recent title.
    While an avatar? That was kind of a given it would continue, so was it a given the lord class and villians would be there.

    I mean, if we are to now start listing everything that stayed from older games that would mean Activision bragging about fish moving out of the way in CoD was actually a valid bragging point.
  19. I was noting the elaboration on or changes to established things--obviously we knew that there would be lords, but now we have designs, avatar was sure to come back but now we have, again, a design, and a name. The overworld sprites were definitely changed, and so on.

    These are interesting facts that are noteworthy and deserving of discussion and shouldn't be glossed over as "we've seen lords before."
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