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  1. Your challenge this time is to create a Fire Dragon!

    HOWEVER: Your challenge has an extra condition this time! Your dragon:
    • Must be easily relatable to the element of fire
    • Cannot make this relation by BREATHING fire

    Your dragon CAN explode in flames, absorb flames, be immune to flames, have volcanoes for a habitat; anything else, but fire-breathing is off the menu; you're gonna have to be more original than that!

    Dragon's Scientific Name (if any):
    Dragon's Common Name (if any):
    Physical appearance:
    Fire-like attributes:
    Species rarity:
    Other info:
  2. Dragon's Scientific Name: Ignis cornua (Fire Horns in Latin)
    Dragon's Common Name : Flame Whip
    Physical appearance: You know how fire dragons are usually depicted as red? Yeah not this one. The Flame Whip is a small gray dragon. Well small for a dragon,it's about the size of a couch. Anyway,the Flame Whip looks quite odd when it's not angry. When docile it has a smooth head and just a stump covered in large black pores for a tail. Though if someone was to approach and enrage this dragon it would change completely. Female Flame Whip's have blue fire tails and horns while the males have white fire.
    Fire-like attributes: When the Flame Whip is enraged the black pores on it's tail and the spots behind it's eyes shoot out a special fire that doesn't flicker away,it becomes a maneuverable solid,like an actual tail. It still can catch things on fire and it still burns anything it touches but it's a solid at the same time it's a plasma like normal fire. This fire tail can extend and act as a whip for the dragon and it moves as if part of the body. Most people say the fire is magical so it can do these things but no one is sure.
    Behavior: This dragon is very secluded but smart and vicious. It only comes above ground twice a year to feed and mate. If in that time they are above ground they encounter a threat then the dragon is clever,it does not straight out attack the threat,it tries to get it to get it's self killed so the Flame Whip does not endanger itself. It only ever uses it's whip tail as a last resort in fighting a threat,the tails are mostly used to attract mates since the brighter the flame the stronger the mate. These dragons also live alone outside of mating season where they raise an egg together then leave it to fend for itself when it hatches.
    Habitat: These dragons live far underground,in magma and fire filled caves near the core of the world. They absorb the heat from their pools of magma to make their flames burn brighter so the bigger the pool the brighter the flame.
    Species rarity: They are very rare,there are only a few hundred of them alive and they all live on one continent that they cannot leave since they cannot fly for an extended period of time. Many Flame Dragons also die before they reach an age where they are old enough to mate.
    Other info: As a Flame Whip ages it's flame grows dimmer and when it burns out the dragon dies. Though these dragons generally live for hundreds of years.

    Ooh that was fun!
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