Fire and Water

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  1. Before I continue, I would like to thank SilverJayStorm for helping me IMMENSELY with this storyline. She is AWESOME! Also, feel free to ask me ANY questions!! And now, for the story...
    As we know, ages upon ages ago, there was a dispute for power among the gods named Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. They decided to, what we call now as "draw straws" to see who would rule which Kingdom. However, the game was rigged by Zeus himself, causing Hades to be to ruler of the Underworld, Poseidon of the Seas, and Zeus of the Skies. Hundreds of thousands of years later, Hades decided to confront Zeus and demmand that he was no longer stuck in his realm of the horrid Underworld. Zeus and the other Gods refused of course, not even listening to him, they considered this God disgusting. Because of this, Poseidon felt a twinge of pity for his poor brother, and when Zeus saw this, he was outraged. A small argument turned into a war, and the Gods realized that in their own fighting, the Earth was slowly being ripped apart because of their immense power. And so it was settled, the Gods were to create a new realm, nameless it was, and the three clans there would be formed accordingly. Zeus rules the Lume clan, along with a few lesser Gods, Poseidon watches over the Vanduo clan, and Hades rules over the outcasts, the Els de Flora. The members of the clans are opposite in every way, except their admiring of the magestic Pegasus. They now must fight an eternal war for their Gods, forced to indeed. They now wish to overcome these powerful beings, but how? How?! That, is up to you...
    Lume- From the Galician word for "Fire," the Lume are ruled mainly by Zeus and Hephaestus. The species include Animal-human hybrids, Angels, fire and earth elementals, and other creatures of fire or light.
    Vanduo- The Lithuanian word for "Water," Vanduo is ruled mainly by Poseidon and Oceanus. The creatures here consist of some lesser demons, water elementals, and any creatures associated with water.
    Els de Flora- Originating from the Catalan phrase "The Outcasts," Els de Flora is ruled by Hades and Thanatos. The species here include Orcs, Goblins, Humans, or any banished creatures from other clans. The members of this clan act as mercenaries. They will fight for both sides if it means reward.
    Mounts and Pets
    The Lume and Vanduo may have small magical pets if they wish, and they prefer the mounts of beautiful creatures.
    The Els de Flora prefer to have no pets, and have the monsters as mounts.
    The Universal City of All Clans: This is the place that the clans go to when it is their time to fight. It is in the center of all the clans' territories.
    To make the War more simple, the Gods had every territory be made almost exactly the same, containing these buildings or areas in the same places.
    Training City: A large city full of training centers for their newly "spawned" warriors. They are located towards the back of the territory to prevent blood spilling from these young fighters, which are released at twenty years old.
    The Temple of Zeus/Poseidon/Hades: This is where the inhabitants of the each clan can worship their main God.
    The Resting City: This is a place that the Gods made to have a small amount of mercy for their warriors. They can rest here for 2 days at a time before going back to training or war.
    The Front Line: This large area takes up the whole unused part of the territories, as the Gods only made this place for war and death. The warriors fill these areas to fight and defend most of their time.

    So, can these three sides, destined to kill each other, somehow stand up against the Gods? Let's find out!

    Character Skeleton
    Current Position (Training Center, War, Resting Center, etc.):

    Confirmed Players!
    Lume- ilovevampzero "Hasira," Dead Romeo "Beirul," TigerQueen "Selenia," Dead Romeo "Mina," Shadow Reaver "Evelyn,"
    Vanduo- Psychedelic "Calder," Echoing_Song "Riven Hail," ilovevampzero "Vesi,"
    Els de Flora- SilverJayStorm "Violet," NorwayFOO "Cadmar," RomanticLightning "L'arachel," Echoing_Song "Mask,"
  2. Name: Violet

    Species: HomoSapiens

    Clan: Els de Flora

    Personality: She loves to be sneaky and sly and can be payed to spy on others, but it costs a pretty penny. She can be tempormental if you catch her in a bad mood, but she is ok around those who know her well.

    Appearance: She had elbow-length jet black hair that, when down covers half her face. One of her eyes is green, however the other is blue and has a nasty scar behind it. He left arm shoulder has a scar and she usually has a bandage tied around the wound on her right forearm that never seemed to heal completely. She is slightly skinner and a few inches taller than most 16 year old humans. She is very deceiving though, do not let her little cute appearance fool you, she is a cunning and ruthless spy.

    Powers: Hades has stown upon her the powers that her blue eye(left eye) has double vision almost, meaning she can see far away. She is VERY fast and deadly accurate with a bow and arrow or sniper's rifle. She is ok with automatic guns, but she usually doesn't use them, using a pistol or knives as sidearms. She is very close to being able to teleport, and if in very dangerous situations, can teleport a few feet away and create almost a bubble around her, giving her time to fix everything before charging back into battle.

    Pet/Mount: She has a dragon for her mount who is half the size of a house, but very lethal and very strong. His name is Jay. He is mainly lack with beaming yellow eyes. He has blue stripes down his body, but crimson red claws a d facial designs.

    Others: Violet is very confidential with her past, so be careful what you ask her.

    Tada! XD
  3. Name: Hasira
    Age: 18
    Current Position (Training Center, War, Resting Center, etc.): Training Center
    Species: Fire Elemental
    Clan: Lume
    Personality: Hasira is excited to leave the Training Center at twenty, but not excited enough to be happy. She has a very short fuse, is very quiet, and only cares for her animal companions. She is also very sarcastic and snappy.
    Appearance: Link: When she's not pissed off... When she is...
    Powers:As you saw up there, she can go into a full fire-magma form. She only does this rarely, however. When she's still human, Hasira can shoot fire balls at people, as well as summon and control flame.
    Weapon(s): Preferably herself, but a small dagger when required.
    Pets: Hasira has a pet winged wolf named Varg. He looks like this... He is a cunning and sweet little guy, and is Hasira's only love other than her horse, Cavall, who is also jet black. Cavall is female by the way...
    Other: Hasira does indeed have a short fuse, but she will only turn into her true form if you touch or injure her animals.
  4. Will post a char. sheet tonight.
  5. Name: Calder
    Age: 21
    Current Position: Training centre
    Species: Water elemental
    Clan: Vanduo
    Personality: Confident and sociable, but also somewhat moody at times. He perceives most as friends, although he can quickly become envious of those who receive praise or attention when he feels it is not warranted. He can be quite vocal about this supposed injustice. As a result, he can make a nuisance of himself, later leading to the formation of rivalries that really aren't all that healthy.
    Powers: Has a telepathic ability to control water. This is mostly used in a defensive role, although as he progresses with his training it should form a decent attacking force too. At the moment he has no power over ice, hopefully that'll change.
    Weapon(s): Uses a variety of blades, mostly throwing knives, poniards and the odd rapier. But really, anything that's to hand and has the potential to stab - it'll do.
    Mount: The Pooka. The two have an understanding. Sometimes The Pooka will be there to aid him, sometimes he will be there to hinder him, at others he'll not be there at all. The Pooka usually takes the form of a shaggy black pony, but can take the form of any animal if necessary. He always has glowing yellow eyes.

  6. @Psychedelic Accepted! I like your character... Putting him under Vanduo now! :D
  7. Good enough...

    Character Skeleton
    Name: Cadmar N/A
    Age: 27
    Current Position: War
    Species: HalfBlood
    Clan: Els de Flora
    Personality: He would rather be hanging out than fighting but that doesn't mean he wont fight when need be. He will try and talk down his opponent before attacking with the hope of not having to kill, however, this hardly ever works. He was cast out of Lume for being too friendly with 'enemy's'. Depending on his mood depends on how he is. Usual serious in battle and easy going when not.
    Natural powers; Flight
    Gifted; Foresight: He can see a surprise attack seconds before it happens, you cannot catch him off guard.
    Blocking strength: He can match the strength of another when blocking
    Weapon(s): Swords in pick
    Mount: Lesser Dragon; Everyone knows of the large fire breathing dragons, a lesser dragon is a less powerful smaller dragon that does not have as strong of a fire breath
    Other: He doesn't follow any gods, another reason why he was cast out of his home land, he thinks they are all corrupt so he rebels in slight ways that can be easily over looked.
  8. Name: Beirul
    Age: 61
    Current Position: the Front Lines
    Species: Fire Giant
    Clan: Lume
    Personality: Hot, brazen. Everything expected of a fire giant. Beirul is not ill-tempered, as some would assume, but he is rather aggressive. War is his passion, and even though he claims to be true to the cause, he doesn’t care where he smashes his hammer as long as he can hit something.
    Appearance: dun200_firegiant.jpg
    Powers: Fire resistant, can split small areas of the earth for a fiery fall (though it takes time and concentration on his part), and a fire wall, which depending on its size, can last anywhere between a few seconds to a few hours.
    Weapon(s): A large war hammer, which never leaves his person.
    Pets: Very few creatures have survived his heated presence, but his pet/mount have always been faithful. He has a large war-horse named Gamet and a rather mean-looking red hawk.
    Other: NA

    Let me know if anything needs to be changed.
  9. [MENTION=3415]NorwayFOO[/MENTION] and [MENTION=3660]Dres[/MENTION] Both accepted! Thank you for joining! I'll read it again when it's finished, Norway. Thanks for joining the roleplay! Putting characters in the list now...
  10. This is about as good as it can get for right now =/
  11. It's fine. I like the characters so far!
  12. Name: L'arachel

    Age: 23

    Current Position: On the battlefield

    Species: Human/Demon

    Clan: Els De Flora

    Personality: To most things she pretty much "Really? Well I don't give a shit." She's not exactly the easiest to socialize to due to her natural negative aura so she stays by herself most times. This however does not mean she's bad at talking, L'arachel knows her ways around people, and can easily manipulate that by altering her personality. She dislikes the people of Lume because that was her homeland.


    Powers: L'arachel is pretty nimble and therefore hard to land a hit on, she can parkour as well for surprise attacks and such. Her golden flintlock is modified so that when the shot lands, it'll explode. Her daggers a poisoned and she has a demon mode. When angered enough the demon blood in her veins will cause a severe change in her personality. She'll become extremely wicked and sadistic. Her eyes become a light tone of red and fangs form

    Weapon(s): A slim silver blade, a golden flintlock, and two handguns attached to her heels. (Pay close attention to the photo. :3)

    Pets: Small cat name Horatio. He's also a mixed blood, and can transform into a large jungle cat, both for fighting purposes and traveling purposes.

    Other: L'arachel was the cursed spawn between a demon and a human. Because of this she was casted out and sent to Els De Flora where she began to work as a prostitute as she had no combat training due to her being only 15. (Yes. I'm that screwed up.) Then her real father, who turned out to be a mixed-blood like her, found her and raised her into a killer, as she actually cared due to similarity in their problems.
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  14. Bah, my absence was stupid. @RomanticLightning (Rufia lol) you are accepted!
    When we start this later on, I'll create a character of multiple characters to make the clans as equal as possible.
  15. Character Skeleton
    Name: Riven Hail
    Age: 25
    Current Position: Front lines
    Species: Water elf
    Clan: Vanduo
    Personality:He quiet and observant, sometimes, other times he's fearless and outgoing. Sometimes, he refuses to think before he acts, because he's saved more lives that way. If he can help it, he won't kill someone in a fight. He'll leave them mortally wounded, maybe even near death, but he won't kill them. Sometimes, as he's walking away, he's been known to say a healing word and the water around them will heal the person he wounded. Slowly, but it will.
    Appearance: 398095_396670713757967_407830940_n.jpg
    Powers: Healing and water manipulation. He mutters words and phrases that no one can hear, and the water reacts to them. He doesn't have to move at all to get water to obey his voice.
    Weapon(s): bleach-anime-kyouraku-shunsui-twin-sword-set-d2f30.jpg
    Pets: It's a pet and a mount; the dragon can shift size from one that can wrap around Riven's arm to one he can mount and fight alongside. The two are in sink, understanding one another on a deeper level that what people see. He calls it Pawn. Water-Dragon-water-dragons-16725741-400-338.jpg
    Other: He has major scars all over him, from injuries on the front lines. He doesn't know the meaning of giving up, he's too stubborn for it.

    Character Skeleton
    Name: Mask
    Age: Unknown
    Current Position: Front Lines
    Species: He's a Drow, a Dark Elf.
    Clan: Els de Flora
    Personality: He doesn't talk; not to others anyway. He often mutters to himself, but no one is sure exactly why. He's not crazy, but he doesn't speak to others and rarely does he defend someone. He, according to the tales, has spared those who as mercy. No one is really sure what to make of him.
    Appearance: 5457-1340360245.jpg He wears the mask and cloak and gloves all the time. No one has ever seen his face, and his hair is too short to see if it's black or white beneath the hood. No one ever sees him eat or drink either.
    Powers: Whenever he's fighting, sometimes the person he's fighting with will freeze up as if in agony or pain. Some suspect he can manipulate a person's muscles and blood, but he's never confirmed it.
    Weapon(s): Drow_Scorpion_Chain.jpg The center ring is hooked to his back beneath the cloak, the two side rings are hooked to his shoulders. The chains run down his arms and the blades hooked on the underside of his wrist. And expert like him can make the chains seem to be a hundred feet long when they're really only four fee longer than his arms.
    Pets: Other,_Blackjack.jpg It's name is Raven. He's a nightmare, a pegusus like creature that eats strictly meat. Most tend to be vicious and mean, snapping at anyone. But Raven acts different around Mask, nuzzling him, letting the mute Drow pet and baby him. Mask rarely leaves the creature alone simply because, others assume, that he doesn't want anyone to be hurt.

  16. [MENTION=3593]Echoing_Song[/MENTION] Lovely characters. :3 Adding them to the list now. Thanks for making one in Vanduo!
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