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  1. Hello, everyone. I've been on this lovely site for awhile, when I realized I haven't made any roleplays myself yet! Oh, what a large amount of learning ahead of me :3... So, the roleplay, I had a very small idea that I need YOU to build on to create an excellent roleplay! My idea is that two completely opposite civilizations, different in culture, species, gender, and mind, have been forever seperated by the Gods in war and hatred. The Gods have done this for their own amusement, making the nations suffer in eternal seperation, causing bloodbaths if they were to near each other. These nations want to unite as one, but they cannot. The powerful beings above them have refuse to allow this. Can the nations somehow overcome the Gods and unite as one again? Or must they stay in this horrible, eternal war, the poor souls completely opposite of one another and destined to never be able to live with the other side harmony?
    So, that's the only part of the story I have come up with so far. Is there any interest that has sparked? If so, how can this be expanded and changed? That is for you to decide. Express your creative nature, and keep up the good work on Iwaku!
    Thanks, everyone!
  2. I like it. I think it's great, but one thing.....What do both of them have in common...Just ONE thing so that they can build on that to overcome the gods. Other than that, I am tottaly interested!
  3. [MENTION=2387]SilverJayStorm[/MENTION] Well, they both want to overcome the Gods... I'm not sure what else. This is an early beta stage! Any suggestions? They're encouraged.
  4. Well, maybe they should both like something.....I don't know, a specific bird? Or, (since this is a fantasy) some type of dragon or dinosaur type thing? Then, they both try and overcome the gods with that one thing...somehow?
  5. Oooo, I likey. An animal of the Mythological nature... How about... *Looks at list* PIKACHU! No... How about theeeee.... Pegasus?
  6. Sure. The Pegasus is a creature of grace and magesty, perfect =D
  7. Good, very good. Now, all we must do is add some details, get some people interested, put up an OOC thread, and we're set then! Heeeey, you wanna work together on this?
  8. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! So then, let's start on it. Might as well... So far, as a summary, two completely opposite nations except for their worshipping of the magestic pika-er-pegasus are forced to hate each other and be in eternal war because of the Gods. How can we build on that? (Sorry if I'm annoying you, I am just happy to have a partner! :D)
  9. ((You are not annoying me. In fact, this has made my day bunches better =D))

    Well, let's see. The two groups, need names to start with. Then, can their be like an 'outsiders' group that can be bribed to help either side? Like to do their dirty work or to be a spy?

    ((Also, I'm gonna have to leave at the moment, but I'll be back in an hour or two. I'm sorry! I'll be back soon!!)
  10. Well, for the names I'll probably do what I do for some of my character names... Google Translate the words "Fire" and "Water" until I get good-looking words. For the outsiders, that is interesting. They could be creatures (perhaps humanoid mythical ones) that the Gods created to make things more interesting. I will get to work on that. Now, for the ones on each side. I put "different genders," but should I let the players be any species or gender? Ah, questions, questions.
  11. I think that is an excellent idea!! I'll be back soon, I promise.
  12. Well, I actually have to go for a while. Quite an odd schedule lately. I may pop on for a minute later, but most likely tomorrow. Thanks for the help!
  13. It's ok =D
  14. [MENTION=2387]SilverJayStorm[/MENTION]
    ~Hola.~ I'm back for a bit. AND I'M ON A ROLL! This is what I have.
    The names of the clans or nations or whatever they are called are these...
    Fire- Lume (In Galician Language).
    Water- Vanduo (In Lithuanian).
    The Outsiders- Els de Fora (In my always handy Catalan).
    I was thinking that Lume would have more animal-human hybrids, Angels, fire and earth elementals, and anything fire-y or light-y.
    Vanduo should have Demons, water, earth, and ground elementals, or anything that doesn't go in the other categories.
    Els de Flora should have goblins, orcs, humans, and anything along the lines. They stay in groups or alone, and pretty muc hact as mercenaries. You like? Also, I think we should allow the Lume and Vanduo have magical pets, as well as the pretty creatures as mounts. (Magical horses, you know). The Els de Flora will have frightening beasts as mounts. (Griffins and other monsters).
  15. And can the outsiders be castaways from the other two groups too? It sounds AWESOME so far!!!
  16. Yes, they are outsiders, as the Gods created them to increase the fun and blood spilled. Speaking of which, I was thinking. Should we make it just ONE God? And if so, a classic Greek one like Ares, or another type such as an Indian God, like Kali? Wow, my mind's going crazy...
  17. Hmm... Maybe there should be Three Gods, one for each side. The first God should be with the Lume, and it would be like Zues or Poseidon. Then, the God for Vanduo would be like Hades. Those two Gods are like twins, always fighting for the top spot. They have a younger brother/sister who is the god for the outsiders... (idk which one that would be...Maybe Ares or Artemis??)
  18. Alright, I like the Greek Gods idea. I Read the HECK out of the whole Percy Jackson series when I was younger, and in the books, the "Big Three" were Zues, Poseidon, and Hades. So what if we were to take your epic idea onto another level by saying that one of the Big Three has one clan, with the lesser Greek Gods on certain sides. As in Zeus for Lume, Poseidon for Vanduo, and Hades (who was outcasted as well) for Els de Flora. Hephaestus (God of fire and other things) would join Zeus in Lume, and the others could be placed as well. Since their fighting between eachother would bring Earth to ruin, the Gods created this world and established sides between it's inhabitants. They let the creatures fight their war for them, and watch in anticipation to see the victor, who will not come for hundred of thousands of years. As for the conflict, perhaps long after Hades was banished to the Underworld, he finally stood up to Zeus, and Poseidon had a small amount of pity for the poor Ruler of the Dead. When Zeus saw this, it went from a small argument eventually to this war.
    And this is what happens when I eat sugar. 45 WPM TIME!
  19. lolz, that was great! Love the idea...BTW: I haven't read the Percy Jackson series... but I might..