Fire and Ice

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    Arnatt frowned, he now stood in front of the Demon king. He had been forced to go into the fire demon territory and now he was captured. The priests of the king were giving him to the king as a servant as a gift. His green eyes narrowed in his annoyance as he was pushed forward, "bow to your new master angel!" Snapped one demon. Arnatt glared at the demon, "I won't bow to 'my master' I only bow to the elders" he hissed out. His wings would have snapped out, but the were chained and the chains connected to his shackles.
  2. Taeus gave a sly smile to the chained angel before him and twirled his cane, an obsidian walking stick with a ruby at the top of it. It was imbued with the souls of sinners and a generous amount of negative energy, which caused the demon king to thrive.

    He took hold of the other man's face with his right hand, adorned with rings, and brought himself closer, the distance between their faces about a the length of an adult's hand away. "Listen here, angel," he seemed to choke on the venom loaded into that word, "you will bow to me, for I am a part of this so-called 'prophecy' your kind seem to adore." Taeus thrust the angel downward with the cane.
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    His eyes narrowed, he pushed himself to his feet glaring straight at the demon. "I will never bow to you," he hissed saying each word slowly, his wings ruffled against the chains. You could see the fire of his spirit animal ragging in his gem like eyes.
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    "Oh, you can," Taeus growled, red eyes flashing black like those of the Ruby Dragon he is feared to be, "and you will. Maybe not right now, but eventually, my dear..." He trailed off, waiting for a name to be given.
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    "Arnatt," he said his nails dug into his palm, he could feel the blood dripping to the floor. He also knew the affect of his pure blood and it's sweet aroma had on the demons, "may your cruel heart be your demise," he said in his Angelic language.
  6. Taeus gritted his teeth but managed a smile nonetheless. How vexing could this angel get? "I am Taeus, Arnatt. But you will have the pleasure of calling me 'Master'."

    He then barked to a nearby demon, "Clean up this goddamn mess and get the angel a bandage!" The meek blue-skinned minion nodded vigorously and scurried out.
  7. "In your dreams," he hissed, he knew if he didn't succeed in this mission he would be most likely lose his life. He pushed these thoughts away, he wouldn't fail. The elders had waited for this since the last dragon, Paarthurnax, gave them this prophecy and he wasn't going to fail them. He already hated the demon king, it took all of his self control to not let his spirit animal free.
  8. The demon hurried back with a bandage and knelt to wipe the slightly bloodied tiles that were affected.

    Nodding at the demon cleaning it up, Taeus began to wrap Arnatt's wounded hand up with a gentle touch. He ordered three other demons to release the heaviest chains, to leave his arms and wings bound, with a ball chain on his leg.

    "When they finish, why don't you tell me what this is all about, hmm?" Taeus said as the demons took hold of Arnatt.
  9. His eyes narrowed farther, "that does not concern you," he said sharply. He seemed very uncomfortable having the demons so close to his low body temperature compared to their very hot body temperature. He resisted the urge to shy away like he would usually do when uncomfortable but he stayed put.

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  10. Taeus walked away, leaving the three demons to attend to Arnatt. A short, red haired demon with black markings across her entire body, was holding his wrist. "We'll lead you to your temporary chambers and get to work on removing the bulk of your chains," she said, a twitch of her pointed ear signaling the other two to move.
  11. Arnatt decided to try something though he would probably get punished for it. "Why sin? Why wrong? Help my friends, angels are the allies of the father, the king of the mountain, paarthurnax," he said in his own language, it was to any creature nearby. His head was bowed so they couldn't see his eyes swirling with gold magic, they were hidden behind his bangs. One of the hounds lifted its head from where it had been lying like a statue. The fire dog's red eyes blinked as he felt the pure arua around the angel, like any other creature it understood the angel. It let out a sharp heart-wrenching wine, it pulled at the chain that was held by one of the demon guards.
  12. The same demon who had attempted conversation with Arnatt snarled at the dog. "Get away! Shoo!" she spat, and the blue-skinned demon who had cleaned up the angel's blood gave the dog a gentle whap on the body, not wanting to hurt it.

    "Iatha," he hissed in the language of the demons, "do something!"

    Iatha snapped at Arnatt. "Whatever you're doing, you better cut it out, you hear me?" She tugged at his chain harder, as did the other two.
  13. His eyes seemed to darken and a dark chuckle escaped his lips, "the hound knows that Angels speak truth and that the truth is that the father will return," he said. His green eyes continued to swirl with gold, he let the corner of his mouth curl up in a slight smirk. The hound whimpered as Arnett was forced to walk past, "thank you for trying my friend," Arnett said to the hound in his language again.
  14. A few moments later, the four of them had arrived at Arnatt's temporary chambers. Iatha left the group as the two male demons rid him of the bloodied chains on his body and changed his attire into a black and red robe with the insignia of the demons.

    They worked quickly and efficiently, removing all unnecessary bindings from the angel and letting Iatha back in.

    "You have an audience with the demon king in a few minutes."
  15. He didn't say anything, he kept mumbling something in his own language. His eyes were back to their normal look, his pale skin seemed brighter in the darkness of the fire kingdom. His wings flexed opening to their full length almost doubling his slender form, they pulled back in folding neatly against his spine. They didn't hang behind him like when he was at home, he didn't feel safe here so they stayed tightly folded against his spine. The tips almost touched the floor even when folded so tightly, he gently rubbed his sore wrists.
  16. Iatha and the other two demons escorted the angel "guest" out of his quarters and into a grand living room.

    "Greetings," said Taeus, who was waiting for him there.

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    He didn't say anything, he just gave him a blank stare. His emerald eyes held no emotion what-so-ever, he blinked at the words. He spoke in his own language, "father, if you hear me please watch and protect me so I may complete this quest for you," he prayed. His wings ruffled, he didn't like the constant heat of the fire demon kingdom, he always felt smothered.
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  18. Taeus motioned Arnatt to a chair. "Sit, please. Tea will be brought out momentarily. The chef told me it was Earl Gray." The demon king took a seat himself, crossing his legs.

    "While we wait, however... You should really inform me of at least the basics on this quest."
  19. He sat down, he adjusted his wings so they tightened against his frame. "It is not for others to hear," he said firmly, his eyes flashed to the demons standing guard before meeting with the king's again. His eyes were swirling pools of what seemed to be molten Emerald, if you looked hard enough you could see the flickering fire in the depths of his pupils.
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    Taeus held back an angry click of his tongue and shooed the other demons away. His minions shuffled away and Taeus tousled his night-black hair. "Now will you tell me?" His cane was set to his right, ready to whack the angel in front of the demon king and imbue him with negative energy, turning him into one of the Fallen.

    Taeus wouldn't try anything funny, although he was losing his patience - so much that he had begun to lapse into a casual manner of speech.
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