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  1. Edrich Eugene Bell grew up in a very strict family, having two ex-military parents. He grew up with strict schedules and an enforced moral code. His mindset has been engrained with rules and regulations, which stayed with him and isolated him throughout his whole school career. He never went to any parties or had any relationships, just a select few 'friends' for resources. He got through all of his years of schooling easily, and he left home so he could go to a distant college. He is now attending said college, one in California, but he has the same mindset.

    My particular mindset for this roleplay is that Edrich meets a party boy, who attempts to pull him out of his strict personality.
  2. I would like to join! :o If you don't like what's below ~ ~ Then just tell me and I can delete my comment! :D
    ~ ~

    Charlie Red Schaumburg grew up with his Aunt and Uncle, having lost his parents in a Fire before he was born. His Aunt and Uncle were really cool, they allowed him to do whatever he wanted. He called them Hippies, because they acted like one, they dressed like one, and basically did everything that a normal Hippie would do. That's what he loved so much about them, they were just themselves and told the truth most of the time. Normally, he would always go out to parties and either get drunk or high, he could never remember. Though, he was still able to pass through school like an artist with Paint. Now living in California, trying to get his degree while still being able to party.
  3. Yay~! Ye has replied~! I love your character, and would love for you to be the fire to my icy man's mind. Would you like to make actual character sheets, or are you wanting to just use these little paragraphs?
  4. Hm. I wouldn't mind, either way works.~
  5. Maybe just a basic character sheet...

    Appearance (open)
    35375920_big_p5.jpg 35375920_big_p10.jpg 35375920_big_p11.jpg 35375920_big_p12.jpg 36727786_big_p2.jpg 36727786_big_p9.jpg

    Eye Candy (open)
    35375920_big_p13.jpg 36727786_big_p19.jpg 36727786_big_p20.jpg 36727786_big_p4.jpg

    Name: Edrich Eugene Bell
    Age: 20
    Sex "Obviously" Male
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Personality: Cold, Formal, Traditional
    Likes: Cats, Sweet Foods, Coffee and related drinks
    Dislikes: Dogs, Slackers, People who are useless to him
    Quirk: Edrich has a few soft spots in his personality, though he never reveals them in public. Those who see these soft spots are swiftly threatened to keep their mouth shut or have it sown shut.

  6. Alright ~ By the way, I'm not the best at Spoilers so I just try to find the smallest picture so it doesn't take up the whole page. Dx

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Charlie Red Schaumburg
    Nickname: Char (( Yes, his nickname is Char. ~ ))
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male~
    height: 5'6"
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Personality: Nice, Fun, exotic.
    Likes: Parties, Animals, Beer, Friends, Cake, Children.
    Dislikes: 'Sophisticated Jerks' (( Most of the time. ))
    Quirk: Charlie can be very vulnerable and idiotic, people tend to use him because of it. He truly doesn't mind though, as long as they're nice to him the first time he meets them.

    (( So sorry this took so long. I was trying to do a Spoiler thing but completely failed so this is what I did. ))

  7. Well, you didn't have to put the pictures in spoilers. I just wanted to separate the regular pictures and the eye candy. Anybutts, Charmander! So, do you want to start us off or should I? Either way, it's going to end up at a party. :P I has a plan plan.
  8. Hahahah, alright. And you can start ~ xD
  9. If you're in the mood for more than one roleplay, I'm very intrigued by this idea s well?
  10. Sure, we could do this. PM me, and we'll discuss a way to slightly change it up, so that there aren't two roleplays of the exact same calibur.
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