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  1. Plot: Two boys represent two of the greatest creatures to live A Phoenix and a Dragon. Fire and Ice, one is sweet and kind while the other means and cruel. One is an angel turned slave, the other a demon king. Will the spark ignite or will the prophecy go down in flames, literally.

    Demon kingdom:

    Angel kingdom:[​IMG]

    My Form:
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Personality: He is very smart and polite, he is always calm. He can be very stubborn and doesn't yield to the king's rules of slavery even when he is tortured.

    Creature he represents:

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  2. I'm assuming the position of the Dragon boy is open, so if that's true, I'd love to play him!
  3. It's open and he's a demon. He only represents the dragon.
  4. Name: Taeus
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Wings: Tattered black wings.
    Personality: Taeus is a manipulative bastard who always gets what he wants, when he wants it. He holds a lot of contempt for angels, and thinks that his new traveling partner is a "soft-hearted idiot with a troubled life."
    Creature he represents: A fearsome red dragon, three times the size of an average human.
  5. [I saw the themes for this thread (I found this thread by way of the ad banners), and since I am a minor, would it be fine with you if we continue the roleplay, but not have the sexual themes? I'm okay with it if you're not comfortable continuing the roleplay.]
  6. Yay we are allowed to roleplay again!
  7. @sierra

    Hey guys, we moved your roleplay to the Romance section for you, but the reason it was in the wrong section is because you had been using this thread for Out of Character stuff before you started the roleplay. We don't allow purely Out of Character posts in the In Character sections, so I've moved these posts to this new OOC thread for you. Please keep OOC chatter here. Thanks!
  8. Thank you Ozzie.
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