Fire And Gallows OOC/Plot discussion

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  1. The OOC for Fire and Gallows. Make OOC posts and discuss the plot and such things.
  2. I'm here Vulnus. What did you want to discuss?

    If it's about why the hell Crimson is back, it's because he grew tired of living a peaceful life for like a few centuries now(and because I felt that he left the story too soon for my liking :/) . And about the arm: no, it didn't grow back, but one of his dwarven friends managed to make him a mechanical one that works just like a normal one except for making an almost inaudible screaking noise (I don't know if I said it right) and being a bit weaker than a real one.

    If you don't like something about it, I can just change anything you want, just ask.
  3. Okay, I should not have called you out, and yes, it can be Crimson, after all I'm using Harrow. I'm PMing you now so we can talk in private. I do apologize for calling you out in public and that part of my post has been removed.
  4. Hey, no worries, man. You didn't hurt my feelings or anything (if that's what you are trying to say) :P
  5. Anywho, plot time I guess. I had a few ideas, and wanted to see what you guys thought

    1. We participate in the war, on whichever side
    2. We try to find a way to stop the war without working for either army
    3. We hire on to whichever side will pay the most
    4. We ignore the war and just go adventuring.

    Also, sent you a PM Aravhorn.
  6. I choose the second and fourth options. The other two look kinda repetitive to me :P
  7. And just realized we got an undead hating paladin. So, that changes things a bit.
    New Question: Do we want to be one group or two. If one, then how are we going to have an Undead and a paladin working together?
    Honestly, this makes it more interesting.
  8. I don't know, I think we should probably let it go its course and see what will come out from it, and then choose if we are going to be a single group or not(if the paladin wants to fight, then two groups, but if he eventually decides to accept the undead as an ally, then only one group).

    Also, I want to point out that kidcopious didn't directly stated if the paladin recognized Harrow or not, so there might be a small chance that he didn't.
  9. Yeah he didn't. Seemed like a pretty good disguise, and he has no particular means of detecting undead or anything. Im planning for him to cooperate if things work out that way, I just want to play a shit-talking righteous bastard cuz I thought it would be kind of funny. :)

    2. and 4. sound ok to me. My thoughts for this character are that he's sort of jaded with the church/government. Like, he would fight the war for the sake of his personal morals, but would rather do something drastic to try to win than go in as yet more infantry cannon-fodder. Just my 2 cents. Ill find a way to get swept along however things play out.
  10. I'm leaning more towards 4, but let's see what the other two think before we just plow into an adventure. Come to think of it, we need to figure out what the adventure would be.
  11. Oh my gad.... I feel the urge to join but ..... nah can add another character in here? Im planning to join as a dark sorceress can it be female? or ill have to go with male?
  12. Whatever is good. I would be more then happy to see this get a breath of life, and besides a female dark sorceress is completely fine.
    The more the merrier.
  13. Mind if I join?
  14. It's a jump in, if you want to join feel free.
  15. Thought I would ask anyways thanks.
    P.S. Thinking 4 would be best.
    Let's heat up some cold iron shall we?
  16. Alright, just a heads up,but we've had a few inactive people. I'm thinking we move along and let them rejoin later if they want to.
  17. If it is free to join count me in.
  18. This sounds really cool I'm going to jump in if that's ok :)
  19. yeah, you can jump is a jump in after all...