Fire and Blood

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  1. The lights of the club flashed in pulsating rhythm over the writhing mass of bodies, the atmosphere electric and warm, music beating away within the blood of those present, dancing or not. Alcohol flowed freely as did the laughter, phone numbers, passion and rejection. It was a scene of a good night out, a wild time, and unbeknownst to most humans, a time of feeding for many of the creatures of the night. This was prime ground for it. So much noise and confusion and lights, drugs...most humans wouldn't even realize anything was happening before it was too late and if they were lucky, they'd wake somewhere with a huge hangover and a wound they couldn't explain.

    If they were unlucky...well, they wouldn't be questioning their state at all no matter where they ended up. The dead didn't usually care about those sorts of things.

    Fortunately for the humans near her, Alexandra wasn't looking for a meal. She laughed at a comment from a friend, also a vampire, and then looked up to the dark-haired, impressively tall male standing just outside the booth where she sat. "Oh, come on, Tony! This was supposed to be fun!"

    "I am having fun." the werewolf - their species had long ago come to a peaceful treaty and even friendship - replied evenly, though, not unkindly and the blond rolled her eyes, giving him a pointed look. "No, you're brooding as you stand there all masculine-like. Stop being my guard for two seconds and go talk to the redhead who's been eyeing you all night. Go!" She shoved his hip slightly at the last word and the male gave her an exasperated look that was returned by a grin, before he relented and moved away, a warning being left before he did.

    "Don't wander off."

    Alexandra chuckled, almost evilly, blue-green eyes sparkling with pure mischief in the club lighting. "Oh, I wouldn't dream of it."

    Unfortunately for Tony, she didn't say it loud enough for him to catch in all this noise and he left feeling uncertain, but willing to give his ward another try. Maybe she wouldn't disappear this time.
  2. Walking down the street a small distance from the club, a tall, striking man with silvery, flowing hair that reached just below his waist, stopped. Pushing bangs out of his green eyes, he eyed the front of the establishment, smirking mirthfully- From the club flowed many intermingling, interesting odors- Those of alchohol, humans, vampires, werewolves, blood, sweat, sex, and so many others, mixing together in a beautiful symphony of chaos, and it all interested him. Knowing that most of his race was currently at odds with almost everyone else in the world, as they almost all wanted to exterminate the human race, which many felt had become nothing more than a blight upon the earth, he fearlessly approached the door anyway- Let others plan and wage war were they would, he'd been around for far too long to let such things phase him- He just wanted to have fun.

    Approaching the man at the door, who was already moving to stop him, he halted the fellow by caressing his hand over the man's face, casting him into a blissful illusion for an instant while he slipped in. Stepping into the main dance floor, he breathed deeply, his eyes closed as a small smile of pleasure played across his lips, dancing seamlessly through the crowd, his arms raised above his head bobbing in time to the music as he made his way to the bar.

    Finding his way there, he rapped his knuckles twice- Though there was no real need- The bartender was obviously a Lycanthrope, judging from the smell coming from him, and doubtlessly the man knew what he was as well, a kitsune. He'd not bothered to hide his scent coming in, and while it may put some of their... Inhuman patrons on edge, he didn't care. He was here to have a good time, and as long as no one came at him looking for a fight, then everything was good. The bartender was wary of him, but he let the man know he meant no harm by holding his hands up in a placating gesture, and so he was served.

    Brandy in hand, the kitsune turned to observe the dance floor, his eyes scanning from one person to another, taking in the ambiance as he sipped from his glass.
  3. Now that her guard dog was taken care of - and she meant no offense by that, being very fond of Tony - the blond gave her a friends a smile before getting up and they waved her off with knowing smirks. It's not like they hadn't watched this unfold before. Many were placing bets on how long it would take before Tony would find her again and haul her off with a great lecture, and perhaps not before scaring the crap out of whoever she was with. Alexandra was always escaping the watchful eyes of her guards, getting into trouble and then getting out of it nearly as easily as she'd found it. She was beautiful, charismatic and when she wanted to, she held an innocence that most found they didn't want to ruin.

    It all worked to her advantage, but the vampire hardly used it in ways that could harm anyone else. Many vampires thought her strange for that reason, but if they knew what was good for them, they didn't mention it in her hearing or her family's hearing. After all, vampire royalty was terrifying when pissed off.

    The blond weaved through the dancers now, finding a partner, teasing and flirting before she moved away out of their reach and found another. It was nothing but pure fun on Alexandra's part. They were all human, she made sure of that, and she wasn't truly interested, but it was entertaining to watch their expressions as she went out of their reach. She wasn't good for that anyway and was doing them a favor leaving, but it still made her laugh when she did so.

    That laughter died on her lips, though, as she caught the scent of blood and her eyes dilated as she searched, letting her nose lead her. She was a relatively young vampire, more prone to being drawn to these things than older ones were. The older vampires knew there was blood, smelled it easily, but they had enough self-control not to care...or they had meals of their own. To Alexandra, though, she couldn't ignore it, not when there was so much of the smell and she came upon the male vampire feeding soon enough. His victim was a young woman and she was starting look pale, eyes glazing over, but that didn't hide her distress and for a moment Alexandra struggled with the dueling desires to feed on the woman herself, catching sight of the beautiful red liquid dripping down her neck, and her outrage for the situation.

    Rage won and the blond marched over to the two and grabbed the male vampire by the neck, ripping him away from the human. He turned on her with a snarl of rage and she hissed back, black tendrils around her eyes and fangs elongated. "Enough! You're going to kill her!"

    "It's just a human." the male sneered back and Alexandra hissed warningly, glancing at said human who was weaving on her feet, hand pressed to her neck, looking equally terrified and lost. "You were just a human once too. Leave her be." The other vampire grinned, face bloodied and eyes challenging. "You going to make me, blondie?"

    Alexandra bared her fangs into a smirk. "If I have to."
  4. Leaning against the bar, the kitsune lazily supped at his brandy as two human women rubbed themselves against him, one having unbuttoned his shirt and playing with his bare chest, while the other sucked on his neck. Smelling a copious amount of blood in the air, he looked over to where the smell was originating from, his keen eyes picking up on a Dansei kyūketsuki draining the life-blood from a human woman- Oh well, it was none of his concern.

    However, it did seem that someone else did make it their concern- sensing a heightened tension in the air, the kitsune looked up from his brandy again, spotting a young-looking Josei kyūketsuki making her way over to the pair, a fierce look in her eyes as she ripped the young woman away from the other vampire. He winced in sympathy- it looked like the vampire's fangs had torn quite the gash along the young woman's throat from having been ripped away so suddenly- Without fast treatment, the girl would die.

    His interest finally piqued, the kitsune decided to intervene in the girl's death- It wouldn't do any good for her to die on the young miss draculina, after she'd gone through the trouble to save her after all! So, downing the last of his brandy in one sip, the kitsune pushed the two young ladies off of himself, ignoring their protests and sauntering over to the pair of arguing kyūketsuki. Taking a quick glance around, he cast a small, subtle illusion to give them all privacy, then slipped up behind the human, wrapping his arms around her just as she was about to fall. "Sleep..." He said quietly into the woman's ear, his spell taking effect as the woman's eyes started to slide closed. Looking up at the two vampires, he winked at them before closing his eyes and nuzzling into the woman's neck, his form becoming opaque, fading into the young human.

    With no one to support her, the woman started to stumble, her face hidden by her bangs, before she took an unsteady step forward, lifting her head to reveal that her features had become slightly fox-like. "Well, well, well... You were a little rough, weren't you sugar?" She purred in a lilting, seductive tone, straightening herself up and crossing her arms under her bust, tilting her head to the side, revealing the wound steadily closing. "And you, I suppose thanks are in order, miss..." She turned her gaze to the young vampiress that had saved this body.
  5. It happened so suddenly that when it was done, Alexandra could only stare at the woman - kitsune? - that was speaking to her. Her mind was still trying to wrap around the fact that a true kitsune had been standing before her, a rather good-looking one too, and now was inside the human she'd been trying to protect. As the vampiress saw the wound closing, though, she relaxed marginally, her blackened eyes narrowing a little in thought as she looked at the woman...and then deeper into those eyes that reflected back pale blue while the woman's eyes themselves were brown.

    It was to the kitsune that she spoke, the beginning of a smile playing on her lips. "Alexa. You don't get a last name." The smile grew as they would both know that last names among vampires revealed their ranks and when two races were at war, revealing a rank could invite trouble. The blond looked away from the kitsune-woman and back toward that male vampire who was looking more and more alarmed as the moments passed, his eyes flickering around at the people who didn't even seem to notice them and Alexandra folded her arms, looking much like the woman beside her, though, the vampiress' expression could have killed in that moment. "It's called an illusion, James. Clean up you face and get out of here. And don't let me catch you doing that again."

    James' eyes widened just a little at the fact that she knew his name and Alexandra chuckled, making a shooing motion. "Go on home like a good little bat." She turned away and ignored the looking of loathing sent her way before the other vampire left and then looked over the kitsune-woman again, her eyes fading from their black hues to a gentler blue-green. "Hmm....I think I liked the male version. Thanks for your help." Flashing him a grin, gold hair catching the light, she stepped out of the illusion and back into the chaos of the club. What she expected was to get lost amidst the dancers again, to not even see the kitsune again. After all, something had drawn him over - maybe the chance to show off? - but the situation was dealt with and she didn't see anything that would keep him here any longer than he had to be.
  6. The woman-kitsune smirked, watching the by-play between the two vampires. The way the cute little blonde was handling the idiot, there was no doubt about it- She was higher on the food chain than he was. How high was of no concern to the kitsune though- the only important thing tonight was the fun, and this little drama had most definitely amused her. Watching the vampirella walk away, she smirked. "Oh Alexa, I don't think we're quite done yet." She murmured, watching the girl disappear into the crowd.

    Reaching up to feel her neck, the woman winced slightly- The wound had closed, but it was going to be about five minutes yet before her regeneration factor reproduced enough red blood cells to make up for what had been spilled by the vampire. Ahhh well, this wasn't the first time the kitsune had been inside a human female body this way, and it probably wouldn't be the last either. So, making up her mind, she went to the bar and ordered herself another brandy, drinking the time away and rudely rebuffing any guys who came over to flirt.

    After finishing her second glass, she smirked, looking up at the ceiling. Casting an illusion to keep any humans from seeing, the kitsune ghosted out of the woman's body, his arms wrapped around her waist, smirking as a dull look settled upon her- a sign of hypnosis. "Tonight never happened, it was all a dream." He whispered in her ear. "Now you will dream that you go back to your apartment, and go to bed, and I promise you will wake up feeling wonderful." With that, he placed a small kiss upon her brow, giving her a temporary mark to make her dim to the supernatural- uninteresting and not worthy of their attention- it should keep her safe.

    His job done, the kitsune winked at the bartender and laid down money for his drinks, ignoring the lycan's snarl, and set off to find the one who captured his attention- Alexa. Spying her out on the dance floor, he made his way to her, ghosting through the crowd, and unheeding of his still mostly-unbuttoned shirt. "You are interesting, Draculina." He said once he was close enough, knowing she would hear him despite the thump of the music. "I did not get a chance to introduce myself earlier, so please let me rectify that- I am Ōkina, and it is a pleasure." He introduced himself, a playful smirk tugging at his lips.
  7. Alexandra heard him - no, she felt him - as he approached and she turned around only when he spoke, brows rising at his words and she snorted with a short laugh when he finished, an outright grin on her own face to match his smirk. She didn't know what this kitsune wanted or what 'interesting' meant to him, but she wasn't about to let her guard down. Sure, she could be polite, even playful with him, but she wouldn't forget which side they played for in this war, nor would she be easy 'prey' for him no matter what she might look like or how she might appear to act. Alexandra was anything but stupid. Kitsune could charm just as easily - perhaps more so - as vampires and she was skilled in dealing with both. Two hundred years of intense training did that for a person and she'd learned her lessons well.

    "I am hardly that interesting, Ōkina, and believe me, you shall find no pleasure here."

    The words were clear warning from the blond that should he try seduction on her, she wouldn't be affected or amused by it. That done, her blue-green eyes glittered with mischief as she backed away from him, arching an elegant eyebrow. "You going to dance with me or not?" she teased before starting to dance once more, her body fluid and lithe, showing just the right amount of skin and seduction without being desperate about it. She appeared at ease and confident in her own skin, but strangely not flashy or arrogant about it as many vampires often were.

    And, oh, Alexandra knew she was inviting trouble. Tony was going to lecture her the whole drive home once he found her and her father.... Ah, hopefully it would be worth it. Watching the white-haired kitsune, finding her own curiosity piqued despite her better judgement, the vampiress knew she really couldn't pass up this opportunity. After all, how many vampires got to say they spoke, received help from and danced with a kitsune all in one night and lived to speak about it the next day?

    Oh, yeah, she wasn't leaving yet.
  8. (out of curiosity, what music do you hear when imagining this scene?)

    "I am hardly that interesting, Ōkina, and believe me, you shall find no pleasure here."

    This made Ōkina laugh, the sound of his mirth rich and full. Wiping a tear from his eye, he locked gazes with Alexa, raising his arms above his head and gyrating with her, though never actually touching her even once, showing his respect by not physically coming into contact with her. "Oh, but I wouldn't dream of it, miss draculina." He finally replied. "Where would the fun be, trying such a trick to gain attention like that? Using our seduction powers is for young kitsune, who don't know how to woo someone properly." He continued, never missing a step to the rhythm.

    Observing her, he thought back to how things had gone down earlier- That male vampire was obviously not very old or powerful at all- he hadn't even been able to tell that an illusion had been placed over them, and even sadder still, had gone into a panic over it. This girl that he was dancing with though, she was something else entirely. Though their races were currently at war, she hadn't even flinched at seeing him, and the way she'd handled their meeting, as well as how she'd dealt with the impertiant youth... This girl was certainly someone of note. How interesting.

    "You shouldn't sell yourself so short though." He finally continued after a few moment's dancing. "When you've gotten to where you've seen as much as I have, you find interest in even the most seemingly mundane things, when only one small aspect is out of place. You did a good deed in protecting that girl, and you caught my interest. If it hadn't been for that, I would have never even bothered with so much as a second glance." He admitted. Drawing even closer, to where there was barely any space at all between their bodies, he tilted his head forward. "This, however, is interesting as well, it's been so long since I've interacted with one of your kind, what with the fighting between our species over these last hundred and so years. War is just so boring and tiresome- it's much more fun to get along and have a good time dancing, don't you agree?" He asked lowely in her ear.
  9. (( Hmm.....good question! Check PM ))

    Ah, so he wasn't young. Good to know. That would come in handy with perhaps knowing how strong his powers were and what to expect. Alexandra on the other hand, was still considered 'young' in the vampire world, but this male didn't have to know that and she wasn't going to make it any more obvious than it had to be. That wouldn't give her any kind of advantage. And no matter what this kitsune said about being tired of war and finding it boring, she knew they were both sizing each other up. As predators, powerful ones at that who WERE natural enemies at the moment, it was only expected for them to do so. It was second nature by this point, sadly.

    It certainly was to Alexandra and the blond vampiress found herself watching Ōkina's fluid body for more than just admiration and attraction. No, she saw quick speed and controlled movements, a confidence in one's body, the moves of a warrior even if most kitsune preferred their tricks to get out of trouble. This one could handle himself, of that she was sure. But then again, so could she.

    As he drew closer, she let him, blue-green eyes sharpening in intensity, dilating slightly for many reasons she didn't feel like checking off, even mentally, and Alexandra tilted her head a little as he spoke softly in her ear, feeling his breath ghost against her neck and a smile, amused, graced her lips as she turned her head just a little and returned the favor, her fingers finding the belt loops in his pants and pulling him closer so that they touched long enough for her to whisper her words, her own body never missing a beat in the music. "I help those who can't help themselves. I was human once. As for this...don't get ahead of yourself, kitsune. I love a good fight."

    Smirking, she released him and moved out of reach again with a speed that wasn't human in the least, chuckling as she continued to dance, rather enjoying this battle of wits and words. It was rather interesting as he called it.
  10. Ōkina couldn't help but laugh again, this girl was absolutely delightful! She was still wary of him, which was a good call on her part- One just didn't openly trust another after only a few moments after all- especially when they happened to be on opposite sides in a war that had been going on behind the scenes for so long. However, he sensed a curiosity in her, a desire to know more, even if it meant dancing with the enemy, so to speak, as her eyes had been roving over his body, taking in his movements.

    But he didn't see her that way. Admittedly, he'd always had a deep-rooted curiosity as well, one that had more than once gotten him in trouble in his first couple hundred years. This vampire that was dancing with him wasn't an enemy right now- She was something new, and be damned if his curiosity hadn't been piqued! Tracing his fingers down her arms as she pulled away and danced out of his reach, Ōkina followed behind, still dancing as well, a toothy grin spreading across his lips, showing off his elongated canines.

    "A good fight you say?" He asked, sliding up close to Alexa, twirling around her. "And tell me, my pretty dancer, just what are the stakes in this little tete a tete of ours?" He asked, his eyes twinkling with anticipation- A good wager was always fun!
  11. Alexandra watched him as he moved around her, turning her head and catching sight of his silver hair before he was before her again. She moved like water before him, hips swaying, and noted every glance or lingering look to her form. Coming from a kitsune, the vampiress knew it was actually a compliment and she took it as such. She was young, not stupid and for a vampire her age, she knew far more than she should. Sure, she lacked all the experience of a vampire that had lived for more than two centuries, but she was knowledgeable and often knew how to put what she learned from word-of-mouth, books, lessons and training to use in the situations they called for.

    And she knew more than the average vampire about kitsune. Oh, most knew how to fight them, but that was all they knew. Alexandra...was more interested in the species as a whole, what drove them to make the decision they did, how they interacted with each other, what they were like outside of a battling environment. She'd met one kitsune before Ōkina and the creature had been female and probably older than the silver-haired male she now danced with. The meeting had been enlightening to say the least and it was probably that influence that made Alexandra react to Ōkina as she now was - with curiosity and the willingness to be cautiously friendly instead of with hostility and the desire to tear his head from his shoulders.

    Though, interestingly enough, that urge was still there, too. Then again, that urge was always there, with everything so the blond didn't pay it much heed.

    "Stakes? Oh, are we wagering now, Silver? Hmm..." She backed up against him, letting their bodies touch as their hips fell in sync and Alexandra tilted her head back into his shoulder just a little - something she never would have done with another vampire as it would have been taken as an offer of blood - and pretended to think before a slow smile came to her lips and she spun away from him again, eyes glittering in the changing lighting.

    "Very well, kitsune, let's play a game. You guess my age and then you give me a question. If you guess my age correctly, but I answer right on your question, the deal is absolved. However, if you guess right and I answer wrong...I'll do something for you. Agreed?"

    If he said yes...and she lost, her father would be killing her, for real this time. It only made Alexandra want to take the risk even more.
  12. Ōkina chuckled throatily, leaning his head forward and nuzzling lightly against Alexa's cheek while wrapping his arms loosely around her waist as they danced. Her scent carried a tingle of excitement, with an undercurrent of constrained lust for violence underneath her nearly overwhelming smell of curiosity. "Did you know, scent is a powerful thing for a kitsune, as is physical contact?" He murmured questioningly as they danced.

    Thinking about her response to his offer of stakes in this game of theirs, he couldn't help but grin- Ohhh, there were so many questions that he could ask, so much to be gained... But he wasn't here for that kind of thing, he just wanted to have fun, and fun he would have. "A good wager indeed, lovely draculina, I agree." He continued on as they swayed through the music, their bodies in perfect sync. "Though, win or lose, after this little game... I'll tell you my full name, which if you have been keeping up on your studies, should tell you all the general information you need to know about me, though I'd say it pales in comparison to everything that makes me who I am. I offer this because I think it will prove interesting, and our fun getting to know one another isn't going to be limited to this night." He said, twirling her around until they were facing one another, their foreheads touching.

    His eyes locking onto hers, he smirked again. "Though, if you do manage to win... I'd say more than just my name would be in order, so..." His eyes lit up as an idea came to mind. "If you win, I'll owe you one favor, should I agree it doesn't betray my principals. It won't be anything significant, like switching sides or giving you information on my brethren, but a favor all the same. A promise to do something for you, if you will, and if you've been keeping up on your information, you know a promise isn't something a kitsune makes lightly." He continued. "Though... what do you say we make things... a little more interesting? On the off-chance that we end this game in a tie, where I guess correctly, and you get my answer right, we both win. What do you say?" He asked, his jade-colored eyes glinting with delight.
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  13. Well, she'd known the former, but the latter... Alexandra made a humming sound of interest and indeed she was most curious about that tidbit of information. Of course it was something that could be used against him now that she knew it, but she wasn't here to discover weaknesses about kitsune, she was here for a good time and she'd found it in the most unlikely of all people, of all creatures. It was turning out to be a rather fascinating night so far and the vampiress smiled slowly as their faces came back to one another. She'd told him in a way that seduction would not work on her, but this...wasn't like that. She could tell the difference. No, this touch was something else. She just wasn't sure of the significance yet.

    She wasn't alarmed by it either, though.

    His name? The blond raised an elegantly sculpted brow and tilted her head a bit, hair falling around one shoulder as she backed up slightly with the beat. She didn't feel the need to say anything to that offer because it WAS an offer. She'd known better than to request such a thing and even if he shared his full name, she was not inclined to share her own just yet. Wait...not the first night? Did he plan on searching every club for her until he saw her again? Interesting. They'd see what came of that, though, she did know kitsune to be rather persistent when it came to something they wanted. She supposed they'd both see how badly Ōkina actually wanted to speak with her again. It's not like Alexandra's lifestyle or her family were going to make it easy for him. This night...was a fluke and Alexandra knew it. Still, she wouldn't ruin the male's fun.

    Alexandra was roused from her deeper thoughts by Ōkina's words about a promise and the blond faltered for the first time that night, her body stilling as she stared at him for a long moment, nothing but surprise in her blue-green eyes. He was...that...why? "What do I say-?"The vampiress looked around suddenly and then reached forward and took his hand, pulling the kitsune after her until they got to a booth in the corner of the club. Alexandra sat then and her eyes narrowed, a puzzled expression on her face as she watched the male across from her. She finally spoke, no suspicion in her tone, just genuine confusion.

    "Why would you offer me something like that? You don't even know who I am or what I might ask you to do!" She knew what he offered her wasn't to be taken lightly, not in the least and such a thing...well, it made Alexandra a bit nervous. Not scared, but a little jittery to think about.
  14. At the incredulous tone in Alexa's voice as she asked him her question after dragging him over to the booth, Ōkina couldn't help as a vulpine grin spread over his face. "Ahhh, my dear..." He started, leaning back in his seat languidly, his body relaxed. "A wager with stakes is no fun if I don't put anything worth merit on the table, you see? With this offer, as it is, I'm showing you under no uncertain circumstances that I'm willing to put our species' differences aside, and placing enough trust in you to show you that I'm not trying to be deceitful, with the, for lack of a better term, promise of a promise as tangible proof of this." Holding a hand up, he motioned to the bar for some drinks. "You know, despite my species' general hatred for humans, I myself have found them rather facinating at times. And one of my favorite saying happens to be a human one, and it applys to us, right now, rather well- 'What is life without a little risk involved?' Do you understand what I am meaning?"

    When the waiter brought over their drinks, Ōkina thanked the man, watching him go back before he continued. "Besides... How could I offer any less, when you essentially offered the same? After all, you said "I'll do something for you, agreed?", and that can be taken VERY seriously." He finished, raising his glass and winking at Alexa before taking a sip. "Not that I would ask anything major, mind you, I'm just not that kinda guy." With that, he leaned forward, his smile returning- playful, and maybe a little mischevious, but not harmful in any way. "So, my dear draculina, what do you say? Do we have our stakes?"
  15. Alexandra frowned further as she listened to him, but it wasn't an expression of disapproval, rather of thought, and any protest she wanted to make was wiped away when he pointed out that she'd essentially offered the same deal first. She had, hadn't she? Sure, maybe vampires weren't known for their truthfulness, but SHE was. Still, the deal hadn't really been made yet and the vampiress bit the side of her lip with a slightly elongated fang, not looking at the kitsune anymore but rather past him as she seriously contemplated what had initiated as playful banter. The stakes were indeed higher now, far more interesting, but that also meant she couldn't take them as lightly though, too. Not when she knew she had duty to uphold and more people than just herself to think about.

    That was where she and Ōkina seemed to differ for he seemed very much the loner in a way she could never be.

    Draculina. Alexandra had to smirk just a little, head shaking slowly in way that almost looked fond, but more amused than anything as she finally focused her gaze back on the pale blue eyes that watched her with fox cunning hidden behind a playful smile. She felt herself rising to that challenge and grinned, sighing before she downed her drink swiftly and then answered. "Can't believe I am doing this, but...fine, Silver. You've got a deal."

    She sat back then and crossed her arms lightly, giving him a glitter-eyed look, a sharp expression that was more deadly than any knife, but not hostile at the same time. It was more of a show; she had weapons at her disposal, but she hadn't chosen to use them as of yet. "Well? How old do you think I am, kitsune?"
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  16. The kitsune in question strectched languidly, his eyes full of mirth as he returned Alexa's look. "Now that IS a good question, isn't it?" He asked, twirling a long silver lock around one finger. "You have experience... Yet an innocent naivete at the same time. You are strong and wise, yet have a cute curiosity that I can see reflected in your eyes. Your smell speaks of many years... But not so many centuries, I think. You are able to control your bloodlust, but you still have a strong reaction to the smell..." His eyes roamed over her, catching every minute tell she let out as he talked. "Yes... Yes... I am getting a clearer idea of just how old you are... You are definitely older than two-hundred years, but not quite three hundred I think... So, I'm going to say that you are somewhere between your two-fifties and two-seventies, though most likely somewhere in your two-sixties. Am I correct?" He asked, lacing his fingers together and resting his chin on them, flashing a closed-eyed beatific smile at Alexa.
  17. As he'd spoken, Alexandra had smiled, quirked a brow and looked away in amusement over many of his observations, but she had to hand it to the kitsune; he wasn't stupid by a long shot. When he guessed her age, surprisingly accurately, she sighed and gave him a look, rolling her eyes and uncrossing her arms as she put an elbow on the table and her chin in her hand. "You are a brat. I'm two hundred and sixty-nine." she shot back, but there was no real ire in her voice and the vampiress sighed upward, blowing blond hair up slightly as she smiled a little again.

    "Fine, so I owe you a favor. Let's see if we can't bring this deal to a tie. What's your question?"

    She knew she should have felt more nervous about this - owing something to a kitsune - but at the moment, Alexandra didn't really even see it that way. During this time they hadn't really been treating each other as vampire and kitsune, but more like...people. Someone to talk to, to study, to dance with and hell, even to flirt with. Right now, they weren't two different species. At the most they were just two different genders.

    It was nice....but strange.
  18. At being called a brat, Ōkina's eyes widened a bit... Then he threw his head back, laughing loudly- Oh, when she found out! He could hardly wait to see the look on this young vampire's face! After laughing for a few moments, he finally calmed down, smiling brightly at Alexa, his posture telling that he was totally at ease, with not a care or worry at all. "Ahhh, thank you for that, it's good to have a nice laugh every once in a while." He said with a wink.

    Settling into a slightly more serious expression, Ōkina observed the woman before him. "To be honest, I have played several scenarios through my head where I asked you various questions- Questions such as "What is your full name?", But, I know how much a vampire takes pride in their full name, so I won't ask such a personal question. I also don't feel like discussing the war or our various sides policies, so those questions would be out as well..." Pausing thoughtfully, he steepled his fingers again. "So, here is my question, M'lady Draculina... What do you think my motive was here tonight?" He asked, looking her square in the eye. Honestly, he had no motive, but it would be interesting to see what she said.
  19. She liked his laugh.

    It was a strange thing to take note of when there was plenty more she could have been observing, other thoughts her mind could have been committing itself, but that was the one that stuck. He had a nice laugh, a rich and deep sound full of mirth and virility. Nearly as perfect as the rest of him and THAT the vampiress couldn't help but notice. One would have to be blind not to realize that as far as the male specimen went...he was a prime example of the word 'perfection'. Or maybe that was just hormones talking. Eh, either way, couldn't really argue with them. The blond smiled a bit at his thanks, but the expression fell slightly, her blue-green eyes growing cautious when he mentioned asking about her full name, but then Ōkina moved on and Alexandra released the tension in her limbs once more.

    What he did want to ask her, though, surprised Alexandra a bit and she sat back, folding her arms loosely and looking thoughtful, head tilted. Well...that was an odd question, especially when one was using it in a bet. Either he was trying to worm our of the deal - after all, he could say she was wrong in her answer; though, Alexandra would know if he was lying - or he was giving her something easy, something he could turn the tables on and say he was thinking even if he wasn't. Clever kitsune. Frustratingly so.

    "I think, like you have made clear many times since we've started to interact, that you were simply interested. Immortal beings, when we've lived for a while, we tend to lose touch with the world, with emotions and people until something catches our attention, draws us in. I think, for whatever reason, that I piqued your curiosity and that's not an emotion you feel a great deal of very easily. I amuse you and therefore you have enjoyed my company. That is what I believe your motives to be, if such a thing can be called that. I don't think there is any ulterior motive in speaking with me this night." There. Maybe it wasn't the answer he sought, but Alexandra found it logical and she couldn't find more reasons than the one she'd named for him staying in her presence.
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