Fire and Air...Coming Together

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  1. A tall, milk chocolate-skinned teenage boy walked silently up the stairs of the school grounds, his hands stuffed in his pockets. "Man...I hate being up this early." he groaned as he yawned. "It's such a drag." he mumbles as he keeps walking up the stairs. He looked at all the students that passed by, some seemingly happy to be back at school, others feeling just like him. He chuckled as he noticed the normal cliques began forming again. He saw the nerds, the preps, the jocks, and even the wealthy kids all meeting up together..... But then....where was this boy to go? Well.... No where. He didn't have a group. He just stayed off on his own, minding his business, not really finding anyone to fit in with. Such was the life, of Ryu Keiko.
  2. The sound of a punching back echo'd through gym. Looking over the time she had a half hour before class grabbing her bag she took a quick shower looking herself in the mirror as her white hair dripped everywhere. Looking herself over she got annoyed and let out a deep breath as a pair of silver eyes looked back at her. Another year was starting and this was the year she had to find a partner or else get kicked out of the school. The whole conversation with the dean was still spinning in her head. Quickly she put her uniform on and headed out letting her wet hair air dry. One thing she liked about herself her hair always dried perfectly, straight with a little curl at the bottom. A quick brush through and she was ready. "Five minutes." She whispered heading up the stairs looking at her phone for the time. It wasn't until she smacked into someone that she realized she was not paying attention to where she was going.
    "Hey watch it!" Her words were sharp as if they came out of a rattle snake itself. Looking up there was tall male with black hair and tanned skin, well to her it was tanned, compared to her completely pale complexion white looked pale next to her. Finally focusing on his face she realized she knew him.

    "Ryu, do try and not be a sloth in the middle of the hall." She snapped walking right past him she headed to her first class.
  3. Ryu huffed and looked at Elizabeth with narrow eyes. "Oh shut up and just learn to stay out of my way." he said as he shouldered his way past her. Ryu hated the warrior girl with a passion. Mainly because of her attitude, but also because he felt she thought she was better than everyone else. Ryu was an elemental, though he was also a fighter, he was no warrior. His goal in school was to try and master all four elements, something that hadn't been done before by many. His main power came from fire. Learning all the other elements though....was proving to be extremely difficult for the young male, which caused him a lot of problems with those in his classes.
  4. Liza glared at him and walked to her first class. 'What an asshole..' Is all she thought. Liza always found him to be a brute. He thinks he is so cool because he thinks he has this lone wolf vibe that gets the girls. 'What a fucking joke.' Getting to her first class she sat near the window were she always did. New year, she was going to do well. She had been training all summer, and mastered two elements. Air was her main one, but because of all the studying and working on her element of air, water came natural to her when she tried. Getting some stuff out to take notes on looking up she was completely annoyed. Ryu. 'Fuck what is he doing here.' Looking around she saw that the only desk left available was the one next to her. Forcing herself to look out the window she ignored him.
  5. Ryu paid no mine to Elizabeth as he walked by and sat down next to her. He pulled his notebook out and pencil as well as he looked ahead at the board. Behind him, he felt a tap on his shoulder that caused him to look back. Behind him sat a preppy looking girl who he recognized as one of the cheerleaders. She smiled seductively at him struggled her fingers. Ryu looked at her with a look that seemed to look past her. "What the hell do you want?" he said coldly. She looked at him and shrug. "Oh nothing~ Just wanted to wish you a good year dear~" she said softly. Ryu just shrugged and decided to turn back around, ignoring her completely.
  6. Oh god is all she thought when the preppy blonde behind Ryu talked. Liza more than anything hated all the cheerleaders in the school, and as far as her knowledge there feelings were completely mutual. Listening to Ryu turn the girl down made Liza laugh without even meaning too. She looked at Liza "Shut up bitch." Liza turned to her with no facial expression and laughed. "Now that doesn't sound to stuck up primadonna cunt spirit to me. Careful the spirit stick my haunt you." Liza looked at the complete shocked face she held and turn back to her desk.
  7. Ryu snickered when he heard Lisa's retort. 'Maybe there is something in common after all' he thought to himself. One of the jocks from the football got up and glared at Liza. "At least she is a true girl. Unlike your manly self you fucking birch." he yelled. His friends laughed and a couple high fives him. Ryu stood up slowly. His anger was rising. "Hey you," he mumbled as he stood there. He looked up at the male, his eyes taking on a darker, purple hue. He hated when men talked to women that way, even if that female was someone he loathed. "Why don't you sit down, before you get fucking hurt." he said as a flame seemed to wisp right by his right fist.
  8. Looking around at the scene that was unfolding, Liza watched Ryu stick up for her. In a weird way she was honored but at the same time, she was annoyed. Getting up she stood in front of him. "I think I got this... Thanks." Turning to the jock she grabbed him by shirt. "Listen here jock strap you might not want to pick a fight with a girl who can kill your little fragile mind one fucking finger." Pushing him only lightly he went flying out of his chair. Turning to Ryu she looked at him. "Thanks... I appreciate it."
  9. Ryu huffed but said nothing as he watched the jock fly away. On the inside, he smirked but outwards, he was annoyed. He hated being pushed aside like that. He wasn't just some punk. But he said nothing until he heard her speak, actually thanking him. "Yeah...sure thing." was all he said as he sat back down. He went back to getting ready for class just as the teacher could be heard down the hall coming towards the class.
  10. The first couple classes went by quickly, before she knew it her favorite time of the day was starting. Battle sessions. The battle session of the day is nothing but training, sparing, and usually where people interact and gain there partners. This was Liza's favorite part of the day, she loved the feeling of working out and a sand bag underneath her. Yet, this was her third year and more than anything she needed to focus on getting a partner. It was that or get kicked out of the program. This whole partner thing was stupid to her, Liza was a great warrior, smart, battle skilled, and resourceful. Why should she get a partner to slow her down. Putting on her favorite shorts and tank top that was snug to her body and breathable. Made it easier to battle, strapping her staff to her back she walked into the training room and looked everyone over. This period was for people who were single, and needed to find there partners. "You can do it..." she said lowly to herself.
  11. Ryu sighed as he walked into the gym. He didn't know Liza was here, but he was in this accursed battle sessions class. Why the hell am I even in here? He thought to himself. I could be using this time to work on learning water, or earth! He changed into a pair of basketball shorts, and a black tank, which showed his thin, yet somewhat athletic build, and walked towards the center of the area. Guess I better make the best out of it bef- His thoughts were inturrupted when he was suddenly thrown back into a nearby wall. He hit the wall with an almost sickening thud as he coughed. "You wanna stand up to me in class little boy?" said the voice from above him. He looked up to see that jock from class, racking his knuckles as he advanced forward. I think his name was Brad or something like that... Ryu thought as he stood up slowly. A small crowd had already started to form around them both. "Brad...or whatever the hell you're sterotypical name is," Ryu said softly, looking calm on the outside, but on the inside his temer boiled. "Why don't you go practice throwing a football around." He said as he smirked. "Only Zeus knows how hard that must be for someone like you~"
  12. Liza was going hard in the training arena, one thing about this school that she loved was the toys. The simulator was the best it allowed Liza to go as hard as she wanted without someone complaining that she hurt them or was being to rough. With a quick swing she attacked as many simulators as she could in the time period, today she was going to beat her high score. The buzzard rang and she walked out checking her scores, and she sighed with a heavy heart. 100 points bellow, grabbing her staff she walked out of the simulator room to see Ryu surrounded by a ton of people, then she saw Brad. "Great.." Quickly she pushed into the middle and with a quick swing of her staff she knocked Brad backward on his back then looked at him. "I believe your issue was with me?"
  13. Before Brad could retort, he was suddenly pushed back by Liza. Ryu growled, "Stop interfering!" he shouted to the warrior girl. "You're starting to tick me off Wonder Girl." he said as he moved suddenly. He was light on his feet, being that he was a thin boy, but it was almost as if he was moving on air. He rushed towards Brad, who regain his senses from the earlier attack of Liza and decided to prepare himself to counter, yet Ryu was upon him faster than he anticipated. With a hefty uppercut, incased in nothing but flames, Ryu caught him squared in the jaw. Or so he thought, but Brad jumped back just in time to be grazed. "Too slow ya brat. Why don't you let your new bitch over there fiht for you!" Brad laughed as he held his fist up. Brad's fist then began to incase themselves in...well earth. "Now I can enjoy kicking your ass, you freak." Brad said as he chraged Ryu. Ryu braced himself for a fight, a sly smile on his face. "I can't wait to light your ass up Brad." Ryu said under his breath
  14. "Are you kidding me..." Liza was completely insulted. Without even a second thought she took her staff and close lined Ryu before he even got to Brad. Looking at Brad her fure ignited as wind blew all around her lifting her white hair she threw Brad with just a simple wisp of her hand into the hallway slamming the door shut and looking back at Ryu on the floor getting up. Right when she was about to hit him again a teacher came in and smacked them both up against a wall. "oww.." Getting up off the floor slowly she looked at the instructor. "Ryu, Elizabeth...Since you two enjoy going after a common enemy and beating the whip out of each other. You should make excellent partners." Liza's eyes went completely wide. "You have got to be fucking kidding me." The teacher just looked at her and Ryu and smiled. "Enjoy the rest of your career." and walked away dragging Brad behind him.
  15. Ryu blinked and stared at the teacher. "And what if I don't wanna work with her?" he asked. "Why do I even need a partner?! ARE YOU SAYING I CAN'T HANDLE THINGS ON MY OWN?!" He yelled out his flames intensifying around him. Ryu's fault is that he had a lot of pride..... Too much at times. He grew up never being great at....well anything, and was always a late bloomer when it came to his powers. Always mocked and laughed at, he always wanted to just prove himself to everyone he met.
  16. The teacher turned around and looked at Ryu. "Mind your temper, boy. If you do not wish to work with her then leave. You are obviously not Thorne Hall material. No parter, get out. Those are your options cause here at Thorne hall we price ourselves on making the perfect teams, I think you knew that when you joined this academy." That was the last thing he said before he fully left the hall. Liza looked at him not even knowing what to say, of all the people in the world why this not try hard, badly tempered, ass. This years was not starting off well at all, and from the reaction he had he obviously did not want to be partners with her. In a way that hurt her a little, she knew she was unlikable but for this person to have this much hatred from wanting to be her partner, it stung a bit. Liza hid her face and left to the back room of the training hall not wanting anyone to see how her she was.
  17. Ryu listened to the teacher's words and bit back a response. He knew he was right. He needed a partner in this school. He sighed and turned to tell Liza something but she was already walking away. He sighed as he followed. "Elizabeth where are you going?" he called out to her.
  18. Turning to Ryu she looked away hoping to give away how hurt she was. "I just need a minute..." Walking into one of the empty training rooms she pressed her forehead against a punching bag. "Fuck..." She punched the punching bag as hard as she could that it swung high in the air. When it came back toward her she turned and back kicked it so hard it broke the chain and flew smacking against the wall with a loud bang.
  19. Ryu had just walked in, when he saw Liza kick the punching bag off the chain. He watched it smack into the wall with a loud bang and scratched his head, before stuffing his hands back into his pockets. "Hey.....Liza." he began to speak, a much softer tone than anyone has ever heard him speak in before. "Look....I'm sorry, I didn't...."He sighed not knowing what to say to the female warrior. His words...never came out right. He looked down towards his shoes, falling silent as he thought of the right words.
  20. Turning to Ryu she crossed her arms over her chest. "Look, you obviously do not like me, and I never cared for you. But now we have to set that aside and work together. Whether we like it or not, so whatever problem you have with me put it aside." Walking to another punching bag she nodded her head toward it to tell him to hit it. "I see the way you work, you focus way to hard and your holds are weak... I'm not saying I don't need work cause I do, but not to insult you, your form is weak, you seem to let your element control you. You have no strategy when it comes to fighting and you are no where close my level of skill." Liza saw him cringe for a second. "But you have a lot of heart and motivation, where I lack sometimes." She put her hand out to take it. "Lets train each other... If you want. We have to work together anyway. What do you say." She kept her hand out for her to take.
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