Fiore Re-Incarnated

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  1. Several thousands of years have passed since the legendary Fairy Tail finally ceased to exist and the Magic Council has a new set of faces and the past guilds have all been reformed.

    For this particular tale the tales of three particular guilds that continued to interlock and intertwine with one another shall be told.

    Red Fang

    A notorious dark guild and very infamous. Several rumours float around about this guild but no one knows anything about them... All that anyone knows is that they appear and disappear as quickly as they can. The only evidence that is left is their red guild mark that can be spotted wherever they go. Does the darkness welcome you young wizard?

    Angels Rose

    The most famous out of all the guilds, the brightest out of all of the guilds for its exceptional service and their great deeds that they have done. Many kind hearted characters head to this guild and the guild can be found by it's bright flags and the number of wizards wearing light pastel clothes. Does the kind heartedness of the guild call for you young wizard?

    Dream Tale

    Created by someone who believes that there is no way to go wrong with family. This guild can be said to be very similar to the famous guild in the past called Fairy Tail. Rather it is way too similar to the now non existent guild to say. Unfortunately it is impossible to join the guild due to the fact that the guilds location has never been found by anyone. Will you be able to find the guild young wizard? Unfortunately I personally would count on it~

    The rules are simple young wizard, find your selective guild. Look for the clues to find it. Start off at the centre of Fiore and make your way to the guild. It won't take you long to find where you belong and after that you will be able to join that guild. Of course the only exception that will take a while to find is Dream Tale. If you really really want to find this mysterious guild look for a special little flower. You will know it when you find it.
  2. OKay this is a pre-existing RP but it is starting to die and we need more people ASAP!!! It is based on Fairy Tail if you didn't figure that out already and we are starting to come up to the Fiore Tournaments in the RP. If you have watched Fairy Tail you will sort of get the idea of what will happen at the events.

    If you do intend on joining I would love you to send me a PM wether or not you have any questions~!!

    We would love more people to join us with this and thus the reason why I have created this Interest Check ((which I hope I am allowed to do ^^;;)) The link for the RP is below and if you have any questions PM me or comment below!!!


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    Sorry about the huge images ^^;;
  3. We still need people~!!!
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