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Finland is Winland!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Isabella Hime, Sep 3, 2012.


    We could have been number one >_< WE OWNED FINLAND ONCE UPON A TIME Dx Can't we say that their success is because of Sweden? :D Then we will technically speaking be number one ;)
  2. If we're going by who owned what, England use to own Australia & Canada... Actually, do they still own those countries? The queen is on their money....

    I wouldn't mind visiting all the countries on this list.
  3. I'll just leave this here...

  4. I'm glad to see that Canada made it to number seven. ^^
  5. why is japan so low japan is fucking awesome i mean really robots and cartoon porn...i dont think they should be on the list because it needs it own list "why japan is better than everyone."

    and where is luxembourg and why did they make the list and usa didnt....i want a fucking recount if i dont know where it is it doesnt exist so they made up this place so america didnt get a spot XD
  6. Gale you're just proving the ignorant American stereotype.
  7. I must say that I agree with Ocha.
    Luxembourg is actually a charming country and one that I think would be pleasant to visit.
    Congratulations to Canada and the rest. Several of these seem like lovely places to see and perhaps live.

    I'm curious about the actual numbers that they used to determine this, though. I know it states HOW they ranked them, but not the numbers.

    They must not be too pissed off about that Liu Xiaobo "incident" anymore.
  9. Germany not even being on the list makes me a bit sad... we're not that bad, really...

    Anyway, one more reason for me to move to Finland... the pros far outweight the cons, really.
  10. This doesn't change my hopes and dreams of living in Germany one day at all...
  11. I could live in Finland. Them Winters.
  12. I think they just took awesome pictures in the countries included in the list and ranked them according to how well the pictures turned out. On a more serious note, I am not that surprised by Finland's first place in this list, nor Switzerland's second place, but I am surprised by some of the countries. It is certainly an interesting list.
  13. i am one giant stereotype...but i was actually joking on this i am quite happy. but i was kinda serious also where is luxembourg?
  14. [​IMG]

    Toast dreams of living in Germany?
    Pfft, forget Austria. Germany it is~
  15. i have family in germany and let me just say...i want to move their i just want to get drunk off of duff beer...wait is a beer a good enough reason to move?
  16. Both French and German are official languages in Luxembourg, so, you know.... :)

    And also:

  17. Canada sounds like the perfect place for Isabellas.. better hemophilia foundation better beers and lots more snow!