Finished Resume! Hello All

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Finished with the resume and wanted to give a quick intro here to tell you all
    how excited I've been to find a legit RP forum! ^_^

    The name's Poe or Poetic is fine. I've been Rping for 17 years and MMRPGing for 10 years. I love to read, fascinated in books that I've collected wall to wall shelves of them.

    Can't wait to start role playing and creating new stories!
    Love this layout of the website, and the resumes are big help!
  2. Greetings, Welcome to Iwaku. don't forget to check out all of our creative challenges and roleplaying guides to keep those writing skills sharp as .....porcupines?
    anyway welcome again! and wonderful to meet you!
  3. Hiiii Poe! Welcome to the site!
  4. Welcome to the Madness xD. Enjoy your stay ..~
  5. HEY NEW PERSON!!! Hey there my name is Domeki Sato. Welcome to Iwaku. This place you are most likely to enjoy. If you need a buddy let me know. Anyhow enjoy your stay hope you can handle Insanity.
  6. -shoots wall down with bazooka. Walks in noticing PureKor- OMB PureKor changed her profile pic. Well I shall now honor you Poe with my official welcome. Ahem.

  7. Hey welcome to Iwaku tumblr_m3b1k2WaRq1qlzcji.gif
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  8. *smiles an gives a thumbs up* haha! I'm loving it! Thank YOU everyone!!
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