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Lunatic AI

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Ok, so I'm tracking down everything "Laurie" was doing and apparently "she" visited here too so sorry if you've gotten any weird messages in the last two or three weeks.

So far "she" seems fairly harmless, just annoying. "She" got into my email (hence the change) changed all my settings added a crap load of weird contacts and spammed a BUNCH of random RP forums (and apparently made several of "her" own) including some smutty ones I can't believe are now attached to one of my screenames (humiliated? yea. Violated? Feelin' it...), car insurance companies, jewelry websites, an online candy ordering thing... T.T I threw my hands in the air when I saw that and just got a new email addy.

Do I sound angry? I'm LIVID. I mean, I'm not dumb enough to go keeping important info on my recreational email addy (soooo glad my bank stuff wasn't in there). I don't believe in net security or real anonymity but SERIOUSLY WTF?!

Anyway. Just wanted to apologize if you got anything weird. I'm almost afraid to go check my PM/Post history here...

I like the Iwaku's new style though!

See you around maybe. When I'm not feeling too dirty to show my face (...proverbially) around here again...
Good that you're back...fucking hackers.
Well, unless that wasn't you sharing a Dr. Who roleplay forum, then you're safe from scary postings? XD
It's the strangest thing- creepy- she sounds like me when she talks. Writes. Whatever. I actually looked at her forum, I like dr who and I think its a good idea but I don't think she really knows what she;s doing... and I refuse to join the forum of anyone who stole my freaking email addy.

Mostly what freaked me out was I thought I was finally having some sort of psychotic break. But I mean, how would you ever know? I'm pretty sure I'm sane still... I've been feeling pretty sane lately.
Identity theft sucks ass, glad you're back. And if it would help you feel better I'd trace the hacker round up WMD, GMK, McCarthy, and any other willing parties and pay them a visit.
That really sucks, sweetheart, just take care and I hope you're be feeling well enough to walk among us again soon! It's nothin to be ashamed of, sweetie, you're the victim and you're not at fault. It's like she raped your name or something.

Anyways, Hope to see you around and if you need anything, don't hesitate to contact me! Lemme toss up my email just in case. [email protected]
and id sure as shit go with vaybrah.

good to have you back