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  1. Carrie

    Quinn appears to be in shock at my words. Why would she be so surprised? I told her how much I cared about her, and I know that I would love her as a part of my family. Even if I don’t truly consider my mother and father family anymore, I was always welcome to let someone join the Kimberly family name. Besides, if her family was cruel towards her, I’d gladly take her away from them. She’s a girl who deserves love. Nothing cruel like the mark she had upon her back. But I’ve taken away most of the pain, and I will continue to do so for her, however I can.

    “Quinn I mean it.” I inform her honestly, my heart shattering at her desperation for this. I don’t know if she realizes how serious I am taking this. Even if I am a little wonky off the drugs in my system, I know for certain I am thinking straightly about this. This is the most certain I’ve been about anything in a long while. “I would be more than honored to have you as a sister. I would be more than honored to have you as apart of my family. There would be no greater pleasure than knowing that you are safe here with me, safe as a little family. I promise you, my words are true. I would not lie about this. I would adopt you on the spot. Make you a Kimberly in a heartbeat.” I squeeze her hand gently. “C’est vrai, Quinn. Miss Kimberly, I think that sounds nice for you.” I comment, my smile growing.

    “So what do you say? Do you want to be apart of a new little family?”
  2. Good that you're back...fucking hackers.
  3. Well, unless that wasn't you sharing a Dr. Who roleplay forum, then you're safe from scary postings? XD
  4. Quinn | Hospital


    Interactions: Carrie @KatSea

    I'm left speechless.

    Me. The other half of a French scholar who spent her entire life studying linguistics and vocabulary. I actually don't know what to say...

    A lengthy pause hangs over me like the weigh of an elephant on my shoulders.

    Then the pressure snaps.

    With a strangled cry, I jump forward into Carrie's arms for another embrace, my face buried into her shoulders. My face is on fire, burning hotter than it's ever have in my entire life, and my heart feels like it's about to come galloping out of my chest. Leaving me behind as nothing more than a boneless, sobbing heap in this saintly woman's arms.


    In my sister's arms.

    "Merci!" I wail into her gown, still holding onto her for dear life. That's all I can say. My brain can't possible register anything outside of the gratitude and relief and unbridled happiness filling me up until I'm nearly ripping at the seams. I just mumble "Merci", over and over and over until my voice gives up on me.

    Carrie. Thank you...s-so much.

  5. Identity theft sucks ass, glad you're back. And if it would help you feel better I'd trace the hacker round up WMD, GMK, McCarthy, and any other willing parties and pay them a visit.
  6. That really sucks, sweetheart, just take care and I hope you're be feeling well enough to walk among us again soon! It's nothin to be ashamed of, sweetie, you're the victim and you're not at fault. It's like she raped your name or something.

    Anyways, Hope to see you around and if you need anything, don't hesitate to contact me! Lemme toss up my email just in case.
  7. and id sure as shit go with vaybrah.

    good to have you back