Finding Things When You Aren't Looking For Them

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  1. Eliza Conners sighed and slumped down in her seat in the compartment of the train. She hated train rides, they were boring, but for some reason her parents had decided they could not just drop her off at her grandparents on the way to the airport for their second honeymoon in Cuba, (or heaven forbid let the seventeen year old stay home by herself for two weeks) and here she was. On a train and bored out of her mind.


    With a huff, Eliza got up. She couldn’t stay in this compartment a second longer. She might as well get up and walk around. Maybe she’d find something to kill the boredom.

    She snorted. That was unlikely.
  2. Elvira Summers curled up in the seat of her compartment, and was deeply absorbed into her book by this time. She played with her long, dark blue hair as she avidly read. This was perfect for her - just being alone with her book, with nobody to make her feel awkward or weird - because she was an Aspie. She had difficulty in social situations, so she tended to shy away from other people.

    Also, to make her even more complicated, she was completely and utterly gay. Yeah, Elvira liked girls, but everyone treated her like a leper for it, even her parents, so during the holidays, she spent a lot of time just travelling back and forth on trains to places. She liked that though - it gave her the opportunity to think.

    However, all too soon she finished her book and set it aside. Damn her quick reading skills. Now she would have to find some other way to occupy herself until the train stopped in the next town where she could buy another book.
  3. Eliza shuffled through the cars, hands stuffed into her jean pockets, blonde hair (with red and orange tips) falling in front of her hazel eyes. She occasionally glanced into the compartments she passed, but most of them were filed with older people, and Eliza had no desire to hang around people who would look at her hair and make comments about how she was a delinquent or the colour or how skinny she was and needed to eat more. Or all of the above.

    Glancing into one compartment, the girl stopped. Inside there was a girl about her age with dark blue hair and, Eliza thought, absolutely adorable. Coming to a decision, she stopped and opened the compartment door.

    "Hi, can I sit here?"
  4. Elvira was startled when the compartment door suddenly opened, but she quickly recovered, and nodded shyly. "Yeah, you can." She bent over and dug through her bag as she remembered that she had brought her iPod this time around. As she hunted through her bag, she glanced up furtively at the other girl, and her stomach did a flip. She was so gorgeous, Elvira thought to herself.

    "I'm Elvira." She finally introduced herself as she found the small music device, and sat up again. Elvira figured that she might as well break the ice or something since this cutie was sitting here with her.
  5. Eliza smiled widely and flopped down in the seat across from the girl. "Hi Elvira, I'm Eliza." She looked the girl over from behind her fringe as the other girl dug through her bag, making sure Elvira wouldn't catch her checking her out. That would be embarrassing and possibly end very badly until she found out which way the hottie across from her swung.

    "So, Elvira, what're you doing on the train? Going to visit anyone?"

    Question's would be good for now, get to know her before making a move.
  6. Elvira sat back up, and crossed her legs underneath her on the cushioned seat as she shook her head in response to Eliza's question. "No, I just like travelling. My parents prefer to keep me out of the house as much as possible, so I just take trains to wherever seems interesting. Today I'm going to visit the British Library, which I'm really looking forward to since they have love letters written by Charlotte Bronte to her unrequited crush when she met him in Belgium." Her brown eyes sparkled with enthusiasm as she spoke about her favourite subject.

    Suddenly she realised that she was blabbering like a fool in front of this girl, and she shut up, her cheeks blushing a light pink, which contrasted with her midnight blue hair. "Sorry I'm chattering on like this - I just get so caught up in the moment when I'm talking about any type of literature."
  7. Eliza frowned slightly at that. Why would Elvira's parent's not want her around? true she didn't know her very well yet, but she seemed nice.

    The blonde smiled and tried not to giggle when Elvira started to babble. "Don't worry about it." Actually, she thought it was the cutest thing ever, but thought saying so would come across as creepy. "Really, don't worry, I think everyone should be allowed to ramble about whatever they like or get excited about."
  8. Elvira smiled at what Eliza said, and she replied, "I like you - you're interesting." She ran a hand through her overhanging hair, and then asked curiously, "Whereabouts are you headed to?"
  9. Eliza blinked. Interesting, her? Well that one was one word for it she supposed. "Me? I'm headed to my grandparents. My parents are going on their second honeymoon and don't think I can spend two weeks by myself, so they sent me to my grandparents." She rolled her eyes and shrugged. "Whatever, my grandparents are cool so I don't mind much."

    She smiled, "Thanks, I think you're interesting too."
  10. Elvira blushed when Eliza called her interesting in return, and she smiled shyly. "Thanks, but most people say I'm a freak. I'm a lesbian Aspie with crap social skills, and I spend most of my time with my nose buried in a book. That's not interesting, it's weird." She shrugged, and turned her gaze to her iPod in her hands as she focused on setting up a playlist, and also not meeting Eliza's gaze.
  11. Eliza frowned. Being a lesbian, and liking books didn't make you a freak It just meant you liked other girls and were a bookworm. And neither did having shitty social skills. She would know.

    "That doesn't make you a freak Elvira, it makes you you. And I think it's interesting." She smiled widely, "And so what if you have bad social skills? Most people say that about me, do I look like a freak to you?" She brushed her hair out of her eyes and bit her lip "I'm sorry, if this comes across as rude, but what's an "Aspie"? I've never heard that term before."
  12. Elvira was surprised when Eliza said that she was still interesting to her, and she glanced up at the other girl with a shy smile. "Well, I have this form of high-functioning autism which is called Aspergers Syndrome. People with Aspergers are nicknamed Aspies for short, but we can do anything that anyone else can do - we're good at arts, some people are better with logical deductions, but some people think that we're stupid and slow and that we can't understand normal things. Sometimes I can't, because my brain's too logical to work stuff out, but I'm not stupid though."

    She took out a hair elastic from her bag and pulled her dark blue hair up into a pony-tail, revealing more of her heart-shaped face, and finally revealing more of her dark brown eyes.
  13. "Oh." Eliza blinked, "I know a few people with Aspergers, but I've never heard that term for it." She shrugged, "So you're brain is wired a different way, so what? It doesn't mean your stupid."

    Eliza felt her breath catch in her throat, the other girl was absolutely gorgeous. Tugging at her bangs, Eliza tried to hide her rapidly appearing blush.
  14. "Anyway, how long are you going to stay at your grandparents' for?" Elvira changed the subject swiftly, and asked curiously. "And um, could I maybe get your number?" Her cheeks went a light shade of pink as she shyly asked this. "I'd like to keep in touch with you."
  15. "T-t-two weeks" Eliza said, and then blushed. Why did she have to stutter? She hadn't stuttered in years. She blinked, her blush fading a bit, her number? "Oh, yeah, sure." She took out her phone and handed it to Elvira. "Here add your number."
  16. Elvira took the phone and quickly typed her number in before handing it back to the cute girl sitting opposite her. "I'm free pretty much all day, every day, so you can just, y'know, call anytime you want." She shyly said with a small smile. This was so new to her, talking to people for this amount of time, but she kinda liked it.
  17. Eliza smiled. "Sure, I totally call you at some point. Maybe we can hang out some time? I love my grandparents, but it'd be nice to hang out with someone my age too, y'know?"
  18. "Yeah, that's cool." Elvira smiled, and brushed her fringe away from her face. "So, um what do you like doing?"


    By the time they reached the last stop ten minutes later, Elvira had blushed like fifty times. She just couldn't help it - this girl was so utterly gorgeous that she couldn't stop staring, which then made her blush when she was caught staring. As the train stopped, she picked up her bag, and slipped on her baseball cap. "It's been really nice meeting you. You have my number, so uh, yeah. You can just call me any time." She smiled shyly and made her way off the train.
  19. Eliza shrugged. "I like reading and I like video games. That's about it really."

    When the train pulled into her stop - the last stop - Eliza was sure she was going to be permanently red. Or something like that. She had busied herself with pretending to look out the window for the last ten minutes so she wouldn't be tempted to stare openly at the other girl. Instead she snuck glances.

    Standing up as the train stopped, she grabbed her backpack and slung it over her shoulder. "Yeah, nice meeting you too. I'll call you sometime." She waved and stepped off the train looking for her grandfather
  20. Elvira made it to the library and she was instantly at home. She wandered around happily for ages, just browsing, but somehow she couldn't get that gorgeous girl from the train out of her head. She blushed when she became conscious of this, but she couldn't help a smile spread across her face. She had actually given her number to a girl - a cute one!