Finding the way home.

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  1. Angel open his eyes and looked around. He then got up form the ground wondering where he was. He spotted CardMaster on the ground. He ran to her. "Wake up CardMaster." He said as he shook her.

    CardMaster open her eye and look up at Angel. "Is it morning already?" She asked as she rubbed her eyes. She got up and looked around. "This is not my room. Where are we?"
  2. The sound of cars and other such things was easily heard outside of the seemingly endless dark they laid in. Though it was dark, a door like form was glowing in the distance and a large triangle with a lion face in the middle glowed above the door. There was nothing else visible and you could walk for days and end up in the same place with the door in the distance. Only taking a certain path could you close the distance between the door and yourself.
  3. CardMaster looked over to the glowing down. "We are not at the apartments any more are we?" She asked as she got up. She turn to the direction of the sounds. She reached behind her back to grab her staff. "Were are our weapon?"

    Angel looked at the door. "Nope." He said as he stood up after CardMaster got up. "Not here. And right now we should start walk toward the door, before the sounds catch up to us." He said as he started to walk.

    Filling like hours, they finally got to the door. The sounds were getting close to them. Angel open the door quickly and push CardMaster inside. He then walk inside and shut the door after that. "Now where are we?"
  4. Stepping through the door onto a paved sidewalk, the two were greeted by loud street noises such as angry drivers, chatter between the people that walked along the sidewalk, and even aircrafts. The city was just at sunset, casting long dark shadows across the narrow downtown streets and setting the sky ablaze with mixed reds, yellows, pinks, and purples. On the subject of the sky, you would think it normal at first, however, taking a better look you could note two moons of different sizes and unusually bright stars. Back on the planet, the curvaceous glass buildings in the distance still towered over the people, yet all the buildings within sight (which was not but 30 feet in a circle) were small and oriental looking. Most filled with rough, mean looking men and women.

    Among the people on the streets, Cipris was in a hurry to get to a job interview when a young girl and older man stepped out of a shut down building, bringing her to an abrupt stop. "Oh! Excuse me!" She said in shock. Taking a moment to realize where they had come from, Cipris furrowed her eyebrows. "How did you get in that building?" She asked puzzled.
  5. Angel looked at the girl that was talking to them. He looked behind him at the building. "We open the door and walk though it." He said as he looked around at every thing. "May I ask where we are?"
    CardMaster stood close to Angel.
  6. Cipris looked from them to the door then back to them. "The door was locked..." She thought confused. "Are these people GM imperials?" She thought. "Your in Utopia." She explained, crossing her small arms. "Where else would you be? There is no way to leave..."
  7. CardMaster looked up at Angel. "Utopia? Have you herd of this place?"

    Angel looked at CardMaster. "No. This is the first time I herd of this place." He said as he looked at the person that was talking to them. "What is this place like?"
  8. Cipris stared at them shortly, confused. Were they really not from here? Where were they from and could they get others out? She looked around the busy street, starting to get nervous, " There are a lot of guards around here, maybe we should go somewhere a little less crowded." She suggested, afraid they, and their strange attire, would call unpleasant attention.
  9. CardMaster looked at Angel. "Do you have the spare cards I gave you?" She asked as she looked around. "Guards. Why do you need guards here?"

    Angel checked his pockets. "Nope." He said as he looked at the girl. 'Should I trust her." He thought to himself. "OK. You lead we follow." He looked around trying to hind something that he can use as a weapon.
  10. Cipris smiled slightly. "Because guards protect us. And makes sure no one disobeys the law." She explained, mumbling the last part. "Anyways, yes, follow me to a more secluded place." She repeated, gathering her warm leather coat closer about her and started briskly walking down the street. Cipris's mind was cluttered with many questions, however, the one that stressed her the most was what if these people really weren't from here and there was a way out!
  11. Angel grabbed CardMaster and followed the girl. 'OK. I have to keep my guard up. This is not good." He thought to himself.
  12. Cipris turned a corner and entered a quiet cafe type of building. There were one or two people already in there, and the store owner perked up when Cipris entered. "Hello Mr. Shudruff." She greeted bow a slight bow. "Can we use the back room?" She asked, glancing back at Angel and Cardmaster. This was a refuge for people that did not agree with the king's ruling, and Cipris, being a important figure in that department, knew she could trust the people here.

    Mr. Shudruff smiled pleasantly as they entered, when she requested the use of the back room, he quickly agreed and reached under the counter to get a key. Once the key was in hand, he handed it to Cirpris who took it with a 'thank you' and lead the two into the back room.
  13. Angel followed the girl into the building. He looked around inside the building, seeing what he can. He looked at CardMaster and smile. "You OK?" He followed to the girl to the back. "OK what is going on here and what is your name?" He asked as he looked around again.
    CardMaster nodded at Angel. "Yes." She said as she smiled back at him.
  14. "I would like to ask the same of you." Cipris replied, pulling two comfortable looking chairs out for the two to sit in. "My name is Cirpris. But that isn't important. I need to know how and why you've come here. This city has no known exits." She explained, taking a seat herself. "
  15. CardMaster set down in one of the chairs. She looked up and smiled at Angel.
    Angel smiled back at CardMaster and then looked at Cipris. "I am Angel and this is CardMaster. All I know is that I woke up in darkness. Then a door appeared out of no were." He explained as he set down. "How big is this city?"
  16. Cipris listened, trying to make sense of what they were saying. "It just appeared?" She repeated thoughtfully. "The city is unmeasured, but it takes two days to cross from one side to the other when driving. Where are you from? What is your land called?" She asked, standing again and going to a bookshelf.

    At that moment, the door opened and the man from earlier stepped in, nodding his head slightly to them. He was being quiet, trying not to interrupt but Cipris quickly called attention to him. "Luther where is the Historia?" She asked.
    "It should be on the shelf there. Let me see if I can find it." He offered, hurrying to her side to help."you can continue talking." He said, smiling at her.
    "Oh, thank you." She said, taking her seat again.
  17. "Two day drive. I am form another world. That plant is call Dragon's Den. Add name yes, but ti is home." Angle said as he looked at CardMaster. "Have any thing about this?"
    CardMaster watch Cirpis talk to other person. She looked at Angel. "No. This world is not like anything we have been too."
  18. Cipris stared at the two, completely confused. " and odd name for a planet." She agreed.

    Luther turned around with a book in hand. "Ah, I've heard of such a thing, but only in fairytales." He said walking up tot he group and setting the book down. "You must have hit your head and simply mixed things up with fairytales." He added, opening up the book to a page talking about Dragon's Den.

    Cipris thought a moment before nodding in agreement. "That sounds possible. In that case, you need to be taken to the doctor." She concluded. Standing up, Cipris grabbed her coat and looked at Cardmaster. "Are you siblings?" She asked,
  19. CardMaster looked at Cipris. "No. He is my bodyguard." She said with a smile.

    Angel smiled. "It is a long story. What do you mean a fairy tale? Dragon's Den is my home and the clan I am in." He said as he looked at Cipris. "What is going on and why need to go to a doctor?"
  20. "Common fairytale. It would be best to have a doctor check you out, just in case you've hurt yourself." Luther explained simply. His mannerisms seemed relaxed, and his voice was calm, but he did seem to want them to leave.

    Cipris stood, expecting them to follow her lead. "Yes, it would be best." She said, not really thinking it throughly. "We can talk on the way to the doctor. Why do you need a body guard, Cardmaster?" She asked, stepping up to take Cardmaster's hand with a bright smile.
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