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  1. Two groups have lived in north america for 10 years through a zombie apocalypse . killing and surviving through it all. They took the role as government of what used to be new York . one family controlling upstate and the other lower state. They are at peace with each other but passerby's suffer if they don't abide by their rules.(more info later if we make it to NY)

    Is new York a safe-haven

    As for the Zombies they never let up and seem to keep coming yea during the winter months its slow but in the spring summer and fall they are doused in the undead. Walkers Crawlers Flyers .. Slo's are the undead that move slow but are the strongest. smarts are evolved zombies that can fight back. runners are extremely fast and alert other zombies of the location . and there are the traditional zombies that kill. There are two ways to kill them completely . 1 head shot (penetrate the head. )2 Cut them in half.

    What brought the zombies was a nuclear war and America was caught in the middle. The army was quickly taken over from both the east and west coast . France Tested a new chemical that leaked over the US.. causing the out break... is the rest of the world infected and why don't the zombies stop coming.

    Did the war create non zombified creatures/beings.

    (have fun this Rp can lead to anywhere you want cure ... death ... some one making zombies from scratch or dead corpses. are you going to join up with the new yorkers . have fun.)
    It will start in Miami beach Florida. Monday march 1 2023

    Occupation before outbreak:
    Weapons(powers if any. wont use till later):
  2. Name:Mack
    Appearance:6' tall male He has an afro that stands about 2 in tall his hair is stained red from blood. he wears black cargo's and a black t shirt and a bullet proof vest . On his feet are combat boots and knee high socks. across his back is a book bag that he never removes and a katana strapped across it. he has a ear ring in his right ear. black and red mma gloves that are ripped on the palms from being worn so much. on his right hip are a pair of running shoes inside a pair of socks.
    Occupation before outbreak: He was only a kid.
    Weapons(powers if any. wont use till later): katana and a small arsenal at his base ..(ability to manipulate waves/ motion.)

    Mack had been roaming the beach looking for other survivors to make the trip with him. he did not know weather it would be safe to take strangers with him or not. he stands looking out to the ocean thinking is the whole world like this. After an hour he begins to make his way ack to the hotel where his strong hold is. Its night so he doesn't really have to worry about zombies cause they cant see him. He arrives to the hotel to see two smarts and a screamer standing out side his door. ... he thinks about what he can do to get in.

    He picks up a rock next to him and chucks it to the other side of the parking lot "grall ga gurll " a smart says to an screamer the all run to where the noise was. I dart for the door unlocking it and getting inside before they could see it was a fake. "yes" a sigh of relief follows. he listens from the door hoping to hear nothing. he heads to the basement... once there he flops on the couch and begins to dose off.
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