Finding The Truth

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Name: Amber Roberts
Age: 21
Back story: Elizabeth is a college student, her family is middle class and she has never gotten into trouble. Really she is a goody two shoes, but she does have spunk and is always very upbeat.

Plot:Elizabeth is working on a very bizarre project; she is trying to prove that demons are real and to show everyone that indeed they are around and they are walking amongst us. She is so close to finding the proof but the demon world is watching her and decides she really needs to be stopped and that is where your guy comes into the picture.

I was thinking he is a high ranking demon trying to become leader and so decides he will do the job, but when he sees her something about her makes him want to get to know her and they strike up a relationship. I was thinking that she is an angle who hasn’t gotten her powers yet. If you’re interested PM me and we can discuss this idea further.
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