Finding the Light

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  1. Ace ran from the shouting and the crying and she ran until it hurt too much to stand and her chest burned. Dressed only in her tattered jeans and plain t-shirt. She was glad she had grabbed one of the jackets off the coat rack, since she was so cold. It was probably because she had no shoes on and it had begun to snow. She shivered and sat down, pulling some wood over and setting it in front of her. She felt around in the jacket, knowing it was the owners jacket. She hoped he had left some matches or even a lighter if she was lucky. She smiled to herself, when she found a lighter. She set the log on fire but nothing happened so she grabbed some of the leaves near her, and lit them. She was so happy when they caught fire and she could warm her freezing feet. She hugged herself and her teeth chattered as she curled up near the fire, coughing slightly.
  2. Arrow was hunting, a family trade, as he hear a slight sound. Drawing the bow that had earned him his nickname, he nocked an arrow and hid behind a tree. Peering around it, he realized that it wasn't a deer after all, but an innocent looking girl that was shivering and wrapped in a jacket that was much too big for her. He slowly eased the arrow off the drawstring and slipped it back into the quiver as he stepped slowly around the tree. "Who are you?" he asked curiously, looking at her from across the fire.
  3. She looked up at him and squeaked, crawling backwards into the tree, pulling her arms up to cover her face. It was evident that she was freezing and her feet were slightly purple from the cold. She hid her face, her eyes tightly closed as she trembled where she was. She looked malnourished and her clothes were old and worn down and looked like they had been sown together badly. She peered up at Arrow and her big brown eyes just watched him as he spoke. "I'm... I'm sorry... I'm Ace," she murmured softly through the chatter of her teeth from the cold.
  4. He walked around the fire and knelt in front of her. "I'm Arrow. How did you get here? You look like you need some help." He slowly looked over her, noticing every cut and bruise. "You should come with me, I can take you to safety." Standing and turning, he looked over his shoulder to see if she was following.
  5. She tried to crawl away from him, a reflex from being beaten so many times. She relaxed when he didn't hit her, but her body was tense, ready to fight back when needed. She was surprised when he offered her help, but she was skeptical. She stayed where she was for a moment. "You won't take me back there will you?" she asked softly, her voice just barely above a whisper. She would run right now if he said he wasn't sure or maybe or even yes. She would not go back to that place.
  6. "No, you can come back to my house. It's not far; you're on my property. I'll make you some lunch and get you some clean clothes." He looked at her, then turned and offered his hand to help her up.
  7. She looked at him, fear in her eyes but she decided to take a leap of faith and she reached out her bandaged arm and took his hand. Her arm had been bandaged badly, by herself since no one else would help her with it. She stood up and followed him, yelping when she stood on something sharp. She had no shoes on so walking hurt her feet badly.
  8. He turned and picked her up, carrying her into the house and shutting the door, and then into the bathroom. "That arm needs to be rebandaged, I'll take care of it and get you fixed up." He grabbed medical scissors and a roll of gauze and cut the old one off, gently wrapping it with the fresh gauze.
  9. She shivered when he lifted her up. She was thin and looked like they had starved her, where ever she was from. When the gauze was removed, her arms was littered with bruises in the shape of hands and cuts that were deep and somewhat infected. She was clearly abused where ever she was from and she whimpered when he touched her arm.
  10. After seeing the wounds, he decided to clean them first before bandaging them. After she was patched up, he looked her over. "Where did you come from? And who did this to you?" he asked curiously. "I'll make you something to eat, you can explain it all then," he said, leading her donnstairs*
  11. She was shivering and shaking slightly, tears in her eyes since it hurt when he cleaned her wounds. "Mr. Wilbur's Orphanage.... Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur beats all of us," she said softly to him. She looked down at her feet, seeing how red they were. He feet hurt from being so cold and then suddenly hot.
  12. He paused and turnedtopick her up. "Well I promise that as long as you are here with me, they wkn't get you back." He carried her downstairs and set her in a chair in the kitchen while he started to cook her some lunch.
  13. She didn't believe him. She couldn't. She always expected the worst so she expected to end going back to that place. She watched him as he began cooking, she didn't know why he was doing that. She was always the one who would make food, and she would be beaten if it wasn't good.
  14. After several minutes, he turned nnd layed a large meal out in front of her. Sitting across form her, he smiled nnd said, "Eat your fill."
  15. She looked at all the food on the table. Her stomach let out a loud growl as she looked at the food, but she looked down at her lap. "Aren't I supposed to eat after you do...?" she asked softly as she looked up at him. She was never allowed to eat before the Wilbur's.
  16. Hechuckled softly, smiling at her. "No, it's fine. I made it for you, you can eat all you want." He relaxed, leaning back in the chair.
  17. She looked confused at him and she nodded her head. She served herself and began eating. She ate slowly and not a lot. She would eat slowly and the stop and then start once more. She didn't want to throw up.
  18. He looked at her and thought for a moment. "So, how old are you?"
  19. She looked up at him after a little while. She had finished eating and just sat there. "I'm 8 sir," she said softly to him.
  20. He frowned slightly, then said "You're much to young to be out there by youreself. Why don't you stay here with me? I'll take care of you." He stood and started taking care of the dishes.