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  1. Hi fellow humans (awkward smile), Yata Misaki here...

    I remembered that I actually have an account on Iwaku but never used it...WHY NOT USE IT NOW??

    I can play most types of characters...if I say so myself. I really don't give a flying fuck about pairings or genres so we can play all sorts of pairings :D Yayyyyyyyyyyy...

    Speaking of pairings, here's some I have in mind, you'll have to discuss the plot with me over PM though:

    Vampire x Angel
    Mage x Human
    Demon x Human
    Blind M/F x Normal M/F
    Mentally Ill M/F x Doctor

    However, there are some ideas I already have for this pairing:

    Mage x Mage
    (Not sure about title I'll think of one later)
    The world of Lapis, once a beautiful idyllic place, only to be plagued by a mysterious illness that was released by a foreign species, in which it started to affect many of the human inhabitants, causing them to corrupt their minds and later cause them to die a torturous death.


    It seems as if this illness only affect those who can't resist it. Some humans were able to contain the illness and use them to their advantage, offering them various powers. These people are called Mages (Note: That name is a placeholder, I'll think of a good name later).

    At first, they were treated as miracles, and were sent to research on the illness unprotected, as they were thought to be immune to the disease.

    They were wrong. Very wrong.

    The main plot I have is that the two mages are trying to find a cure for the illness, but at the same time protect those who were still unaffected by the disease and find those who created it. Not only that, they need to make sure that the usage of their powers are also in check, or else they will corrupt themselves, too.

    I'll update this post as I go.

    Also, I live in down under, so if you live somewhere like the US or Europe or somewhere like that, you may not get an instant response.
  2. I interested Demon x human if it's still open, and I have a really good character who could play a great demon if it's alright with you.
  3. PM Me your character :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.