Finding Paradise

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  1. Plot

    A boy named Reagan has been homeless since he was nine, running away from his home because of his abusive father and mother. He lived on his own for quite some time until he met a few other orphans. Soon, by the time he was twelve, there were at least ten in the group (that ten including him). They live their lives on the streets of New York, stealing food and some working small end jobs. They become a family, all close. Soon, they are being hunted down by police, being notorious for stealing. They then realize that they must find a different home, but now they decide that they want to live in a calm quiet place; Canada wilderness. All have different stories and backgrounds. Now, they search for a paradise that would fit them, and they wouldn't have to worry about abusive people or parents, neglect, and other troubles or toils. Many of these children are outcasts and orphans, but all have one thing in common; they've only got each other.

    So the search for paradise begins; many adventures lay ahead, toils and traps; is paradise worth the risk?

    ~The Rules~

    Please use proper gamer code; no power playing, god moding, etc. Not cool.
    Please don't spam
    Have fun

    1. Reagan (Nightah)
    2. Koinu (Mooglegirl)
    3. Ivory (Mayhamhouse)
    4. Roxanne (Chrona)
    5. Lillain (Duel Dragon)
    6. Serento (Serento)
    7. Sebastain (Sebastain's Wrath)

    ~Charrie sheet~
  2. I'd like to join, is there a character sheet or shall we just make one up?
  3. Just put one up, thanks for the reminder
  4. Name: Koinu ("koh-EE-noo")
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Description: Sort of a thick, muscled build. Tall for his age. Silvery-brown hair that reaches to his chin and sweeps in front of his face, covering half of it. Currently wearing a grayish-purple hoodie and bright-colored jeans, both very worn down, with the occasional hole.
    Background: One year ago, Ko's parents' relationship ended with a fiery, yet tearful breakup, but instead of fighting for custody, they simply left him to fend for himself. It wasn't long before he began to cut himself off from his old life: he stopped going to school, actively avoided both his parents, and learned to fend for himself. The martial arts skills his father taught him have proven invaluable, keeping him in shape and giving him a safe outlet for his aggression.
    Other: Has something of a fascination with fire, as well as a high pain tolerance. Relatively thick-headed. Not afraid to speak his mind.
  5. Alright, awesome! If others don't join then I will just make npcs.
  6. May I join? This sounds fun! Quick question though, what was the basic plot idea you had? I'll post up my character soon!
  7. The plot is posted already. And yes.
  8. Wow...strangly close to a dream I had a long time ago. I still remember it because it is a dream I enjoyed a lot. I'm in, I'll post my character sheet after I get home later, and of course after I finish posting for my other rps.
  9. Alright, I'll save a slot. Meanwhile, I will post my sheet as well:

    Name: Reagan Hothstad
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Description: Reagan is about 5'0 and weighs around 164. He has blue eyes, and short reddish brown hair that is always messy but is wearing an english hat. He has multiple scars all over his body from fights and his past. He wears a white wife beater (tank top undershirt) and black jeans, and a black belt. He is normally wearing black cowboy boots and a black sweatshirt. He has a scar across his face.
    Background: Reagan had a rough life. He grew up with a mother that didn't want him, and a father that was physically abusive as well as mentally and emotional. Neglected, Reagan ran away from home at the age of nine. He found a new family, but they disowned him. His brothers betrayed him, and he lived alone for a while until he met up with a couple of people, then a group formed into a new family.
    Other: Nope
  10. Name: Roxanne Foster
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female

    Description: Roughly around 5'5" tall, 128lbs, thick and dark aurburn brown hair with vibrant green eyes that stick out on her perfect ivory skin. Her hair flows down to the middle of her back in slightly wavy, natural curls. Roxanne wears some dark blue jeans that are a little stretchy so they fit her nicely to make her comfortable in them. For a shirt she has on an old black Nascar shirt with a few. She has on white and black walking shoes that are pretty worn down after all the use they've been through now.

    Background: When she was young her father and uncle would molest and take advantage of her. Her mother had already passed away before it started happening, and years went on with her having to endure it all. One day when they were coming home from a week long trip they had a car accident when they went over a cliff. The fall wasn't that much, but her father and uncle, the only two family she had left, died that day. She was left with a scar along her back from a shard of a broken beer bottle flying and slicing a long deep cut from her right shoulder down to the left side of her waist. A little of it can be seen from the front if she had her shirt off. The scar sloped down towards the right side of her body a little, getting her right in the center of her back before it curved to her left side. Roxanne had been out cold while it had cut her since she was knocked out from hitting the driver's seat in front of her. When she became conscience again she managed to get out and call for help. Her father had still been alive in the driver's seat, and Roxanne saw it too. All he would have needed was a little help, yet because of all the things he had done to her she didn't spare him a second glance as she waited for the police and ambulance to arrive. After being treated in the hospital she was put in an orphanage which she ran away from so she wouldn't have to risk getting someone like her old father or uncle agin.

    Other: She doesn't like to be around males, but she has known Reagan and Koinu long enough to trust them.
  11. Name: Ivory Rivera
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Description: Ivory is a quite a unique looking person. She is around five feet six, and weighs around 100lbs. She has silvery white hair, and pale icy blue eyes- that always hold a mischievous edge. Typically with her longish hair normally in a long plait. Her pale skin is covered in scars around her hands where she tried to fix things in the past. Ivory normally wears a long dark trench coat which nearly touches the ground, some tattered trousers, a long sleeve button up shirt with a couple buttons missing.
    Background: Ivory was originally from a very rich family, and she had been educated to the highest degree- with knowledge beyond her years. Although she came a very well-off family, they were not perfect. Her mother suffered with mental issues, and her Father was tortured himself with the problems of his wife, and his own depression. Ivory was left alone, and isolated from her parents. She was a naturally cheery, yet eccentric person and never seemed to stay in one place for long and she is always doing something. When her parents committed suicide, Ivory was left with no one to care for her and went to the streets where she could get away from all her pain. Naturally, Ivory will always gaze longingly at the families who walk the streets happily. Ivory is always very happy, and will speak her mind no matter what people may think of her. Despite her happiness- she gets bored very easily!
    Other: She is quite skilled at tinkering with electrical items, scavenging old electrical stuff from the dumps. She also is very friendly with everyone she meets! If not a bit rude sometimes, and blunt...
  12. When I get back online next week I will make the actual rp.
  13. Looking forward to it ^.^
  14. Lillian Riona Matthew

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Background: Lillian was abandoned by her mother at the age of five, leaving her in the streets to support herself. When she became six years old, an unknown came to her aid and supported her until she was eight years old, leaving Lillian in an orphanage so the woman could run off with her fiancee.
    When Lillian was fifteen, she decided it was enough for her. Lillian's carer told her to go take the throw the trash, she found an opportunity to escape. Now, she lives on the streets with a small group.
  15. Yes you may. Welcome
  16. Thank you.
  17. Name: Serento Alexander Vein



    Description:Serento is an unusual person. He stands around 6 feet 2 inches, and weighs about 257 lbs. Serento is a rather strong kid, muscular to better describe. His grey eyes in which looked as if a storm was arrived, stood out against his dark tanned skin that made him look caramel. His long black hair which fell down to his shoulder made him look even darker. Serento wears an old ratty pair of black converse shoes, some navy blue colored jeans which were baggy across the legs, he wore a solid white V-neck t-shirt under a solid black hoodie three sizes to big.

    Background: Serento's mom died a few minutes after he arrived into this world, and his father blamed him so naturally his father hated him. Day after day his father told him what a horrible monster he was, and that he killed his mother. Serento's dad went drinking one night and came home later that night yelling for Serento. Serento father beat him until he fell unconscious. Serento awoke the next morning as he father layed against the wall head slumped over. He was dead no doubt. Serento got cleaned up and dressed. He left his house and headed out onto the streets. Where he made some new friends... no he gained a new family.

    other: He has a high pain tolerance,and he is a good talker which helps him out of certain situations.
  18. Are there any openings left and if so May I Join?

    Name: Sebastian

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

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    Background:Sebastian's early life before he was orphaned. His mother died during child birth and was left with his father as his sole care giver. But his father quickly dove into a deep depression giving way to alcohol and drugs. As Sebastian grew up with his father he was put under immense physical and mental abuse being beaten and told he was worthless, which of course made him become cold and distant from most people. At the age of 15 his father died of alcohol poisoning, so He set out on his own across the country Just biding his time till death would knock on his door. Or until something better would be to come along.

    He is a good fighter after years of living on the streets and tends to have a much higher pain tolerance then most. He is also very protective of the people he cares about. He tends to say things that he shouldn't and often says what's on his mind despite the consequences.

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