Finding Paradise: Street Rats

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    The city of New York; a dirty, overcrowded place with nomercy. For visitors it's beautiful, for its wealthy inhabitants, it’s great.For the low income and poor, it’s better than nothing; but for the homeless it’sa nightmare. Nobody knew more about it then a boy named Reagan Hothstead, who’d been living on the streets since he was just nine years old. His clothes weren't tattered like that old stereotype; no they were in pretty good condition. He roamed thesestreets as if they were hallways in his home, allies like they were hisbedrooms and kitchen. To him, the streets of this awful place was home. Along theway, many other children joined him, following him everywhere he went. He providedprotection for them. Right now however, he was walking alone. He was an independentperson at heart. He searched through the streets for his next pick pocket victim.He spotted him; a rich pratt walking out of a fancy hotel. He bumped into himand apologized, and managed to hear a ‘Street Rat’ escape from the man’s mouth.As Reagan walked, he smirked. ‘Street rat I may be but poor man are you,’ hestuffed the wallet in his pocket, knowing that he’d have to search through hisprize later so he would not be caught.<o:p></o:p>
    He slunk into a back ally and took all the money out;jackpot. This guy had been loaded. There was at least seventy five dollarshere. At most it could provide a much needed meal back at the base. He boughtsome hot dogs and put them in his satchel and headed home; his ‘family’ wouldenjoy them and go to bed with mild hunger pains.<o:p></o:p>
  2. Lillian.jpg Lillian Riona Matthew

    Lillian had decided to stay back at 'home,' while waiting for Reagan to appear, and taking care of her 'family' while they slept. Lillian was like a guardian for all of the kids that were younger than her, including Reagan. Yes, she was older than him, but Reagan was like a headmaster of everyone.
    Lillian's eyes drooped with tiredness, and her stomach with a burning hunger. She sighed and leaned against the wall, watching everyone, checking if they were fine.

  3. Sleeping on the floor is something Roxanne has gotten used to by now. At first it had been uncomfortable, but now it was a regular thing for her. Slowly she opened her eyes, stretching her legs and arms while arching her back to pop it like she normally did after taking a nap. She wasn't good with pick pocketing. Neither was physically skilled. It made her feel a little useless and she wasn't completely comfortable with asking one of the guys to help her out, since they seemed to be better at useful skills here on the streets of New York. Roxanne sat up, rubbing her eyes to clear her vision as she looked around. It seemed most of them had the same idea as her. Take a nap while they waited to see if Reagan came up with any food today. She spotted Lillian by the wall and decided to join her.

    Despite the sore feeling she felt over her body from not doing much lately, Roxanne stood up and quietly walked to Lillian. She took her time since there was no hurry. Roxanne stretched some more, still trying to wake up as she went to sit with her 'sister.' "Hey Lillian." She said with a yawn while sitting beside her.
  4. Sebastian had left silently in the night three nights ago leaving a note behind scrawled on an old dirty scrap of notebook paper that read "Will Be back, Found some work. Will bring back the money. Have faith. and Please Don't worry." Sebastian had a nasty habit of taking jobs that posed a risk to his health and everybody knew it. He often went to pit fights and tried to make money. He even went to underground fighting tournaments where there was more money but no rules. Sebastian had managed to get into a very small time tournament with a 1st place prize of $200 dollars. He had fought enough people by then to know that he could handle himself in a fight. However he didn't win the tournament. He came in third place and only got $50 dollars. Sebastian walked back into there little slice of home with an empty stomach a broken rib, bruised knuckles and a handful of cash that wouldn't last them a week. He had mouth's to feed. They were his family and he had to do what he could. Sebastian stopped just outside the doorway to there home and tried to contemplate what reaction he would get. Most likely He'd get yelled at by someone for just disappearing. He'd probably get chewed out. But he couldn't fualt them. They cared. At least someone did. Sebastian slowly walked in before saying "Yo! I'm Back. And I got Money!"
  5. Serento's body was tired. He had never wanted to be humiliated like the day before. Serento knew how to fight, but he got cocky as he tried pick pocketing a young business man. Serento had been caught as the man slammed his fist into Serento's face. Serento fell to the ground and the man repeatedly kicked him in the stomach until a few citizens broke it up. As Serento layed against the wall of their small home he felt his side, most defiantly broken ribs, and a black eye. Since know one had seen him since the beat down they didn't know how he looked. They would be mad, he would be told not to make stupid decisions, and finally they would just be glad he is safe. Serento let out a large groan because of his ribs, "Aah God it hurts!"
  6. Koinu was sound asleep, sprawled out shirtless on the ground, using his hoodie as a pillow as he always did. He knew that the others didn't like him sleeping in so late, since it meant he spent less time working, but he tried to make up for it as best as he could. He wasn't exactly the sneakiest person, but he was tough, and fast. He'd nabbed the group plenty of food from local convenience stores, and even earned some money as a street performer, juggling torches.

    When Sebastian finally returned to their little "home," though, Koinu shot awake. "How much?!" was the first thing out of his mouth. He wasn't all that mad at Sebastian for leaving. You gotta do what you gotta do, right? He was just excited and happy to see his "brother" return safely. Plus, y'know, money.

    Koinu looked over at Serento and poked him in the head. "Suck it up, you'll be fine."
  7. Ivory was fiddling with an old battered toaster when Sebastian arrived back at their base. With a smudge of oil across her face, she joyfully left her work and leaped from her spot on the floor. "Sebastian! What has been happening?" She grinned at him. Sebastian's note was easily code for he was going to go out and go fighting again. Simply, she had thought he would have them that- its not like they could have done anything to stop him. Ivory quickly noticed the wounds he had gained over his 'holiday'. "Well, you could have told us all that you were out fighting again Sebastian!" She fished through her pocket and pulled out a weird contraption that was a mess of wires, and little blinking lights. "Could have tried out my little device I have here!" She pouted at him, tossing a spare roll of bandages she had in her pocket- towards him.
  8. "Hey, what device?" Koinu asked, getting to his feet and looking at the contraption in Ivory's hands. He often felt like he had to know everything that went on within their little family, and if someone had a new trinket that could potentially prove very useful, he just had to find out what it did and whether or not he'd get a shot at it.
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  10. Sebastian chuckled softly taking the bandages. He slowly wrapped his knuckles as he listened to the two. It was funny how they had managed to keep this almost oblivious innocence to themselves. It was amusing and it made him smile. But only for a minute before let out a sigh saying "I'm going to go shopping and I need an Extra hand. I can't get much but I can get us some fruit."
  11. Reagan walked around the corner and strolled into the ally in which his 'family' dwelled. "Dinner guys. Young ones first, then the rest of you. I'll get what's left," Reagan said putting the bag of hot dogs on a crate. This was more food than they have had in a while. He looked at those who were injured and frustration boiled in him. "Sebastain and Serento, see me after dinner," he growled and turned to his cardboard box bed. He'd found blankets and what not for everyone else, and whenever someone gave him back a blanket he'd just take it back to them and find a place to sleep where they couldn't find him. Reagan was quiet most the time, and came off as cold sometimes. But he did care about others. He laid back on his cardboard bed and stared up at the starlesws sky.
  12. "Hello Roxanne," I murmured as Roxanne walked to the small group of youngsters eating. Sighing, I leaned my head against the wall and closed my eyes. I wrapped a worn out quilt around myself, feeling a cold breeze pass by.
  13. Koinu snatched up his hoodie and slipped it on, eyes wide as he watched Reagan set down the food he'd brought. The brown-haired boy happily took his share, but forced himself to eat slowly, to better stave off hunger. It wasn't a habit he'd been happy to acquire during his first few weeks as a runaway, but he managed it nonetheless.

    "I can help," he said around a mouthful of hot dog to Sebastian. He was always more than happy to accompany the others on shopping trips. He found that he tended to get caught less when he was with someone else. It brought him pride to be able to provide for the rest of the family.
  14. Serento sighed he knew what that meant. He was gonna get yelled at. Reagan was not to be messed with, not at all. Serento sighed he wasn't hungry and didn't think he could stand the pain of it going down. Serento sighed and walked to the bag " See me when you're done." Serento muttered mockingly
  15. Ivory sat down on the floor while tenderly tearing off a piece of hotdog and then dangled the device in front of Koinu. She then proceeded to stuff the food down her throat. "This..." She scarfed down the bread and meat with an explosion of crumbs. "This, is a device which you place on your victim- like so," she planted the device on Koinu's lower back and pressed a small button on the top. "And it gives the victim a delightfully paralysing electric shock."
  16. Serento grabbed the hot dog. Serento sat along the wall eating slowly trying not to upset his ribs. Serento sighed wondering if he could do anything to help the group. Serento pushed the thought out of his mind.
  17. Reagan sighed. He hated being the bad guy on this but he had rules here for a reason. He continued to stare off into the sky, closing his eyes finally. He had fallen asleep, though he would be pissed if sebastiann and Serento didn't see him. He needed to enforce his rules around here. His mind drifted him to his past, of his mother and father. But this dream was a good one; it was the only good memory he had with his parents before they turned on him. They had all gone to the zoo, he cried because he'd gotten lost but his dad found him. He had to have been about six at the time...
  18. Serento finished his hot dog and stood slowly, he walked toward Reagan and noticed he was sleeping. Serento sighed and sat about arm length apart from him. He looked into the sky as he eyes drew heavy and he fell asleep.

    Serento dreamed of his father the night he came home plastered. Serento layer on th floor being repeatedly kicked and punched except this time he didn't black out he suffered. When his dad finished he sat along the wall, Serento knew what was gonna happen and as h tried to look away he couldn't. Then his father put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger..
  19. Sighing once more, I looked to see my 'family' slowly separate as they finished their food. My stomach lowly grumbled, but I managed to ignore it, as always. Looking out, the sun was beginning to set which meant the cold night would approach soon. Standing up, I folded the blanket and set it on the ground. I was going to advise Reagan that I was going to look for woods and any other material I could burn for fire, but he was falling asleep.

    Shrugging, I left the base and walked down the dimly lighted streets, and began to pick up broken twigs, plastic cups, unused napkins, so and so.
  20. Roxanne nearly jumped up when she heard there was food. Even if it was just hotdogs, something she wasn't fond of that much, she went over and took her share. She moved to her own little area where her blanket was, sitting down cross legged. Roxanne nibbled on the hotdog, eating it slowly and ignoring how it tasted. She wasn't a big meat eater, hotdogs especially. She just didn't like how they tasted. But it was food so she couldn't be picky when these nights were rare. Eventually she finished the hotdog and laid down on the blanket, closing her eyes and soon falling asleep to dream of nothing, something she was relieved about since usually her dreams were not fun to have.