Finding Love in Unexpected Places

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  1. Love has a way of making it into your life when you least expect it. That's how it was for Michael Chavaugne. Michael had never dreamed of ever being in love with anyone, and it never seemed to bother him. He never even crushed on anyone all through high school. Until he met Sydney Jones. It was almost as if this girl was meant for him as fate seemed to bring them closer together regardless of the obstacles that tried to tear them apart. This is the story of their inevitable love and their never-ending sacrifice.

    Michael sunk deeper into his desk as class was coming to an end. Even though there were only a few more minutes left of class, it felt like the time was dragging. Simon, who was sitting next to him, nudged his shoulder. Michael tried to ignore him, but he was being annoyingly persistent.

    "What?!" Michael growled through his teeth, annoyed.

    "Are you going to that dance this weekend?" Simon asked, a little more excitedly than what was necessary.

    "What makes you think I would go to some stupid school event where people prance around like idiots and make fools of themselves? Of course I'm not going." He said.

    "Come on, man! There's gonna be tons of hot girls there!" Simon said, still a little too enthusiastic.

    "All the more reason not to go. Like I want a bunch of girls clinging to me and crying for attention." Michael said as he sighed.

    Finally the bell rang, signaling the end of class, and Michael hurriedly stuffed his binder in his backpack and rushed out the door. Unfortunately, Simon was right behind him, practically bouncing as he walked.

    "Dude, I'm gonna get laid and all the girls are going to want me!" He said, grinning smugly, though he sounded even more like a child than ever.

    Michael snorted and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, good luck with that."

    Simon's brow wrinkled at that remark. "What are you trying to say?"

    "Nothing. Just... what's the point?" He asked, not even really looking for an answer.

    "The point is I'll be the most popular guy in school by next week! How awesome is that?!"

    "Well, you sure will be the talk of the whole school, but that's not the same thing." Michael said, shocked that he was willingly continuing this conversation. But before he was able to take his leave, he was surrounded by his other friends who were now dying to know why The Great Michael Chavaugne wasn't going to this raving school dance that every hot girl in school was going to.

    "We're making you go to this dance. You could meet a really nice girl that you could hook up with. Who knows? Maybe she'll go out with you?" One of the guys said.

    Michael groaned. "Since when did you guys become matchmakers?" He said. "You all sound like a bunch of girls trying to get their friend to go meet guys. I'm not going."

    But it was no use. Those guys were going to drag him to that dance if it was the last thing they did. Michael just sighed. There was obviously nothing he could do about it, so he gave up arguing.
  2. "So.."Alyssa asked, nudging Sydney's shoulder."Are you going to the dance? You are aren't you? Please! I don't want too alone and I defiantly can't go shopping for a dress alone,"she complained. Sydney sighed and continued pulling books out of her looked and talking to her best friend.

    "Well I wasn't exactly planning on going,"she says sighing and running a hand through her hair,"but Mrs. Hess put me on photography duty. I get to go and take pictures and make sure no one breaks the camera." She sighs and slams her locker shut. She hated school dances almost as much as she hated dresses, and this dance happened to involve both of them. Sydney started walking down the hallways and saw a big group or mainly guy talking about the dance. Great. I get to deal with them too, she thought to herself.

    She walked out to her car and got in, waiting for Alyssa to get in so they could go shopping and get home and get some sleep. It had been a long day today, but it was going to be a much longer day tomorrow.
  3. Michael finally made his way home, but not before Simon forced him to take a tux home. He would have tossed it in one of the dumpsters on the way home, but Simon made him swear to take care of his dad's old prom tux. Whatever, that just meant that he'd have to stuff it in the deep recesses of his closet and leave it there. There was no way he was wearing that thing to any event whatsoever. Besides, he could never rock a tux anyways.

    Michael was careful to enter his house unnoticed, but the house seemed to be much more lively than usual.

    'Damn... this isn't good.' He thought to himself, his teeth clenched partly out of concentration and partly out of frustration. How the hell was he going to get upstairs without his parents seeing that large bag slung over his shoulder? It was painfully obvious that he was carrying a tux, as the dry-cleaning bag that covered it was a dead give-away, and if his parents managed to catch sight of it, the gushy, he's-so-handsome moments would never end. Unfortunately, the only way up was the stairs in the living room, so all he could do was sneak through and hope for the best.

    He was more than halfway through the living room when his sister, Maddy, saw him. The thing about Maddy was that she made it a personal, and life-long mission to make Michael's life a living hell. She looked up at him and gave him a wicked grin, and though he tried to silently plead with her, he knew he was busted.

    "Mom!" Maddy shouted into the kitchen, causing Michael to cringe. "Mikey has something you might want to see."

    "Michael Ryan Chavaugne! You better not be carrying that marijuana again!" She shouted back, her voice getting louder as she neared the living room.

    Of course she would say something like that! Thanks to Maddy, Mom had become suspicious of every little thing he did. Maddy certainly was a deviously cunning little witch. This whole marijuana thing started because she almost got caught with it and at the last minute, decided to plant it in his room and blame him for the whole thing.

    Mom looked him up and down and then finally noticed the tux hanging over his shoulder. "Ooh! What's the fancy tux for?" She said as her grin started to widen.

    "There's a dance this weekend and he borrowed it to impress a girl." Maddy said innocently.

    Michael's head suddenly felt hot and ready to burst at any moment. He could literally feel the steam coming out of his ears like they show in the cartoons. If she said one more word, he was going to throw a fit.

    "Aww! My little Mikey is growing up so fast!" She said, cooing at him like he was twelve. "I thought I'd never see the day you'd be checking out girls."

    Michael snorted. "Mom, seriously. The next time you treat me like a child, I'm gonna leave this house and never look back." He said, raising his eyebrows. "No joke this time." He said as he turned to walk upstairs. "And if this rumor leaves this room, I'm gonna be more than pissed."

    Mom just shrugged her shoulders and walked back into the kitchen. It was also like her to just... not care. Which, in this case, was quite a relief as Michael trudged up the stairs and into his room, shutting the door rather loudly behind him.

    As he entered his room and sat on the bed, he noticed his bedroom window was open. The same window he used to sneak out of when he was little to sit on the roof and watch the sky. What a disaster he could have avoided had he thought to climb through there earlier. Michael allowed gravity to pull his face into his pillow and groaned defeatedly. What an exhausting day it had been. And man was tomorrow gonna suck....

    (sorry my posts are so long! Sometimes, I really get into it.)
  4. ((It's okay... I really like them haha:).))

    A loud scream flowed through Sydney's room as she jumped up from her bed and started frantically looking around. She thought that there was no one in her room at first, until she saw Alyssa standing at the foot of her bed."Oh my God! What are you doing here this early? A-are you okay?"she asks, checking her friend for any bruises, scars, or blood.

    "I'm fine,"she says. But you're not! It's almost eight o'clock and I came here and you're not awake! I had to climb through you're window!"she whispers the last part."You're usually up by freakin six so I thought something was wrong..."

    Sydney takes a deep breath and let's herself fall back into her pillows."I was really tired and thanks to you making us go shopping yesterday, I didn't get back until late so I barely got any sleep after I packed all my cameras and SIM cards. Why are you here so early anyway? You usually sleep in until noon." She sits back up and looks at her friend mischievously.

    "Well I thought it was obvious,"Alyssa laughed, holding up the bags or makeup and hair accessories."We're going to a dance tonight, and since it's probably the only thing I'll ever see you in a dress for, aside from your wedding, I'm doing your makeup."

    Sydney groans but doesn't even try to argue. She knows Alyssa and knows that wen she sets her mind to something or someone, she never gives up. "Now go take a shower and shave and all that fancy shit, I don't have that long to gets us both ready."

    "You've got basically half the day,"she argues."Exactly. And I'm gonna need a whole one just for myself,"she jokes, pushing Sydney towards her bathroom.
  5. Michael woke up the next morning with the sunlight streaming through his bedroom window. He tried not to think about it, but he knew what today was. Of course, that meant that Simon and the boys would be there to force him into that tux one way or another. He could attempt to hide himself somewhere where they will never find him, but honestly, where could he hide? Either way, he was going to that dance whether he liked it or not.

    Eventually, the guys showed up and sure enough, found a way to get him into that hideous tux. They even went to the trouble of trimming his hair. He was never going to let them off the hook for that one. What if they ruined it? Made it look like Edward Scissorhands gave it a shot? But he was sure they knew that if they tried anything as stupid as that on him, he would come after them and never stop, so hopefully they were smarter than usual.

    Soon they were completely finished getting ready, and they realized they only had an hour before the dance started. And it was an hour to get to the place they were holding it at. They quickly rushed out the door, Michael only hurrying to avoid being seen by his mom, and though she almost caught him at the last minute, he shut the front door before she could get a word out.

    "We're here! Damn, am I excited!" Simon said, bouncing in his seat.

    "Simon, seriously. Stop being such a girl." Michael said, rolling his eyes.

    "What?! I'm not--!" He began, but didn't finish as the guy that was driving picked a parking spot and turned off the car. Of course, Simon was the first one out and was still bouncing around like a crazy person.

    They all headed inside and Michael immediately found a seat in the corner of the room where he decided to wait out the rest of the night until the guys decided to come back for him. The guys obviously didn't care, seeing as they got him this far, so they went off and did their own thing. Michael just sat quietly, using his phone to keep him occupied and getting up every few minutes for food and drinks.
  6. When Alyssa had finally finished with Sydney, they had an hour before the dance. Sydney was terrified to look at herself in the mirror, afraid she may break it. When she looked she saw herself dressed in a peach and white colored dress that flowed down to her thighs. Her was down and curled, pulled into a waterfall braid. Sydney ha convinced Alyssa only to do a little makeup, so she was only with simple makeup, but even Sydney had to say that she looked completely different than from what she normally looked like.

    "We should probably get going, I need to be there early,"Sydney says grabbing her keys and her phone. She walks down the stairs and grabs her cameras from her counter and walked out to her car.

    As they walked through the doors and into the school gym, Sydney walked to a corner where there was a background sat up, and she sat her camera up. Turning around, Sydney sees that Alyssa was already gone dancing with her other friends. She chuckled slightly and turns back to messing with her camera and taking pictures of couples or friends or individuals who sign up.

    When the line finally does down and Sydney gets a break from taking pictures, she walks over to the food and drink table to get something small to snack on and something to help her dry throat.
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  7. Michael poured some punch into his plastic cup and grabbed a plate. He hated dances, but had he known there'd be such good food, he would have come more often. As he was headed towards the food, he accidentally bumped into someone, causing both of their drinks to slosh red liquid onto the finely polished basketball court.

    For a split second, Michael had no remorse and was ready to just turn around and walk off without a word, but before he could, he caught a glimpse of the girl's face, and was suddenly frozen on the spot. Her face was so perfect that only a supermodel could own it. Her lashes were long and delicate, her eyes shone like the moon on a cloudless night, and man, did she have a gorgeous figure!

    Michael resisted the urge to reach out and touch her cheek as he was sure he was just imagining her beauty.

    "Are you for real??" He said, not realizing he had said anything until after he said it and unexpectedly felt his face get hot. "I-I mean... S-s-sorry... I didn't mean to bump into you." He said, his face getting even redder.
  8. Sydney felt her body collide into someone else's, making her jump back quickly and keep her eyes glued to the floor, awkwardly. "I-I'm so sorry,"she apologizes, still not daring to look up st his face. Her face lights up into a shade of pink as she realizes what a mess they had made.

    She quickly bent down as she began wiping up the punch with napkins, still looking down at the guys feet. Sydney wanted him to just turn and walk away so it would save the embarrassment, but at the same time she didn't. Just the sound of his voice made her shiver, and when their body's had collided, it gave her goosebumps.

    As she stood up, Sydney met gazes with the male and looked into his soft, brown colored eyes. She felt her own eyes soften looking into his and all she could stare at was him, all of him. She didn't know what to say or do, so she did neither, and just waited for something to happen.

    "I-I'm so sorry,"she apologizes again."I-i didn't mean to bump into you and spill your drink, I'm kind of clumsy sometimes,"she says shyly, still looking at him with soft eyes.
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  9. "No, please. It was my fault." He said, grabbing a handful of napkins and bending down to help her wipe up the punch. "I should have been paying better attention to where I was going." He said, nervously forcing a smile.

    God, what had gotten over him. Michael Chavaugne hardly ever apologized so sincerely, yet here he was begging for forgiveness from a girl. He tried to shake the strange feeling from his head, but every time he looked at her, every nerve in his body relaxed and his heart softened. There was something about this girl that he never noticed in any other girl he had ever met. She seemed to have a very serene, kind personality that seemed to soothe him.

    "What's your name?" He asked, a little shyly as he scratched the back of his neck.
  10. "I'm, um, I'm Sidney,"she stutters quietly. She looks up into his eyes again and just for a moment, it felt like time had just stopped. He took a small breath and bit her bottom lip gently, an old habit of hers when she got nervous.

    She had to admit, although she didn't date, this is guy she had accidently bumped into was very attractive. His hair looked soft and his eyes looked innocent with a shade of passion. His lips that turned up into an amazing smile was addictive, making her want to smile back, and his voice gave her goosebumps. Everything about him, was in once since, perfect.

    Sydney smiled a little and hoped that she hadn't completely embarrassed herself, but you never knew with her. The things she thinks just seems to spill out of her mouth sometimes without her knowledge.
  11. Michael smiled. "...Sydney..." He mumbled to himself. It was the kind of name that rolled off his tongue so smooth it was almost second nature. Just then he took her hand as if to shake it, but his hand had a mind of its own as it pulled her hand to his lips and he kissed her knuckles gently.

    Michael's eyes widened the slightest bit at this and his face went red, embarrassed. Whatever the reasons for his actions, it felt right, so he composed himself, letting her hand go reluctantly.

    "I'm Michael." He said. "I didn't really want to come to this dance in the first place. My friends sort of dragged me here. Dare I say, I'm glad they did."
  12. Sydney's cheeks turn a bright red, bright enough to be seen through the darkness. "I didn't want to come either, but my photography class had an open spot. Even if I didn't come to take pictures my friend would've dragged me here too,"she says.

    Her blush lingered on her face, much to her horror."So why didn't you want to come?"she asks slowly, taking a small breath as he finally dropped her hand. Sydney's eyes lingered on his for a few seconds before she forced them to look back at he ground embarrassed.
  13. "Well, I hate dances. People come to these things because they find them enjoyable, but I honestly see nothing fun about them." He said shrugging. "Girls come here expecting to dance with guys. If you don't dance with them, they find you worthless and ignore you, and if you do, they take it as flirting. So that's why I don't come to dances." He turned and looked at the table of food. "The only thing worth coming for is the free food, and even that isn't all that great because it's always the same thing."
  14. She nods, agreeing with him. As she chuckles she turns to see that there was a small line forming to get their pictures taken."I should probably go... do my job,"she says slowly turning back towards him."Again, I'm so sorry for bumping unto you. I could give you a free picture if you'd like..."she offers, smiling a little as she tugs on her dress, pulling it up to keep from showing her breasts.

    She started to walk back towards the camera she set up and position it to focus on couples as they took pictures.
  15. Michael watched as she pulled her dress up a little, blushing slightly as he averted his gaze.

    "I don't do this often, but perhaps you can repay me by giving me your number...?" He said, his voice trailing off, getting shier. He had to get to know this girl. There was something about her that he couldn't bear to part with.
  16. She stopped in her tracks from moving her camera and nearly dropped it as she asked for her number. Shocked, and not sure she had heard him right, she asked him."W-What?"

    She turned slightly to look at him and then back at her camera, trying to act like everything was normal. She slowly took a picture of the couple and hen moved on to the next one.
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