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  1. Sayuri and her boyfriend Daniel walked side by side down a dirt path through the woods. They had been fighting for the past several weeks and Daniel had called her and asked to meet up. Maybe he will actually apologize. As Sayuri ran through her thoughts they came upon a strange statue. Next to the statue was pillows and blankets.

    Sayuri stopped dead in her tracts and glared down at the scene. How did I end up with such a pig. She turned and stared at her boyfriend and shoved him. " I told you no. I am not ready for that why do you keep pushing me. "

    She watched as an attempt at a seductive smile spread across Daniel's face and he took a step toward her. She stepped back a bit " C'mon've made me wait sooo long " Sayuri grimaced at Daniel's words and closed her eyes as she sighed frustratedly.

    Suddenly, she felt a hand on her read end. Her eyes shot open and her hand flew up and across Daniel's face. " I told you no and this is the last time I ever will. We are over. " She half expected Daniel to argue with her, but he simply rolled his eyes and left leaving her in the middle of no where.

    After about an hour Sayuri realized that Daniel was not coming back and fear set in. She bit her lip and looked towards the tunnel. Maybe there will be a town on the other side.

    She bit her lip then walked through the long dark tunnel. After a little walking she found herself in a town, but it was empty. She wandered around going from shop to shop hoping to come across someone to point her in the right direction.

    It was gradually getting colder and Sayuri shivered continuing her search. She wrapped her arms around herself and found a small shop with tons of food sat out. She hadn't noticed, but she was incredibly hungry. She peeked around in the shop for a moment then shouted " Helllooo is anyone here. "
  2. "E-excuse me, my lord! I meant no offense."
    The boy known as Goru bowed deeply, his face scrunched up in embarrassment and anticipation.

    "You are by far the worst piece of crap I have ever laid eyes on! I honestly don't know why the king hasn't cut off your head already! “
    The castle's warden, Madame Haji, was a tall imposing woman. She had a flowing main of hair that was French braided over one shoulder and she was glad in a long coat and ensemble in the royal purple.

    While bringing the king his dinner, Goru had tripped on the ornate marble steps and sent the great platter spraying all over. "Clean this up at once, dog. I'll decide whether I beat you, later."

    "yes, ma'am. Thank you ma'am! “ Goru set to picking up every last scrap of food from the polished white floors. He brushed his short white hair out of his eyes and huffed.

    God will I ever get out of here.
  3. Sayuri sighed softly when no one came and stood up. She would not be caught stealing, so she decided to get up and walk toward the large castle like building off in the distance. " Maybe there will be someone there. " She bit her bottom lip and hugged herself as she walked through the darkening streets. She watched as lights came on, but no one was there to turn them on. How strange.

    As she walked through the streets shadowy figures emerged coming up from bubbles of black. She let out a yelp then began to run towards the castle. She wanted to scream for someone to help, but the only things around her were the black blobs. Soon they began to appear right in front of her and she nearly had a heart attack each time. She did her best to avoid them, but every one in a white ran...well through them.

    After what seemed like hours she found herself at the castle. " H-help! Is someone there! " She continued running not paying attention to where she was and then ran straight into someone.
  4. Goru had finished scrubbing the marble clean and leaving another tray of foot outside the king's chamber. He heard mewing and hissing, decided to leave immediately.

    He thought he heard a faint voice and decided to investigate. He brushed of his beiche stained work clothes and apron, and looked out one of the tall glass windows that overlooked the town.

    The sun was setting, casting an ominous red palette across the purpling. Sky. The spirits were coming out, becoming semi-material in small clusters. Goru surveyed the maze of a town below.

    Wait, what's that?

    There was a small figure moving very hastily towards the castle, Goru thought he heard it screaming. He squinted at it.

    A girl! A human girl! Oh man oh man what the hell is she doing here!

    Goru sprinted down the ornate steps to the first floor, his shoes tapping along the pristine surface. He commanded the grand steel castle doors to open and they obeyed, they slowly opened and Goru squeezed through them, running towards the girl.

    He waved his arms at her, then jumped into the air and shifted into an abnormally large raven, about the size of a horse. He flew up to her and said, "Why are you here, this place is dangerous! “
  5. After a few moments Sayuri came to and realized what she had hit. A giant bird. She stood there with her mouth open for a few seconds then shook her head. What kind of place is this? As she questioned herself the bird spoke and her eyes grew even wider. She moved her mouth open and shut, but no sound came out. After what seemed like hours to her she let out a yelp.

    She backed away from the bird and brought her hands to her head. " T-the talking...the fucking bird is talking. " She tugged on her hair for a moment then turned her head back to the bird her eyes still wide. " I'm going crazy."

    Sayuri laughed nervously for a few more seconds before she found herself getting very dizzy and everything around her was going dark. She made her way to a nearby wall and leaned on this. It was all incredibly overwhelming to her. She took a few more slow breaths and then found herself falling to the ground and the world around her going black.
  6. The human girl wasn't taking this well at all. She looked quite ill.
    "Well technically I'm a man but I suppose that is besides the fact. Oh no, you're quite sane. Trust me!"

    He followed her to the stone wall that she decided to rest on. "Are you well? You appear to be not in the best of spirits."
    The girl swooned and Goru cawed, extended a wing to catch her from a nasty fall.

    I have to hide her! If madame or any of the royal family finds out, she'll be stuff here!

    Goru grasped her daintily between his talons and flew over the castle, the hard wind pressed against him and ruffled his feathers. They flew high over the massive keep, behind which lay the crystal blue ocean and beyond... no one knew.

    Where am I going to put her?

    Goru dove down the other side of the castle, where a sheer cliff divided the land and sea. He pulled up and to the right, landing on the rear barricades. His feathers shed with a great whooshing and he bent down over her. She was very beautiful and looked around his age.

    Maybe I can get her into the castle? How did she even get here.

    The blood sun was setting, casting crimson strands that reflected across the great mirror sea.
  7. "n-ngh " Sayuri slowly came too and sat up resting her hand on her head. She had yet to notice the young man in the room. She let out a painful sigh and then suddenly her eyes went wide as she remembered what happened. She began to hyperventalate and look around for the giant bird, but all she found was feathers. She slowly began to calm down again and finally saw the young man. She studied him for a moment. He was incredibly handsome. She bit her bottom lip gently and then tried to get up unfortunately she was to weak.

    She opened her mouth and whispered " where am I? " The place was so blobs, giant birds, unusually handsome men...What in the hell is going on. She was incredibly nervous about being alone with a man she had never met, but he was the first normal looking thing she had seen. As she calmed down it became incredibly apparent that she hadn't eaten in hours. She was supposed to eat with Daniel, but that obviously didn't turn out well.

    She tucked a strand or her purpleish black hair behind her ear and stared up at the man waiting for him to answer.
  8. The human girl came too relatively quickly. "I'll have to move you again, no one is usually here out on the castle walls but someone could come out at any time."

    Goru cocked his head as if he was still in raven form at her question. "Well, you're in the spirit world right now. On top of castle Tennik. Next to the Mirror sea."

    He pointed at the nearly swallowed sun, "And that, is the end of the day. All the spirits are now coming out and...I have no idea where I should hide you.
    Goru scratched his head and toyed with a white bang for a second. There was something about this girl that he couldn't quite place. Something that made him want to be around her.
    "By the way, what's your name? You haven't forgotten it yet, have you? Mine is Goru." He puffed his chest out a bit in an attempt to seem much more important than he actually was.
  9. Sayuri scrunched her eyebrows not quite undestanding what he meant. " wait what do you mean spirits? Like ghosts." the sudden thought of ghosts made her mouth drop. Oh no I'm dead! She brought her hands up to her head and whimpered silently. Tears fell from her eyes everyonce in a while. She quickly turned to the man. Her vision was clear now, so she could finally see all of his features.

    Her green eyes darted around the room everyonce in a while catching a glint of sun light which bounced off of them. She quickly turned to the man " Am I dead!?! " She was so paniced that she almost didn't hear his question. She debated on whether or not she should answer it for a second then she turned to the boy. " I am tell me Goru am I dead? The last thing half way normal that happened that I remember was going through the tunnel. "

    Sayuri sat for the most part silent postive she had gone insane or she was dead and this was limbo or hell.
  10. Sayuri was panicking and Goru had no idea what to do. He kneeled down next to her and patted her shoulder in an awkward attempt to comfort her. "No no, you're not dead, Sayuri."
    He furrowed his brow thoughtfully, "When did things get weird, Did you go under a bridge, fall down a hole or something?"

    Goru had locked the extra room's door, the walls were still the same ornately dark stained wood, but it was empty except for a few wooden storage boxes. He was certain that no one would come looking here. Sayuri's tears unnerved him, he hadn't seem someone cry since...

    Since I came here.

    A small flicker sparked within him and he wondered exactly what it was.
  11. " Y-yeah." Sayuri began to shiver a bit she was rather cold. She whiped away her tears and sniffled. She looked up at him her cheeks a little red. They only grew redder when she noticed how close he was. She quickly averted her eyes then began to tell her story. " Well, my boy-er- my ex and I were walking and we got into a fight....He wanted me to do somethings that I didn't. When I refused him he left me there in the woods next to this creepy little statue and a tunnel. I waited for him to come back, but he never did so I was lost....I went through the tunnel to try and find someone who could direct me home, but the town was completely empty. And then when the sun began to set these weird black human shaped blobs started coming out of no where and then there was this crazy bird...and now I am here. "

    The tears began to swell up again and she brought her hands up to her eyes. Her body began to shake. She was so incredibly confused and lost. She began to tug at her hair again. It was sort of a nervous tick. " What am I going to do..."
  12. Goru stayed still as Sayuri told him her tale. "I'm sorry about your boyfreind. Some people are just...not right."
    "Wait, did you say a tunnel? I've been looking for a tunnel but I can't seem to find it. I don't think I'd be able to go through it anymore anyway."
    He managed a little smile, "And um, that bird was me. I can change into it when I need to. Not that often though."

    He kneeled there next to her, still so clueless.

    Come on, do something, idiot.

    Suddenly, he hugged her tightly, almost pouncing on her. "It's going to be okay, I promise."

    Making empty promises already? Way to go.

    A monstrous meow echoed through the halls. There was a great crash and hissing. "Oh no, the royal family is at it again."
  13. The second the man touched her Sayuri went into defense mode. She understood that he was simply trying to be kind, but she was not one for hugging strangers. And his hugging was rather...rough. She swiftly put her hands between him and her then shoved him away. She glared at him for a moment then calmed down her gaze softened.

    She had been so worked up she hadn't noticed him talking about the tunnel. Wait, why can't he go through the tunnel? Before she was actually able to question him there was a loud crash that made her jump and reflexively cling to him. Her eyes were wide with fear. She turned to look at him for a second and noticed what she did. After which she quickly moved away from him and tilted her head a bit. Her hair fell in her eyes as she stared at him. "Royal family?"
  14. Goru was confused after she had shoved him, "Sorry um, I haven't had much interaction with humans. Is that not a human custom?"
    She latched onto him and quickly detached. He cocked an eye at her, thoroughly confused. "Yes, the family. They can be rather-" Another crash, louder this time. "Clumsy at times. Excuse me."
    Goru quickly ran to the door, opened it, and sprinted down the large, red carpetted hallway. The crashing was coming from ahead of him. He came to a balcony that overlooked one of massive the open lobbies that was populated by ancient statues and relics. The King and prince were fighting. A black and white fifteen foot long cat and a red striped ten foot long were jumping around the lobby, smashing into statues and running over the staff that were desperately trying to get them to calm down.

    Goru gritted his teeth with a look of deathly determination, and ran towards the lithe hulks. "Your majesties please-" He jumped out of the way just in time as the king pounced the prince and they both went sliding across the floor, knocking a butler into the nearest wall.

    What happened this time? Why are they so wild tonight?
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  15. Sayuri watched confused as Goru ran off into the distance leaving the door open. She bit down on her lip as more crashes were heard from the area he ran off towards. She tugged her hair a bit the got up and peeked her head out of the door. She look back and forth then cautiously left the room. She quitely tip-toed to the room where the crashes were. She silently hid behind a statue and watched the scene play out.

    Two giant cat were fighting each other for some reason. Normally Sayuri would've fainted, but she was so curious about this world that it didn't effect her much. She took a quiet step forward to get a better look. She stared at the scene with awe when suddenly something gripped down on her hair and pulled her. She let out a loud yelp and her hands flew to whatever had her " Let me go!"

    She was drug across the floor and thrown down at the feet....pawns of the two fighting cats. A large scary looking woman stood above her with a sinister smile. " Your magisties look what I have found. "
  16. Goru watched hopelessly as Madame Haji threw Sayuri into view. He winced.

    Oh dammit this is not good, not good!

    The red-striped prince threw his father off of him and jumped on top Sayuri, placing her between his two massive front paws. He mewed deeply and sniffed her.
    Goru noticed he was holding his breath and tried to exhale but he simply couldn't. The entirety of the staff stood stock still.
    The king got up and twitched his tail, satisfied by his son's performance, and he changed back into human form. He was a tall, thick necked main with a slightly greying beard and combed back black hair. He wore a dark blue military uniform with a flowing red cape. The prince shed his fur as well as out stepped a handsome young man. His hair the same color as his father's but it fell down about the high collar of his own dress uniform, which was right. Across his left shoulder was draped a deep blue shoulder cape. He inspected Sayuri with his cold steel gray eyes, sniffed her.
    He kept his eyes on her, a devilish grin forming on his angular face, "Father, I do believe we have a human in our midst."
  17. Sayuri backed away from the man a look of hate coming across her face. She slowly stood up her eyes not leaving the man before her. Her eyes follwed him as he walked slowly around though he was examing her. She bit her lip as he came closer and lifted up her hair in his finger. It took all of her strength not to hit him, but she had a feeling that would not be a good idea.

    The man was incredibly handsome, but he looked so evil. He took a step away from Sayuri and walked over to his father whispering in his ear " This one is pretty...Humans are a rare treat...mating with her would make our bloodline stronger. " Williams smiled at Sayuri and listend to his father intently his eyes now on her as well. " You are right Williams...however you will not just be mating with this one...she shall become your wife. "

    The king knew fully well that his son hated commitment, however it was time he took a bride. And what was better than such a rare treat? William opened his mouth to protest then closed his mouth. He gave the human a soft yet evil smile then walked toward her wrapping his arm around her and pulling her to him by her waist.

    He held her against his body the brought his lips so close to her ear she cloud fell his lips move against her as he spoke. " Very well i will weed this one. " He gave Sayuri a rough kiss on the cheek the shoved her away. She hit the ground with a loud thump and let out a cry. She watched as the prince turned toward Goru, who was actually turning blue " You, what ever your name is. Put her in the empty room next to mine see to it that she get proper clothing." Sauri glared up at the prince as he gave her one more smile then turn away.

    Tears were falling down her cheeks out of hatered, fright, and sadness. What have I gotten myself into?
  18. Goru watched the examination with his fists squeezed so tightly that a trickle of blood fell from each fist onto the marble floor. He covered it with his boots. When the prince gave his lewd request, Goru simply bowed the way he always did and walked up to Sayuri, pulling her to her feet hastily and whispering in her ear, "Just play along, I'll get you out of this." The pair ascended the nearest stairway. Goru spoke almost silently, "They're serious, He'll marry you and then you'll be stuck here forever. And then you'll have too..." A shiver ran up and down his spine and he gagged.

    "Ugh, anyway. I think I have a plan. They wound through the labyrinthine castle walls, passing staff members every which way they turned. Finally they came to an ornate steel door with a slide to look in. "Um, this is your room. I really don't want to put you in here, but if we don't play along, they'll probably kill me and...I don't want to think about what they'll do to you. So, try to get dressed okay?"

    Watching her so sad like this left a fat stone in Goru's gut, and he frowned. He tried to dry her tears with the back of his hand. "I'll protect you, I won't let them have you, okay? I promise." He opened the door and walked her in. It was a beatiful room. It's rainbow cheery rainbow palette and listless design completely contrasted with the attitudes of all who had been here before.
    "I' waiting outside."
  19. Sayuri bit her lip and nodded. She moved over to the huge bed and ran her hands over the silk blankets. Well, If I am stuck here I'll be comfortable....She sighed and moved over to the closet looking at all the clothes. She walked into the deep closet looking for something with pants, but failed. She let out a loud groan and slammed her head agianst the wall. " Why me?" she whined as she spoke then lazily pulled a black dress off of a rack.

    Sayuri was an incredibly pale girl so black generally looked decent, well actually any darker color looked okay on her. She grumbled as she pulled the dress on " Why is this so tight! Ugh " she finally got the dress on then turned side to side infront of a tall mirror. She was not satisfied with how she looked, but that was good. She wanted this prince to think terribly of her. Maybe if I am repulsive enough he will just turn me into a servant or something.

    After thinking to herself for a few more minutes she moved to the door and stepped out " Goru, are you still there? "


    This is the dress. Minus the gloves.
  20. Goru stood viligante outside of the door. He felt like her silent guardian, protecting her from the prince and king, the other servants. Everyone. He looked back and forth along the hallway, his hands clasped infront of him and feet in a wide stance. He was shocked when he heard the door glide open and her sweet voice. He kept his vision forward, not wanting to accidentally see her less than decent.

    "Yes, I'm still here. Are you...alright?"

    He felt his heart leap. The thought of her behind him, unknowing what she was wearing, put him on edge.

    How the hell am I going to trick the prince into not wanting to marry her. Where am I going to hide her?
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