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    Hey guys! It’s Ghostie! So I’ve been catching up on one of my favorite MTV shows, Finding Carter, (So sad they cancelled it), and I wanted to totally do an RP about it! I think it’d be fun and you guys should definitely watch it if you don’t. If you aren’t familiar with the show here’s a little summary: Teenage Carter Stevens is confident, pretty and popular, traits that are usually handy in navigating high-school life. But nothing prepares her for the punch-to-the-gut news that comes out of an investigation into a party: Carter was abducted when she was 3, and the teen must now return to who biological family who thought she was gone forever. As Carter tried to forge a new life with her real mom and dad, a twin sister and a younger brother – and adjust to a new school and town – she vows to protect the single mother who raised her and is now sought by police. (Totally took this from Wikipedia because I was too lazy to rewrite it all). The way I’ll probably have characters and pairings and stuff is by status… I really hope that made sense. You’ll pretty much see how I want it. THIS IS A DRAMA! Do whatever you feel you have to, to create drama. Please try and run it by me first. I did kinda want the character personalities would be similar, but I don't want you guys to play cannon characters, so I don't know how if I should do that (Put your opinion on how I should do that and we can go from there). As far as ages, all the friends are 16-18. Younger brother is like 13 or 14. Parents be at least parental age lol. Mid to late 30, early 40s.

    Main Character (Kidnapped): Reserved by @Misguided†Ghost
    Main Character’s Twin Sister: Reserved by @Celestial☀Chaos
    Main Character’s Younger Brother: OPEN
    Main Character’s Biological Mom: Reserved by @~Dark.Disney.Triplet~
    Main Character’s Biological Dad: OPEN
    Main Character’s #1 Best Friend (GUY): OPEN
    Main Character’s Best Friend (GIRL): OPEN
    Main Character Friend (GUY): OPEN
    Dude That Has Crush on Main Character (Also friend): Reserved by @Shayla
    Main Character’s Bad Boy Love Interest: Reserved by @CookieMonster

    (Some of these are eventual. They of course aren’t gonna happen right away. There are a few people who don't have a bae, but you guys feel free to do whatever you wish! I want there to be a bit of drama. A lot of breaking up and making up and such. Betrayl and stuff.)
    Main Character x Main Character’s Bad Boy Love Interest
    Main Character’s Twin Sister x Main Character’s #1 Best Guy Friend
    Main Character Bio Mom x Main Character Bio Dad (Of course this is a thing xD)
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  2. Sorry I think I'm going to pass on this one for now. I've never seen it and at the moment I don't know how active I'll be if I commit to another roleplay... though I may come back and look later! Thank you though!
  3. I will also state this in the OOC, but face claim: Gigi Hadid
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  4. I'm gonna be using India Eisley for my face claim
  5. I'd like to reserve the Main character's bad boy love interest. Seems interesting.
  6. @IceQueen maybe you'd like to check it out?
  7. Maybe. Idk
  8. Gonna have to pass for now, got a few too many under my belt. Good luck though!
  9. I have my character written up. I got a bit bored so I decided to make him.
  10. Alright! I kinda wanna wait to make the OOC until we have some more people. Feel free to tag anyone you think might be interest
  11. I will do Main character guy best friend who has interest in her for you if you would like!
  12. Omg yay! Thank you my love
  13. If you ever need more roles taken I will take up an extra.
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