Finding a home

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  1. A small neko is seen hudleing up next to a heat vent in the middle of an allyway. He tail is dirty and matted as well as her hair. Her skin hsi splotched with dirt and mud from being left outside for many years. She mewled from hunger as she got up and looked in the trash. " Mew.... " She looked away dissapointingly as she huddled back up next to the heat vent. Her clothes torned from the wear she had gone through from life. " Why... " she said as she looked to the road down to the entrance of the allyway.
  2. A tall, dark green scaled Komodo walked down the street, wearing a special long, brown coat to keep him safe from the cold that could be so threatening to his kind. He wrapped the coat tighter around himself as a cold gust of wind passed. He looked into a alley as he passed, as he heard a faint sound. In the alley, a small neko was covering, seemingly with no better place to go. The komodo stopped. He wasn't sure why, as there were quite a few poor people in town, yet this one pulled on one of his heartstrings. She seemed so cold, and almost without clothes... He walked into the alley and stopped only a few feet away from her. "You seem cold..." He said in a deep voice.
  3. She jumped at the sound of the komodo's voice as she did a complete 180 in mid air. " ...... " She just stood there stareing as her ears folded back against her head. " I-i am. " She finally said as she looked down slightly.
  4. He simply looked down at her for a few moments. It didn't matter that his coat actually had a small battery and some heating cables. The cold still made him sluggish, both in mind and body. "Why is it that a young woman like you are out on the street in the cold? You'd think someone like you at least could find a temporary home during these cold times..." He said, as he put his hands into his pockets again, to warm them a bit.
  5. " N-no i tried but i didn't find anything. " She said looking down as her voice sadend slightly. She then looked back up to the komodo whome was taller than she was. " I have been on the streets for a long time now. " She said as she sighhed lightly.
  6. "Is that so...?" He asked, before going quiet for a moment again. "Well... I hate seeing someone being cold... So, if you want, you could come with me, to my home?" He asked, offering her a slight smile. "It's only a small apartment, but at least it's warm?" He pulled his one hand out of his pocket and offered it to her.
  7. She hesitantly took it and gave a faint smile blusheing at the kindness the man was giveing her. " T-thank you kind sir. " She said as her tail swayed slowly. She smiled even more knowing she would be fed and have a warm place to stay.
  8. He gave her hand a gentle squeeze, before letting go again and putting it back into his pocket. "Uhm..." He started, as if he suddenly remembered that he should as something. "I don't suppose you're... a addict or something like that?" He asked, as he started heading out of the alley. "Not trying to insult you, if you are, but I prefer to keep drugs, addicts to drugs, and prostitutes away from my place..." He said, still smiling slightly at her.
  9. " No im not an addict nor am i a prostitute. " She said as she looked at him. " These clothes are too messy to be pone of a prostitutes. " She said again as she looked at her own clothes. " I mean im not one of course. " She said once more.
  10. "If you say so." He replied, as he turned to start walking down the street. "I wouldn't want you to drag lots of men into my home to have sex with them, after all..." He said, grinning slightly at her. "But why don't you tell me your name? Oh, sorry. My name is Jack. And you are...?" He asked as they walked.
  11. " Im shai. Pronounced like the word shy. " She said as she smiled at him finally knowing that there was some good people in this world that she lived on.
  12. "Quite an odd name, isn't it?" He asked, as he turned to the door of a large apartment block. "Do you live up to that name then? Or are you more of a open kind of person?" He asked, as he fiddled with his keys for a moment, before he got the door unlocked. He let her inside, before he closed the door again, and started heading up the stairs. The building was by no means a high-class place. It seemed to be kind of old and worn, a cheap yet decent place to live.
  13. " It's japanese. " She said as she smiled. " And i am kindea shy with some people. " She said as she looked up to him her tail swaying slowly.
  14. He fiddled a bit with the keys again as they got to the third floor, before he got the door open. He held it up for her, allowing her access and sight in there. It wasn't a big apartment. It had a couch with some clothes on it, a decently sized tv, a small kitchen corner, a drawing table and two doors, leading to the bathroom and bedroom. Clothes and trash were lying around a bit, kind off shoved out of the way, yet obviously visible.

    "Home sweet home." He said with a sheepish smile.
  15. Shai poked her head in as she looked around smileing feeling the warmth of a heater going. " I like it. " She said as she looked up to the komodo and giggled lightly. She then slowly walked in as she looked at the rest of the apartment.
  16. "Well, thats good." Jack said, as he closed the door behind him. "If a homeless person called my apartment a shithole, I'd really get depressed." He said with a slight smile, as he took off his coat and tossed it over the back of the couch. He stepped over to the heater that was placed a bit behind the couch and turned it up a notch, before turning back to her. "So, I guess you'll get to sleep on the couch here. I think I've got a blanket somewhere, so you don't have to worry about that... Um..." He looked around for a moment. "So, I guess you want something to eat? Or are you happy with just warming up a bit?" He asked, offering her a slight smile.
  17. " Umm i wouldn't mind if i could take a shower. " She said as she rubbed her arm.
  18. "Well, its the door on the right. Left knob to turn on the water, and right knob to change the temperature. There's towels under the sink and..." He looked at her ragged clothes for a moment. "And you can probably borrow some pants and a shirt from me. They might be a bit big, but hey, they're better than being without." He said with a smile, as he started walking towards his room.
  19. She smiled as she ran up to him and gave him a hug. " Thank you so much i don't know how much longer i would hav lasted if i stayed out there. " She said as she closed her eyes knowing that there are some good people out there.
  20. Jack was taken by surprise by the sudden hug, but after a moment, he put his hands around her and hugged her back. "I know I wouldn't have lasted at all, so think nothing off it." He said, holding her for a few moments more, before he let go of her. "After you're done showering, I'll make us some dinner. So hop to it." He said, as he opened the door to his equally messy room.