Finding a Home, Discovering Love [KatherinWinter and Wresie]

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  1. "Ugh. That stupid brat dug through the trash again, Sammy!" The voice making small ears twitch and then lay back against a white covered head, it was so high pitched it was like nails on a chalk board. Heavy footfalls follow the voice as if a monstrous sized person was stomping around in thick hunting boots. Small paws scramble back as the stamping nears their hiding place, its warm, and dark, and safe.

    A growl is given, "Damn mongrel." Some frustrated shoving is heard as well as a steady ripping sound. Suddenly a clatter that is as loud as thunder is ringing through the small, hidden creature's being. Slowly they slink back until their spine is pressed into the hot, sweaty wall of the house they are kept in as loud and obscure curses are shrieked. "You clean this shit up, Margret! Its your fucking cat!" And then the stamping is heard again causing electric jolts to run through the four legged creature's body.

    A whine is heard and the stamping stops long enough to listen to the high pitched shrill, "Buuuuuuuut! SAAAMMMMYYYY! Its groooosssssss!"

    "I don't give a damn! Clean that shit up!"

    While the arguing grew the small body darts out from under the red couch to the stairs. Of course by the time they get halfway up they are snatched through the open step back with a loud yowl. Twisting around in big hands they struggle to get away, hissing and batting at them, knowing better than to claw and bite due to the last time. But its energy is quickly spent in the struggle and they, panting, hang by their scruff, in pain from the grip, defeated. Looking up they see the sinister look in cold eyes.

    "That's right you dumb beast," Sammy's voice almost coos darkly. "You know better..."


    A soggy box droops down over a matted and malnourished form of cat. The rain had stopped hours ago and it finally moves to its feet, poking its nose out into the dirty alleyway. No smell of dog is nearby, those things reek after rain. Darting out and up the ally to a set of trash cans. Leaping up onto one it sees its neighbor, like it has been the last couple of days, is uncovered. Leaning forward, bracing itself with its front paws and almost sighing in relief from both the scraps found in the bin and the fact their weight is no longer on their back paws.

    Picking through a bit they come up with a little bit noodles, some green looking stuff that smells fine, and what looks like some type of meet bone with some meat still on it. Leaving all but the bone they go to lay just outside the alley in the warming sunlight on partially cooled sidewalk. Ripping off the three small chunks of meat they nose at the bone and lick it while drying their fur. With their stomach not completely empty they curl their front paws under them and stare out at the movement of larger creatures before them.

    Its been eight days since they had scrambled out of the basement window left open a crack by Margret due to the hot weather. Before Sammy had come around the owner and pet had been pretty happy together. But after two years of barely being fed, drinking from the toilet, and trying to avoid getting Sammy's wrath from even the slightest thing they're happy they finally got away. Although now their situation isn't any better. Food is a little less scarce for sure, but water is even more so unless it rained recently and there are nearby puddles...

    And the dogs. Strays like them. They are big bullies, often chasing them from place to place. Thankfully they aren't de-clawed so they can usually climb a tall tree to get away. Other than that? The last eight days have been peaceful and most of the old wounds are healed. Although some are still around with dried blood and no amount of grooming will get rid of that.

    Still. The sun is nice and warm. Maybe they will take a quick cat nap here before moving on? First their fur needs to dry off from when the rain soaked through their box they have been a resident of the past couple days. Then they may move, maybe.
  2. Zack loved walking after the rain. The air smelled its freshest right after the rain. He loved how the rain drops made everything look differently. Rain changed the size, shape, and even the color of everything. Everything was slightly different after the rain. It was just the inspiration that he need to finish his latest project.

    He walked down the street taking in every detail. He was about to head back to his studio when he noticed something. A small white cat lay at the edge of the alley just a few feet for him. The next thing he noticed was the dried blood. "You poor thing." He approach the cat slowly not wanting to scare the poor thing.
  3. The cat had just stretched out, its sandy colored raccoon like rings on its tail a little like gold in the sunlight. When it hears footsteps it turns its head, turning a cool blue gaze onto the person. Seeing a much larger creature than it, it tenses and forces itself to its feet, but does not run. Instead it continues to watch the other closely as if studying them.

    Although the cat does give a small meow of warning.
  4. "I won't hurt you little one. I want to help." Zack assure the cat. He took off his jacket and laid it on the ground. "This will warm you up. I will take you home and feed you." He tried to cox the animal. He wanted to how badly it was injured. He looked it over and didn't see any obvious wounds but he knew that meant little. He needed a closer look.
  5. The voice is gentle and sweet. Ears perk up at the words "warm" and "feed". They meow softly and sniff at the jacket. It smells warm and nice, nothing like the alley they have been sleeping in. Nor does it smell like Sammy in anyway. So this might be an okay person.

    They give the jacket a scrutinizing look before pawing at the fabric. It looks up at the person again, the blue eyes pondering, then place one paw onto the jacket. Then another. Slowly they crawl onto the the jacket and curl up into a ball. Soft purring can be heard.
  6. "Good boy." Zack whispered softly. He was glad that that the cat had chosen to trust him. He carefully cathered the jacket into his arms. He don't want to jar the cat too much. He didnt know how injured the poor thing was. He wrapped the jacket around the cat so he would be warm.

    He made his was slow and carefully back towards his house. He held the cat firmly but gently. It was a good ten minutes before they reached the house. Once inside he gently set the jacket and cat on the kitchen floor. The he searched until he found two bowls. H filled on with milk and the other with left over chicken. Then he set the bowls next to the bowl. "There you go boy."
  7. Set down in an unknown place the cat stays curled up inside the jacket. Lifting its head when the two bowls are place next to the small creature waits, uncertain it seems over the development. Although it heard it was going to be fed that doesn't mean it quite yet trusts the situation. Its nose inches forward, sniffing at the milk for a moment before turning to smell the chicken. Its nostrils flare and it forgets its caution. Leaping at the bowl the cat begins to practically inhale the chicken more so than actually rip it apart and eat it. A pleased, almost absent purr vibrates through its body a moment as it indulges.
  8. "Poor thing. You were starbed weren't you?" Zack shook his head he didn't understand how people to something so small. He filled the bowel with chicken. It was a sad thing to see the cat eat the way it had. He sat at the table where he could watch the cat without frieghtening it. "You sure are a handsome little guy. Would you like to stay with me? I could use the company."
  9. With the refilled bowl mostly scarfed down the cat turns back to the milk. Lapping at it in a gulping fashion it pauses, ears flicking. Looking up with a little milk dribbling from its muzzle it stares at the male before returning to the milk. Leaving enough to cover the bottom of the bowl it sits and begins to clean its paws first before attempting to groom its muzzle, purring softly at the pleasant and full feeling in their stomach. Its only after it has decided that its clean enough that it cautiously approaches the human's legs.

    Leaning forward enough to touch its nose to his leg the cat jumps back a moment, looking up with wide eyes. But it calms down enough to press its cheek against the male's leg, rubbing against him with that soft, vibrating purr.
  10. Zack watched the poor cat eat. He was glad that he had come a crossed the poor thing. He watched as the cat approached him cautiously. His heart hurt to see the little things fear. He was careful to sit very still so not to startle the poor thing, when the cat stated purring and rubbing itself against his leg he slowly reached down to pet the cat. He kept his movements slow and non threatening. He let his fingers barely brush the cat's fur. "I've been thinking about getting a pet. It gets a bit lonely around here. If your going to stay we're going to need supplies. Do you want to come with me or stay here little one?"
  11. Moving to rub their body against the human male's leg the cat gives a gentle purr. With their flank pressed into the male's leg the cat gives what can be taken as a small nod. Soft meows and a small lick to the human's fingers are also given.
  12. Zack smiled. The kitten seemed to approve of him. He carefully picked the cat up. He looked him over for visible wounds. "I'm going to have to think of a name for you." He commented. He gently tucked the cat into his arms and grabbed his keys. He carried the cat to his car and set him in the passenger seat. Then he went in and climbed in. He headed to Pet Smart.
  13. Meows are given as the cat curls up, its body has a few mostly healed up cuts and faded bruises. For the most part they stay silent on the car ride, not really moving much as they lay there. When the car stops they meow gently as they're carried into Pet Smart. New smells assault their nose and they curl more into the human carrying them.
  14. "Its alright little one. I've got you. I kbiw its overwhelming. I'll be as quick as I can." Zack promised. He held the cat gently but firmly. He quickly grabbed a cart. Pushing on handed was hard but he knew the cat wasn't ready to be down in a place like this. As quickly As he could Zack made hus way to the cat section. He grabbed a litter box, litter, cat foid , cat toys, he hesitated at the collars. "What do you think little one?"
  15. After the short travel the cat pokes it head out and paws at the hand holding it. Then it stretches out to place a paw onto the cart. Meowing softly it looks at the items accumulated there then to the rack of collars. After a moment it reaches out and begins to play with a black one that has a bell on it. Hearing the tinkering sound it purrs happily.
  16. "Oh you like that sound huh? Alright at least you won't be sneaking up on me." Zack grabbed the collar. He took the items and headed to the register. He paid for the items and headed to his car he toseed the items in the back and the cat in the passenger seat. Then he drove them home again. He carefully carried the items and the cat inside. The first thing he did was put the collar on the cat. "There you go.'
  17. The cat shakes their body to hear the tinkering, meowing brightly. Then it follows Zack a few steps behind him for a few minutes. After a short bit it finds a corner and curls up their, watching with a soft gaze.
  18. "Your welcome." Zsck told the cat. "I need to work." He went into the back room which was set up as an art studio. There was canvas leaning afains all four walls. Some were blank but must had something on them. There were shelves of paint. In the center if the room was an easel. Zack picked up a brush and began chewing on it.
  19. After a moment the cat got to his paws and followed Zack. It sits by the human's feet. Then lays down. Occasionally the cat looks up to examine the other. But, for the most part, they do not bother the other. Although they seemed relaxed, they are ready to bolt at any given moment if need be.
  20. Zack didnt acknowledged the cat. He went to work. He painted for hours. He didn't stop for food or drink. He seemed lost in his own world. He painted seemingly unaware of the time passing. Day slipped into night but he showed no signs of stopping.
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