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  1. Hey guys. I'm new to Iwaku. I'm seeing a lot of interesting stuff here, not the least of which is boards like this where people can talk about ideas and problems and such. That's really cool, and I hope somebody here can help me a bit. Have you ever wanted to do something you thought would be simple in and RP and it turn out really frustrating somehow?

    I'm new to Iwaku, but not to roleplaying and writing. I started playing Dungeons and Dragons before it even became advanced (yes, there was a basic D&D). All of that became part of my life and I just kept going on and on with different characters and games and so on. Eventually, I went so far that kind of left it behind. Now I'm a professional actor, and have even been paid to do dramatic improv.

    Or at least, I thought I left it behind, because after I did that dramatic improv show I developed a desire to write about two specific characters from an anime. Something about both who they are and what they do moves me deeply.

    So I came back to writing fanfiction, which has been good and satisfying. My stuff is moving people within the fandom to the same kind of tears and sentimentality I'm trying to reach, and I've got a lot of views for a story about an older IP.

    I also wanted to try some online RP because to really explore the character's personalities I felt I needed a world where things were happening that I could not control.

    That has been giving me a lot of trouble. I thought I found something once, but the GM quit and made me a co-GM, but I didn't have enough trust from the team to keep the world going. I left very frustrated with the RP format and trying to co-write with internet strangers.

    Months later, I came here trying to find it again because I still want to explore these interesting characters. I found only one game on this whole site that looked right and it just feels like it's having a harder time getting together than it should be.

    Have any of you ever faced a thing like that? Wanting to do a particular thing and just can't find the right spot? Do you just keep trying different sites? Will Iwaku eventually come up with it if I wait long enough? How would you suggest I handle this?
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  2. Start by checking out the Characters tab at the top of the site, and creating Character Gallery entries for your characters, be sure to mark them as available for roleplay! This way people can comment on them directly and invite them into Roleplays that fit them!

    You can also create an ad featuring your character, and ask people to pitch plots at you!

    The easiest way though is simply to be adaptable. Say you have a high fantasy wizard character that you want to use, but all the ads you like are for modern or futuristic stories. In this case, remember that a character is more than their setting or profession; in fact if you take away your wizard's magic and make him a mechanic in Earth As We Know It, you're forced to focus more on his personality, making him much better developed n_n
  3. Ah, thank you! For some reason, took the character gallery stuff to not be from IPs. That probably explains what it.
  4. You can also always try creating an RP yourself if you don't see anything that matches what you want -- especially if you already have something really specific in mind. :P
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  5. Yes, I've been thinking about that. I would rather not do that for this reason though.

    These are not the kind of characters that a world is built around. In fact, they almost never leave their home in the anime. It's very much about personalities and relationships here .

    At least not while I have yet to play a single game on this site.
  6. :/ Well then, now I really don't see how it would be easy for you to find a pre-existing RP for these characters. If anything, I'd say it makes even more sense for you to create your own RP at this point. Bear in mind, fandom RP's exist. You don't have to "build a world" around these characters. It's totally alright to use a pre-existing one.

    Not only that, but... RP's need character interactions to survive. That's just a fact. If these characters never leave their homes, then you won't be able to RP them, unless the setup of the RP somehow allows for plenty of interactions to happen with other characters without your characters needing to leave home.

    So, to recap, it seems you're not only looking for an RP that matches whatever series these characters are from (or maybe a crossover RP would suffice?), but you'd also need an RP setup that allows your characters to interact with others despite not being particularly extroverted, for lack of a better term. I don't know how popular this series is, but, I still feel like this would be a rare thing to find out there already.

    But if you know what sort of idea these characters would work in, then you can put it together yourself -- pitch it in a partner request thread or something like that. Just think -- what do you want to do with these characters? What sort of story do you want them to be in? Think over some questions like that for a little while, and then put your answers in your partner request thread. Tell people that that's what you're looking for. You should have much better luck with that than if you just poked around, hoping that someone else would have that same thing on their request thread. :P
  7. That's actually my goal, to get them out of the home. It will work just fine, just the series didn't do it that way. Belldandy's personal interactions with new characters in particular are provocative.

    Actually, I was thinking much like the way you suggesting and came up with a very interesting concept for a giant and innovative crossover working off a concept I made up many years ago.

    I just wish I could walk a little before I start to run, to play a little here before taking up such a grand project. I really don't even know how the system works, much less the community. Also, I want to have Keiichi and Belldandy react to things I don't control. So for me the easiest answer would really prefer a giant fandom crossover or an anime crossover.

    Also, I need to go find this "partner request thread". That could be really useful, since there are two characters here and could be something somebody else would be interested in. Do you mean the one on one RP thing I see on the main menu, or is it someplace else?
  8. Yes, I'm talking about this forum, where people who are seeking 1x1 RP's post a thread describing what sort of RP's they're looking for so that they can find someone to do that RP with. I'd say it's definitely a good idea to poke through some partner request threads if you want to get a feel for what they usually look like and how things are done around here, but, in the end, there's nothing wrong with putting up your own partner request thread to look for someone who wants to do your ideal RP with you. I'm sure your partner can help you get into the groove of RPing. ^^

    Besides, with 1x1's, it's not like there's really a 'GM' a lot of the time. I feel like there's not very much difference between expressing interest in someone else's idea and putting your own idea out there for someone else to express interest in. Either way, I feel like the way that things will go will be largely the same. o3o
  9. Best solution.

    Seriously, I end up GMing like 90% of the time because I never see the kinds of games that interest me so I do it myself.

    It's kind of hard to have an existing character and plug them in another person's RP without huge revisions to make them setting appropriate, as well.
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