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  1. A travelling pair meet up and find themselves in a cycle of mischief and trouble.

    Character Sheet~


    Appearance: (Picture or description)

    Biography: (History, character traits, etc.)

  2. Name: Diora Fol
    Age: Twenty- five

    Diora generally wears casual boho-style clothes that allow her to be comfortable and flowy.

    Biography: Diora graduated with a degree in photography about a year ago. She's been on the fast track with an intern ship at national geographic ever since she's graduated. She thanks her father for this, as he has connections within magazine companies. Diora loves her father and would do anything to make him proud, unfortunately she cannot say the same about her mother. They have not had contact since her parents divorce three years before. Though she loves her mother dearly, her mother refuses to return any of Diora's calls. While this goes on Diora continues to keep up an optimistic attitude, which is why her father's nickname for her is Sunny. She's always looking to the bright side and it never changes no matter the difficulty of the obstacle. She's also very clever and tends to make those around her more happy. A comedian of sorts with a sarcastic humour. Her love for photography has been known since she got a Polaroid camera at the age of five. She's continued with the hobby and turned it into a career.

    Career: National Geography photographer.
  3. Name: Sydney Jaiden Harris
    Age: 24
    Career: Part time Zookeeper

    Appearance: Sydney is about 5'9" and 148 lbs. She has straight light brown hair that barely touches her shoulders, and striking green eyes. She will typically wear something that is comfortable for her. Which is normally a t-shirt, shorts or jeans, and sandals or tennis shoes.

    Biography: Most of her family went into the musical career. But her and her father were outdoors people. Sydney has always been 'daddy's little girl'. Her family lived out of town in the woods. She would go out on hunting trips with her dad at a young age. They usually didn't get back home for a few days. Her time out in the woods has taught her some good survival skills. Sydney practiced parkour when her family moved to the city. She was only a junior in high school when that happened. It was as fun as hunting in the woods with her dad, so she continued to practice parkour for years. Her father passed away when she turned 22. He was a heavy smoker and it finally caught up with him. Sydney doesn't keep in touch with her other family members that often.
  4. Alrighty. So Shall we figure out where they meet?
  5. Have them literally bump into each other when Sydney is either on her way to work or home?
  6. :p But where? Cause I was going to have my first post as Diora going on a plane to her next destination.
  7. They'll meet after a few posts in the busy part of town.
  8. ((Okaay, first post away! *dashes into creativity* ))

    Diora was nervous. It was her first shoot all by herself, she wasn't an assistant this time, but going on her own photo shoot. She kept her head low as she made her way through the airport. She was in line for the security check and at this point she was anxious. It's not like she had anything to hide, but she was always paranoid that somehow she'd get in trouble. She got through finally and made her way to the plane. This time she'd be going to a small town in British Columbia to do a shoot of polar bears. Her ticket said B34, middle class seating for a middle class girl. She made her way to her spot and sat down. Behind her sat an obnoxious platinum blond and a toddler, she was busy chatting away on her phone saying disgustingly cute things to her apparent boyfriend. Diora grimaced and put her headphones on. Time to fall asleep to some Coheed and Cambria.

    As Diora awoke, she found that they were nearly at their destination. She yawned and put away her MP3 player, her carry-on being just a small messenger bag. "Caution, we're now landing, please put on your seat belts." A voice rang through the speakers. Diora did so and held onto the arm rests. They finally landed and she let out a sigh of relief. Airplanes were not her friend. "Thank you for flying with .." Diora zoned out as she walked off the plane and into the airport to the receiving line. How drab...This routine was beginning to bore her.

    As soon as she was all accounted for she got a car rental and made her way to Mackenzie, BC. It wasn't a very large town, but it was big enough to be considered a populated area. National Geographic had booked her stay at the local hotel. A Hilton of course. She got all unpacked and decided that she'd go and get coffee before traversing where she needed to for the shoot.
  9. The day started out normally for Sydney. She woke up early to prepare herself for work. Which was take a shower, get dressed, make and eat breakfast. Today she made pancakes, bacon, and eggs with milk for her drink. Sydney wore her street clothes since her uniform was in her locker at work. Her clothes today were a long sleeved white t-shirt with red sleeves, blue jeans, and dark brown sandals. She ate quickly and rushed out of her apartment, catching a cab so she could make it to work on time.

    Sydney only worked part time at the zoo as a zookeeper. She arrived there with enough time to change into her uniform. For the next few hours she watched over the animals, not needing to do much that day but feed them. This day was beginning to be a real bore for Sydney. She was craving excitement, but wouldn't find any here. As soon as her shift was over she changed back into her street clothes and began walking to her favorite coffee shop for a drink. She took this chance to practice her parkour skills. It was a way for her to have a little fun and get to her destination quicker than if she walked.
  10. Diora finally made it to the closest coffee shop. After having to ask a few people for directions and getting a few odd looks when she took out a very large map, she had made it. It was about darn time too, by now she was thoroughly hungry. Diora stepped through the door of the place, it was called Grind It Up. She giggled at the name just as the bell for the door dinged, signalling she had come in. A few people looked at her and then turned back to whatever was occupying them to begin with. She noted that there was only one table left to sit at and sighed, hopefully no one would take it before she ordered. She made her way over to the cash and said, "Hello, I would like a large hot chocolate and possibly... uh... hm... how about a roast beef panini?" She asked in a friendly manner looking at the sour faced cashier.

    "Sure, whatever." The cashier called the order to the barista and then said, "Find a table we'll bring it over to you." Diora gave ehr a puzzled look and made her way over to the lone table in the middle of the room.
  11. There were many obstacles between her and the coffee shop, Grind It Up. The few shops on the way there were too packed this time of day. Sydney was sure there would be at least one chair waiting for her at the one she was heading to. Inanimate objects weren't her only obstacles. There were people and even some animals too. She had to scale a few fences when taking a short cut through an alley, dodge some cars when crossing streets, and jump over a few smaller things. The way to the coffee shop wasn't that eventful, except for the fact that she had a near miss with a vehicle. It really got some onlookers worked up and Sydney's adrenaline pumping.

    It didn't take her all that long to get to Grind It Up. By then she was a little hungry and thirsty. Sydney walked inside, noticing that there weren't any tables that were completely empty. This was to be expected, but now she had no idea where to sit. Since she was hungry and thirsty, and already here, she would stay here. Walking up to the cashier she greeted her with a friendly smile. When it wasn't returned she just ordered her small meal. "I'll have a glass of water, and ...." Sydney trailed off as she thought about something else. The cashier was looking a bit annoyed so she hurried herself up. "A turkey sandwich." She finished. The cashier called in the order and told Sydney the same thing she told the last customer.

    Sydney didn't say anything more her and looked around the room for an empty seat. There was one more in the center of the room. She went over there and smiled at the one already occupying the table. "Mind a little company?" Sydney asked her.
  12. Diora was surprised when someone came up to her. She supposed she was the only empty table so it shouldn't have been too surprising, but she jumped anyhow. "Oh, excuse me. Yes, you may sit down." She smiled lightly at the girl. She didn't know whether to introduce herself or just keep to her own. She fumbled a little with her cellphone as she put it away, biting down on her lip. She looked back up tot he girl and studied her. Diora noticed the girls yes suddenly, so bright and filled with passion. Interesting... She thought to herself as she looked away. There was something so striking about them that nearly made Diora blush. She loved photographing eyes, they seemed to always be an interesting subject matter with any form of art.

    She looked back up to the girl. She assumed it would be a good idea to introduce herself, after all, they'd have to sit together with whatever they both ordered. She smiled in a friendly manner and said, "So... um, I'm Diora Fol." She stuck out her hand casually, she didn't know whether it was custom all over to do this gesture. Having lived in South America most her life this was a new environment for her.
  13. Sydney continued to smile and sat down across from her. She wasn't all that sure if she should introduce herself to this stranger. What if this other woman didn't want to get to know her at all and just enjoy her food, which would be coming to their table in who knows how long. So she sat there, finding herself studying the person before her. This woman seemed like a nice and polite type of person just by her looks and how she spoke to Sydney earlier. If she was right about her then she would be the first polite person she met ever since moving here. When she felt like she was staring at her Sydney started looking around the cafe. That was until she heard the girl speak.

    "My name's Sydney Harris." She greeted, looking at her hand for a few seconds before taking and shaking her hand. "Although some people prefer to call me by my middle name, Jaiden." Sydney said as she took her hand back. "They say I don't look like a Sydney since I'm not blonde." She shrugged slightly.
  14. Diora smiled. What a pretty name. "So, you just moved here then?" She asked curious. Who in their right mind would want to move to such a city, it's way too far up north? I suppose people have different tastes. She nearly giggled at her own thoughts when the barista walked over to their table. She had a displeased look and set down their food haphazardly, nearly dropping their sandwiches on the ground. Their rinks came a few seconds later. Diora smiled as she took her hot chocolate and drank a sip, it reminded her of her grandma's house. She'd make them hot cocoa and tell them stories under the moon. She looked back to Jaiden and started to munch on her panini.

    What a silly way to call something a sandwich..She thought as she set it down. Turning to look at the woman who sat across from her.
  15. "Yeah, I just moved here about half a year ago." She answered, then looked at the barista as she came over. Sydney had to catch her own sandwich before it hit the ground. She couldn't understand why they let these grouchy people work here. Sydney took a bite of her sandwich as their drinks came to the table. She turned her attention back to Diora. She had to admit that this woman was pretty. After swallowing her first bite of her sandwich, she took a drink of her water.

    "So why are you here Diora?" Sydney asked the girl across from her.
  16. "Oh.. um. Well I'm here for a photo shoot. I'm a photographer and I was told this town .. or rather a little ways up north has good shots of polar bears. " She blushed. Diora never liked bringing up that she worked for National Geographic, so she tried to avoid bringing it up as best as she could. "I've always really liked animals, so I photograph them for a living. It's actually really neat because it takes me all over the world. It's just my first time being so far up north." She smiled and took a sip of her hot chocolate. It was interesting to Diora that she was meeting someone on her first day somewhere. Generally, that never happened. She wasn't the social type.

    "Do yuo find that this is a nice town, why did you choose to move here?" She asked. It was bugging her. I guess she was just use to the hustle and bustle of bigger cities.
  17. "Photographing polar bears? Sounds like fun. Being around wild animals can be really interesting at times. Specially if they decide to get a closer look at you." Sydney smiled, remembering her hunting trips with her dad. Now she felt like tagging along with Diora. That is if she actually was going to the wild polar bears here. "If you need a guide or want some company up there, then I wouldn't mind going with you." She offered.

    The question from her caught Sydney off guard. "Uh... My father passed away two years ago. I finally decided to move away and just ended up here." She answered, sipping on her water now. She suddenly felt a little less comfortable around this woman now.
  18. "Oh, no. I'm so sorry, I meant no harm in asking!" And this is why she wasn't very social, she never had the best of luck with conversation. She didn't know what to do. Offer a hug, tell her she knew how she felt, what? She looked down and started biting her lip. She felt so terrible for bringing this up. She hated muddling a person's feelings, it made her feel so helpless. "I mean... I was only just curious, it being a smaller town, all the way up here. Kind of cold you know? And not really all that populated... no real big shopping districts.. it was just... oh gosh I'm so sorry!" She nearly dropped her hot chocolate. She needed to calm down, she'd have a panic attack if she didn't. She shook ehr head and put her drink down. She looked at Jaiden and a tear fell onto her cheek.

    "I understand if you'd like me to leave... I uh.. " She stopped. And started to take deep breaths,
  19. "Oh no no no no." She said quickly as she set down her water. "It's not your fault- I know you were just curious." Sydney was ready to jump up and help her if she needed it, and it looked like she just might. She felt a bit responsible for this since she was the one who decided to tell her. But it was hard not to for some reason with Diora. It felt easier to talk with this girl and she had no second thoughts about telling her anything. It was possible that she subconsciously was craving to let out all her feelings about her father's passing since she hasn't talked about it ever since he passed. Diora just seemed so trustworthy that it sort of just came out. Now Sydney felt that she should restrain herself around her for a while.

    "Just... calm down." Sydney told her slowly. "I don't want you to leave so just relax."
  20. " Just... I didn't want to make you feel bad.." She regained her composure and sat up straight, her breathing became more slow and normal. "Oh excuse my scene... I didn't mean to get so caught up." She shut up before she further embarrassed herself. It was horrible. having the paranoia and anxiety. She always felt like a mess. It was unfair to those around her. Constant worrying and making sure not to upset her. She felt like a child because of this and it annoyed her to all hell. That was another reason she chose this career, it allowed her to face her fears and reach out to people she normally wouldn't reach out to. She looked back to Jaiden, rubbing the tear off her face.

    "I'd of course love for you to come along, the more the merrier, right?" She said with a pinched smile. She needed to attempt to make friends. She had two, her dog and her childhood bestie that she'd known since kindergarten. That wouldn't do for a whole lifetime. "I mean, it'll be a fun commute there, along with being able to see some friendly beasts." She actually smiled this time.