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  1. Winnifred

    I nod slowly at his words and smile as I let him go after he gives me a quick squeeze “I’ll tell you more, later, I promise.” I reassure him as I readjust the blanket that I had wrapped around us initially. I play nervously with a lock of my hair as he pats my head. He really was such a sweetheart, I hated that I couldn’t have been honest with him before. He was a friend of mine after all. But then again, I didn’t really have friends when I was a child, so a lot of this was truly new to me. Was I doing anything of this right? I surely hope so. I guess this was as much of a learning experience as it was being in a romantic relationship. My brow furrows.

    Geez. I never did think I would have so many twists and turns with Saka. Not that any of it was bad, it was more wonderful than I could have possibly describe, I was just quite unsure about a lot of it.

    Although I suddenly realize that it wasn’t Saka who specifically looked into me. The people he had ran into had the article on me. Why? I become concerned. I can’t imagine why they would stumble upon that article. Unless they were looking through his other papers and accidentally tumbled over mine. That’s possible.


    I sigh “Tell him I was the one who hacked the systems. That I found your stuff and decided, you know, his equipment looks like it could do some good stuff...” I tell him with a frown, shrugging. “I don’t know Holmes, I can’t just let you get in trouble when I was the one who helped out. where on my nuns rules does it say I will go to hell for hacking into sensitive I think I can take the blame for this one buddy.”

    Aww. You are super sweet Jackie. Although I will are kind of getting this from me. Mmhm...protect the dreamboat. Pro-tect. He is your man...

    Friend. Jack just shut your pie hole.

    Give me some freaking pie then.


    Fight me. Besides, I really want pie.

    I want you to go away, I guess we both have to deal with the fact that sometimes we don’t always get what we want.


    I grimace. I really don’t understand this kid.


    I look down and I notice she’s asleep. Shoot! What do I do? There’s no way I can move without waking her up. With a sigh I accept my fate and get as comfortable as I can, leaning my head against hers as I close my eyes.


    I grin at her “It felt like a really long time. But then again...I do have to admit, talking with my mother always feels like it’s an eternity.” I shrug my shoulders as I reply “She’s good. My father is good. They are both just relaxing at the house tonight. You know they’ve been married for over twenty five years and they still are cuddly with each other. It’s sort of gross.” I tease them with a chuckle “But otherwise, everything seems well and dandy.” I don’t think I should tell her just yet about my mother’s abnormality. Soon, but not now
  2. I knew :P I got at least that far in the game (I dont remember how far but I'm moderately sure I beat titan so at least that far)

    as for who she is, well she could be the middle sister or simply replace him
    Up to you since you put in your girl being the little sister of a long dead Noctis you could simply have her be a sister never seen in the game since she was simply back home
  3. When she was settled, when she had touched his temples and jumped across the threshold into that space between them where their minds speak to one another, Uluro felt it. It had been a long time since he had last opened his door, to someone. It felt as if he wasn't ready, like he could feel the cobwebs lurking in the corners, cobwebs she would surely see. Silly. He shook the thought away and swept it back to a dark corner with the other undesirables. What had she asked? Show me. A doctor of the mind. How many times had he been examined in his life? Each time, there was a strange reluctance before he pulled back the curtains over his dreams, something deep and basic he could not unlearn. Pushing past it, Uluro let the record play for them both, the story unfolding like a play in thick fog.

    He stood, on a empty field. The surface of the planet reflected light, an endless plane of broken glass reaching towards the horizon. Above him the clear sky glittered with stars, but his eyes were fixed forward. Three shapes stood in emptiness, Gates. Fallen, damaged, they sat there in the dark. That was the scene. Frozen. Uluro wondered at it, rebuilt from some unconscious moment when the darker machinations of his psyche decided to reflect a hint of light into his waking world. He turned from the horizon towards... Rio? Only she wasn't there, and why would she be? It was his bad dream.

    <It starts here. Do you see?>
  4. Cyrus


    Shoot! Oh God, she heard my ramblings didn't she? She is going to reject me isn't she? L-love? Oh dear, surely, that's rushed isn't it Cyrus? No, it can't be. I have never felt this sort of volcanic eruption within my soul. What did my father tell me when he said he knew he loved my mother? He said he was afraid and enthralled, he was anxious and joyful. But most of all, he knew he didn't want to leave her side. Isn't this how I feel now? Am I scared? Absolutely. Beyond a doubt. Was I enthralled by her? Why else would I admire her so strongly. Anxious? You bet, I am shaking in my worn out boots. Joyful? How could I not be? This is my southern Bel after all! She fills my day with such joy that I feel my body cannot physically handle and contain all of the happiness. And I knew one thing.

    I did not want to leave her side. No.

    To leave Nellie's side would be a federal offense.


    Oh dear. I am a smitten fool. There's no way I can deny it.

    "Nothing." I finally manage through my lazy lips. They haven't seemed to provide me much assistance in any of these scenarios I am stuck in. I have a feeling I am going to regret not spilling out my thoughts onto her now, but for now my mouth closes on the opportunity. I will tell her. I just need to do it when it's the right time...

    I can't scare her away now. I can't risk it. She's so close and I am afraid she might drift away if I am not careful.

    She rests her head upon my shoulder and I swear, the world's biggest smile is plastered upon my face. I don't think this will go away anytime soon. I gently lean my head on hers, even as we walk. I recall teasing romantic couples with my cousins as children, but actually being apart of one's beyond belief. I still can't believe I kissed her. I can't believe she kissed me.

    "Oh, you think we can make money off of this?" I tease her as I nuzzle my face in her hair. "That's actually not a bad idea. I can help with printing merchandise. People love those coffee mugs you know." I mumble before turning my head back so I don't accidentally drift off in place. I have a feeling I could get so cozy cuddling with her even as we are standing up straight that I would fall right asleep. What can I say? She's very calming to me. "But I will admit, I think we have the chance at being the best couple here. I think we even beat those two assistants." I grin. I don't know how they thought they were hiding their relationship. "Oh, or that really cranky man and that girl who always seems to actually put a smile on his face. We beat both of those couples off the bat."
  5. I've heard of it, and had been in the discord server for a time before I ended up leaving because I never made a character or anything and was just sitting there most of the time 'e'
  6. morning
    and XD
  7. (Fated Romance)

    Poor Poor Reia.......she did not know what spoil means just yet.
  8. Any issues?

    And I am going to go make my Witch-Post, but then I probably need to take a nap.
  9. it looks good ^^
  10. @KatSea Thank you! It's nice to talk to you again.
    @Mobley Eats I don't believe I did, but I made an absurd amount of roleplays ranging from fantasy to superhero to science fiction. You might have been in or seen my name in one of those.
    May I ask what your username was back in Figment? Was it the same as now?

    Anyway, I plan on making a group after I get the hang of this website. Umm, does anyone mind explaining it a little?
    Also, has anyone been on Underlined yet?
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    Find me a deadly spider.
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    Find me someone in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  13. Not the "best" American beer but around here the cheapest, and in America now, what can top low price!!!!


    Find me a mythical creature!
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    Find me the ultimate fail.
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    Find me the worst super hero ever.
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    Whatchu' think, Miss. Nomine, do i win?

    Find me an animal in a hat.
  17. You lost me, Octki. Where's my worst super hero ever? o.o


    find me an Irish icon