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  1. I got a game for all you Iwakuans out there and it is called "Find me a....."

    Wondering how to play, well it's simple!
    The first person (me i guess) will say "find me a...( insert randomness) and the next person will post a picture of said randomness!

    Example Find me a badass pie graph



    Get it?
    well find me an awesome turtle!


    Now someone find me a CHEESE ANIMAL.
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    Find me a late night snack that will make everyone drool.


    FIND ME A HERETIC (in before GMK)


    Now I want to see a dog with a hula hoop!
  6. It exists if you want it to!


    Uploaded with

    Find me a kickass unicorn! (Always i wanna be..... never mind)
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    Bring me a friend.
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    Find me a Morgan Webb.
  10. herp derp


    Now find me a hilarious animal.
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    Find me a deadly spider.
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    Find me someone in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  13. Not the "best" American beer but around here the cheapest, and in America now, what can top low price!!!!


    Find me a mythical creature!
  14. Violet
    (Lol that would be awesome XD)
    He seemed nervous but I hope I was helping him by comforting him. I don't know how I would react if I was him with some random person panicking around me as he said he didn't understand her. It didn't seem to work though as he didn't seem to be doing any better.
    I did feel better not understanding why he was acting the way he did.
    "I can't imagine how it must be to deal with that." I say. I wondered how the gray women would know if people were attacking or if she was just being paranoid.
    "Oh so you both had that in common. I am not surprised that he would be hard to convince as well." I say with a shrug. I remember that Andre had thought we were all crazy thinking we had powers. He then smirked at me saying how my powers might freak him out.
    "Yeah well I ended up paying the price for making those stick figure people. They did start that crazy food fight." I then say. I guess it will an interesting meeting if we had to get his uncle involved.
    "You really think you would be able to convince your uncle to help us?" I asked tilting my head knowing that his uncle might not believe what he would tell him. He then kissed my forehead and I smiled.
    "Alright." I say trusting him as he said he would try to tell the assistance. I then wondered what the gray lady was saying now as I knew she was just around.
    "Is the gray lady still around or did she leave?" I then asked him.

    She called me a tease and I grin
    "Yeah, I know." I say. She then leaned on me resting her head on my shoulder. I like it and it was comfortable.
    "Oh I am glad that you are fine no I wont mind if that happens." I say with a smile then chuckled. She really was cute.
    "Alright whatever you say although can't blame me for being a little worried." I say with a smirk. It was nice to just talk to her.
    "Anyways I wondered what they did with those people." I then comment. I had seen them gone and hadn't seen any police.

    "Yeah I know more about computers then actual self defense." I admit. Although my uncle had taught me some things to defend myself I don't think I would be the best at teaching," Oh yes we could try to get Sam. He seemed liked a good choice."
    I get up thinking about how we were going to get the three to agree to this. It shouldn't be that hard. We also had to talk to Violet and Ander about that plan with sneaking into figure about about that guy.
    "Wait Jack is afraid of Carrie? hu...I wonder why." I say with a shrug," I can understand Sam. Wait me liked Itzlie didn't he say something about liking her brother as well?"
    I remembered a comment Jack had made about liking Itzlie's brothers looks.
    "Oh I do think Itzlie seems pretty cool though." I then say and I did have some respect for her after learning of her backstory.
    "I guess we could try all the options as it is better to be safe than sorry." I then say leaning back on my seat. I laughed at her jokes as she continued in the accent.
    "I see it's fine." I then say with a grin.
    "I think I do prefer the nickname Sherlock to Snowball though." I then say back jokingly.

    I am running upstairs and am panicking not hearing Damon as he called me. His voiced drown out by my inner instinct to run away. After a while I hear his voice and someone coming upstairs guessing that it is Damon trying to come after me. I rapidly looked for a place to hide and end up hiding in a corner under a table in the shadows. I hated going into tiny spaces but I forced myself just want to hide. Even though this wasn't that good of a hiding spot but I was panicking.
    No did it end up like this? Why did he do that!, I think feeling a little bad from running away but I didn't know what else to do. I see Warren coming up stairs thought....and realized I had forgotten about sneaking into his room. I then see Damon coming upstairs calling my name and am quiet trying to calm down my breathing from running hoping he doesn't notice me hiding. I curled myself in a little ball. He was suppose to be safe and my friend. Right now I am just feeling confused and conflicted.
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    Find me the worst super hero ever.
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    Whatchu' think, Miss. Nomine, do i win?

    Find me an animal in a hat.
  17. You lost me, Octki. Where's my worst super hero ever? o.o


    find me an Irish icon