Finals Are Over!! :)

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  1. So, now that my finals are over I am looking for some interesting roleplays. I had a couple of them going, but the people just kind of like....disappear. I guess what I am looking for is something along the lines of a person that is not just going to leave when the good gets going. Below are a few roleplays that have been running around in my head that I would not mind doing, or even have a couple of versions going. I do have to make one side note however, I do prefer to roleplay female however. Sorry :(

    Now for the Ideas!

    Senior Year: For this one I was thinking something along the lines of like a couple within their senior year at high school. They do not have to start out as a couple, or they could, we can always decide that later one. However, the two are normal high school students, not very popular not the low man on the pole either. The two, having known each other for a while, never knew each other. They keep secrets and hidden information from each other and the information is slowly leaked out. Like for example, my character (whom I am thinking about using) is being abused by her father, but never lets it be know. Stuff like that. Maybe we can come up with something more interesting, but I am wanting this to be a Romance themed one more than anything.

    Wild Winds: Wild Wild West thinking here! A young woman (my character) is the victim of a crime in which her family was murdered by a gang of outlaws. Seeking revenge, she rides out looking for the gang trying to kill them all with time. Her travels, however, land her in a small mining town where she meets a all but too eager foreign sounding sheriff. The two end up looking for the gang together. The sheriff having his own reasoning. This one doesn't have to have romance, but if it leads that way that is fine by me. Again we can discuss more later. :)

    Victorian Times: Another romance type thing, but I was thinking maybe with Vampires? A young girl out of wealth ends up falling for a vampire type thing, or I have another one that kinda had been rattling around in my brain for some time. A young woman, working in the factory with most of her family comes to know the son of the factory owner. The two eventually fall madly in love with each other, but with the different wealth establishments, the two can not actually be together. Well, the young man's family finds out about this "affair" and the son is disowned. He ends up marrying the young woman and the two live in the small apartment with her family. Maybe the two end up with his family's wealth due to an unchanged will or somehow make it on their own? I don't know, maybe we can come up with something?

    Really, those are the three main ideas, but I am always open for more! If these didn't spark your interest and you are interested in something else please still hit me up. Maybe we can think of something.

    Hope to hear from you guys soon! ^.^
  2. Don't know if you're still looking but I'm pretty interested in the Wild Winds concept and would be more than happy to RP with you
  3. Well I am definitely still interested. I haven't had anyone offer for one :)
  4. Well then consider yourself partnered!