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  1. Well hello there!

    Finally, I've found the time and energy to finally return to one of my favorite pastimes; roleplaying! Oh the joy of returning to something like this after almost 8 years of complete interweb silence.

    I go by Willstar, but oftentimes, people simply end up calling me Will and as such, I would encourage everyone to do just that. I hail from the low lands of Netherlands, which, really, doesn't need that description... and I'm a student of the greatest language in the world, English! At 26, I have had a bit of experience in life though hardly enough to count myself among the wise of this world. I love a good joke, am hardly serious and tend to get a bit sarcastic with most people I call my friends. Despite that, they still love me. Usually.

    I'm an avid reader, a prolific writer and a trained librarian. Yes, really. I have the papers to prove it, too.

    In case you were wondering, I am, in fact, male. I do have glasses though, so I guess I fit into at least part of the librarian archetype.

    That's about it. Looking forward to write with you guys!

  2. Hello Will and welcome
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  3. Hey there Will! Welcome to Iwaku~ :D
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  4. Oh my go!! Hello ! ^^

    I've been to your country and I still must say it's beautiful, along Belgium which was closer xD ha ha

    Welcome to the other aside of the Fence xD.
    Please enjoy your stay, Sir Will. -

    It's also an sarcastic saying : a gentleman is simple a Patient Wolf.~. Trying to imagine that, but with a personality.: )
  5. Hiiiii Will! :D Welcome to the community!
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