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    • Noa was kidnapped at 13 and forced to live in her captor's basement for 11 years. After 3 miscarriages and many escape attempted she became discouraged and depressed.
      After four years of captivity she became pregnant again. This one was successful and she bore her captor a baby boy.
      The baby gave Noa hope again. She started to care about living again.
      Noa started planning on at least trying to escape again. She knows she has to get it right the first time or she worries her captor may kill her child.
      Eventually they do escape, but sadly their captor also escapes and is never caught. Now Noa and her child, who has never seen the real world, must figure out how to live again after years of seeing nothing but the little cell in a basement.
      They meet another man who helped them escape and is very interested in them. Noa is afraid, but the child isn't. The man tries to befriend both, but is constantly pushed away by her.
      What will happen? Will they ever adjust? Will their captor show up again?
    • The cell is small. In the corner next to the door there's a tiny curtained off area that's the bathroom. In is a shower head(The floor has a drain), a toilet, and a sink.

      On one wall is the girls bed, underneath that is a small bin with their personal possessions in it. Directly across from that bed on the other wall is the child's bed, it's on the same side the bathroom is). S/He get a mattress on the floor.

      At the head of the girl's bed is a small washer and dryer stacked. The captor only provides soap for cleaning clothes when he feels like it.

      There's a small window at the very top of the wall on the kid's side of the room. It's a oneway window and is darkly tinted. (It's like one of those windows you see in basements that just peeks out about the ground.
    • [​IMG]

      Name: Ravel Sin Wolfe

      Pronunciation: Ra-Vel Sin Wolf

      Age: 32

      Birthday: 12 Dec 1982

      Gender: Male


      Dominate: Ravel is a dominate person he loves to be in control over anyone and everyone and feels like a king when he can control others.

      Hot headed: It doesn't take much to get Ravel going he is easy to piss off and hard to calm down and can be quite violent at times.
      Violent: Works hand in had with Hot headed but he is quick to resort to violence and thinks its the best answer what cant you fix with a good old fashioned beat down.

      Vicious: When Ravel fights he fights he doesn't stick to any rules he will do whatever he can to win not to mention he caused Noa to have a couple miscarriages by beating her which tells how vicious he can really be.

      Cold: He doesn't care about any one but himself he doesn't care that he ended three life's before they began and left Noa scarred from what he did.

      Bio: Ravel didn't grow up in the best of households switching between his father who was always out with whores and his mom who was struggling to make ends so she was always out on jobs. He grew up by himself so he began looking up to kids in his neighbor hoods which happened to be thugs and gangsters. Which got him used to drugs violence kidnappings and other things at a young age so he grew up seeing those as right, he stole fought, sold drugs and other things.

      Once he reached 18 he enlisted in the military since he wasn't caught for anything during his time in gangs thinking this job would be just like the gangs he was with go places kill people loot them and take what he wanted, he was wrong after about two years he was put in a military prison for trying to rape a girl while on deployment. After leaving the military he joined MMA and started a rookie career for about five years becoming a main heavy weigh contender but never taking the title so he took the training and left.
      He started getting back in with his old gang members and started a business where he fixed computers but he actually took personal info from the computers and his gangs used that to get money high level fraud.

      Ravel was never good at finding himself a girl and he didn't like any of the gang members he saw all those girls as whores and sluts he took a interest in young girl that passed by his house multiple times so one day he set up a plan with some of his men and got her with a chloroform rag to her mouth and dragged her into his house and locked her in the basement. Luckily he planned this out and began soundproofing his basement and securing if so she would get away.

      The rest is listed in Noas bio.

      Likes: Drugs, alcohol, sex, guns, winning, having control, getting revenge.

      Dislikes: Laws, cops, order, stuff not going according to plans, people getting in his way.

      Mother: Luna Siten
      His mother she was always working multiple jobs to make ends meet he hasn't talked to her in years and has no plans to.

      Father: Raveen Wolfe
      His father someone he doesn't plan on ever talking to Raveen probably doesn't even know he has a son.

      Unnamed gang members: Local Blood Gang that he hung with in his younger days.
    • [​IMG]

      Name: Gene Graham

      Pronunciation: j·EE·n gr·ah·hahm

      Age: Early 20s

      Gender: Male

      Occupation: Part-time Counselor for Children, and a Criminal.

      Personality: Gene is a knowledgeable and cunning man. He especially enjoys the company of children and wants to nurture them into the best they can be. Gene is mostly optimistic and a little protective over people. However, these positive traits are mixed with his negative ones. Gene has a faint, sinister air around him. He is slightly controlling to some adults and shows hints of cowardice. Yet, the man is slightly calculative, but not excel in deceptiveness. He does, however, excel in lies. Yet, the man enjoys helping others out, even if he takes from others - some little, and some costly.

      Likes: Gene enjoys exercising since he wants to be in shape, and he always enjoyed art and photography. For some reason, he has always liked math due to training his brain to calculate problems. Gene loves music with base lines and discorded melodies. He savors foods from his favorite restaurants (not fast food). He isn't much of a chocolate person, but he is a slave to cake and icing. His favorite day of the week is Thursday, his lucky colors; green and red, and his most loved weather is rain.

      Dislikes: Gene dislikes being alone, yet not as much as he hates crowds. Public speaking is not his thing, however he will do it if he must. He does not like being hot, and fires the same.

      Fears: Gene fears needles, as he does not like pain. He also fears being touched (however other characters might remedy this). Due to not liking crowds, he is claustrophobic and falls prey to tight spaces.
      As a child, he would have been considered a hyperactive child if it not for his shyness. Gene enjoyed the green pastures his neighbors would let him play on and the small playground in the village park. Unlike most children, electronics did not appeal to him. The music that his mother played at home was his enjoyment along side his orneriness. Gene's father, Nathan Graham, was closer to him. Nathan was an inventor, an artist, and a part-time waiter to support the family. Gene's family was overall poor, so the boy's hyperactive brain thought of something to do to help - pick-pocketing. Pick pocketing introduced him to the life of crime and mischief. He'd only gotten a few swabs of change, yet as the years passed he swiped a few dollars of cash. He would often tell his parents that he'd gotten a part time job, but not a job they could visit. Rising from the lower class to a middle class, the family was supported both by Nathan Graham and Gene Graham. Olivia was busy nursing her mother who had been declining in health ever since Gene came along.
      As he grew to a teen, he grew more secluded. He learned morals and common sense, but it did not stop his life from crime at night. Gene had joined a small gang promising happiness at the time, and often participated in robberies. His only choice was to hide the money he stole from his parents, slowly grabbing some out of the stash to imitate a salary. However, as he got into high school, his life of crime halted because there was a beautiful woman attending his school. She had transferred in, and it appeared that she only liked "bad, but nice guys". He was confused, but he tried to live up to her expectations. Asking her to prom, she turned him down because, he was "too nerdy". However, Gene could see she went with his only friend. They'd both betrayed him.
      After leaving the gang, he had no motivation. Well, that was before he met a kind little boy. After loosing his wallet (which had money he earned from being a cashier), a child came up to him and returned it. As he remembered from childhood, he would usually pickpocket people for their money. However, when the boy left, Gene counted his money - it was all there! Vowing to himself not steal, he would go on in life, remembering the kind boy.

      Fear Explanation
      Sometimes, you can remember the things where you were an infant. The thing Gene remembers as a baby was a sharp pain in his little arm - a needle being stuck into him as he cried aloud. He also disliked being touched by foreigners and strangers, which left an everlasting fear of being touched and needles.
      As he grew up, Gene had gotten is own room, however it was very small and cramped. One time his father was playing hide and seek with him and Gene hid in his dresser. The dresser was close to his bed and wasn't very stable. As his father stomped around, so did the small room - things shaking and sometimes falling. Being in the dark in a dresser was scary. Also, the dresser was inching forwards. When his father found him, Gene couldn't get out. He was trapped in a hot and cramped space where everything was crashing in front of him. Of course he'd be scared.
      Mother: Olivia Graham (Maiden Name: Olsen)
      Father: Nathan Graham
      Siblings: None
      Friends(1): Scott Barnes (not anymore lel)
      Co-Workers: People at his work agency (counseling children, come on), [PREVIOUS]Gang members that he still keeps in touch with for future crimes{/slide}

      fc: jack falahee
    • Looks at Time of Capture: Noa was a small girl standing at just 4'9" when captured. She had a light build with a little muscle tone from working outside for her grandfather as a shepherdess. Noa had small yet noticeable curves depending on what she wore.

      Her skin was a light golden brown. She's mixed race Romani, Serbian, and African American so her skin stay a relatively brown color only getting a bit darker in the summer.

      Noa's hair was black and was right between wavy and curly. It went to her shoulders though she kept it in a pony tail a lot or under a baseball cap. If it was humid out her hair would get a lot curlier.

      Her face was 'diamond' shaped with visible yet not sharp cheek bones. Her eyes were normally shaped. She has a small nose and thin lips always turned up into a smile. Her ears were normal.

      Noa's eyes were a very dark brown with swirls of amber in them. They always seemed to be twinkling.

      Looks: Noa didn't grow much in captivity. She now stands at 4'11", but stopped growing at all about a year in captivity. She is thinner now and though she tried to stay fit and exercise in her cell she lost a good amount of muscle tone. All in all she looks a lot skinnier. Her curves are still noticeable though, perhaps more so she's physically matured a bit more and has very little body fat and muscle to hide them.

      Her skin is lighter too from years without sunlight. It still has a golden brown tint to it though it's paler than before. She also has new scars on her body.

      Noa's hair is a very dark brown now because her captor had her dye it(Without using bleach so it still turned out dark). It now goes lower to the bottom of her shoulder blades. At this length it more on the wavy side because it's pretty thick the longer it gets the less curly it gets because the curls are weighed down . Her captor would cut it whenever he disliked the length.

      Her face has gotten thinner, her cheek bones a little more noticeable, her jaw also stands out more. Her lips are the same, but are normally chapped because she licks them when nervous, she rarely smiles except for her son and her smile never goes to her eyes anymore. Her nose is a little crooked to the left because it was broken one time.

      Noa's eyes were a very dark brown with swirls of amber in them. They don't really twinkle anymore and have dulled a bit.

      Name: Noa Teodosija Abramovic

      Pronunciation: Noah Teo-do-zee-ah Abe-ram-o-vik

      Age: 24

      Birthday: 19 September 1993

      Gender: FM

      Personality before Capture: Noa use to be very friendly and pretty fearless. She was very cheery and had a positive outlook on life. She had a lot of energy and loved to work and help people.
      She was also very stubborn when she wanted something or thought she was right. Noa hated being told what to do which is why she didn't like school. She didn't like to be told how or what to think about things and would often refuse to do

      Personality: Noa is a hard worker. She's very loving towards her child and is also very protective of him/her. Her stubbornness seems to have subsided after her child was born.

      Noa is a lot more submissive than before. While she doesn't like to be told what to do she'll go with just about anything. If she has a contrary opinion she'll keep it to herself and doesn't push her wants or needs on people.

      Noa is tough, she can handle a lot of pain both emotionally and mentally. She doesn't complain when hurt and can take a lot. She still has a stubborn will to live and doesn't give up on even the tinsiest bit of hope. She wants her son to be able to handle life so she tries to show him that when life knocks you down you can get up.

      Noa can be very paranoid though. She's afraid to go back to her captor's and is always worried he's coming to get her. She doesn't trust people much and doesn't try to interact or befriend people like she used to.

      Bio: Noa's mother was a drug addict and Noa was born addicted. She was in the hospital for months before being released into her mother's care.

      When Noa was 3 she and her five siblings were removed from her mother's care and placed in her grandparents care. Her grandparents own a sheep and goat farm in the country and were hardworking yet not very rich so all the kids had to pitch in to help.
      When Noa was 13 she was walking home from school alone. She'd been late for the bus because she'd been distracted by a boy and was talking to him before he had to leave for sports practice. Only then did she realize how late she was and had decided to try and walk home through a short cut since she didn't want to tell her grandparents she'd been talking to a boy.

      On her way home she was kidnapped and brought to her captors lair. At first Noa fought to get out, she'd scream kick and punch. Anything to get away, but it never worked and only made her get punished worse.

      After two years she became pregnant and tried to get away at night wanting her baby to be raised in freedom. However she was caught before she got out of the house and was severely beaten which made her miscarry. She went into a severe depression after this.

      Over the next 2 years or so she had two more miscarriages and that only made her feel even more depressed and felt hopeless about ever getting away.

      After four years of captivity she again became pregnant. This time Noa begged her captor for pregnancy vitamins and other things to help her have a healthy pregnancy. She became very submissive and do whatever it took to keep her baby safe.

      When she had her baby she wanted to name him/her after her family. The name Noa picked out was *insert gender appropriate name*. However her captor didn't allow her to have any say in the name and instead the boy was named *Insert kid's name*.
      Noa tried to raise her child well. They weren't allowed out of her cell in the basement, but she would still teach him/her and try to keep her/him healthy. She would exercise with him like stretching, push ups, sit ups, and other stuff inluding some tumblings. She also taught him/her her/his letters, numbers, colors, basic stuff she could teach her/him.

      Noa would always try to hide her child when her captor came to 'see' her because she didn't want her/him seeing or knowing what happened. She would normally make him/her go under the bed...anywhere really where s/he wouldn't know what was going on.

      Likes: The outdoors, fire places, coco, coffee, playing with her kid, teaching her child, animals, her privacy

      Dislikes/Fears: Being touched(except by her kid), feel unsafe, small tight spaces, news crews/media, public speaking, being restrained, bullies, showing people when she's upset, any kind of sensory deprivation(blind folding, things that obstruct her hearing, etc)

      Family(Mother, Father, etc):

      Father- unknown

      Mother- Sara Isidora Abramovic (Age- 46. No one has seen her since before her daughter disappeared. It is unknown if she's even alive)

      Grandfather- Petar Jakov Abramovic (70, called- Deda or Grumpa. He always looks glum and is pretty strict though he's also a very loving and caring man. After Noa left Grumpa struggled with guilt because he blamed himself for her going missing)

      Grandmother- Filipa Alamina Abramovic (65, called Baka or Gramsy. She is hard of hearing and lost her ring and pinky finger on her right hand due to an accident with farming equipment as a young girl.)


      Oldest Brother- Chance Emil Abramovic (Age-29. He is currently in the Navy)

      Older Brother- Asher Simeon Abramovic (Age- 27. He is in jail for doing and selling drugs)

      Older Sister- Mariam Kisaiya Abramovic (Age- 26. She has down syndrome and still lives with her grandparents)

      Youngest Brother- Flint Luka Abramovic (Deceased. Would be 20.. He enlisted in the Army at 17 and was killed over seas just after his 19th birthday)

      Youngest Brother- Roman Adam Abramovic (Age-20. He is currently going to college for a criminal justice degree.)

      At first she lived with her grandparents after escaping, but needing her privacy she and her son moved into a very small trailer home.

      After she escapes she's going to work on getting her GED.

      She wants to become a veterinarian technician and is planning on becoming certified in that after she finished her GED.
      Noa makes sure all doors are locked and windows are shut before bed.

      When she did chores on her grandaparents farm she not only herded the sheep and goats but also cleaned the stalls, fixed the fences, and worked on general maintenance.

      Noa is fluent in Serbian(Her grandparents taught her).

      She is teaching her child both Serbian and English.

      Noa hated school with a passion though she managed to get a B average for the time she was there with now and than and A or a C.

      Noa didn't want media attention after being rescued. In fact she refused to do any interviews and did't want any pictures of her taken at all. She just wanted to be able to move on with her life without having to talk about her past or have her every move scrutinized .

      Name: Declan Gregory Abramovic

      Pronunciation: Dec-lan Greg-or-ree Abe-ram-o-vik

      Age: 7

      Gender: Male


      Anxious- Declan has some anxiety issues. In the cell Mr. Wolfe made him nervous because he saw how his mothers reacted around him and how unless he was bringing food or something she made him hide when Mr. Wolfe came down. He would also here a lot of yelling and feel the bed shake or here his mother get hit and it made him feel helpless which led to anxiety.

      Volatile- Declan has a rather quick temper. When he gets frustrated or upset he tends to start throwing a fit, yelling, and even throwing stuff or striking out. His mother is trying to teach him to control himself, but he struggles with it. When he is finally gets free he gets worse because he doesn't know how to cope with all the new situation she's put in.

      Curious- Declan is very curious. He loves to learn and see new things. He enjoys exploring and learning on his own mostly because the classroom is a very overwhelming environment for him.

      Moody- Declan can be very moody and especially after he is freed his mood swings get worse. He struggles with coping skills which doesn't help. He is also socially awkward and doesn't make friends which can contribute to his moodiness and lonlieness.


      Declan grew up in the cell. He is life pretty much consisted of lessons, PE taught by his mom, drawing, playing, and hiding.

      Not much else since he is 7...

      Likes: Grass, wind, being outside, food, learning, drawing,

      Dislikes/Fears: The dark, yelling, classroom work,

      Family(Mother, Father, etc):

      Father- Ravel Sin Wolfe
      Mother- Noa Teodosija Abramovic

      Extra: He is fluent in English and Serbian.

      Declan has anxiety and mood issues along with ADHD
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  1. The cool colors of the café soothed his soul, freeing him from the stress of his past. Gene clutched the mug between his palms, lowering his head as if he were praying. He'd barely touched the cake he'd ordered, he didn't deserve the sweetness he'd paid for.

    "Sir, is that all?" The waitress asked, possessing a sassy and apathetic tone.

    "Yes, I'm fine." Gene replied. He tried not to notice her rude tone.

    " 'kay, whatever. Here's your bill."the waitress slammed down the black mini portfolio onto the table. She turned swiftly and flicked her hair as she walked away.

    To any person, the waitress would have made a person leave a penny for their tip. It would have implied for them to get better and to stop acting like a snob. However, she'd cut loose some strands of anger that was withheld so he wasn't as dangerous. Gene's hands were shaking, not out of fear, but because he clutched the mug with such strength.

    He did leave her a penny for a tip. Gene walked strolled out, running his hand through his hair. He held up his smartphone, scanning through the news. They'd been talking about people that went missing a while ago and if he'd seen them. Tapping the article, he scrolled through and read the names. He'd never seen or heard of them!

    Gene's selfish thoughts didn't allow him to pass this opportunity by. Maybe if he found one of those people, he'd get a great reward! Plastering a small smile on his face, he became observant, watching anything that could be suspicious.

    (Not sure what you want me to do. I'm just a hero that's oblivious to the hideout and everything)

  2. Noa sat next to Declan in the basement cell that was their world. Last night, or what she guessed was night..more of last sleep time Mr. Wolfe had come down and Noa was now exhausted because of what had happened. She was sitting on her son's little mattress and working with him on Serbian. She'd written down sentences in Serbian and was having Xander read them back to her out loud.

    Declan's Serbian was very good and his reading was pretty good too. Honestly Noa was just trying to distract from the fact they hadn't been fed in a while. She softly corrected her son on some words and told him how to say them properly,

    "Alright Declan, you try. Write out a little story for me." she encouraged the boy as she handed him the pencil, "Then we can do some exercising." she added.

    For a while now Noa had been thinking of trying to escape again. She'd been doing more 'intense' exercising with Declan. Though since he was 7 it wasn't really intense it was just more strength based like push ups and such plus leg strengthening like squats, running in place, etc. She was also trying to devise a plan to get them out of here. She had a half baked one thought up, but wanted to think a bit more before telling Declan about it.
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  3. Ravel swings his bed from his bed and puts his hands to his head he had a pounding headache, due to the heavy drinking last night.
    He also thought he heard Noa and Zander in the basement being loud which was making the headache worse. It also served to piss him off. He heads to the door to the basement and slammed it open. And began yelling. "You dumb bitch why can't you and your fucking brat be more quiet. How many time do I have to fucking tell you." He walks toward Noa intending on throwing her to the ground by hair and kicking her in the gut.
  4. Noa looked up shocked when Mr. Wolfe came in. She cowered anxiously, but an idea sprang into her head when she saw Ravel had left the door open. She shoved her son hard,

    "Run Declan!" she ordered him, "FInd a door outside and run...start screaming help!" she added. Taking a deep breath Noa lunged forward and grabbing Ravel's shirt used her momentum to pull him down. Of course he landed on top of her so it wasn't her brightest move yet. She could only hope and pray Declan knew what to do and could get out in time.


    Declan had been getting frustrated. Though he was a smart boy he was feeling very antsy and impatient today and didn't want to sit for school. He kept looking up at the light from the window. He wanted to go out there!

    Declan started when Mr. Wolfe came in and was about to dive for under the bed when he got shoved. He looked at his mom shocked as she grabbed Mr. Wolfe and pulled him down. Unsure what to do the young boy did what his mom told him and ran. He darted through the door and turned towards a set of stairs not really sure where to go.

    Once he got to the top of the stairs Declan started running around the house screaming and trying to find and exit.

    Door with light...door with light. was all the child could think. He finally found a door with a window and tugged on it. IT didn't budge. What was he supposed to do now?

    "HELP, HELP, HELP!" he screamed his boyish voice shrill. He was afraid of what was going on with his mom right now. He tugged on the door frantically not knowing what to do.
  5. Ravel getting angered by what just happened gets himself up somewhat and drives a knee upward aiming for Noas chin. This is a bad day for this to happen espically when he had to meet with the Cobra gang today, and give them their order of meth. He then Rush's upstairs grabbing a barbwire bat that was outside the basement doors. "Come here Declan unless you want your mommy to be really hurt."
  6. Gene whistled to the song she'll be comin' round the mountain, digging his hands into his pockets as he strolled down the street. The man was getting awfully bored. He reminisced the days of when he was apart of his gang and the thrill he enjoyed when he committed crimes. It payed off being a little less bold than the rest of the members since he'd never been caught by anyone. Although, he was brawling occasionally with his members, it was sort of like payback for never getting caught when he was hit in the face.

    The man stopped. He waited for the hum of the cars to pass by so he could finally focus on the unusual sounds of the neighborhood. He had stopped in front of a [insert color here] house, and a cry of help had caught his attention. Suddenly, the list of missing peoples flooded his visuals, and he smirked. Maybe this was one of the people on the list. Scouting out the sound, he discovered a door with a window on it behind the house after trespassing onto the yard. The cries of help had gotten louder and he confirmed this was the site of their pleas.

    Holding his head close to the door and ear on the wood, he lightly knocked. "Is anyone there?" Gene asked in a playful voice. He knew it was not a fun matter to be locked up there, but he at least had to try and make light of the situation. "Knock once if you don't want out, knock twice if you want me to try and get you out. You seem a little stuck, whoever you are!"

  7. Blood started to drip from Noa's mouth and she felt herself bite through her own lip. Her teeth ground under the pressure and she thought she felt a couple chip. Ignoring the pain Noa struggled to her feet feeling stunned. She stumbled after Ravel worried about what he was going to do to Declan. She could still hear Declan inside screaming she'd forgotten the boy didn't know how to unlock a door.

    Keep screaming Declan, keep screaming. Was all she could think as she hurried up the stairs after her captor. At the top she saw Declan at the front door. He'd turned adn was facing both her and Ravel now.

    "Mommy?!" Mommy?" her son called. He looked terrified she glanced at Ravel and saw what he was holding. She could feel her knees start to give way from terror. He hadn't used the bat that often, but he'd used it before. Noa hurried towards the door shoving past Ravel hoping she could get there in time to at least unlock it.

    "Declan, turn the little lever above the handle!" She shouted at him as she shoved past Ravel not sure how else to explain unlocking a door. Declan just stared at her and Ravel with wide eyes.
  8. Ravel tries to grab Noas hair and pull it to send her back down the stairs if it works Ravel will lock her down there as he deals with Declan if it dosnt he will threaten Noa that she's going to regreat that she'll have to be restrained while Ravel used the bat on Declan this time.
  9. Gene hadn't heard any knocks from the screaming person behind the door. Maybe they couldn't hear him. He dug his hands into his pockets, a bored look accompanied by drooping eyes sunk upon his face. "Ah well..." he murmured, slowly turning around to walk back. However, the screams were once more apparent to his ears, the voice had been calling for his mother. The voice had a rush of panic and urgency in it, and Gene couldn't help but to be affected by it. It was similar to the times when his gang members plead for help as they got caught by the police or beaten down by others. He perked up and turned abruptly. Gene reached for the door lever, pushed down and out. The door opened in, and it revealed a child looking up at a muscular man who held a bat, and a disheveled, dirty woman. She looked familiar, maybe from the list of missing victims.

    Gene had to think of an excuse for trespassing and breaking in. He scratched his head, thinking.

    "I... thought I was at my own house, maybe I'm wrong." Gene groaned, but a smile instantly popped up upon his face. "So what do we have here?"

  10. Noa looked up when the door swung open. She saw a taller young man standing in the door frame. He just stared at the situation. Noa stood up from where she was after she'd been pulled to the ground by her hair. Stumbling over she grabbed her boy and pushed passed the young man. She was terrified. The pause in the conversation had given her enough time to get out, but she was worried. Who was that man? Was he one of Mr. Wolfe's friends? She stumbled towards the sidewalk.

    Declan looked shocked when the door was swung open. He allowed his mother to scoop him up and allowed to her to carry him out. He stared outside a little awestruck by the sudden assualt of sounds, sights, and smells. He'd only ever been in his tiny basement and even though they were on a relatively quiet road it was shocking to see cars driving by, hear birds, everything was just new.
  11. Ravel was pissed that this stranger opened the door to his house, even more pissed when Noa rushed out grabbing the kid. Ravel dropped the bat and pulled a 45 pistol from his side and pulls the top back putting a round in the chamber. He aims and fires three times at the stranger and twice at Noa.
  12. Upon seeing the pistol, he immediately moved in front of the desperate couple, rushing to escape. Instances like this happened all the time when he was apart of the gang, and he'd even gotten injured, but not by a gun. The first shot directed at him had grazed his cheek, and the second had grazed his left arm. The third, however, punctured him in his left shoulder. The other two rounds had either punctured his thigh or missed - the pain in his shoulder and the pulsing from his left arm and cheek washed over anything below. He groaned in pain, but he managed to push out the couple with his one good arm. his other arm had fell to the side, next to his phone in his pocket. He used little movement to put his hand in his pocket and dial 911 (or whatever your emergency number is).

    Because of being shot, the world seemed to slow. No, it seemed like he was slower than time. The ringing in his ears began to sound as he rushed to slam the door shut after they'd all gotten out. What is this? He thought. Am I dying? Gene looked down at the two that had managed to scramble out of the house. Panting, he used his good hand to pull out the phone that was on the line.

    "Hello? Are you there?" the person on the line asked.

    "Ah... yeah," he responded in an airy voice. Gene looked down at the two he had saved. "Could you send an ambulance?"

    "Yes, sir. Please tell us where you are."

    Instead of telling them where they went, Gene had dropped his phone. His whole body went numb with pain. Gritting his teeth, he pushed with all of his might to get the two to safety.

  13. Noa hurled herself and dragged her son to the ground when she heard shots. She rolled over and saw their rescuer get shot. Noa was panicking...if Mr. Wolfe got them back she felt certain Declan would be killed as punishment and she probably would be too. She struggled to her feet feeling the presence of their rescuer behind her for a few steps as she got the road. She heard the man dial the cops but thend rop the phone as she looked back in horror as he fell.

    Declan grunted when shoved to the ground and just followed what his mom did. He was in shock and sort of just going through the motions. He was panicking to the point he didn't know what to do.
  14. This was going to hell. Ravel grabbed his keys near the door and a duffle bag loaded with guns and ammo. And Rush's to his dodge Charger and floors it onto the street turning in the direction of Noa, Declan, and the stranger. "FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKERS!" Ravel yells as he slams his foot of the gas planning on running them over as he makes his get away.
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