Finally Back! Looking for Rp Partners M/M [Open]

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- F-List

- I don’t care how little or how much you post. Just so long as you post. I will often match your posts, so don’t worry about length. :)

- Prefer bottom, but I’m fine with switch and Top as well.

- Please, ask if you want to know about something you are interested in, or a certain kink, story line, or if you are confused, etc.

-I will happily brainstorm over a plot with you, or go with ideas you have, or if you have something you want, we can see if we can go with it.

-Am open to plot ideas you want to do or have!


~Prince/Assassin or Rival
An assassin from a rival kingdom infiltrates another kingdom and poses as a guard or handservant to the crown prince. He is there to gain information as well as kill once he is done, but sometimes thing's don't always go as planned. (fantasy setting)

(Maybe creator later on). Two failed experiments hunt down their creator after finding each other by chance after years of being thrown away. Their creator is in the running to be the Mayor of one of the lone surviving towns with life in the area. (Cyberpunk setting)

A thief asks the assistance of a mercenary, who has only ever met in passing, to help him steal an old expensive relic that has secrets that could down the kingdom that has done them both wrong. (fantasy setting)

~troubled boys
Times are hard on everyone and when two boys have to watch everyone grow up around them and leave and go on with their lives, they feel left behind. They soon find each other and while never really more than a face to one another, now they are the other's source of comfort. (modern setting)

~Exiled Prince/Protector
An exiled prince either wants to restore his place in royalty or take his revenge on the people who wronged him so he joins up with a man who has his own vendetta against the kingdom. (Fantasy Setting)

(general could be a family member, or maybe another high ranking official) All social classes hold their secrets, especially that of the nobles. Behind closed doors, there are sex parties held that only a special invitation can get you into. The General of the kingdom's armies finally gives in and attends one of these events. There he sees the King's son, his nephew in a compromising position and decides to have a bit of fun with it. He uses the information to blackmail the prince into getting what he wants, knowing the prince will do anything to keep this from getting out.
(Fantasy setting)

A Demon is released from his confines by a young priest after being imprisoned there for many years by the church for being a danger. The Priest saw the demon as the only one who could help him on the mission the that church sent him on. (fantasy setting)

~Dragon Shifter/Prince
Dragons love their treasure and greatly admire beauty. A dragon shifter is breaking into a castle to steal and instead wanders in on an assassination attempt of a prince. The prince attempts to hold his own but is saved by the dragon. In turn, he hides the shifter from the guards to keep him from being arrested for breaking in. Instead of gold or gems, the dragon finds the prince the treasure he wishes to steal away no matter what it takes, he has an eye on a new beauty. (fantasy setting)

~Bandit Gang Leader/ Rival Leader
In a warring country, two Bandit of the biggest Bandit Gangs are picked off. Whether the government has taken them down or infighting caused it, their leaders are thrown off their high horses and now must work together to try regain their former glory, maybe even seeing this as an opportunity to back stab the other and take two gangs for the price of one. (fantasy setting)

An Exorcist is transferred to a more isolated branch of the church where they are having troubles with demon attacks and is partnered with someone of the branch to try and figure out what the hell is going on, but of course, they are men of their God. That could change not that they have traveled from the ever watchful eye of the Church in order to hunt down this demon. (fantasy setting)

A Vampire ends up getting into an incident where he accidentally turns a human guy into a vampire and is punished by his clan's leader to care for the newly made vampire. (modern setting or fantasy)

Fandom Ideas:

~Deathnote (Mello/Matt)
For this Idea, it will be plot driven over anythings else and is more of a hurt/comfort type of thing. I wish to play Mello and am looking for someone to be Matt. I want to go through Wammy's house, including major events (can be all headcannons or so on) and set then mainly near the end and then L's Death, them leaving Wammy's and then the Hunt for Kira all the way through their deaths. PM me or so on for more info. I will happily hear ideas you have for this! I really want to go through with this one!

~Supernatural (Destiel)
Here I would love to play out the Demon!Dean and Castiel senario. Over all, I would really love anything with these two, AU or so on. Maybe an AU where Castiel is Dean's guardian angel, but Dean doesn't know he is an angel. Also something that is more falling under the domestic category would be nice. I would love to hear some ideas and will hopefully come up with some of my own soon and add them here.

~South Park (Craig/Kenny)
This all takes place once they are far older. Both ended up living kinda crappy lives over all. Some people they know move away, most end up doing something with themselves, suprisingly for some, but for them, they are stuck in a rut. They start to befriend each other and realize they may have more in common than thought before and maybe even have the potential to become friends. Maybe Criag tried to leave the town, but failure lured him back or he never did get that chance to leave. Am totally open to discussion on this one.

Ways to Contact:

*Email (Preferred)

*Y!IM (same email as above)


*Replying to this thread

*Skype (PM me for this one)


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Hey, I'm interested in the general and prince idea


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The Mercenary/Thief idea sounds pretty great. Still looking?


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I'd be interested in mercenary/thief (I have a mercenary character I barely got to use in a former rp that I could revamp for it :) ), or general/prince, or dragon shifter/prince (I love dragons!), or even vampire/fledgling. Let me know if you're still looking!
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