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  1. I ain't sure if this is going to be read but I generally enjoy babbling about myself so I suppose a quarter of an hour wasted on this can't be much of a waste. I mean - it's about me. *sparkles around*

    The forum RPG's of my native tongue had driven me to a creative death trap during the course of the last four to five years. No imagination, no flexibility, each trying to topple the other with even more inane details piled on the top of the cake; the core ingredients being the same, monotonous and as unhealthy as the one before it. (I hope you allow me to speak in metaphors, I so enjoy it and it saves me the pain of seeing my inability to form simple sentences of simple ideas without too great a delve into the tiny details. Being concise is not a virtue I possess.) If i ever happened to find a reasonable sounding place to write at, usually inactivity plagued the site: when the target audience of an RPG consists of 13 to 25 year old finnish speaking people who have no lives and a keen interest in wolves using Japanese weaponry, there's not much to go with.
    And that is how I came to seek relief from outside the realms of Finnish RPG circles and look what I found: a fountain of ingenuous escapism abundant with active creators, a playground with no roof or walls, a world of little worlds! I could not have been happier to have stumbled upon this site. For too long I feared to write in a language not native to my tongue.
    Though I do not label myself a writer at heart nor practice it regularly or with considerable ambition, I have noticed that oiling my verbal gears every now and then is essential to my clarity of thought and so, to the total of my well being. I am a verbose person, albeit an introverted one, and the clouds just refuse to stop following my head wherever I go, whatever the state of mind I am in. Some dusting of the mind is always in place.

    I suppose some information of me as a person is expected, but honestly I cannot underline many traits I would care to willingly identify publicly. It always implies an unsaid demand of consistency - if you say you are this or that, grey or blue, so you have to be for the rest of your life in any situation, or you are a fraud! What I can say from observation of my behavior is that I am straightforward, introverted person with no regard for a healthy sleeping rhythm. I am not good at maintaining any goals that are repetitive, requiring diligent, daily attention. I like to think, not as much as some, not as little as others. I am nineteen, I have drawn for most of my life, yet I am off to study geology or biology in some university this fall, I hope.
    See? If I try to describe myself, all I end up with is a list of attributes, repeating with the words "I am", and in the end, you are none the wiser about me than you were before reading this text. If you communicate with me, direct experience will dictate the nature of my personality to you.

    It is good to be here. I hope to find people rich in ideas and fulfilling innovation amidst this corner of the internet. Please do feel free to invite me to any project or game of yours. I hunger for action!

    Post Script
    Does a wonderfully beautiful profile picture of Jean Michel Jarre show under my alias? No? Any lead on what I might be doing wrong? Forum operating stuff isn't my area of expertice. Thank you.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, home to many people from all over the world!

    I am a pretty honest dude, and I gotta say I didn't read your entire introduction. Not to say that I didn't skim it.

    I am sure you will find many widely varied RPS here, with an even more varied member base of players.

    Hope you enjoy your time here and stick around.


    I love Finland and want to go there someday. I dig the cold and some of my favorite metal bands are from there.